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									 Local Community Plan
       2009 -2011

     - Action Plan -

DRAFT   - Last updated 2 October 2009
National Outcome                 Relevant National Indicators       Context
10 – We live in well-            22 – All unintentionally           Throughout the city of Edinburgh there is a major imbalance between those who need affordable housing
                                 homeless households will be        and the supply of such housing. Currently there are 25,169 households registered on Edindex
designed sustainable             entitled to settled                (Edinburgh’s single housing register) but there were only around 3,800 social rented lets in 2007. In the
places where we are able         accommodation by 2012.
                                                                    same year over 5,500 people approached the Council for help because they were homeless or at risk of
to access the amenities          27 – Increase the rate of new      being homeless.
and services we need.            house building.
                                                                    389 households presenting as homeless in 2007/08 gave their last address as being in the EH6 postcode
                                                                    area. Social rented accommodation was found for 135 of those households.
Edinburgh’s Local
                                                                    Although house building and the availability of social housing is not within the strategic remit of the Leith
Outcomes                                                            Neighbourhood Partnership, this is an important issue for the Leith Community. Therefore, the
 Increase the                                                      Partnership will monitor the provision of housing ant take the opportunity to influence this wherever
   percentage of people                                             possible.
   who are satisfied with                                           It would be useful to gather information on the number of affordable homes made available by private
   their neighbourhood.                                             housebuilders. However, it is difficult to find a comprehensive source of such information at present. It is
 Increase the number of                                            expected that a new planning system will make it easier to gather this information and enquiries will be
                                                                    made about this when drafting the 2012 Local Community Plan.
   affordable homes in
 Ensure that everyone
   assessed as homeless
   can be provided with
   accommodation by

Lead Board Member:                Keith Anderson, Port of Leith Housing Association (POLHA)
Supporting Officer:               Mark Rodgers, Services for Communities, North Housing and Regeneration Manager

Neighbourhood                   Neighbourhood Indicator          Frequency/    Baseline                                                              Comment
                                                                 Type/         2006/07            Actual figures for monitoring purposes             (if necessary)
Outcome                                                          Source                         2008/09     2009/10      2010/11     Longer Term
Monitor the supply of quality   Number of Council houses         Edindex                       Jan         n/a         n/a
affordable housing.             available for let.               yearly                        2008 –

 Neighbourhood                  Neighbourhood Indicator       Frequency/   Baseline                                                       Comment
                                                              Type/        2006/07            Actual figures for monitoring purposes      (if necessary)
 Outcome                                                      Source                     2008/09      2009/10    2010/11    Longer Term
                                Number of Housing             Edindex                    2008        n/a        n/a
                                Association houses            yearly
                                available for let (does not                              685
                                exactly fit Leith Area)                                  homes
                                Average no. of bids per       Edindex                    63          n/a        n/a
                                property advertised (CEC      yearly
                                and HA)
                                Number of new homes           SfC          53 homes                  n/a        n/a
                                completed through the         Strategy
                                Affordable Housing            and
                                Investment Programme          Investment
                                Number of households          HIS (SfC     2007/08       n/a         n/a        n/a
                                assessed as homeless or       homelessn
                                potentially homeless during   ess          558
                                the year. (SfC North Area)    records)
                                No. of properties used as
                                homeless temporary
                                Progress in delivering the
                                SQHA programmes by
                                CEC, POLHA and other
                                Housing Associations

ACTION                MAIN OUTPUTS            LEAD OFFICER              START &                 MEASURE OF             RESOURCES                RISK
                                              &                         FINISH                  PROGRESS                                        ASSUMPTIONS
                                              ORGANISATION                                      & SUCCESS
Build new             Completions per         Keith Anderson            Ongoing                 No. of units           2009 £9.5m
affordable housing    annum over plan         POLHA                     dependant on            completed              2010 £13.5m
fro rent / low cost   period                                            annual funding          achieved as
home ownership        2009 – 23                                                                 Housing                2008/09
                      Elliot St 9                                                               Association Grant      Elliot St - £0.58m
                      Buchanan St 14                                                            programme              Buchanan St -
                                                                                                agreement              £0.736m
                      2010 -137                                                                 R2 - £2m
                      R2 - 102                                                                  Coburg St -
                      Coburg St 35                                                              £3.37m

