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									DFC News                                                December 2008

From Pastor Mike
                                                                    What’s Inside This Issue?
                                                        From Pastor Mike                            Pg 1
                     The Nativity                       Christmas Ornaments & their Meanings        Pg 1
We know that the Nativity is in the Bible. We           The Meaning of Christmas                    Pg. 2
                                                        Announcements                               Pg. 2
also know that only two of the four Gospels               Chicken & Biscuits Dinner
have an account of the Nativity. Luke and                 From the Trustees
Matthew both have accounts while Mark and                 Church Key Inventory
                                                          The Youth Group
John are silent on the event. Most of the                 Annual Meeting
account is similar in both Gospels but there are        Christian Education Update                  Pg 3
                                                             Events During Advents
some differences.                                            Pioneer Christian Club
               First, in Luke’s account Mary            Birthdays & Anniversaries                   Pg. 4
            hears the news from the angel               Prayer Requests for December                Pg. 4
                                                        Women’s Fellowship November Minutes         Pg. 5
           Gabriel. In Matthew’s account                November Admin Council Meeting Minutes      Pg. 6
           Joseph hears of the news in a dream.         December 2008 Calendar                      Pg. 8
           Luke describes Mary and Joseph               What’s Happening??                          Pg. 9
                                                        DFC News                          December 2008
traveling 90 miles to Jerusalem to fulfill a            Danby Federated Church        Tel: 607.272.1687
census requirement. Matthew speaks of the               1859 Danby Road               Fax 607.272.3318
Magi and the mystery of the “Star.”                     Ithaca, NY 14850
    In either case we must understand that God                Email:
is made human in Christ through the nativity                  Website:
                                                                          Rev. Mike Grinnals
and that we are to follow the living Christ. We
are also asked to personalize the nativity.                    Christmas Ornaments &
There are numerous images in our minds                             Their Meanings
regarding the nativity. Most of these images        The Star: A heavenly sign of prophecy
have come from pageants we have participated        fulfilled long, long ago--the shining hope of
in or been present at over the years. What I am     mankind.
asking you to do this year is make the nativity
real in your own mind. Make it completely new!      The Color Red: The first color of Christmas,
    This year I am trying to imagine the nativity   symbolizing that the Savior's sacrifice for all.
as a 21st century experience. I am trying to
imagine what it would be like to travel 90 miles    The Fir Tree: Evergreen--the second color of
with a donkey and a pregnant wife. That is like     Christmas shows everlasting light and life. The needles
traveling to Rochester, New York. Remember          point up to heaven.
that one of us will be walking and the other will
                                                    The Bell: Rings out to guide lost sheep back to the
be riding! You can see that this image changes
                                                         fold, signifying that all are precious in His eyes.
things for me. Remember that we have either
heard from an angel or had a significant dream.             The Candle: A mirror of starlight, reflecting
We are traveling on faith and we really have no              our thanks for the star of Bethlehem.
idea how this is going to work out!
    Have fun.                                       The Gift Bow: Tied as we should all be tied together
                                                    in bonds of goodwill forever.

Merry Christmas                                     The Candy Cane: Represents the shape of the
                                                    shepherd's crook, used to bring lost lambs back to the
                                                    The Wreath: A symbol of the never ending eternal
                                                    value of love having no end.

