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Demand Retraction Letter 091509 by Seacraft23


									Date Name Address City, State Zip Notice of Retraction - Default and Acceleration Letter Loan/Account No. - Current Balance: $ Dear Customer’s Name: This letter is to acknowledge the receipt and application of payments made towards the past due status of your above referenced loan/account. As you know, this account was accelerated by virtue of our Notice of Default and Acceleration dated . Our demand called for payment in full of ALL amounts due and payable under the signed contract, expected in our office by close of business Monday, . However, in view of the $ ; payment made towards your loan/account on , and considering your efforts to take care of this, we are writing to inform you that the Demand and Acceleration letter dated , is hereby retracted. We would strongly like to impress upon you the urgency and importance of conforming to the terms of your signed loan/Account Agreement, which calls for payments to be made on or before their respective due dates. If you have any questions or wish to discuss this matter further, please feel free to call me. Sincerely

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