Malabrigo Lace 100 by hFYQX75


									                                  Urban Beats Scarf
                              8” x 75” / 20cm x 188cm

                              Approx. 26 sts over 4”/10 cm in Fancy Elongated

                                 Malabrigo Lace (100% baby merino; approx.
                                  470yds/50g), 1 skein each in 2 colors, A and
                                 US 11 / 8 mm needles

Fancy Elongated Pattern (over a multiple of 5 stitches)
   Rows 1-4 With A, knit.
   Row 5 With B, knit, wrapping yarn 3 times around the needle for each
   Row 6 With B, *slip 5 stitches to right needle allowing extra wraps to
   drop, place sts back on left needle and work multiple times into same 5
   sts as follows: k5tog, p5tog, k5tog, p5tog, k5tog; rep from * to end.
   Repeat rows 1-6 for Fancy Elongated Pattern.
Note: The stitch count reduced by working stitches together on Row 6 is
restored by working into them multiple times.

Scarf is worked in 3 pieces. The two borders are worked lengthwise and
attached on either side of the center section.

Center section
Cast on 60 stitches. Work Fancy Elongated Pattern, rows 1-6, 35 times.
Knit 3 rows; bind off.

Borders (make 2)
Cast on 60 stitches. Work Fancy Elongated Pattern 7 times. Knit 3 rows;
bind off.

Tassels (make 4)
Cut cardboard approx. 2½”/6 cm long. Holding A and B together, wrap
loosely around cardboard 60 times. Thread a strand of yarn through wraps
along one end and tie firmly, leaving a long tail. Cut strands at bottom,
holding the folded lengths of yarn, and remove the cardboard. Wind the
yarn tail several times around the folded strands, about an inch from the
fold line. Thread it through the center of the fold. Trim ends.

Block pieces. Sew short side of one border to cast on of center section;
sew short side of other border to bind off of center section. Attach
tassels to 4 scarf corners.
Pattern: Malabrigo Team
Translation: Beth Whiteside

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