DFC News December 2008                                                                                         1
                 The Meaning of Christmas                               promised to be with us, with his people, with the church and
                         Dennis Batcher                                 with us individually, as we live as his people in the world.
What is the true meaning of Christmas? It is a perennial                     It is not just hope, as if it were wishful thinking that things
question. It is a question heard often during the Christmas             will get better when they cannot. It is hope incarnated into
season year after year, from pulpits, TV personalities,                 flesh, a hope that can be held in a mother’s arms, a hope that
newspaper writers, and just ordinary people bewildered by the           expresses a reality that will live beyond endings and death
hectic pace of the season. It seems a little strange that as            itself. It is the hope, the possibility, that springs from impossible
popular as this season seems to be, we should continually               and insignificant beginnings, infused with the power of God
have to ask that question. The meaning of Christmas seems to            through the Holy Spirit, that will blossom into a light to the
be forever in danger of being obscured by all the commotion             nations.
and promotion of the season. Perhaps we continue to ask the                  It is this possibility, this God, that we celebrate at
question for fear that the answer will be lost, or already is lost,     Christmas. And we do so with a confidence born, not of our
in the shuffle.                                                         own desire for it to be so, but from the birth of a child over
     So, the search for the true meaning of Christmas is a              2,000 years ago, a child who was the Son of God!
recurring one. And yet, too often the answers we provide, even
from the church, are more sentimentality, comfortable                                         Announcements
traditions, or "warm fuzzies" than they are any deep reflection         Chicken & Biscuit Dinners: Starting on Friday, December
on the significance of the Incarnation for humanity. As much as         12th, we will begin our Chicken & Biscuit dinners. They will go
those things are a part of the season, "Yes, Virginia, there is a                       through the winter until April 10, 2009. We will
Santa Claus" is not the meaning of the season. It is not about                             not be seeking donations of food for the
the "spirit of giving" or the quest for global peace, or the                               dinners, but rather donations of money to buy
importance of family, or the beauty of a snow-decorated "silent                            chickens, beans, etc. Give money to Ann
night."                                                                                   Harris. The amount you donate will be on
     Certainly we can immediately say that Christmas                    your annual statement. Remember we will still need desserts
celebrates the birth of Jesus. But exactly why is                       donated.                                 Submitted by Ann Harris
that fact so significant beyond the affirmation
of a historical fact or a creedal confession?                           From the Trustees: If you are the project director, chair of a
How does, or how should, the meaning of                                 committee, and using the church for a meeting, event, or the
Christmas impact our lives on a daily basis as the people of            last one out, please check to see that all doors are locked,
God?                                                                    coffee pots and lights are turned off, and garbage is taken out
     Perhaps for an answer, we need to return to the biblical           to the bin after an event.
narratives, apart from all the traditions that we have heaped
around them to make them more entertaining and more                     Church Key Inventory: The Trustees are doing an
coherent to modern ways of thinking. At the heart of the nativity       inventory of keys to the church building. If you have a
                                                                        key, please fill out a form posted on the Trustees bulletin
narratives in both Matthew and Luke, is a simple fact: amid the
                                                                        board in the Fellowship Hall. Also, if you have lost or
struggle of a people who had longed for 500 years for God to            misplaced a key, make sure you note that. If your key
act in the world in new ways, God came to be with them in a             does not have a number note that as well. Put the
way that totally identified himself with us, as human beings.           completed form in the Trustees mailbox in the church
Amid the most unlikely of circumstances, to the most unlikely of        office. If you have questions, contact Sue Howe.
people, God became a human being to reconcile all peoples to
himself (2 Cor 5:18-19).                                                 The Youth Group is making chocolate to sell
     I think that the true meaning of Christmas is about                at the Longview Christmas Bazaar on Saturday,
possibility in the midst of the impossible. It is not the kind of       December 6, 2008. The chocolate will be
possibility that comes from a confidence in our own skill,              available to the congregation to purchase as well. The youth is
knowledge, ability, or a positive mental attitude. It is possibility    raising money to go to the Revolve Tour next year.
that comes solely from the fact that God is God, and that he is
                                                                        Calendar Dates for Events: A Gentle Reminder to project
the kind of God who comes into our own human existence to
reveal himself and call us to himself. It is a possibility that is so   directors and chairs of committees to send any changes (date,
surprising at its birth that we are caught unaware, and so are          time, etc.) for your event to Janet Gray, Chair of the Advertising
left with wonder at the simplicity of its expression in this infant     Committee and Sidney Doan for the church calendar. This will
child. It is a possibility that is easily symbolized by a helpless      help ensure that your event will be a success!
infant that has nothing of its own by which to survive; yet an          Annual Meeting: Mark your calendars! The Annual Meeting
infant that, because he is Immanuel, God with us, will forever          for the Danby Federated Church will be Sunday, January 11,
change the world and all humanity. It is this same God who has          2009. Please submit your committee reports to Sidney by
                                                                        Sunday, January 4, 2009.
DFC News December 2008                                                                                                                     2
        Christian Education Update                                  wooden puzzles for ages 4 and up
                Submitted by Bonnie Rathbun                         books for boys and girls
                                                                    dolls for girls over 4years old
               Events During Advent                                 cars, trucks for boys over 4 years old
Sun., Dec. 7, 9:45-10:40AM, Shower for Biblical                     games, card packs
Babies (Moses, Isaac, John, Jesus) during Discovery                 key chains, flashlights
Group time. Shower gift items to be used with Giving                men's and women's gloves
Tree. This will be similar to current day baby showers,             educational children's toys
with games, readings about each baby, and refresh-                  art supplies (colored paper, drawing pad, colored
ments. For shower gifts, we are asking for items for                pencils, etc.) to make up a "kit"
infants to 3 year olds that can be used for the Danby               school supplies (pens, pencils, lined paper,
Food Pantry gifts for parents to select for their children.         notebooks, etc.) to make a "kit"
Gift donation suggestions are baby shampoo, powder,                 body glitter, lotion, etc. for teen girls
onesies undershirts, hats, mittens, teething rings, rattles,        hand held electronic games, with batteries
age-appropriate toys like wooden puzzles, small soft
dolls for children under 3 years old. If you cannot attend     Sat., Dec. 20, 2-4PM, Children's Christmas Party
the shower, you can leave donations in a marked box in         Parents/caregivers: take some time off from your
the Fellowship Hall before Dec. 7. Please do not wrap          children (3 years old through 5th graders) and leave