                      2009 -10
                      Restalrig Crescent
                      – 4 units Block B
Impact on             POLHA: 20% of         Keith Anderson      Ongoing     % of homeless       £170,000 plus
homelessness by       relets via Edindex    POLHA                           housed              inflation spent
letting vacated       homeless                                                                  repairing
existing social       categories, a                                                             properties for relet
landlord properties   further 25% living                                                        each year of plan.
via Edindex, which    care of / temp.
prioritises           accommodation.
homelessness          55% to general
                      waiting list NB:
                      normal turnover is
                      @ 185 properties
Ensure all stock      Scottish Housing      Keith Anderson      Annual                          At least £1m per
safe and to a         Quality activity to   POLHA               programme                       annum
minimum standard      deliver all POLHA
                      properties to this
                      standard by 2015
Continue to work      Explore new           Michaela Sullivan               Number of
with CEC and          routes to deliver     Head of Planning
                                                                ??          housing units
                                                                                                ??                     ??
RSLS to bring         affordable            Forth Ports Plc.                completed.
forward affordable    housing.
housing through
the waterfront
Keep residents of     Information giving    Mark Rodgers        Ongoing     Number of           Contained within       Low risk
potential             exercises.            SfC, Housing and                information /       existing SfC
demolition areas      Consultation          Regeneration                    consultation        Housing and            High impact
informed and          exercise.             Manager                         exercises.          Regeneration
engaged in                                                                  Number of           resources.
consultation                                                                residents who
timeously                                                                   take part in each
Provide financial   Reduction in rent    Joyce Gegan,        Ongoing   Value of additional   Funding until Dec     High risk
and benefits        arrears.             POLHA / CAB                   income brought in     2010 confirmed.
advice to POLHA     Increase in          Edinburgh – Leith                                   Lottery and further   Medium impact
tenants             tenants’ financial   Office secondee                                     WR application
                    gain.                                                                    after 2010
                                                                                             onwards still to be
National Outcome                        Relevant National Indicators          Context
12 – We value and enjoy our             28 – Increase the percentage of       Street cleansing and the improvement of public spaces were identified as priorities in the 2004
                                        adults who rate their                 Leith Community Plan. This is still a concern for Leith residents. 60% of young Leithers who
built and natural environment           neighbourhood as a good place to      took part in the Young Edinburgh Viewfinder Survey stated that rubbish and litter was a
and protect it and enhance it           live.
                                                                              common problem. 56% thought that making Edinburgh cleaner and more attractive would
for future generations.                 34 – Improve the state of             improve quality of life. Young people in the Hillside area also feel that litter and the
                                        Scotland’s Historic buildings,        environment was the worst thing about their area. These concerns are reinforced by the
                                        monuments and environment.            Cleanliness Index Monitoring System (CIMS) which showed that the Leith and Leith Walk
Edinburgh’s Local Outcomes                                                    council wards were among the lowest scoring wards for street cleanliness with causes cited as
 Improved cleanliness of               37 – Increase the proportion of
                                        adults making one or more visits to
                                                                              fast food, smoking and confectionary litter. The Services for Communities Neighbourhood
                                                                              Research also found that Leithers were less likely to be satisfied with the management of litter
   the city.                            the outdoors per week.                and rubbish in the streets and the street cleaning service compared with the citywide average.
 More attractive and                                                         The City of Edinburgh Council agreed to redirect street cleansing resources to the Leith and
   accessible green spaces                                                    Leith walk wards when these concerns were raised by the Leith Neighbourhood Partnership in
                                                                              March 2008.
   across the city.
 Facilitate the development                                                  The community representatives, voluntary sector representatives and elected members who
                                                                              met at the June 2007 event identified the need to improve the look of the streets and public
   of a quality built and                                                     spaces. But they wanted a bit more than cleansing. They wished consideration to be given as
   natural environment.                                                       to how spaces ere planned out and used by the local people. They recommended taking a
 Raise children and young                                                    more holistic approach and taking into account lighting, street furniture, safety and leisure
                                                                              facilities with parks.
   people’s awareness of the
   environment and
   understanding of the
   importance of creating a
   sustainable future.
Lead Board Member:                      Cllr. Gordon Munro, Leith Ward
Supporting Officer:                     Steven Cuthill, Services for Communities, North Environment Manager

Neighbourhood                  Neighbourhood Indicator       Frequency/         Baseline                                                         Comment
                                                                                                          Target (where appropriate)
                                                             Type/ Source       2007/08                                                          (if necessary)
                                                                                                         2009/10     2010/11      Longer Term
Improve the cleanliness and    Satisfaction with the local   Annual SfC         86.6%           81%      83%        85%           87%            Edinburgh average
appearance of public spaces.   neighbourhood as a place      Neighbourhood      very/fairly     Actual                                           86% (2007)
                               to live.                      Research           satisfied       figure                                           86% (2008)
 Neighbourhood                  Neighbourhood Indicator       Frequency/       Baseline                                                         Comment
                                                                                                          Target (where appropriate)
                                                              Type/ Source     2007/08                                                          (if necessary)
                                                                                                      2009/10           2010/11   Longer Term
                                Cleansing Index               Quarterly        December       62      65            67            69            Dec 2007 Edinburgh Average
                                Monitoring System (CIMS)      performance      2007 – score                                                     score = 68
                                                              reporting        62
                                Satisfaction with Street      Annual SfC       60%            68%     70%           72%           74%           Edinburgh average
                                Cleaning                      Neighbourhood    Very/fairly                                                      67% (2007)
                                                              Research         satisfied                                                        70% (2008)

