There is no question that SJOGCS is truly an extended family by rH9YB1


									There is no question that SJOGCS is truly an extended family.

On April 22nd 2009, Bonnie and I were blessed with a gift from G-D, our miracle,
our first grandchild named Sarah.
The joy that she brings to everyone she “touches” cannot be measured in words.
Sarah “lights up” our lives.
When I announced that our children were pregnant (I learned that in today’s society, both male and
female share this attribute – “We’re Pregnant!”), it seemed as if everyone at ADS genuinely shared in
my joy.
I received my first baby shower; showered with gifts and most of all, sincere well-wishes.

SJOGCS! You are an extended family.

p.s.: Our children recently announced that “They’re Pregnant!” and expecting – due date 7/11/11.
      Bonnie and I look forward and pray for another miracle.


Our son made an interesting statement that the Air Force Motto is , “Service before Self.”
He will be returning, later this month, from a 6-month deployment from the Persian Gulf area.
Again, I am constantly questioned, “How is your son?” “How is his wife handling this?”
“When is he due to return?”

These are the questions from people who genuinely care.

Thank you for allowing me to share.

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