the gifts. Thanks.                                             them with us for a Christmas Party on Sat., Dec. 20,
                                                               from 2-4PM. This is open to the community. We will
Sun., Dec. 7, 4PM, Movie Matinee "The Nativity"
                                                               have games, crafts, and a birthday party for Jesus. There
A Christmas story movie will be shown. After the
                                                               is no cost, but donations will be accepted. If possible,
movie there will be pizza and beverage available.
                                                               please pre-register with Bonnie Rathbun at 272-1606
Sun., Dec. 14, 4PM, Christmas Carol Sing                       before Dec. 19.
Join us for a time of fellowship and singing
                                                               Sun., Jan. 4, 2009, 11AM Epiphany Pageant
of favorite Christmas carols and songs on
                                                               In place of a Christmas pageant we have
Sun., Dec. 14 at 4PM in the Sanctuary.
                                                               decided to do one on Epiphany. Since
Refreshments will follow in the Fellow-
                                                               Epiphany celebrates the arrival of the
ship Hall. Be thinking of your favorite carols to suggest
                                                               Wise Men to visit young Jesus, we will
that afternoon.
                                                               emphasize this part of the pageant.
Tues., Dec. 16, Giving Tree items due.                         Children and adults are invited to be Shepherds, Angels,
For the second year we will be collecting gifts that           and the three Wise Men, as well as Mary and Joseph for
        Danby Food Pantry parents can give their               this traditional pageant. Costumes will be donned during
         children (under 17 years old) and that children       the Discovery Group time, with a short run-through
          can select to give to their parents. There will      before the worship service. Please join us!
           be a tree in the Fellowship Hall or Townsley
           Room with tags describing gifts that are                      Update on Pioneer Christian Club
           needed. Please select one or more tags,             We continue to grow and have fun most Fridays
purchase the items, and bring them to the church by            between 6-8PM. Children in kindergarten through 5th
Sunday, Dec. 16. The items will be available for the           grade are welcome to join us anytime. The first awards
parents and children to select gifts at the Food Pantry        were given out to Michaela Nelson, Mikey Nelson, Anna
on Dec. 18 and 19. Thanks.                                     Scaglione, and Ashley Scaglione on Nov. 7. They earned
Giving Tree Donations:                                         the Bible Award for the unit on Creation and the
     socks for children of all ages through 17 years old       Creator, and the Experiments Skill Award. We are
     mittens, hats, scarves                                    currently working on a unit about Families, and doing
     razors, shaving cream for men                             the Skill Award steps for Family Helper. The focus is on
     combs, brushes for adults, children                       thinking positive thoughts about your family, helping out
     fancy soaps, hand lotions for women,                      at home, and being a good family member. Part of the
     girls sewing kits or item to make up kits (threads,       Skill Award will be to make a Christmas gift for their
     needles, small scissors, etc.)                            families.
     potholders, hand towels                                          Our meeting dates for December are 5, 19. We
     fancy computer paper with pens or markers                 will not meet on the Friday of Chicken and Biscuit
     coloring books with crayons or markers                    dinner (Dec. 12).
     watercolor paints
DFC News December 2008                                                                                                  3
      Birthdays & Anniversaries                           Military Personnel: Ian Grinnals – guidance and
             November & December 2008                     vision for his future; Max Boewe, Mikaela Bravo-Cullen,
                                                          Andrew Clement, Victor Lima-Deangelis, Everett
Dec 1      Ray Mayo                                       Enstine, Mike Grover, Peter Hansen, Andy McNamara,
Dec 7      Melanie Siegard                                David Metinier, Dana Metinier, Michael Moseley, Eric
Dec 8      Morgan Elizabeth Wilcox                        Myers, Joe & Martha Nigrelli, Kenan Nvhodzic, Lucas
Dec 10     Beverly Dawson
                                                          Ottande-Todd, Jim Rolfe, Bryan Springstead, Tom
Dec 15     Gary Siegard, Don & Fran Enders
Dec 16     Jim & Sue Benninger
                                                          Schwartz, Dan Walker, and LoganYarbrough
Dec 17     Mike Buell, Sr., Thomas Fuller
Dec 19     Kevin & Brenda Leonard                         God’s comfort and consolation for the Sickler
Dec 20     Joan Barber, Katelyn Nelson                    family at the loss of Norman Sickler.
Dec 22     Sharon Eckert
Dec 23     Robert Boynton (wife Linda)                    For world economic leaders, that they will repent
Dec 24     Roland & Sharon Boda                           from avarice and practice godly principles of self-
Dec 25     Walt Ecker                                     discipline, justice, and honesty
Dec 26     Vince Aiosa
Dec 28     Sandy Bartos
Dec 29     Frances Mason, Judy Boynton, Nan Beeler
                                                          Strength and vindication for the persecuted Church
Dec 30     Gil & Ginny Dean
Dec 31     Ray VanDeMark, Nancy McGowen Griffin           Spiritual direction for individuals: Holly, Sue Ellen,
                                                          Conrad, Brian Strong, Darin Strong, Steven, Mike Buell,
Jan   1    Chris Everhart                                 Jr., Karen and Janet; Marilyn Kemp; Charlene Baker;
Jan   5    Marcia Hakes, Michele Dunning                  unemployed and underemployed persons
Jan   6    Kathie DeWolfe
Jan   7    Amanda August                                  Reconciliation and healing for those in troubled
Jan   10   Bob Doan                                       marriages, especially Beth & Dan and Darin & Becky.
Jan   13   Johanna Husband
Jan   15   Catherine VanDeBogart,
           Teresa Boda                                    Families: The Husband & Buell households; Beverly
Jan 18     Marci Huddle                                   Dawson and Walt.
Jan 19     James Benninger
Jan 20     Sherry Huddle,                                 For homebound people, especially: Betty Brown
           Michaela Nelson                                and Elizabeth Clarkson
Jan 21     Charlotte Hautala,
           Mike & Alisa Grinnals                          Strength and sensitivity for all care givers
Jan   23   Al Larsen                                      For those making decisions for their elderly parents:
Jan   26   Sean Norman
                                                          Janet Gray and Sheila Enstine
Jan   27   Ken Barber, Robert Boynton (wife, Judy)
Jan   30   Margaret Soule
                                                          Healing and peace for all who have cancer:
                                                          Dennis, Robert Boda, Ray Boyce, Trudy Cism, Bill
                                                          Cuyle, Shirley Fray, Justin Masiker, Ed Voorheis, Faye
       Prayer Requests for December                       Vyhnal, Don Smith, Robin Williams; Nancy Weitzel
               Submitted by Sheila Enstine
     The following prayer requests come from our          People recovering from illnesses, injuries or surgery:
Sunday prayer request sheets, prayer chain requests,      Deb Gallagher-Brain Surgery; Vicki-kidney transplant;
and the Church Web site. Please intercede for these       Buck Voorheis – diabetes & due for bypass surgery.
persons and circumstances during your prayer time.
Praises: For God’s saving grace in the Person of Jesus    That many hearts will be opened to God's love and the
Christ                                                    Good News of Jesus Christ through: Operation
                                                          Christmas Child shoe box distribution; Christmas
For the Church: Unity in Christ; worship in Spirit        caroling at the Tompkins County Jail on December 21
and truth; hunger for God’s Word; passion for the lost;
evidence of the fruit of the Spirit.

