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									Tours description
Jungle Trekking - 1 day
Starting on foot from the Resort, this 1 day walk gives a significant and deep impression of the attractive rain
forest which surrounds the Resort. It is a unique way for everyone to experience the jungle with its inhabitants,
fauna and flora.

Lokon Volcano Trekking - 1 day
Located in the beautiful highlands next to Kakaskasen - Tomohon, about 25 km from Manado, the impressive
active volcano Lokon is raised to a height of 1580 m above sea level. The trekking to the top, which takes about
1½ hours, can be made by climbers with good health conditions. The top offers the opportunity to circle the rim
of the crater, take pictures or simply relax, enjoying the fantastic view. The steaming crater is approx. 60 m
deep. After the descent you can rest in the park of the Lokon Resting, from where you can take in, surrounded
by flowers, a stunning view at the Lokon Mountain. The tour continues with a visit to a flower plantation and the
volcanological centre where monitoring of activities of the volcano takes place. Lunch will be served in a
traditional restaurant in Kinilow where you can look down on the city of Manado and the Bunaken Marine Park.
We strongly recommend wearing good shoes and long trousers.

Minahasa Highland Tour - 1 day
Minahasa area has beautiful people, fascinating panoramas and attractive places to visit, such as mountains, hills, volcanoes, volcanic hot
springs, lakes and many plantations of different kinds.
• Tinoor, on the way from Manado to Tomohon, offers a view onto the bay of Manado and the islands in the Bunaken Marine Park.
• Tomohon, the missionary city of the Minahasa area is rich of churches, is connecting many different places of interest; it is also known for
  its cool climate.
• (in extended program only) Rurukan - Mt. Mahawu 1311 m above sea level is one of the three active volcanoes in this area. A 45
  minutes walk to the top, across a beautiful landscape with vegetable plantation terraces, offers a view to the crater with a green lake and
  yellow sulphur deposits.
• Rurukan - traditional market, where Minahasa people sell their goods such as vegetables, spices, fruits and special meat like snakes.
• Woloan is the town where the local carpenters produce, show and sell the traditional wooden houses.
• Lake Linow in Leilem is a small lake with high sulphur content where colours change depending on the light and viewing perspective. Large
  white birds and beautiful small song birds can be seen sometimes in this area.
• Kawangkoan is very famous for its huge peanuts plantations. Some inhabitants achieved wealth through the distribution all over Indonesia.
• In Pulutan most of the people work in the ceramic industry. They create all kinds of pots and vases using their private houses as vendor
  space. You can just walk down the road and visit one place after the other.
• The Tondano Lake is the ideal place for water sports such as water skiing, canoeing, wind surfing and fishing. The largest lake in North
  Sulawesi is surrounded by mountains, hills and rice paddies. On its shores, or even in one of the restaurants built on the water, a scenic lunch
  break will be held; served will be in particular fresh sweet water fish or other Indonesian specialities.
• Waruga graves in the village of Sawangen are stone graves of the Minahasa Ancestors, dating back to the Megalithic age. The stone graves
  were built for burial of the bodies in a sitting position.

Bukit Kasih Tour - The Hill of Love - 1 day
Located in the Kanonang village, Kawangkoan district, about 49 km from Manado city, Bukit Kasih is one of the tourist attractions of Minahasa.
Bukit Kasih are natural sulphur hills, so called "Kasih Monument" and some worship houses that are particularly used by people in North
Sulawesi with the slogan “Torang samua basudara-Torang samua baku saying", which means: we are one family and we all care for each other.

Tangkoko National Park - 1 day
This protected area is located about 100 km from Minahasa Lagoon (about 3 hours car ride) on the east-side of the most northern tip of North
Sulawesi. The Park tour will start at about 4:30 pm and will be guided by an official Ranger. After a short walk to the black sandy beach of
Tangkoko you can enjoy the view on Lembeh Strait and Likupang area. Shortly before dawn the trek starts to discover the beauty and wild life of
Tangkoko National Park, where among other sights Black Macaques (Monkey) or the very rare Hornbill Bird can be seen. The highlight is
represented by the Tarsius Spectrum living inside big trees getting ready for its night activity. We recommend wearing long trousers, shirt, socks
and good shoes; Minahasa Lagoon will provide you with mosquito repellent.

White-Water Rafting - 1 day
The Nimanga River offers exciting rapids interspersed with calm glimpses of scenic rainforests and villages. Local guides and equipment are of
international standard following procedures set by A.W.A. (American White-Water Affiliation). The raft of 6 km takes about 2 hours, passing
different classes of rapids in amazing scenery of landscape and wildlife, including the Yak Monkey and a big variety of birdlife, such as the
Hornbill and different Kingfishers. We recommend bringing sport shoes and a second set of clothes.

