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					                                      Venture Capital Survey, Fourth Quarter 2011


This is a listing of many of the Bay Area firms that received venture capital financing between
Oct. 1 and Dec. 31, 2011. Most of the data was compiled from a survey conducted by
PricewaterhouseCoopers, Thomson Venture Economics and the National Venture Capital Association
in conjunction with the Mercury News.

In the case of some investments there may have been other participants in the round who are not
credited. Also, the amounts listed may not include all venture funding the company received during
the quarter.

*Indicates this is a seed or first-round infusion of money from venture capitalists. These
companies may have received money previously from other investors and aren't necessarily startups.

           Name                 City          Stage         Amount             Investors                 Business

                                                                        Band of Angels, Felicis
                                                                        Ventures, Founders
                                                                        Fund, Greylock            Interactive health
100Plus*                   San Francisco Startup/Seed        $1,250,000 Partners, individuals     applications

                                                                        Kleiner Perkins Caufield
                                                                        & Byers, New Enterprise
3-V Biosciences            Menlo Park      Early Stage      $12,020,000 Associates               Biopharmaceutical

                                                                        Domain Associates,
                                                                        Third Rock Ventures,
Afferent Pharmaceuticals   San Mateo       Early Stage       $2,000,000 undisclosed firm          Chronic pain treatment

                                                                        Domain Associates,
                                                                        Meritech Capital
                                                                        Partners, undisclosed
                                                                        firm, Venrock
Aria Diagnostics*          San Jose        Early Stage      $52,700,100 Associates                Molecular diagnostics

                                                                        General Electric
                                                                        Venture Capital,          Glucose monitoring
C8 MediSensors*            San Jose        Early Stage      $24,000,000 undisclosed firm          device

                                                                                                  Medical devices and
Calibra Medical            Redwood City    Later Stage         $253,000 Canaan Partners           technologies

                                                                        Advanced Technology
                                                                        Ventures, Delphi
                                                                        Ventures, Morgenthaler
                           South San                                    Ventures, U.S. Venture Oncology therapeutics to
Calithera Biosciences      Francisco       Startup/Seed      $4,000,000 Partners               treat cancer

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                                        Venture Capital Survey, Fourth Quarter 2011

                            South San                                                               Develops proteolytically-
CytomX Therapeutics         Francisco        Early Stage       $10,000,000 Undisclosed firm         activated antibodies

                                                                           Cross Creek Capital,
                                                                           Domain Associates,
                                                                           Essex Woodlands
                                                                           Health Ventures,
                                                                           Associates, In-Q-Tel,
                                                                           QuestMark Partners,
                                                                           Samsung Venture
                                                                           Investment, undisclosed Microfluidic automation
IntegenX                    Pleasanton       Later Stage       $40,000,200 firm                    systems manufacturer

                                                                           Kaiser Permanente        Diagnostic monitoring
iRhythm Technologies        San Francisco Expansion             $3,300,000 Ventures                 solutions

                                                                                                    Characterizes the
Mendel Biotechnology        Hayward          Later Stage       $11,847,000 undisclosed firm         function of plant genes

                                                                           TriStar Technology
Molecular Sensing*          Montara          Early Stage        $1,000,000 Ventures                 Biotechnology

                                                                           Frazier Healthcare and
                                                                           Healthcare Partners
Moximed International       Hayward          Expansion          $2,568,000 Enterprise Associates    Medical devices

                                                                           Adams Street Partners,
                                                                           Latterell Venture
Neuraltus Pharmaceuticals   Palo Alto        Early Stage        $9,625,000 Partners               Biopharmaceutical

                                                                           Column Group,
                                                                           Prospect Venture
                                                                           Partners, Rho Capital
                            South San                                      Partners, undisclosed    Transformational
NGM Biopharmaceuticals      Francisco        Early Stage       $32,859,200 firm                     medicines

OndaVia*                    Hayward          Startup/Seed         $100,000 Band of Angels           water-testing instrument

                                                                           Adams Street Partners,
                                                                           Delphi Ventures, Ivy
                                                                           Capital Partners,
                                                                           Montreux Equity        Medical products and
Pivot Medical               Sunnyvale        Early Stage       $32,394,000 Partners               services

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                                      Venture Capital Survey, Fourth Quarter 2011

                                                                         Adams Street Partners,
                                                                         Alta Partners,
                                                                         Endeavour Vision SA,
                                                                         Forbion Capital
                                                                         Partners, Individuals,
                                                                         Spray Venture Partners, Medical devices to
                                                                         Telegraph Hill Partners, invasive treatments for
PneumRx                   Mountain View Later Stage           $8,584,000 undisclosed firms        emphysema patients

                          South San
Portola Pharmaceuticals   Francisco        Later Stage       $45,000,000 Undisclosed firm         Biopharmaceutical

                                                                         Advanced Technology
                                                                         Ventures, Alta Partners,
                                                                         Frazier Healthcare and
                                                                         Technology Ventures,
                                                                         MPM Capital, Prospect
                                                                         Venture Partners, Sutter
                                                                         Hill Ventures, Temasek
                          South San                                      Holdings Pte,
Portola Pharmaceuticals   Francisco        Later Stage       $88,999,800 undisclosed firm         Biopharmaceutical

                                                                         Advanced Technology
                                                                         Ventures, Frazier
                                                                         Healthcare and
                                                                         Technology Ventures,
                                                                         Panorama Capital,
PowerVision               Belmont          Later Stage       $12,500,100 Venrock Associates        Medical device

                                                                         De Novo Ventures,
                                                                         Latterell Venture
ProMed                    Santa Clara      Expansion          $1,250,000 Partners                 Medical devices

                                                                         5AM Ventures,Versant     Chemicals from
Rennovia                  Menlo Park       Early Stage       $22,333,000 Ventures                 renewable feedstock

                                                                                                  Cardio metabolic
Tethys Bioscience         Emeryville       Later Stage       $29,000,000 Undisclosed firm         diagnostics

                                                                         Sanderling Ventures,
TheraVida                 Mountain View Early Stage             $800,000 undisclosed firm         Pharmaceutical

                                                                         Prospect Venture
                                                                         Partners, Third Rock
                                                                         Ventures, Yasuda       Clinical-stage
Topica Pharmaceuticals*   Palo Alto        Early Stage       $20,019,000 Enterprise Development pharmaceutical