DFC News December 2008                                                                                              4
                                                     Meeting Minutes
                                                    Women’s Fellowship
                                                    November 17, 2008
Present: 11 women
Psalm 25:4-5 “Show me your ways, O Lord, teach me your paths guide me in your truth and teach me, for you are God my Savior, and
my hope is in you all day long.” God is the life-giving water. Partake in Him every day.
Minutes of the October meeting were read and approved.
Joan Barber reported a balance on hand of $3570.90. Proceeds from the Silent Auction have been paid to the Food Pantry and a tithe
from the Fall Fair given to the general fund. WF will also tithe from the 2 mini fairs.
Old Business: Nominations for 2009 officers:
   President- Charlene Testut
   Vice President-Lyn Aiosa
   Secretary- Sue Walker
   Treasurer- Joan Barber (looking for replacement)
   Devotions - Susan Hautala
   Cards- Eloise Phinney.
The slate of officers will be finalized at the December meeting so that anyone else interested in holding an office will be included. We
especially would like someone to take over the checking account.
New Business: Motion made and passed to give Ann Harris $150 for canning jars for the many jars of pickles and jams that she
For Christmas, there will be a giving tree for children 4 years old and older. There will also be a “Biblical baby shower” for children 3
years old and younger. Bonnie asked for up to $100 for supplies and gifts to augment these programs. Passed.
Women’s Retreat sponsored by the Newfield Methodist Church on December 6 from 8:30 to 3:30. $6 for lunch. RSVP by November
22. See Sue Walker or Lyn Aiosa.
Mobile Food Truck for December will be 1 week early, December 22, not December 29.
Angel Food - Charlene has obtained more information and the “menu” for December. Danby will be a host site for distribution of pre-
paid food choices one Saturday per month. Women’s Fellowship will fund the $50 start up fee with the condition that we are reimbursed
from the profit from the program. Charlene has volunteered to get the program started. A volunteer will be needed to pick up the food
from Syracuse and other volunteers to sort and box the orders in Danby. Hope to be able to take orders in January.
Thanksgiving Brunch - 9:30am on Sunday November 23. Each family is asked to bring a dish to share. Set up will be early Sunday
Secret Sisters will be revealed at the December meeting. We will vote to decide then whether to continue with the program.
Shut-in boxes - Susan Hautala would like some help.
Mission giving - The WF officers will present choices at next meeting.
Meetings in January and February- could be held during the day since both are school holidays. Possibly a luncheon meeting?
Lovely refreshments provided by Sue Walker and Eloise Phinney.
Meeting Adjourned 8:25pm.
Sharon Boda, Secretary

