KS3 Curriculum Model � Proposal by hFYQX75


									                                                                 KS3 Curriculum Model 1

Based on 25 hour / one week timetable (1 hour lessons)

                                     CORE                                                                INTEGRATED CURRICULUM

                                                                                                     CORE                                 NON-CORE

                                     20 hours                                                       3 hours                                  2 hours

                                     English                                                            ICT                                   Support
                                                                                                      Drama                                   Numeracy
                                                                                               Additional Language                          Enhancement
                                     Science                                                                                              Functional English
                                                                                                     SEAL                                  Functional Maths
                                Foreign Language                                     [Secondary Emotional & Social Aspects of
                                                                                                   Learning]                                 Enrichment
                                     History                                                                                              Additional English
                                                                                               Personal, Learning &                       Additional maths
                                                                                                   Thinking Skills                      Selective ICT / maths
                                   Geography                                           [Learn 2 Learn - Skills for Independent
                                                                                                      Learning]                              Extension
                                       RE                                                  creativity and critical thinking.               G & T English
                                                                                                                                            G & T Maths
                                       DT                                                             Citizenship                          G & T Science
                                                                                             identity and cultural diversity       GCSE / Level 2 Accreditation [Y9]
                                       Art                                          global dimension and sustainable development       Selective ICT / maths
                                                                                                community participation
                                                                                               technology and the media                         G&T
                                      Music                                                                                                       PE
                                                                                               Financial Capacity &                         Expressive Arts
                                       PE                                                      Economic Well-being                               DT
                                                                                                    enterprise                                Humanities

                                                                                                Personal Wellbeing
                                                                                                 healthy lifestyles
      A two week induction / settling-down programme at the beginning of each academic year for Years 7-9 would ideally be included.
      This model may have more flexibility if offered as a 50 hour timetable – this would be equally acceptable.
      The integrated curriculum would be delivered by a dedicated teaching team, co-ordinated by a member of staff with management responsibility to
       do so.
      There would be a dedicated teaching area which could be used flexibly within KS3 – during extended / social hours.
   The integrated session can be delivered across the timetable or as groups of periods

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