                                Satisfaction with parks and   Annual SfC       72%            79%     80%           81%           82%           Edinburgh average
                                green spaces.                 Neighbourhood    very/fairly                                                      71% (2007)
                                                              Research         satisfied                                                        70% (2008)
                                Satisfaction with the         Annual SfC       48%            56%     58%           60%           62%           Edinburgh average
                                management of litter and      Neighbourhood    very/fairly                                                       56% (2007)
                                rubbish                       Research         satisfied                                                        61% (2008)
                                Satisfaction with the         Annual SfC       39%            45%     50%           52%           54%           Edinburgh average
                                management of dog             Neighbourhood    very/fairly                                                      44% (2007)
                                fouling                       Research         satisfied                                                        53% (2008)
                                No. of parks with Green       Info from        0                      1             1             2
                                Flag Status                   Environment
                                % of residents with access    Edinburgh Open   90.7%
                                to park / greenspace within   Space Audit                     ?? ??                 ??
                                400 m walking distance.
                                Quality of play parks         Edinburgh Open
                                                              Space Audit
                                Air Quality Management        Air Quality
                                Zone Information              Section

ACTION                  MAIN OUTPUTS               LEAD OFFICER                START &         MEASURE OF                    RESOURCES                  RISK
                                                   & ORGANISATION              FINISH          PROGRESS                                                 ASSUMPTIONS
                                                                                               & SUCCESS
Provide street and      The Open Spaces            Steven Cuthill              1 Oct 2008      Satisfaction with             Contained within           Low risk
open space cleaning     Task Force will:           Environment                 -31 March       street cleansing              existing CEC
and grounds              Ensure that              Manager, SfC                2011            (SfC research)                budgets                    High impact
maintenance service        streets and open
to raise cleanliness.      spaces are kept                                                     Increase in yearly
                           clean.                                                              average CIMS
                         Ensure that                                                          score.
                           areas of soft
                          landscaping are
                          maintained to a
                          high standard in
                          keeping with
                          local community
                       Reintroduce barrow
Provide a service to   The development of     Steven Cuthill      1 Oct 2008    Satisfaction with    Contained within       Low risk
develop, maintain      parks, gardens and     Environment         – 31 March    parks and green      existing CEC
and upgrade parks      open spaces.           Manager SfC.        2011          spaces (SfC          budgets.               High impact
and green spaces in                                                             research)
Leith.                 Proactive and
                       maintenance of
                       green spaces.

                       Liaison with
                       community groups,
                       Friends of Parks on
                       improvements to
                       local green spaces
                       and providing advice
                       on environmental