MINAHASA LAGOON                              P.O. Box 69 - MANADO 95351
Dive & Tours Club                            NORTH SULAWESI / INDONESIA
MANADO - INDONESIA                           Mangatasik - Desa Ranowangko DS VII
                                             Kecamatan Tombariri - Kabupaten Minahasa                    Tel. +62/(0)431/828.335 - Mobile +62/(0)811.432.052                       Fax +62/(0)431/828.336
Tour Makassar - Tanah Toraja (South Sulawesi) - 4 days / 3 nights
Day 1 - Manado - Makassar (Ujung Pandang): arrival in Makassar in the afternoon; transfer to the hotel Imperial
Aryaduta (5 Stars), situated directly at Losari Water Front. Relax at the hotel, have a swim in the swimming pool
or just take an easy evening walk along “Losari Water Front” to enjoy Indonesia’s longest Food Stall chain with
all its tropical flavours (dinner not included).
Day 2 - Makassar - Tanah Toraja: after breakfast in the hotel the tour guide will pick you up to begin the approx.
8 hours trip along beautiful scenery to Tanah Toraja in a comfortable Car (full AC). For lunch you will stop in
Pare-Pare, a former Bugis Seaport. In the evening you will arrive at the Toraja Heritage Hotel (4 Stars) where
dinner will be awaiting you.
Day 3 - Tanah Toraja Tour: full day tour; you will visit the fascinating villages of Tanah Toraja (Land of the King)
with the unique Tongkonan houses, shaped like ships. At Lemo you view the cliff tombs, Suaya the royal tombs
of Sangngala, the tree grave of the dead babies. After lunch at a local restaurant you will visit Kete Kesu, the
traditional village surrounded with Tongkonan houses. Then you will visit Londa, an ancient burial cave with
effigies of noble people on the balconies. Throughout the day you will have many opportunities to see and buy
local handicrafts; dinner and overnight at Toraja Heritage Hotel.
Day 4 - Tanah Toraja - Makassar - Manado: trip back directly to the airport in Makassar with lunch-stop in Pare-
Pare and departure to Manado late afternoon, transfer to Minahasa Lagoon - Dive & Tours Club.

Tour Makassar - Tanah Toraja - Yogyakarta (South Sulawesi / Java) - 6 days / 5 nights
Day 1 - 3: same as program 4 days / 3 nights
Day 4 - Tanah Toraja - Makassar - Yogyakarta (Java): trip back to Makassar stopping for lunch in Pare-Pare from where you will proceed directly
to the airport in Makassar to continue your journey to Yogyakarta in late afternoon; transfer to the hotel Santika (4 Stars) (dinner not included).
Day 5 - Yogyakarta Tour - Borobudur / Prambanan: after breakfast the approx. 7 hours tour starts with a multilingual guide at the Borobudur
Buddhist Temple, about 30 km outside Yogyakarta. The masterpiece in stone is one of the most famous temples, standing majestic and serene
on the hillock overlooking lush and green fields and distant hills; it is also known as one of the world wonders. After that you will be visiting the
nearby Pawon and Mendut Temples and the tour continues to the Prambanan Hindu Temple. For dinner you will visit the “Purawisata Recreation
Park” where you will enjoy a Ramayana Ballet Performance and Javanese classical dance at the open theatre; overnight at hotel Santika.
Day 6 - Yogyakarta - Jakarta - Manado: after breakfast the morning is free and you can relax, go shopping in the city and choose from the
probably biggest selection of handicrafts throughout Indonesia or take another tour to explore the Sultan’s Royal Palace to learn about Batik
home industry and Kotagede silversmith by watching craftsmen at their work (not included). Flight back to Manado in the afternoon, transfer to
Minahasa Lagoon - Dive & Tours Club.

Orang-utan exploration - Kalimantan (Indonesian Borneo) - 5 days / 4 nights
Day 1 - Manado - Balikpapan - Banjarmasin: early morning flight to Banjarmasin with transit in Balikpapan. Upon arrival in Banjarmasin in the
afternoon, meeting with the representative and transfer to Swiss-belhotel (4 Stars); evening at your disposal (dinner not included).
Day 2 - Banjarmasin - Pangkalanbun - River cruise on Sekonyer River: morning flight to Pangkalanbun; upon arrival in Pangkalanbun, meeting
with the representative to take you directly on board the traditional Klotok wooden river boat, from where you can view the rain forest as it glides
by. River ecology and surrounding exploring in the afternoon for different monkey- and bird species. Dinner and overnight at Rimba Lodge.
Day 3 - Camp Leaky Orang-utan full day tour: morning river ecology trip up the river to Camp Leaky, learn more about river ecology and forests
around the area. Visit the Orang-utan education centre, where the playful and friendly babies Orang-utans are taught the first stages in fending
themselves in the jungle; Orang-utan feeding at Camp Leaky. Wonderful river experience downstream, exploring the wildlife along the river with
its Long-nose monkeys, Long-tail macaques, Gibbons and huge birds variety on the way to Rimba Lodge; dinner and overnight at Rimba Lodge.
Day 4 - Rimba Lodge - Pangkalanbun - Banjarmasin: after breakfast enjoy during your boat transfer to the airport a last look at the beautiful
scenery of the Sekonyer River; flight back to Banjarmasin early afternoon and transfer to the Swiss-belhotel (dinner not included).
Day 5 - Banjarmasin - Balikpapan - Manado: early wake up call for visiting the floating market of Banjarmasin, after sunrise back to the hotel for a
relaxed breakfast; transfer to the airport for flight back to Manado; transfer to Minahasa Lagoon - Dive & Tours Club.