VeloMedix                 Menlo Park       Startup/Seed      $18,394,000 Undisclosed firm         Medical device

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                                Venture Capital Survey, Fourth Quarter 2011

             Name         City          Stage          Amount              Investors          Business

                                                                   Draper Fisher
                                                                   Jurvetson, Gannett,
                                                                   Mitsui & Co. Global
                                                                   Investment, U.S.
                                                                   Venture Partners,
                                                                   undisclosed firm, Vulcan Text message alerts and
4INFO               San Mateo        Later Stage       $13,999,800 Capital                  information

                                                                                              Security information and
                                                                                              event management
AlienVault          Campbell         Later Stage          $511,000 Trident Capital            solutions

                                                                   August Capital
                                                                   Management, DCM,
                                                                   Emergence Capital
                                                                   Partners, JAFCO            Online payment and
                                                                   Ventures, TTV Capital,     invoicing process            Palo Alto        Expansion         $15,500,000 undisclosed firm           services

                                                                                              Applications for security,
                                                                                              privacy and performance
BlueSprig*          San Francisco Early Stage          $10,000,000 IDG Capital Partners       solutions

                                                                   Investor Growth Capital,
                                                                   Norwest Venture
                                                                   Partners, Outlook        Mobile software
ClairMail           San Rafael       Later Stage        $9,999,900 Ventures                 solutions

                                                                   True Ventures,             Online marketplace for
CoffeeandPower*     San Francisco Early Stage           $3,204,000 undisclosed firm           small jobs

                                                                   Accel Partners,
                                                                   Benchmark Capital,
                                                                   Goldman Sachs &
                                                                   Greylock Partners,
                                                                   Index Ventures,
                                                                   individuals, Institutional
                                                                   Venture Partners, RIT
                                                                   Capital Partners PLC,      Online file storage and
Dropbox             San Francisco Expansion           $250,000,200 Sequoia Capital            sharing services

                                                                                              Systems for measuring
Enmetric Systems*   Belmont          Early Stage        $2,235,000 Navitas Capital            and controlling

Entourage Medical                                                  Sofinnova Partners
Technologies        Menlo Park       Startup/Seed       $5,450,000 SAS, undisclosed firm      Life science

                                                                   Benchmark Capital,
                                                                   New Enterprise
                                                                   Associates, Walden         Power line
Enverv              Milpitas         Early Stage       $12,000,000 International              communication

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                                    Venture Capital Survey, Fourth Quarter 2011

                                                                       Harrison Metal Capital,
                                                                       New Enterprise
                                                                       Associates, TriplePoint
                                                                       Capital, undisclosed      Analytics for the brick
Euclid*                 Palo Alto        Early Stage        $5,800,000 firm                      and mortar store

                                                                       Globespan Capital
                                                                       Partners, undisclosed     Certified translations of
FoxTranslate            San Francisco Early Stage           $3,525,000 firm                      immigration documents

                                                                       August Capital            Connects businesses to
Gigwalk                 Mountain View Early Stage           $4,200,000 Management                a mobile workforce

                                                                       Chrysalix Venture         Solar industrial
GlassPoint Solar        Fremont          Early Stage        $2,800,000 Capital                   processes

                                                                       Baseline Ventures,
                                                                       Floodgate Fund,
                                                                       individuals, Lightspeed
                                                                       Venture Partners, RPM Online local business
                                                                       Ventures, SoftTech VC, listings, advertising and
GoLocal                 San Francisco Early Stage             $896,000 Thrive Capital Partners promotion solutions

Highlightcam*           Mountain View Early Stage           $2,825,000 Quest Venture Partners Edits and sends videos

                                                                       Foundation Capital,       Information technology
HotLink                 Sunnyvale        Early Stage        $3,000,000 Leapfrog Ventures         service

                                                                                                 Community of current
INSIDR                  San Francisco Early Stage             $490,000 True Ventures             and former employees

                                                                       Greycroft Partners,
                                                                       Institutional Venture
                                                                       Partners, Kleiner
                                                                       Perkins Caufield &
                                                                       Byers, Venrock            Measures influence on
                                                                       Associates, ff Venture    topics across the social
Klout                   San Francisco Early Stage          $30,000,000 Capital                   Web

                                                                       Och-Ziff Capital          Video processing,
                                                                       Management Group,         compression and
Marseille Networks      Santa Clara      Expansion         $10,000,000 undisclosed firm          networking

                                                                       Granite Ventures, Reed
                                                                       Elsevier Ventures,
                                                                       undisclosed firm,      Digital media platform
Martini Media Network   San Francisco Expansion            $13,000,000 Venrock Associates     provider

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                                  Venture Capital Survey, Fourth Quarter 2011

                                                                     Avalon Ventures,
                                                                     Bullpen Capital,
                                                                     Crosslink Capital,
                                                                     individuals, Kima
                                                                     Ventures SASU,
                                                                     undisclosed firm, Y     Google analytics for
Metrichouse*          Palo Alto        Early Stage        $4,396,800 Combinator              business data

                                                                     Benchmark Capital, IDG
                                                                     Ventures SF,           Online marketplace for
                                                                     individuals, Menlo     custom stationery and
Minted                San Francisco Expansion             $5,500,000 Ventures               invitations

                                                                                             Content creators to
                                                                                             share information
Mobile Identity*      Palo Alto        Startup/Seed         $500,000 True Ventures           through mobile devices

                                                                     First Round Capital,
Onyx Style*           San Francisco Startup/Seed          $1,550,000 True Ventures           Retailing services

                                                                     BlackBerry Partners
                                                                     Fund, Comcast
                                                                     Ventures, El Dorado     Digital publishing
Padopolis             Los Altos        Early Stage        $6,099,900 Ventures                software

                                                                     Morgenthaler Ventures, Financial and
PageOnce              Palo Alto        Expansion            $741,000 undisclosed firm       transaction solution

                                                                                             Software for creating
                                                                     Accel Partners,         and sharing
Prezi                 San Francisco Early Stage           $2,454,400 Sunstone Capital A/S    presentations