                                              Danby Federated Church
                                          Administrative Council Meeting
                                           Monday, November 10, 2008
Present:    Vince Aiosa, Joan Barber, Sidney Doan, Pastor Mike Grinnals, Ann Harris, Bill Harris, Susan Hautala, Kim Howe, Linda
            Howe, Sue Howe, Paula Nelson, Bonnie Rathbun, Natalia Rathbun, Charlene Testut, Margie VanDeMark
Pastor Mike opened the meeting with prayer at 6:30pm.
Secretary’s Minutes: The October 23, 2008 Administrative Council meeting minutes were approved with one correction. Add Bonnie
Rathbun’s name to those who attended the meeting.
Financial Secretary’s Report: Margie reported year-to-date the General Fund received $93,315.04. Breakdown of money received
was: envelopes, $80,852.68; plate, $4,460.14; copier, $40.35; rent $860.00, interest dividend, $678.80; misc. - $6,593.09. In response
to a question raised about pledges at last month’s meeting, Margie shared she checked and found the congregation was steadfast in
their support and their commitments. Motion was made and seconded that we accept the Financial Secretary’s report. Carried.
Treasurer’s Report: Linda reviewed the paid and unpaid bills for the month of October (copy on file). The Casawasco Fund
commitment is paid through December 2009. We will continue the Noisy Offerings to support other needs within the church. Vince
made a motion, seconded by Sue Howe that we accept the Treasurer’s Report. Carried.
Successes & Opportunities: Paula shared that Johanna Husband needs help with the mural in the nursery. A suggestion was made that
Johanna make the mural a “paint my number” painting. This would allow people to paint the areas she had outlined. Paula will share
this idea with Johanna. It was also suggested that we offer to care for Johanna’s children so she can work on the mural.
Name Tags: Ann shared the names tags are working out fairly well. The board for hanging the tags on will be ready in a few weeks.
Organizational Chart: Chart will not be worked on until January. It needs to be revised with categories used in the Casting Your Nets
Nominating Committee: Pastor Mike shared that the committee has identified the officers whose terms are up at the end of 2008.
Letters have been sent to “younger” persons in our congregation asking them to commit to being an officer of DFC. As of yet, Pastor
Mike has not received any commitments for the open positions. Susan Hautala suggested that a younger member be on the nominating
Pens: A recommendation on pens from the Advertising Committee was reviewed and discussed.
   Joan Barber made a motion, seconded by Vince, that we purchase 1000 pens at a cost of $420. Carried, yes – 11; no – 0;
   opposed – 1.
No decision was reached on wording, color of pens and distribution of them. The group agreed that this should be sent back to the
Advertising Committee for their input.
Angel Food Ministries (AFM: Charlene shared that she and her daughter Jennifer participate in the distribution of AFM food in
Syracuse. She reviewed the main menu for November 2008. She also explained the food distribution three-step process. Discussion
followed on the pros and cons of DFC becoming a host church.
    Motion was made by Charlene and seconded by Susan Hautala that DFC become a host site for Angel Food Ministries. Carried.
Charlene agreed to temporarily be the Project Manager.
Spending Plan (Budget) 2009: Linda Howe distributed the 2009 plan/budget. Discussion followed on how the 2009 plan/budget
compared to last year’s. (It is comparable.) Linda reviewed the line items that were increased or decreased from the previous year.
Discussion followed on the following items: what money budgeted would not be spent (i.e., choir director), pastor’s package, realigning
setup of plan/budget.
   Motion was made by Susan Hautala and seconded by Margie VanDeMark that we recommend this spending plan/budget to the
   congregation. Carried
The group agreed that we would hold a plan/budget informational meeting for the congregation before our Annual Meeting in January

