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					The Road to Revolution
    Chapter 9, Section 1
• What is Manifest Destiny?
• Why did most Anglo settlers come to Texas?
• What did Spain want Anglo settlers to agree to
  in order to live in Texas?
• What was Stephen F. Austin’s contribution to
• Who gained control of Texas in 1821?
                Differences Arise

• Some settlers established their own :
   – Newspapers
   – schools
• Some settlers:
   – Kept their own customs
   – Did not become Catholic
• Mexican government officials worried that colonists were
  becoming too independent
                            States Rights
• Mexico’s Constitution of 1824
   – Established states rights (Mexico’s previous gov’t was based
     on more federal power)
   – Placed the province of Texas in the Mexican state of
     Coahuila y Tejas
• Nationalist concerns increased hostilities
• Many officials felt power belonged to the national government
• Nationalists worried that a growing U.S. population would
  encourage colonists to seize Texas and join U.S.
   State Colonization Law of 1825
• Allowed other empresarios to receive land
  grants in Texas
• By 1830 Texas had a population of almost
             Edwards Brothers

• In 1825 Haden Edwards received a very large land
  grant in eastern Texas-near Nacogodoches
• Required to honor previous land grants-but many did
  not have proof
• After a bogus election the Governor reversed the
  election decision and took away the land grant
• Edwards negotiated a treaty with the Cherokees
            Fredonian Rebellion

• Occured near Nacogdoches in 1826-and made many
  Mexican nationalist leaders feel as though their fear
  that Texas settlers were trying to take Texas were real
• Edwards and followers formed the Fredonian
  Republic and claimed the area was no longer under
  Mexican control
• Stephen Austin’s milita joined the Mexican
  government’s troops to defeat the Fredonians
• Conflict ended quickly in January of 1827
   An Attempt to Purchase Texas
• Mexican officials feared that the settlers had
  secret ties with the U.S.
• In 1826 U.S. president John Quincey Adams
  sent Joel Poinsett to Mexico with an offer buy
  all or part of Texas for $1 million dollars
       The Mier y Teran Report
• An increasing number of settlers from the U.S.
  the Fredonian Rebellion, and the offer to buy
  Texas fueled concerns of the Mexican
• Mexico sent Manuel Meir y Teran, a
  commander in the Mexican army, to
  investigate the conditions in Texas
          Mier y Teran Report
• Teran reported that the Anglo settlers
  outnumbered the Mexican settlers 10 to 1
• Noted that the United States influence was
  growing in Texas
• Mexican President Vicente Guerrero
  responded by attempting to make Texas less
  attractive for future colonists
         The Law of April 6, 1830
• Purpose was to control Texas colonists
• Outlawed immigration from the U.S. to Texas and
  canceled all empresarial grants that had not been
• This law also included other provisions designed to
  slow Anglo American immigration:
   – Slaves could no longer be brought in work the fields
   – New forts and presidios were built to stop illegal
   – A customs duty was placed on all goods entering Texas
     from the U.S.

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