                                                                     Accel Partners,
                                                                     Crosslink Capital,
                                                                     Draper Fisher
                                                                     undisclosed firm,       People-to-people
Prosper Marketplace   San Francisco Expansion             $9,000,000 Volition Capital        lending marketplac

                                                                     Fotowatio Renewable     Solar panel test and
PV Evolution Labs     San Francisco Early Stage             $410,000 Ventures                characterization services

                                                                     Founders Fund, Polaris
                                                                     Venture Partners,      Open Internet ratings
Quantcast             San Francisco Expansion             $8,000,000 Revolution Ventures    services

                                                                                             Billing solutions for
                                                                     Polaris Venture         subscription-based
Recurly               San Francisco Early Stage           $2,294,000 Partners                businesses

                                                                     Inventus Capital
                                                                     Partners, Nexus         Social media marketing
Salorix*              Santa Clara      Early Stage        $3,500,000 Venture Partners        and analytics firm

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                                      Venture Capital Survey, Fourth Quarter 2011

                                                                         Khosla Ventures,
                                                                         Kleiner Perkins Caufield
                                                                         & Byers, Sequoia
Square                    San Francisco Expansion             $3,000,000 Capital                  Mobile payment services

                                                                         Coates Myer,
                                                                         Technology Venture
                                                                         Partners, U.S. Venture
                                                                         Partners, undisclosed     Fraud control device
ThreatMetrix              San Jose         Expansion            $151,200 firm                      solutions
                                                                                                   Website privacy
                                                                                                   programs and
True Ultimate Standards                                                  Baseline Ventures,        information disclosure
Everywhere                San Francisco Later Stage          $15,050,000 JAFCO Ventures            standards

                                                                         Bessemer Venture
                                                                         Partners, JAFCO
UltraSolar Technology     Santa Clara      Startup/Seed       $4,350,000 Ventures                  Solar energy technology

                                                                         Emergence Capital
                                                                         Partners ,Palisades
                                                                         Ventures, SoftBank
                                                                         Capital, undisclosed      Mobile local search and
xAD                       San Francisco Later Stage           $9,000,000 firm                      advertising solutions

                                                                         Belvedere Capital
                                                                         Partners, Fidelity
                                                                         Ventures, New
                                                                         Enterprise Associates,    Online international
Xoom                      San Francisco Later Stage          $25,000,000 Sequoia Capital           money transfer services

                                                                                                   Mobile marketing
Zoove                     Palo Alto        Expansion          $5,000,000 Rogers Ventures           services provider
              Name             City           Stage          Amount             Investors          Business

                                                                         SPARK Venture
                                                                         Management, True          Online education related              San Francisco Early Stage           $4,250,000 Ventures                  services

                                                                         Baring Private Equity   Enterprise-class secure
Accellion                 Palo Alto        Later Stage       $12,150,000 Asia, Riverwood Capital file sharing solutions

                                                                                                   Professional network for
                                                                                                   college students and
AfterCollege*             San Francisco Later Stage             $400,000 Flywheel Ventures         alumni's

                                                                         Alloy Ventures, Battery
                                                                         Ventures, First Round
                                                                         Capital, Greylock
Agari Data*               Palo Alto        Later Stage        $2,500,000 Partners                  Products and services

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                                  Venture Capital Survey, Fourth Quarter 2011

                                                                     500 Startups,
                                                                     individuals, Inspiration
                                                                     Ventures, undisclosed
Aksel Group           San Francisco Early Stage             $100,000 firm                       Menswear

                                                                     500 Startups,
                                                                     individuals, undisclosed Online outdoor trail
AllTrails*            San Francisco Early Stage             $399,900 firm                     information services

                                                                     500 Startups, Google
                                                                     Ventures, undisclosed      Mobile learning game
Appyzoo*              San Francisco Early Stage             $500,100 firm                       platform

                                                                     JAFCO Ventures,            Online content licensing
Attributor            San Mateo        Expansion          $3,822,000 Sigma Partners             technology

                                                                     Blumberg Capital
                                                                     Ventures, Comcast
                                                                     Ventures, individuals,
                                                                     InterWest Partners,        Online services for car
CarWoo                Burlingame       Early Stage        $6,000,000 undisclosed firm           deals

                                                                     SK Telecom Ventures,
                                                                     TransLink Capital,         Applications for the
Chartboost*           San Francisco Early Stage           $2,000,100 undisclosed firm           iphone platform

                                                                     Bowman Capital             Mobile application for
CrowdOptic            San Francisco Early Stage             $500,000 Management                 sharing live events

                                                                     Time Warner
CrowdStar             Burlingame       Expansion          $4,750,000 Investments                Social games

                                                                     Benchmark Capital,
Edmodo                San Mateo        Early Stage       $15,000,000 Greylock Partners          Social learning network

                                                                     Individuals, NewSchools
                                                                     Venture Fund, Tugboat
                                                                     Ventures, undisclosed Blended learning
Education Elements*   Palo Alto        Early Stage        $2,100,000 firm                    solutions for schools

                                                                                                Online social fundraising
                                                                                                platform in the United
Fundly                Palo Alto        Early Stage          $700,000 Undisclosed firm           States

                                                                     500 Startups, BV
                                                                     Capital, Battery
General Workings*     San Francisco Early Stage           $1,300,000 Ventures, individuals      Private car-sharing club

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                            Venture Capital Survey, Fourth Quarter 2011

                                                               Inventus Capital
                                                               Partners, Nexus
                                                               Venture Partners, Quest Smart-phone
Genwi           Palo Alto        Early Stage        $3,999,900 Venture Partners        applications

                                                               Battery Ventures,
                                                               CrunchFund, Redpoint
Gogobot         Menlo Park       Early Stage       $15,050,100 Ventures                 Travel website

                                                               Atlas Venture,
                                                               Benchmark Capital,
                                                               Integral Capital
                                                               Partners, NewSchools
                                                               Venture Fund,
Grockit         San Francisco Expansion             $7,000,000 undisclosed firm         Online test prep school

                                                               Innovation Endeavors,
                                                               Mayfield Fund, Mohr      Interactive health
HealthTap       Palo Alto        Early Stage       $11,500,000 Davidow Ventures         network

                                                               Accel Partners, Battery
                                                               Ventures, First Round Mobile hotel booking
Hotel Tonight   San Francisco Early Stage           $9,000,000 Capital                 application