Mahakam River cruise - Kalimantan (Indonesian Borneo) - 5 days / 4 nights
Day 1 - Manado - Balikpapan - Loajanan - Mahakam River: upon arrival at Sepinggan airport in Balikpapan
meeting with representative and direct transfer to Loajanan for boarding the house boat and start the exciting
trip on the Mahakam River; lunch, dinner and overnight on boat.
Day 2 - Muara Muntai - Tanjung Isuy - Melak: after breakfast on boat stop at Muara Muntai for observing the
way of life of the people at a wooden village; the trip continues by motorized canoe over Jempang Lake,
passing beautiful views along the river, reaching Tanjung Isuy and continue to Mancong. On arrival a welcome
ceremony will be performed by the Dayak Banuaq Tribe in front of their Long House; return to the house boat
and cruise up for Melak; lunch box; dinner and overnight on boat.
Day 3 - Melak - Eheng - Trekking - Kersik Luway - Mahakam: full day excursion by jeep to visit the old
communal long house at Eheng village; following you have the opportunity for jungle trekking to observe the
huge trees; return to Kersik Luway for the Black Orchid Forest and back down the river by boat; lunch box;
dinner and overnight on boat.
Day 4 - Tenggarong - Loajanan - Balikpapan: after breakfast on boat visit the Museum and Royal Cemetery at
Tenggarong, then down river heading for Loajanan and proceeding to Balikpapan to Bahana Surya (Benakutai)
hotel; lunch and dinner on boat, overnight at Bahana Surya hotel.
Day 5 - Balikpapan - Manado: after a relaxed breakfast morning and afternoon at your disposal before your flight back to Manado; transfer to
Minahasa Lagoon - Dive & Tours Club.

Baliem Valley (Irian Jaya) - 5 days / 4 nights
Day 1 - Manado - Jayapura - Wamena: early morning flight to Jayapura where you will meet the representative for the connection flight to
Wamena; transfer to The Baliem Valley Resort for check in, from where you will then proceed to visit Napua Hill & Sinatma Village; lunch in
nearby town. After lunch you continue to Wesaput Village to see the hanging bridge, local market and the amazing surroundings; dinner and
overnight at The Baliem Valley Resort - Wamena.
Day 2 - Wamena - Sogokmo - Baliem River trekking - Wamena: after breakfast approx. 35 minutes transfer by car to Sogokmo in the south of
Baliem Valley, from where a day trek of approx. 4 - 5 hours starts to Wesaput passing through Dani sweet potato gardens and across a hanging
bridge over the Baliem River. Along the trail you can admire the activities of the local people and enjoy the beautiful scenery as well, lunch box
will be provided enroute; dinner and overnight stay at The Baliem Valley Resort - Wamena.
Day 3 - Wamena - Jiwika - Anemoigi - Wamena: after breakfast, 30 minutes drive to Jiwika in the North of Baliem Valley to see the 250 years
old mummy. A 10 minutes walk brings to the village of Anemoigi where you can view the Dani Mock battle and the Pig Feast; you will see how
the Dani make fire traditionally, kill a pig with bow and arrow and cook it on the hot-burned stone with vegetables and sweet potatoes. Return to
The Baliem Valley Resort - Wamena in the afternoon where you will have dinner.
Day 4 - Wamena - Jayapura: after breakfast at the resort, transfer to Wamena airport for your flight back to Jayapura. Upon arrival at the airport
of Jayapura full day sightseeing tour to visit Mac Arthur World War II monument, Sentani Lake with lunch at a local restaurant. In the afternoon
visit of Anthropology Museum, Hamadi Market and Jayapura City; dinner and overnight stay at Sentani Indah hotel.
 Day 5 - Jayapura - Manado: after breakfast and a relaxed morning, transfer to the airport for your flight back to Manado; transfer to Minahasa
Lagoon - Dive & Tours Club.

                                              Other tours can be arranged on request.
                                 Program changes are possible in all tours - also without any prior notice;
                                 detailed information will be given directly in the Resort before departure.


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