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Dear fellow entrepreneur,

After reading this book, you'll be able to get in on the hottest trend to hit January
2012. That's using a new platform to sell goods to a targeted audience just like
people did when eBay and Craigslist just launched. However, this time, it's gonna be
different. Why? Because, you most probably missed out as an early adopter and
missed where the real $$$ were being made. Fear not, this technique is hot off the
press and the ink is still wet from the articles on the News sites.

What's the fuss all about and what exactly am I spouting? Ok, let me tell you - it's
called ShopSavvy and it's gonna be the biggest thing to blow up since eBay. I'm
telling you, this is gonna be freakin' huge! The best part is, you get to be in at the
front gate early this time.

So how does it work?

ShopSavvy is basically an app that allows you to scan barcodes that help you find the
best deals online. Oh, sorry, I forgot to say, it also shows you the nearest destination
of where the item is being sold.

It gives you a list of places you can purchase the item online and also offline. This
means, you can literally scan your favourite item into your phone and then go and pick
it up from a person selling down the block. It's simple, it's easy and by reading this
now, you get to try this at entry level as an early adopter.

Now, stick with me here, because it's gonna get kinda interesting in the next few
paragraphs so get yourself comfortable, make a cup of tea or coffee and get
strapped in. These sorts of opportunities come once in a lifetime, and I encourage you
to get in early.

Here's the interesting part|: As a new user of ShopSavvy you get to scan barcodes
of items you would like to sell and then automatically list them on their site. Then,
when someone in your local area does a search for a product you so happen to be
listing, they can meet up with you, exchange the goods for cash and you're golden.

However, here's the twist. Most people will sell their wares hanging around the house
like they did with eBay. But, you're going to be different. You're going to search for
what's hot, buy it up cheap and then sell at a nice tidy profit. Not too complicated,

With a marketplace of over 20 million users, you now have no excuse to get started
to make some $$$ in 2012.
Peer To Peer Marketplace

This new way of transacting is called Peer to Peer Marketplace and is alive and kicking
as I write this.

You've heard about peer to peer sharing where groups of people can download an
item, whether it's music or a film. Well, this is very similar. In fact the only
difference is, the item being sold is available to only one purchaser at a time. There's
no real sharing that goes on.

This doesn't mean you can't

Ok, so let's see what you need to do.....
Setting Things up

Here's what you'll need:

A smartphone
A computer with an internet connection
A receipt book

That's it!

Step 1

Sign up with ShopSavvy on your smartphone.

On Apple it'll be at the app store.
On Android it will be in the Android marketplace.

It's free to sign up, so no need to start sweating.

Step 2

Once you've signed up, have a little play and familiarise yourself with the App. Start
scanning bar codes or simply run searches of popular items you may be interested in.


You've had your play (don't need to take long doing that)

Register your details like your name, address, postcode, telephone number and add
your credit card.

Note: It's optional whether you add your card or not. This is important if you actually
want to purchase items online.

Note: For some reason it accepts UK postal codes in one place, but not in the main
place. Simply add your address and enter any number configuration into Shop Savvy.
As long as you enter your postal code initially, it should still be able to find your

Step 3

If you're in the UK, go to sites like Hot UK Deals, eBay, Amazon and Gumtree and
see what's hot and cheap and purchase items below market value.

If you're in the US, then take a look at Deals2Buy, DealsofAmerica, eBay, and

Ebay research, try or

The electronic section or gift items like watches always sell well.

These are just a few I found. Simply do a search on Google for "best off-line deals"
"your country name deals" (change your country text and insert the country in which
you reside)

Note: If you're on a budget, funds are low or you simply want to just get your feet
wet, then simply purchase a few items at first, list them on ShopSavvy and then wait
for the enquiries to come in.

Listing items

Simply scan or enter the description of your item and it will then ask if you would like
to list the item. Say yes and enter the amount you want to sell it for.

Note: If you're based in the UK you'll have to enter the sterling equivalent in dollars.
It's still a new service and has a few bugs. This should be ironed out in the next few

You're now good to go.

Click on the “Account tab”
Click on “Stuff I'm Selling”

This will then show a list of items you're selling and at what value you're selling them

If you want to delete any item. Smply click on the “x” symbol beside it and the item
will be deleted from the list.

Make sure you mark your items up by at 20% and take into consideration any postage
and packing costs you may have incurred. Don't be too greedy. Simply, divide your P+P
costs by the number of items and then add it on to your selling price.

The idea here is to get the items sold as soon as possible. By pricing the items too
high, it'll leave you with high stock and no orders.
Step 4

Sit back and start receiving emails from prospective buyers. It's literally as easy as

Once you a receive an email, send a reply, confirm the price of the item and arrange
to meet-up to exchange the goods for cash.

Give them a receipt from your receipt book. Just make sure the item description and
date is on the receipt.
Greyhat Method

Be very careful with this method. This ain't for the faint hearted.

I used this technique back in my ebay-selling days and made an absolute killing. If you
are going to use this technique, I advise you to go with trusted and reliable sellers
like Amazon where you know the item will be delivered in a short time period.

Ok, here goes......

See what's hot and selling at the moment. Fond out if they're on Amazon Deals etc
and then list the items on ShopSavvy.

Now, at this point in time, you don't actually have the goods and you haven't
purchased them yet. You're simply going to do a 'just in time' service.

Here's how it works

You list the items that are hot and in demand from your favourite trusted site. Then
when you get approached by a buyer on ShopSavvy, then purchase the item and
arrange to meet the buyer in roughly 2-3 days from the contact date (this is the time
it takes you to get it shipped from your reliable supplier).

Once you are in receipt of the item. Call your buyer and arrange to make the
exchange. I'd personally drop it off at their home (be careful, if you're not sure who
you're dealing with then simply arrange to meet at a open location like McDonalds).

Job done. This is the arbitrage model at it's best. You buy low and sell high and bank
the profits.

Step 5

Rinse & repeat :0)

You don't just need to confine yourself to Shop Savvy. This simple but effective
Arbitrage method can be used with eBay too.

Instead of listing your items on Shop Savvy, simply list them on eBay instead. It's
the same method, you're just listing on a different platform.

Look, what I'm showing you here isn't rocket science. It's nothing new and you could
probably have worked this out for yourself in the next few months.

This course allows you to be an early adopter to a completely new platform which is
Peer to Peer.

Jump on this as soon as you possibly can. There's no excuse and your destiny is in you
own hands.

I've listed a few websites here where you can research to find out what type of
items are hot and selling really well. I hand the baton over to you to put this into
action and make it work.

Second Hand Stuff

You have the ability to list old or even used items on ShopSavvy too! So don't confine
yourself to new items. In some cases, if you're savvy (no pun intended) you can pick
up some fantastic offers locally at garage sales or car boot sales in your local area.

The one that thinks out of the box wins in my opinion.

Good luck!

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