                                                                                        Mobile loyalty and
                                                               Polaris Venture          coupon redemption
Infinian        San Mateo        Expansion            $793,000 Partners                 platform

                                                               Google Ventures,
                                                               Khosla Ventures, True    Social networking
                                                               Ventures, undisclosed    applications for mobile         Palo Alto        Startup/Seed       $2,728,000 firm                     phones

                                                               500 Startups, Bessemer
                                                               Venture Partners,
                                                               Bullpen Capital,
                                                               EchoVC Partners,
                                                               Fontinalis Partners,
                                                               Kapor Capital,
                                                               undisclosed firm,      Safety and security
Life360         San Francisco Early Stage           $3,500,100 venture51 Capital Fund services Website

                                                               Amicus Capital, First
                                                               Round Capital,           Online retailing services
Liftopia        San Francisco Expansion             $1,299,900 individuals              for ski lift tickets

                                                               Andreessen Horowitz,
                                                               General Catalyst
                                                               Partners, Ignition     Social game where
                                                               Partners, individuals, players collect and battle
MinoMonsters*   San Francisco Startup/Seed          $1,000,000 SV Angel, Y Combinator pet monsters

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                                        Venture Capital Survey, Fourth Quarter 2011

                                                                                                     Food products for
                                                                                                     babies, toddlers and
Nest Collective             Emeryville       Expansion           $5,500,000 Undisclosed firm         kids

                                                                            Charles River Ventures,
Orchestra*                  Palo Alto        Early Stage         $5,724,000 SV Angel                Products and services

                                                                                                     Photo books and cards
Picaboo                     Palo Alto        Later Stage         $2,602,000 CampVentures             online

                                                                            Inventus Capital
                                                                            Partners, Mayfield
                                                                            Fund, SV Angel,
Poshmark*                   Menlo Park       Early Stage         $3,500,000 SoftTech VC              Products and services

                                                                           Crosslink Capital,        On-demand delivery
Postmates*                  San Francisco Startup/Seed            $800,000 individuals               services

                                                                            Draper Fisher
                                                                            Jurvetson, undisclosed   Mobile and location-
RetaiLigence                Palo Alto        Early Stage         $1,107,000 firm                     based shopping

                                                                            Norwest Venture
RiseSmart                   San Jose         Expansion           $2,000,000 Partners                 Online job services

                                                                            Google Ventures,
Rumble Entertainment*       Redwood City     Early Stage        $15,000,000 Khosla Ventures          Online games

                                                                            Softbank China & India Preschool information
Savvy Source for Parents*   San Francisco Early Stage            $1,425,000 Holdings               sharing

                                                                            Accel Partners,
                                                                            SoftBank Capital, True
Schematic Labs*             San Francisco Early Stage            $4,750,000 Ventures                 Mobile applications

                                                                            New Enterprise
                                                                            Associates, Northern
Sentons*                    Sunnyvale        Startup/Seed        $4,050,000 Light Venture Capital    Products and services

                                                                            Battery Ventures,
Serena & Lily               Sausalito        Later Stage        $12,000,000 undisclosed firm         Baby bedding products

                                                                            Google Ventures,
                                                                            Mayfield Fund, New       Online community of
                                                                            Enterprise Associates,   readers, authors, and
Subtext Media*              Palo Alto        Early Stage         $3,000,000 Omidyar Network          experts

                                                                            Greylock Partners,
ToyTalk*                    Piedmont         Startup/Seed        $3,500,000 undisclosed firm         Talking toys

                                                                            Aisling Capital, De Novo
                                                                            Ventures, Technology Light-based skin care
TRIA Beauty                 Dublin           Later Stage        $20,000,000 Partners, Vivo Ventures products

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                               Venture Capital Survey, Fourth Quarter 2011

                                                                   Benchmark Capital,
                                                                   Bezos Expeditions, First
                                                                   Round Capital,
                                                                   Goldman Sachs,
                                                                   Lowercase Capital,       Car service via iphone
Uber                San Francisco Expansion            $32,000,000 Menlo Ventures           and SMS

                                                                   500 Startups, MHS
                                                                   Capital Management,      Online educational
Udemy*              San Francisco Early Stage           $3,000,000 undisclosed firm         courses

                                                                   Javelin Venture          Products and services
                                                                   Partners, Voyager        related to information
Wellness Fx         San Francisco Early Stage           $4,100,000 Capital                  technology

                                                                   Angels' Forum & the
                                                                   Halo Fund, Kohlberg
                                                                   Ventures, U.S. Venture Locks that use word
Wordlock            Santa Clara     Expansion             $893,000 Partners               combinations

                                                                   ATA Ventures, Canaan
Zoosk               San Francisco Early Stage           $9,899,000 Partners             Social dating network
             Name        City          Stage          Amount              Investors         Business

Cool Lumens*        Santa Cruz      Startup/Seed          $465,000 Band of Angels           Lighting equipment

                                                                   Allegis Capital, Azure
                                                                   Capital Partners,
                                                                   Crosslink Capital,
                                                                   Kinetic Ventures, Menlo
                                                                   Ventures, Seagate
                                                                   Technology Inc, Silver Computer data storage
Coraid              Redwood City    Later Stage        $50,599,800 Lake                    products

                                                                                            Paper-based multimedia
Livescribe          Oakland         Expansion             $458,000 Undisclosed firm         pen-top applications

                                                                   Undisclosed firm,        Commercial LED lighting
Lunera Lighting     Redwood City    Expansion          $14,359,000 Westly Group             products

                                                                   Mitsui Global
                                                                   Investment, Samsung
                                                                   Venture Investment,
                                                                   undisclosed firm,
MoBeam              Cupertino       Expansion           $4,900,000                 Patented technology

                                                                   Blumberg Capital
                                                                   Ventures, Khosla
                                                                   Ventures, Lightspeed     Converged compute and
Nutanix             San Jose        Early Stage        $24,999,900 Venture Partners         storage appliances

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                                 Venture Capital Survey, Fourth Quarter 2011

                                                                                              Hardware and software-
                                                                                              based authentication
Priva Technologies   Cupertino        Later Stage         $2,818,000 Undisclosed firm         security platforms

