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					                                  Enhanced Capture of
                                    CO2 Newsletter
                                                                                            May 2006

                                                                                             Volume 3

Results of the ENCAP — CASTOR Common
Training Seminar / Workshop
The ENCAP - CASTOR          AB, with an opening             regulatory framework con-
common Training Semi-       speech given by Mr. Lars        cerning the long-term CO2      Inside this issue:
nar / Workshop was suc-     Stromberg, addressing the       storage.
cessfully implemented       need to develop and evalu-
on 16th March 2006 at       ate cost effective and effi-
                            cient CO2 capture, trans-
                            port and storage technolo-                                     Pre Combustion
Billund, Denmark.           gies. Mr. Lars Stromberg                                       Session
Issues related to CO2       also mentioned the deci-
pre-      and     post-     sion of Vattenfall to con-
combustion capture and      struct an oxyfuel 30MWth
CO2 storage were cov-       pilot plant in Cottbus, Ger-
                                                                                           Post Combustion
ered.                       many       adjacent to                                         Session
The status on CO2 pre-      Schwarze Pumpe power            A keynote speech was
and post-capture tech-      plant.                          given by Mr. Philipp
nologies outside the EU                                     Troppmann representative
(e.g. in USA and Japan),                                    of the European Commis-
was also presented.                                         sion, DG Research, Re-         Other up-coming
                                                                                           Events          4
More than 100 experts                                       search Fund for Coal &
from Research Centres,                                      Steel. Mr. P. Troppmann
Industry, Manufacturers,                                    presented the objectives
Universities participated                                   and the energy priorities of
in the event. Further-                                      the 7th Framework Pro-
more, Governmental and                                      gramme. He also provided
EC officers related to      Mr Tore A. Torp, from           an insight to the organiza-
Environment and Cli-        STATOIL, presented an           tional structure and the ac-
mate Change were pre-       overview of the demon-          tion plan of the Technol-      Special points
sent.                       stration projects either car-   ogy Platform for Zero          of interest:
                            ried out or planned in the      Emission Fossil Fuels
                            field of CO2 transport and      Power Plants (ZEFFPP
                            storage. These projects aim     TP). Finally, he concluded     • Main results of
                            at better understanding of      with a brief introduction to     pre - combustion
                            the various engineering,        the Research Fund for Coal       session
                            environmental and cost          and Steel (RFCS) Pro-          • Main results of
                            factors that are involved       gramme which constitutes         post - combustion
                            in. Finally, Mr Torp con-       a support mechanism to the       and storage ses-
                            cluded that next steps in       sustainable development of       sion
                            the way forward, should be      EU Coal and Steel indus-
The event was kicked-off
                            focused on building trust       try.
by the ENCAP Project
                            and clarifying a legal &
coordinator, Vattenfall
Pre - combustion Session
The first technical session, which     suitable chemical reaction mecha- and flue gas composition under
was dedicated to pre-combustion        nism a number of H2-rich fuel oxy-fuel conditions. Based on
                                                                         these results, two conceptual de-
                                                                         signs of greenfield oxyfuel plants
                                                                         (PF concept and CFB concept)
                                                                         have been elaborated. As above-
                                                                         mentioned, an oxy-fuel pilot test-
                                                                         ing is planned for the second phase
                                                                         of the project (August 2006-
                                                                         February 2009) aimed at develop-
                                                                         ing and commercialising this tech-
                                                                              Mr. Etienne Lebas - Institut Fran-
                                                                              cais de Petrole -, provided an in-
                                                                              sight to the features of Chemical
                                                                              Looping Combustion (CLC) prin-
CO2 capture tech-         Combustion Modelling     mixtures were tested in    ciple. A 10 kWth fluidized bed re-
nologies and the                                   a lab-scale burner at      actor system for solid fuels CLC
results achieved within the ENCAP high pressure. The preliminary              fuel conversion has been put into
                                                          burner      tests   operation at Chalmers as part of
                                                          aimed also at       the ENCAP project. Furthermore,
  ENCAP Project: “Recommendation, in 2008-2009, of a defining           the   a design concept for solid fuels
  pre-combustion technology for a Demo Power Plant”       capability of       CFB boiler 445 MWe has been
                                                          current com-        developed with low efficiency
project, was opened by Mr Clas Ek- bustors to deal with H2-rich fuels.        penalty (2%) and CO2 avoidance
strom - Vattenfall AB. Mr C. Ek- An overview of the development               cost lower than 10 €/ton CO2. Mr.
strom presented the methodology of oxy-fuel combustion plants was             Etienne Lebas reported an effi-
developed for evaluating different presented         by
CO2 capture technologies and the Ms. Marie An-
databases established describing all heden - Vatten-
major European power plants and fall AB. Two
CO2 storage options together with a different       test
model able to calculate cost effec- rigs, a 20 kW at
tive solutions for CO2 free electric- University of
ity production.                         Stuttgart and a
Mr Karl-Josef Wolf - RWE Power 100 kW at
AG -, presented the progress Chalmers Uni-
achieved within the second subpro- versity provided the first basic           ciency of 52% for a CLC com-
ject of the ENCAP project dealing data related to ignition behaviour          bined cycle with a double reheat
with fuel decarbonisation                                                     gas turbine.
technologies in IGGC                                                          Ms Ilaria Ciattaglia from Linde
power plants. The re-                                                         company presented the research
search efforts mainly                                                         activities concerning the High-
focus on the develop-                                                         Temperature Oxygen Generation
ment of H2-rich burners,                                                      for Power Cycles. The integration
which constitute the ma-                                                      of a CAR Unit in oxy-fuel PF-
jor technical barrier on                                                      boiler power plant is selected as
pre-combustion       CO2                                                      the most promising power plant
capture      technologies.                                                    scenario. Intensive experiments on
After the selection of the                                                    ceramic materials performance