Computer Software: Sidney shared that church software for the office was being reviewed. Currently, we are looking at software that
deals with membership and the treasurer and financial secretary’s bookkeeping processes. Presently Linda and Margie are evaluating
documentation from different software companies.
Electronic Checking – Pay Pal: Discussion of offering the congregation electronic transfer either on line or through a local bank. They
could use it for paying their pledges, church dinners and other items purchased at church. Margie will check with Tompkins Trust
Company about electronic transfer and what would be involved. Costs need to be researched as well.
Chicken & Biscuit Dinners: Announcements will be placed in the bulletin that we are accepting a donation of money to buy food for the
Trustees: Sue shared that at the Election Night Dinner 250 meals were served. Approximately $1535 was raised. A campaign called
“Save Dave’s Back” will be started shortly. This campaign will be to raise money for a snow blower.
    Sue also reminded us that project directors are responsible to see that doors are locked, coffee pots and lights are turned off, and
garbage is taken out to the bin after an event.
    A key inventory is being undertaken. Sue asked that if you have a church key that you fill out the Key Inventory Form and put it in
the Trustees’ mailbox or give it to Sid Doan. She also reminded us that the back door is an emergency exit only. Both that door and the
door out of the Townsley Room have been found unlocked.
    Dick Hautala and Dave Swartout are replacing pipes. Sue also noted that St. Pauly’s checks are down about fifty percent.
Elders: Ann reported that the name tags are working out well. Elders are working with new people coming in.
Technology: Charlene shared that both TVs are now repaired. A larger screen is needed for use with the new projector. Thurman is
researching screens.
Marketing: Pens were reviewed and a recommendation was made.
Men’s Fellowship: Vince shared that they are planning on doing another dinner in either May or June 2009.
Women’s Fellowship: Charlene shared that an Epiphany Tea is being planned for January 4, 2009. The women are considering a New
Year’s Eve activity. Nomination for 2009 officers will be this month.
Christian Education: Bonnie shared that the Trunk & Treat Party was well attended; Operation Christmas Boxes can be dropped off
Saturday, November 15th between 12-1:30pm or on Sunday November 23rd. There will be no Discovery Groups on Sunday, November
23rd because of the Thanksgiving Brunch. Bill Dunning is working on a monolog for Advent; Christmas Party for children on Saturday,
December 20th, and Pioneer Club held their first awards ceremony.
Youth Group: Kim shared that on December 6th they will have a table at Longview Christmas Bazaar. They are making chocolate to
sell. The chocolate will be available to the congregation to purchase as well. Currently they have $204.54 in their checking account.
They need $600 to go to the Revolve Tour next year.
Memorial Committee: Susan shared that the group would be meeting soon to discuss some items that perhaps they can help with.
Margie shared that the financial report is the same as last month.
Charlene asked us to consider adding a statement to the constitution about gifts given to the church. It should be noted that the gifts
become property of the church. No action taken.
Pastor Mike spoke about wall hangings that we may want to consider using in the church building.
Motion made by Vince, seconded by Sue Howe to adjourn the meeting. Carried. Meeting closed with prayer at 9:00pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Sidney Doan, Clerk