                                                                     Capricorn Investment
                                                                     Group, International
Sunpreme*            Sunnyvale        Early Stage        $50,000,100 Finance, Tsing Capital   Solar cells

                                                                                              PC backup and cloud-
SurDoc*              Menlo Park       Startup/Seed        $4,000,000 IDG Ventures SF          sharing of documents

                                                                                              Touch interface
Tactus Technology    Fremont          Early Stage         $6,000,000 Thomvest Ventures        components

                                                                     Andreessen Horowitz,
                                                                     Charles River Ventures,
                                                                     Greylock Partners,      International video site
                                                                     Neoteny, undisclosed    for the selection of
Viki                 Los Altos        Expansion          $19,500,000 firms                   content

                                                                     U.S. Venture Partners,
Xicato*              San Jose         Expansion          $20,000,000 undisclosed firm         LED modules

                                                                     Battery Ventures, Giza
                                                                     Venture Capital, JVP,
                                                                     Lightspeed Venture       Solid-state-based
XtremIO              San Jose         Early Stage         $5,000,000 Partners                 storage systems
            Name          City           Stage          Amount              Investors         Business

                                                                     Individuals, J.P. Morgan
                                                                     Chase, Kleiner Perkins
                                                                     Caufield & Byers,        Noise cancellation
AliphCom             San Francisco Later Stage           $40,000,000 undisclosed firm         technology

                                                                                              Virtualization and cloud
Bromium              San Francisco Early Stage           $26,400,000 Undisclosed firm         computing provider

                                                                     Ventures, Foundation
                                                                     Capital, undisclosed
CiiNOW               Mountain View Startup/Seed           $6,500,000 firm                     Cloud computer platform

                                                                     Azure Capital Partners,
                                                                     Norwest Venture         Systems for
                                                                     Partners, Tenaya        communications service
Cyan                 Petaluma         Expansion          $10,000,000 Capital                 providers

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                                 Venture Capital Survey, Fourth Quarter 2011

                                                                     Atlantic Bridge,
                     South San                                       Crescendo Venture         Multi-screen video-over-
Envivio              Francisco        Later Stage        $15,000,000 Management                internet protocol delivery

                                                                     Baseline Ventures,
                                                                     Ignition Partners,
                                                                     individuals, undisclosed Cloud application*             San Francisco Early Stage            $1,400,000 firm                     services

                                                                     Atlas Venture, Ignition   Online workplace
Keas                 San Francisco Expansion              $7,000,000 Partners                  wellness solution

                                                                                               Cloud computing
Koding*              San Francisco Early Stage            $2,000,000 Greycroft Partners        services

                                                                                               Web Service that brings
                                                                                               email and social
Mingly*              San Francisco Early Stage             $500,000 Idealab, individuals       networks together

                                                                    North Bridge Venture
                                                                    Partners, undisclosed      Mobile engagement
Mozes                Santa Clara      Expansion            $500,100 firm                       marketing and services

                                                                     Founders Fund,
                                                                     undisclosed firm, WI
                                                                     Harper Group,
                                                                     Worldview Technology      Domestic phone
Ooma                 Palo Alto        Later Stage        $17,302,000 Partners                  systems

                                                                                               Cloud service for
                                                                     First Round Capital,      building and running
Pantheon Systems     San Francisco Early Stage            $5,000,000 undisclosed firm          enterprises

                                                                     Javelin Venture
                                                                     Partners, Qualcomm
                                                                     Ventures, undisclosed
                                                                     firm, Walden Venture      Engineers cloud-based
PowerCloud Systems   Palo Alto        Early Stage         $6,000,000 Capital                   technology for vendors

                                                                                               Technologies and
                                                                                               products for the home
Ruckus Wireless      Sunnyvale        Later Stage         $3,031,000 Sequoia Capital           media network market

                                                                    Hummer Winblad             Touch-driven web
Strobe               San Francisco Early Stage             $300,000 Venture Partners           applications

                                                                     Bullpen Capital, True     Communication across
Tello                Palo Alto        Expansion           $1,400,000 Ventures                  networks

                                                                     Andreessen Horowitz,
                                                                     Crosslink Capital, SV     Online marketplace for
theBench*            Palo Alto        Startup/Seed        $1,500,000 Angel, Y Combinator       science experiments

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                                       Venture Capital Survey, Fourth Quarter 2011

                                                                           Fenway Partners,
                                                                           individuals, Sierra     Social networking and
thismoment*                San Francisco Expansion              $7,300,000 Ventures                media sharing services

                                                                                                   Internet information
Trapit                     Palo Alto        Early Stage         $5,556,000 Horizon Ventures        discovery services

                                                                                                   Online video broadcast
Ustream                    San Francisco Expansion             $12,000,000 DCM, Softbank           services

                                                                           500 Startups, Anthemis
                                                                           Group SA, Crosslink
                                                                           Capital, Giza Venture
                                                                           Capital, Kapor Capital,
                                                                           SoftTech VC,                  Palo Alto        Early Stage         $1,999,800 undisclosed firms       Search engine
             Name               City           Stage          Amount               Investors       Business

                                                                           Hudson Clean Energy
                                                                           Partners, Ventures
Calisolar                  Sunnyvale        Expansion          $14,837,000 West Management         Solar technologies

                                                                           Rusheen Capital
                                                                           Partners, Rustic Canyon
                                                                           Partners, US            Facilities for the
                                                                           Renewables Group,       conversion of municipal
Fulcrum BioEnergy          Pleasanton       Early Stage        $69,046,000 undisclosed firm        solid waste

                                                                           ABB Technology
                                                                           Ventures, Oak           Wholesale-distributed
GreenVolts                 Fremont          Expansion          $20,020,000 Investment Partners     generation solutions

                                                                          Alloy Ventures, I2BF
                                                                          Global Ventures,         Next-generation scalable
Integrated Photovoltaics   San Jose         Early Stage          $174,900 Peninsula Ventures       solar-power solutions

                                                                           CMEA Capital, Mayfield
                                                                           Fund, Nth Power,
Reel Solar                 San Jose         Early Stage        $15,413,000 Pangaea Ventures       Solar energy

                                                                           August Capital
                                                                           Management, General
                                                                           Motors Ventures,
                                                                           Google Ventures,
                                                                           individuals, Shasta     Neighbor to neighbor
RelayRides                 San Francisco Early Stage            $3,000,000 Ventures Management     carsharing service