 Page 2
development are carried out. Ms          the importance to scale-up a CAR           most promising novel cycle op-
Ilaria Ciattaglia also highlighted       test facility and to optimise the          tions have been selected and clas-
                                         operating conditions.                      sified into a common structure
                                         The Workshop also provided the             and modelling, as well as opera-
                                         opportunity to look at the develop-        tional analysis has been devel-
                                         ment of Novel Pre-Combustion               oped. Mr. Alain Feraud completed
                                         and Oxy-fuel Concepts. Mr. Alain           the first session by presenting the
                                         Feraud – ALSTOM presented the              most promising cycle and the gen-
                                         work carried out within the corre-         eral disadvantages of oxy-fuel cy-
                                         sponding ENCAP subproject. The             cles.

                                               CASTOR Project: “Define the overall strategies required to effect a
                                               10% reduction of EU CO2 emissions ”

Post Combustion & Storage Session
The "Liaison Between ENCAP and           Elsam in Denmark, whose inaugura-          avoidance cost between 20-30 €/ton
CASTOR Integrated Projects" was          tion took place the previous day.          CO2. Key issues like energy con-
presented by Mr. Alexandre Rojey -       Meanwhile, Mr. Erik Lindeberg -            sumption, reaction rates, chemical
Chairman of CASTOR Scientific                                                       stability and desorption process im-
Committee and Member of ENCAP                                                       provements are investigated.
Executive Board. Mr. A. Rojey                                                       The last presentation of the event
pointed out the strong interactions                                                 was given by Mr Alv-Arne Grim-
between the two projects concerning                                                 stad, SINTEF Petroleum Research.
their objectives, programmes and                                                    Mr A. A. Grimstad referred to the
their joint further role in preparing                                               subproject “CO2 storage perform-
the 7th Framework Programme                                                         ance and risk assessment studies” of
through the creation of the ZEPP                                                    the CASTOR project which aims at
Technology Platform.                                                                developing and applying a method-
Mr. Pierre Le Thiez, IFP, coordina-                                                 ology for the selection and secure
tor of the CASTOR project, pro-          SINTEF Petroleum Research-, pre-           management of candidate CO2 stor-
vided a general overview of the          sented the work performed in the           age sites as well as to improve the
background of CASTOR Project.            CASTOR SP1 “Strategy for CO2               SACS best practice manual by add-
                                         reduction.” The aim of this subpro-        ing four more real CO2 storage site
                                         ject is to define the overall strategies   cases.
                                         required to effect a 10% reduc-
                                         tion on EU CO2 emissions and
                                         to monitor the effectiveness of
                                         the strategies from a tech-
                                         noeconomic point of view.
                                         Mr. Paul Feron, TNO, provided
                                         an extensive overview to the
                                         post-combustion capture with
                                         amine based solvent, a topic
The overall goal of this project is to   which constitutes the core of
develop and validate a portfolio of      the CASTOR project. The
innovative technologies needed to        overall objective of this sub-
capture CO2 at the post-combustion       project is to develop absorption
stage and to store it underground.                                                    Leakage through wells and rocks
                                         liquids with an energy consump-
Mr. Pierre Le Thiez referred to the      tion of 2.0GJ/ton CO2 at 90% cap-
CASTOR post-combustion pilot             ture rates while keeping a CO2
plant operated since early 2006 by

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Up-coming Events related to power generation with CO2
♦  19th FBC Conference (with the IEA-FBC Conference to be held closely before it), Vienna University of Tech-
   nology, 21 - 24 May, 2006, Vienna, Austria
♦ POWER-GEN Europe 2006 Exhibition & Conference, May 30 - June 1, 2006, Koelnmesse, Cologne, Ger-
♦ Can Coal come in from the Cold? What is its future in a world of Cleaner Energy?, Energy Institute, June
   25, 2006, London, UK
♦ Energex 2006, SINTEF Research, Stavanger Forum, International Energy Foundation, June 12-15, 2006,
   Stavager, Norway
♦ 9 International Network for CO2 Capture, Energie 2, June 16, 2006, Copenhagen, Denmark
♦ 8 International Conference on Greenhouse Gas Control Technologies, GHGT-8, NTNU – SINTEF, 19 -
   22 June 2006, Trondheim, Norway
♦ Russia and the Carbon Market, June 28-29, 2006, Moscow, Russia
♦ China Power Conference, June 28-30, 2006, Shangai, China
♦ 6 European Conference on Coal Research and its Applications, Coal Research Forum, September 5 - 7,
   2006, University of Kent, Canterbury, Kent, UK
♦ POWER-GEN India & Central Asia 2006 Exhibition and Conference, October 24-26, 2006, New Delhi,
♦ Global Environmental Change: Regional Challenges, November 9-12, 2006, Beijing, China
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