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					Vanderluit Farms
Horse Consignment Agreement
This consignment agreement is entered into on this day_________of 20____,
and is made between______________________________, herinafter known as “Consignor”
or “Owner”, and Vanderluit Farms, hereinafter known as “VFI” or “Consignee”.
Consignor acknowledges and agrees he/she has entered into this agreement to have Consignee
sell the following horse. He/She understands Consignee will make the best effort to sell said
horse, and that by signing this agreement Consignee will have the legal right to act as
Consignors agent for said horse.
Consignor/Owner acknowledges and agrees that he/she is the legal owner of said horse and
that he/she can convey good title to the animal, and that said animal is free and clear of any
liens or encumbrances.
Description of Horse
Name____________________________ Show Name_________________________________
Age_______________ Sex ____________ Breed_____________________________________
Height_____________Color_____________ Papers are ________Are Not Included_ ________
Terms of Sale
Consignor/Owners asking price is $_______________. As agent for the said horse,VFI will
inform consignor of all reasonable offers made on the horse during the consignment period.
Consignor may choose to accept of decline any offers on said horse. In the event of the sale of
said horse it is understood that VFI shall receive a commission equal to ten percent of the final
selling price. It is expressly understood that VFI or another agent involved in the sale may sell
the horse for a sum in excess of the above price.
Consignor/Owner agrees that said horse is to be stabled at, and remain in board and training
at VFI for the duration of consignment agreement. He/she agrees to pay all fees associated
with the boarding and training of said horse in accordance with VFI’s current rate sheet. These
fees will be paid on the first day of each month. Consignor/Owner authorizes routine
veterinary and farrier care for said horse and agrees that he/she will be responsible for
payment of these services.
If emergency medical treatment is needed, Consignee will attempt to contact Consignor, in the
event Consignor cannot be reached, Consignee has the authority to secure emergency
veterinary/farrier care. Consignor is responsible to pay all costs relating to this care.
Consignor/Owner knows of no latent defects in the disposition of said horse, which might
endanger life or limb of person handeling said horse. Consignor/Owner agrees the horse is in a
physically sound condition and is suitable for sale.
Consignor/Owner acknowledges and agrees to assume any and all responsibility and risk
arising from said horses’ activities, VFI’s’ activities, or the actions and activities of any person
or persons connected in any way with said horse, VFI, or the horse-selling activities.
Consignor/Owner further acknowledges and agrees to hold VFI, and its’ employees harmless
and to indemnify them from any and all damages, liabilities, or actions for injury to person,
horse or property arising for any reason whatsoever.
Signed Consignor___________________________________________Date_______________
Signed Consignee___________________________________________Date_______________

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