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                               Venture Capital Survey, Fourth Quarter 2011

                                                                   CMEA Capital, DBL
                                                                   Investors, NGEN
                                                                   Partners, Sigma          Photovoltaic module
Solaria             Fremont         Later Stage        $30,000,000 Partners                 production solutions

                                                                   Braemar Energy
                                                                   Ventures, General
                                                                   Catalyst Partners,
                                                                   Khosla Ventures,
                                                                   Lightspeed Venture
                                                                   Partners, undisclosed
                                                                   firms, VentureTech
Stion               San Jose        Expansion          $99,999,900 Alliance                 Thin-film solar panels

                                                                   Bessemer Venture
                                                                   Partners, Clal Venture
                                                                   Capital Management,
                                                                   Generation Investment
                                                                   Management, Israel
                                                                   Cleantech Ventures,
                                                                   Matrix Partners, OVP     Solar installations
Tigo Energy         Los Gatos       Expansion           $7,000,000 Venture Partners         provider
            Name         City          Stage          Amount              Investors         Business

                                                                   Chrysalix Venture
                                                                   Capital, Craton Equity
                                                                   Partners, DCM, El
                                                                   Dorado Ventures, Harris
                                                                   & Harris Group,
                                                                   undisclosed firms,      LED lighting
                                                                   VantagePoint Capital    technologies and
BridgeLux           Livermore       Later Stage        $14,290,000 Partners                solutions

                                                                   Hatteras Funds, In-Q-
                                                                   Tel, Intel Capital, Mobile
                                                                   Internet Capital, New
                                                                   Venture Partners, Opus Wi-Fi semiconductor
GainSpan            San Jose        Expansion           $7,850,400 Capital, Sigma Partners and software solutions

                                                                   Harris & Harris Group,   Geometry
Geo Semiconductor   Santa Clara     Early Stage         $1,599,900 undisclosed firms        semiconductors

                                                                   Draper Fisher
                                                                   Jurvetson, undisclosed   Phosphor components
Intematix           Fremont         Later Stage        $16,200,000 firm                     for LED lighting

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                               Venture Capital Survey, Fourth Quarter 2011

                                                                   U.S. Venture Partners,   Electrical connectors
Neoconix            Sunnyvale       Later Stage         $1,600,000 VentureTech Alliance     and interconnects

Power Analog                                                                                Analog and high-voltage
Microelectronics    Santa Clara     Expansion             $100,000 VentureTech Alliance     power integrated circuits

                                                                                            Products for multi-
                                                                   August Capital           gigabit communication
Scintera Networks   Sunnyvale       Later Stage           $890,000 Management               and networking systems

                                                                   New Enterprise           Clean-tech
Soraa               Fremont         Expansion          $88,601,000 Associates               semiconductor

                                                                   August Capital
                                                                   Management, Duff
                                                                   Ackerman & Goodrich,
                                                                   Kleiner Perkins Caufield
                                                                   & Byers, New Enterprise
                                                                   Associates, Northgate
                                                                   Capital Group,           CMOS semiconductor
Suvolta             Los Gatos       Expansion          $17,593,000 undisclosed firms        technologies

                                                                                            Scalable flash memory
                                                                                            array for data center
Violin Memory       Mountain View Expansion            $14,050,000 Undisclosed firms        storage

                                                                   Artiman Ventures, Cisco
                                                                   Systems, Globespan
                                                                   Capital Partners, Intel
                                                                   Capital, Sequoia        Enterprise-class
                                                                   Capital, undisclosed    solutions for Internet
Virident Systems    Milpitas        Expansion          $21,000,000 firm                    services
           Name           City         Stage          Amount              Investors         Business

                                                                   StarVest Partners,       Enterprise product
Accept Software     Santa Clara     Later Stage         $1,900,000 undisclosed firm         development platform

                                                                   Crosslink Capital,
                                                                   Highland Capital         Video search solution
Affine Systems      San Francisco Expansion             $5,000,000 Partners                 services

                                                                                            Big Data Predictive
Alpine Data Labs    San Mateo       Early Stage           $650,000 Sierra Ventures          Insight

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                                  Venture Capital Survey, Fourth Quarter 2011

                                                                      Bay Partners, Juniper
                                                                      Networks, Norwest
                                                                      Venture Partners, SAP      Enterprise information
                                                                      Ventures, undisclosed      technology infrastructure
Apigee                Palo Alto        Expansion           $7,000,000 firms                      prod

                                                                                                 Software products for
                                                                                                 digital subscriber line
ASSIA                 Redwood City     Later Stage        $13,236,000 Undisclosed firm           service providers

                                                                                                 Software that solves e-
Authentic8*           Mountain View Early Stage            $7,000,000 Foundry Group              business security issues

                                                                      Ofer Hi-Tech, UBS
                                                                      Capital, undisclosed       Infrastructure and
                                                                      firms, VantagePoint        systems for electric
Better Place          Palo Alto        Expansion         $200,012,800 Capital Partners           vehicles

                                                                      Chevron Technology
                                                                      Ventures Investments,      Enterprise mobility
Bitzer Mobile*        Sunnyvale        Early Stage         $4,750,000 undisclosed firm           management solutions

                                                                      Partners,Draper Fisher
                                                                      Ventures, undisclosed      Online file storage and
Box                   Palo Alto        Expansion          $62,328,000 firm                       sharing services

                                                                      Accel Partners,
                                                                      Greylock Partners,
                                                                      Ignition Partners, In-Q-
                                                                      Tel, Meritech Capital      Services and support for
Cloudera              Palo Alto        Expansion          $40,000,000 Partners                   Hadoop

                                                                      Crosslink Capital,
                                                                      individuals, Menlo
                                                                      Ventures, Quotidian
                                                                      Ventures, SV Angel,        Clinical data reporting
                                                                      undisclosed firm, Y        and visualization
Comprehend Systems*   Palo Alto        Early Stage         $1,200,000 Combinator                 software

                                                                      BioStar Ventures, New
                                                                      Enterprise Associates,
                                                                      Synergy Partners,
                                                                      Western Technology         Drug-eluting balloon
CV Ingenuity          Palo Alto        Early Stage         $1,372,000 Investment                 platform technology