                              Danby Federated Church
                                                      December 2008
          Sunday                Monday           Tuesday          Wednesday           Thursday           Friday           Saturday
                                 Dec 01           Dec 02            Dec 03             Dec 04            Dec 05            Dec 06
                            9am Strength      7pm CBS (P.      9am UCC Clergy    1:30pm Sr.         6pm Pioneer        7am Prayer Hr
                                 Training     Barber's)            Mtg           Citizen's Dinner        Club
                            7pm Trustees                       7pm Choir         (at Royal Court)   6:30pm Ultreya
                                 Meeting                       8pm Praise Team
          Dec 07                 Dec 08           Dec 09            Dec 10            Dec 11             Dec 12            Dec 13
       · Communion          9am Strength      7pm CBS (P.      7pm Choir                            5pm Chicken &      7am Prayer Hr
   · Advent Wk 2 – Peace         Training     Barber's)        8pm Praise Team                        Biscuit Dinner
8:30am Worship              6:30pm Admin
        Celebration              Council
9:15am Coffee Break
9:45am Bibical Babies
11am Worship
12:15pm Coffee Time
 4pm Movie “The Nativity”
          Dec 14                Dec 15             Dec 16           Dec 17            Dec 18             Dec 19             Dec 20
· Advent Wk 3 Joy           9am Strength      12pm Giving      9am UCC Clergy    6-8pm Food         4-6pm Food         · NEWSLETTER
8:30am Worship                  Training      Tree Items Due       Mtg                 Pantry              Pantry         ITEMS DUE
         Celebration        7pm Women's       3pm Finance      7pm Choir
9:15am Coffee Break             Fellowship        Committee    8pmPraise Team                       6pm Pioneer Club   7am Prayer Hr
9:45am Discovery Grps       7pm Men's         7pm CBS (P.                                                              2pm Children's
11am Worship                    Fellowship        Barber's)                                                                Christmas
12:15pm Coffee Time                                                                                                        Party
  4pm Christmas Carol
       Sing/Pizza Party
          Dec 21                 Dec 22            Dec 23           Dec 24            Dec 25             Dec 26            Dec 27
· Advent Wk 4 - Love        9am Strength      6:30pm MFSG      7pm Christmas     Merry Christmas!                      7am Prayer Hr
8:30am Worship                   Training     7pm CBS (P.          Eve Service
        Celebration         1pm Mobile            Barber's)
9:15am Coffee Break              Food Truck
9:45am Discovery Grps       5:30pm Exec
11am Worship                     Committee
12:15pm Coffee Time         7pm Elders
         Dec 28                 Dec 29            Dec 30            Dec 31          Jan. 1, 2009
8:30am Worship              9am Strength
       Celebration              Training                                           Happy New
9:15am Coffee Break                                                                  Year!
9:45am Discovery Grps
11am Worship
11:15am Dish to Pass

                                                     Thought for Today
                                              God empowers us in all life’s challenges.
                                                               Upper Room Devotional, November-December 2008

                  What’s Happening???
                   December Events

Sun., Dec. 7, 9:45am, Biblical Babies Shower
                   4pm, Movie Matinee showing "The Nativity"
                  Snacks and beverages provided.
Fri., Dec. 12, 5-7pm. Chicken and Biscuit Dinners
Sun., Dec. 14, 4-6pm Joy to the World! Carol Sing,
                  followed by pizza party

Sat., Dec. 20 2-4 pm, Kid’s Christmas Party.
                  Contact for more information

Mon., Dec. 22nd, 1-2:30pm Mobile Food Pantry Truck.
Wed., Dec. 24, 7:00 pm. Christmas Eve Candlelight Service
                  Come and worship with us. Featuring a Christmas
                  Cantata sung by the Choir.

      Remember the Reason for the Season

               Merry Christmas and a
                Very Happy 2009!


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