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Desktop Publishing Stocking Stuffers_ Inc. Christmas Simulation

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					Desktop Publishing
Stocking Stuffers, Inc.
Christmas Simulation

Project #5 Christmas Photo Card

As part of your company’s special Christmas activities, you will be
having photos with Santa. The company is looking for something
nice and fun to display the children’s photos with Santa. They want
something that includes a photograph from the photo shoot,
Christmas accents, and something that is suitable for sharing with
friends and family (a text box they could sing, for example).

Create a rectangle sized 8.5” x 5.” for this photo card. Set your
margins for .5” all the way around. Include a 12 pt. border in a
custom Christmas pattern. Either fill in your card with light color or
use a Christmas texture. Save this as stufferphotocard in your
Stocking Stuffers folder.

Project #6 Last Minute Christmas Special Flyer

For this project, you will create a flyer in landscape orientation
that utilizes the drawing tools in Publisher. Create a layered
shape similar to that shown here
comprised of four different shapes and then
layered to make it look like an ornament as shown at the
far right. Make the filled oval and the border around the big
circle the same color. Use a gradient in the trapezoid shape.
Insert a photo of yourself or a child/children in the big circle.
These are Christmas ornaments. Once you have created the first
one, group it and copy and past several more. You may change
the fill picture in each one if you wish. Feel free to change the
color scheme on each one as well. You must have a minimum of
three ornaments.

Your finished project should also include an
Autoshape banner with a “list” of the specials in
an informal handwriting font. Insert a clipart of a
Christmas tree and place your ornaments
accordingly. Be sure to size them appropriately.
Add other clipart images of Christmas items such
as candy canes, icicles, ornaments, etc. Include
your name, job title, and the company logo in the
lower left or right corner of the flyer.

Save this a stuffingflyer in your Stocking
Stuffers folder.

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