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                                  Venture Capital Survey, Fourth Quarter 2011

                                                                      Cross Atlantic Partners,
Danville Group         San Ramon       Early Stage         $2,000,000 undisclosed firm         Software-as-a-Service

                                                                     Bessemer Venture
                                                                     Partners, Grazia Equity
                                                                     GmbH, Intel Capital,    Shopping-enabled
Delivery Agent         San Francisco Later Stage            $500,000 Liberty Global Ventures platform provider

                                                                     August Capital
Devicescape Software   San Bruno       Later Stage          $530,000 Management                Wi-Fi software solutions

                                                                      Felicis Ventures, First
                                                                      Round Capital, Google
                                                                      Ventures, K9 Ventures,
                                                                      SoftTech VC, TPG        DNA sequence storage
DNAnexus               Mountain View Early Stage          $15,000,000 Growth                  and analysis

                                                                                               Electronic health records
drchrono               Mountain View Early Stage           $4,900,000 Undisclosed firm         platform

                                                                                               Software for audio and
Dropcam                San Francisco Early Stage           $8,000,000 Menlo Ventures           video recording

                                                                      Apex Venture Partners,
                                                                      Fuse Capital,          Cloud-based workforce
                                                                      Information Technology analytics solutions for
Enkata Technologies    Redwood City    Later Stage         $4,400,000 Farm, Sigma Partners service operations

                                                                                               Wireless network
                                                                                               communication software
Exalt Communications   Campbell        Expansion           $2,980,000 Trinity Ventures         and equipment

                                                                      Alsop Louie Partners,
                                                                      Correlation Ventures,
                                                                      Matrix Partners,
Framehawk              San Francisco Startup/Seed         $11,000,000 Triangle Peak Partners Start-up software

                                                                     Individuals, InterWest
                                                                     Partners, Seraph        Fitness technology
GAIN Fitness*          San Francisco Early Stage            $650,000 Group, undisclosed firm platform developer

                                                                                             Internet software
Gen9                   Mountain View Expansion              $500,000 Draper Fisher Jurvetson solutions

                                                                      500 Startups,
                                                                      individuals, venture51   Search engine
Ginzamarkets           Mountain View Expansion             $1,300,000 Capital Fund             optimization software

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                                   Venture Capital Survey, Fourth Quarter 2011

                                                                       Capricorn Investment     Software for
                                                                       Group, U.S. Venture      cardiovascular
HeartFlow              Redwood City     Expansion          $65,000,000 Partners                 applications

                                                                       Freestyle Capital,
                                                                       Highland Capital
                                                                       Partners, Social+Capital Social spam and abuse
Impermium              Palo Alto        Early Stage         $8,000,000 Partnership              defense platform

                                                                       Helion Venture          Online video advertising
                                                                       Partners, Opus Capital, platform for local
Jivox                  Redwood City     Expansion           $8,199,900 undisclosed firm        businesses

                                                                       Index Ventures,
                                                                       individuals, Khosla
                                                                       Ventures, Stanford       Platform for predictive
                                                                       Management,              data modeling
Kaggle*                Palo Alto        Early Stage         $9,250,200 undisclosed firm         competitions

                                                                       Benchmark Capital,
                                                                       individuals, Matrix      Social applications
Klip*                  Palo Alto        Early Stage         $8,000,100 Partners                 software developer

                                                                       Altos Ventures, Battery
                                                                       Ventures, Maverick
Kontagent              San Francisco Expansion             $12,000,000 Capital.                Analytics platform

                                                                       Individuals, Sofinnova
                                                                       Ventures, undisclosed    Internet application
Laszlo Systems         San Mateo        Later Stage         $2,200,000 firm, WI Harper Group    solutions

                                                                       Benchmark Capital, Duff
                                                                       Ackerman & Goodrich,
                                                                       Emergence Capital
                                                                       Partners, Greenspring
                                                                       Associates, New
                                                                       Enterprise Associates,
                                                                       SAP Ventures, Shasta
                                                                       Ventures Management, Builds online
Lithium Technologies   Emeryville       Later Stage        $53,000,100 Tenaya Capital          communities

                                                                       Cue Ball Group,
                                                                       Greycroft Partners,
                                                                       undisclosed firm, ff     Real-time engagement
Livefyre               San Francisco Early Stage            $4,500,000 Venture Capital          platform

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                                  Venture Capital Survey, Fourth Quarter 2011

                                                                      True Ventures,             Digital graphic novel
Madefire*             San Francisco Startup/Seed           $1,100,000 undisclosed firm           platform

                                                                      Battery Ventures,
                                                                      Institutional Venture
                                                                      Partners, InterWest
                                                                      Partners, Mayfield         Revenue performance
Marketo               San Mateo        Later Stage        $50,000,000 Fund, Storm Ventures       management technology

                                                                                             Online charging and
                                                                      Adams Street Partners, policy management
MATRIXX Software      Mountain View Expansion             $12,000,000 Innovacom SA           software

                                                                      GRP Partners, Ignition
                                                                      Partners, Intel Capital,
                                                                      Motorola Mobility
                                                                      Ventures, undisclosed      Tools for mobile financial
mFoundry              Larkspur         Later Stage        $18,000,000 firm                       services

                                                                      Google Ventures,
Miso*                 San Francisco Early Stage            $3,999,900 Hearst, Khosla Ventures Social TV platform

                                                                      Allen &,Benchmark
                                                                      Capital, Duff Ackerman
                                                                      & Goodrich, Four Rivers
                                                                      Partners, Tenaya          Application performance
New Relic             San Francisco Expansion             $15,000,000 Capital, Trinity Ventures management solutions

                                                                                                 Video interviewing
OVIA*                 Mountain View Early Stage            $2,177,000 DCM                        platform

                                                                      Digital Sky
                                                                      Technologies, Google
                                                                      Ventures, Ignition
                                                                      Partners, Menlo
                                                                      Ventures, SV Angel, Y      Software development
Parse*                San Francisco Early Stage            $7,039,000 Combinator                 platform provider

                                                                      Bessemer Venture
                                                                      Partners, Felicis       Offers an online
Piazza Technologies   Palo Alto        Expansion           $6,000,000 Ventures, Kapor Capital collaboration platform

                                                                                                 Business intelligence
                                                                      StarVest Partners,         software and Web-
PivotLink             San Francisco Later Stage              $905,000 undisclosed firm           based analytics

                                                                      Andreessen Horowitz, In-
                                                                      Q-Tel, Sutter Hill      Business intelligent and
Platfora              San Mateo        Expansion           $1,500,000 Ventures                analytics platform

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                               Venture Capital Survey, Fourth Quarter 2011

                                                                   Baroda Ventures, First
                                                                   Round Capital, Google    Monetization platform for
Pocket Change*     San Francisco Startup/Seed           $1,000,000 Ventures, individuals    mobile game developers

                                                                   Draper Fisher
                                                                   Jurvetson, undisclosed   Clinically proven brain
Posit Science      San Francisco Later Stage            $1,830,000 firm                     fitness programs

                                                                                            Data center
                                                                                            infrastructure and
                                                                                            energy management
Power Assure       Santa Clara      Expansion           $1,000,000 Undisclosed firm         solutions

                                                                   individuals, Mohr
                                                                   Davidow Ventures,
PunchTab           Menlo Park       Early Stage         $4,400,000 Partnership              Instant loyalty platform

Quantifind*        Palo Alto        Expansion           $4,322,000 Redpoint Ventures        Data analytics solutions

                                                                   Foundation Capital,      On-demand big-data
Quantivo           Emeryville       Expansion           $4,000,000 Partech International    analytics solutions

                                                                   JAFCO Ventures,
                                                                   Leapfrog Ventures,
                                                                   OVP Venture Partners, Security posture
                                                                   Sutter Hill Ventures, management software
RedSeal Networks   Santa Clara      Expansion          $10,000,000 Venrock Associates    solutions

                                                                                            Online rental relationship
RentJuice          San Francisco Early Stage               $80,000 Undisclosed firm         management software

                                                                   Nexus Venture
                                                                   Partners, Trinity        Infrastructure software
ScaleArc*          Menlo Park       Early Stage         $5,330,000 Ventures                 developer

                                                                  Crosslink Capital,        Web-based*      San Francisco Startup/Seed            $700,000 individuals               screenwriting software

                                                                   JAFCO Ventures, Radar
                                                                   Partners, Sequoia     Open-source javascript
Sencha             Redwood City     Expansion          $15,000,000 Capital               products

                                                                   Morgenthaler Ventures, Cloud-based television
Sezmi              Belmont          Expansion           $1,302,000 Omni Capital Group     platform

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                              Venture Capital Survey, Fourth Quarter 2011

                                                                  Benchmark Capital,
                                                                  Carmel Ventures,
                                                                  Lightspeed Venture
                                                                  Partners, Susquehanna Security risk
Skybox Security    San Jose        Later Stage         $6,000,000 Growth Equity         management solutions

                                                                                          Mobile web browser
Skyfire Labs       Mountain View Expansion               $730,000 Trinity Ventures        technology

                                                                  GRP Partners,
                                                                  Kirshenbaum Bond
                                                                  Senecal + Partners
                                                                  Ventures, undisclosed
Snowball Factory   San Francisco Expansion             $4,230,900 firms                    Tools for online content

                                                                  Canaan Partners,
                                                                  Formative Ventures,
                                                                  Pelion Venture          Cloud-based testing
Soasta             Mountain View Expansion            $12,000,100 Partners, RB Webber     solutions

                                                                  Battery Ventures,
                                                                  Javelin Venture         Software as a service
Sociable Labs      San Mateo       Early Stage         $7,000,000 Partners                technology

                                                                                          Social productivity
                                                                                          networking tool used by
Spigit             Pleasanton      Expansion           $8,000,000 Warburg Pincus          companies

                                                                  Cervin Ventures,
                                                                  Inventus Capital
                                                                  Partners, undisclosed   Deal targeting platform
Spotzot*           Santa Clara     Early Stage         $2,199,900 firm                    provider

                                                                  Andreessen Horowitz,    Enterprise software
Tidemark Systems   Redwood City    Early Stage         $5,000,000 Greylock Partners       applications provider

                                                                                          Marketing software and
                                                                                          services for the music
Topspin Media      San Francisco Early Stage           $2,187,000 Undisclosed firm        industry

                                                                  Band of Angels,         Game design consulting
Turpitude          Walnut Creek    Early Stage           $150,000 undisclosed firm        services

                                                                  Bessemer Venture       Programming interface
                                                                  Partners, Union Square for voice
Twilio             San Francisco Early Stage          $17,000,000 Ventures               communications

                                                                  ArrowPath Venture
                                                                  Capital, Citrix Systems, Open-source-based
                                                                  HighBAR Ventures,        router and firewall
Vyatta             Belmont         Expansion          $12,000,000 Panorama Capital         solutions

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                  Venture Capital Survey, Fourth Quarter 2011

                                                        Bezos Expeditions,
                                                        Morgan Stanley
                                                        Alternative Investment
                                                        Partners, T. Rowe Price Saas-based enterprise
                                                        Threshold Partnerships, solutions for human
Workday   Pleasanton     Expansion          $85,000,000 undisclosed firms       resources

                                                        Benchmark Capital,
                                                        Giza Venture Capital,
                                                        Ignition Partners, Trilogy Software delivering data
Xeround   Mountain View Expansion            $9,233,000 Equity Partners            grid

                                                        Samsung Venture
                                                        Investment, TransLink     Online video advertising
YuMe      Redwood City   Expansion          $12,000,000 Capital                   solutions

                                                        A&I Ventures, CMEA
                                                        Capital, CrunchFund,
                                                        Kleiner Perkins Caufield
                                                        & Byers, Sands Capital
                                                        Management,              Proximity based, real-
                                                        undisclosed firm,        time buyer powered
Zaarly    San Francisco Early Stage         $14,100,000 venture51 Capital Fund market application

                                                        Benchmark Capital,
                                                        Greylock Partners,
                                                        Index Ventures,
                                                        individuals, Redpoint
                                                        Ventures, Shasta      Billing and payment
                                                        Ventures Management, solutions for online
Zuora     Redwood City   Expansion          $36,024,800 Tenaya Capital        businesses

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