                       Park Ranger and
                       Community Parks
                       Officer support.
Development of         The Masterplan         Steven Cuthill      1 Oct 2008    Completion of        Funding options will   Medium risk
Leith Links in line    makes                  Environment         to 31 March   projects to agreed   be explored with the
with the Masterplan    recommendations        Manager,            2011          timescales.          stakeholders, and      High impact
                       for 15 projects for    Services for                      Feedback from        will be a
                       regeneration and       Communities, in                   stakeholders.        combination of
                       enhancement of         partnership with                                       mainstream CEC
                       Leith Links. The SfC   Greener Leith,                                         budgets and
                       Environment team       Edinburgh Leisure                                      external funding
                       are working with       and sports clubs.                                      applications.
                     local stakeholders to
                     advance the
                     projects, setting
                     timescales and
Carry out            The NEP will            Mark Rodgers        1 Oct 2008    The Chair of the     CEC Housing          Low risk
environmental        commission              Housing and         to 31 March   Housing & Built      Revenue Account
improvements via     environmental           Regeneration        2011          Environment          (HRA) Capital        Medium impact
the Neighbourhood    improvements and        Manager                           Action               budget
Environment          capital spending for    Services for                      Group will report
Programme (NEP).     open spaces, roads      Communities                       back to NP           CEC roads and
                     and footpaths, within                                     business and         footpaths capital
                     agreed NEP criteria.                                      public meetings      programme
                     The NP has                                                on progress with
                     devolved decision                                         NEP projects and
                     making on the NEP                                         expenditure.
                     to the Housing and
                     Built Environment
                     Action Group, and
Redevelopment of     Re-design of the        Joyce Gegan,        1 Sept 2009   Completion of        NEP funding from     Medium risk
Boundary Square,     square and its          POLHA               to 31 Dec     redevelopment of     Leith
Buchanan Street      facilities to make it                       2009          Square.              Neighbourhood        High impact
                     more attractive (also                                                          partnership and
                     included as a                                                                  other grant-giving
                     Community Safety                                                               trusts
                     action as design will
                     tackle ASB issues)
Achieve Green Flag   Hopetoun Crescent       Steven Cuthill      2009 –        Hopetoun             Contained within     Medium risk
Status for Leith     Garden aiming for       Environment         2011          Crescent Garden      existing budgets.
Parks                Green Flag Status       Manager, SfC.                     achieving award.                          Low impact
                     2009.                                                     List of park that
                     Identify other parks    Working in                        could be
                     which could aim for     partnership with                  considered for
                     Green Flag Status       Friends and                       Green Flag
                                             Community Groups.                 status.
Provide a team of    The Wardens will        Ruth Stanley        1 Oct 2008    Number of Street     Contained within     Low risk
Environmental        use a range of          Community           to 31 March   Litter Notices and   existing CEC
Wardens to reduce        enforcement             Safety Manager    2011          Fixed Penalty         budgets               High impact
dog fouling and deal     methods including       Services for                    Notices issued by
with street litter and   warnings, fixed         Communities                     Environmental
unauthorised             penalties and                                           Wardens
presentation of          reports to the
waste.                   Procurator Fiscal, as
                         well as educational
CEC and Lothian          Weeks of Action in      Ruth Stanley      1 Oct 2008    Evaluation after      Contained within      Low risk
and Borders Police       the Leith area will     Community         to 31 March   each Action           existing CEC and
will jointly promote     include a range of      Safety Manager    2011          Week, to include      LBP budgets           Medium impact
and offer Weeks of       measures to                                             feedback from
Action, whose range      improve the local       Steven Cuthill                  local community
is to reduce crime       environment. These      Environment
and increase             will be appropriate     Manager
resident’s positive      to each locality but
feelings about the       are likely to include   Services for
areas in which they      environmental tidy      Communities
live.                    ups, graffiti removal
                         and small
Engage with local        Co-ordinate local       Lindsay Grant     April 2009,   Number of             National Spring       Low risk
schools and              clean-ups               Local Community   2010, 2011    schools and           Clean Co-ordinated
communities as part                              Planning                        community             by Keep Scotland      Medium impact
of National Spring       Support schools                           Ongoing       residents involved    Beautiful (KSB)
Clean and any            input as part of                          (weeks of     as part of week.
planned “Week of         week of action                            action)                             SfC staff time and
Action”                                                                          CIMS scores           resource to support
                                                                                 increase              work

                                                                                 satisfaction levels
                                                                                 with cleanliness in
Support Community        Provision of clean-     Steven Cuthill    2009 -2011    Number of clean-      Keep Scotland         Low risk
Groups with            ups kits                 Environment                      ups carried out.      Beautiful (KSB)
Volunteer              Collection of waste      Manager, SfC                                                                  Medium impact
Community Clean-
Promote Waste          Establish strong         Iona Tibbit       Ongoing for    Number of             Waste Education        Low risk
Action Grant           links and support        Local Community   small grants   schools, local        Budget – TBC
programme to all       local applications for   Planning                         groups and                                   Medium impact
schools, community     grants.                                    Large grant    individual
groups and resident                                               deadline –     volunteers
groups in the area.    Engagement of                              15 June, 12    successfully
                       schools and groups                         October        applying for a
                       in waste reduction /                       2009           grant.
                       projects                                                  Number of people
                                                                                 directly and
                       Encourage                                                 indirectly involved
                       individual volunteers                                     in programme.
                       to undertake waste
                       reduction /                                               Amount of waste
                       environmental                                             diverted from
                       projects and                                              landfill.
Invite all schools,    Schools and groups       Lindsay Grant     April 2009,    Number of             Waste Education        Low risk
youth groups and       visit site to raise      Local Community   2010, 2011     schools and           budget to advertise
community groups in    awareness of waste       Planning                         groups visiting the   the cabin as part of   Medium impact
the area to the        journey and                                               cabin.                open days – TBC
Waste Education        Reduce, Reuse,
Cabin at Seafield      Recycle messages.
Recycling centre.
Encourage              Local volunteers         Iona Tibbitt      Ongoing        Number of             Waste Education        Medium risk
members of the         involved in              Local Community                  volunteers            and Local
local community to     undertaking              Planning                         engaged.              Community              High Impact
become                 environmental                                                                   Planning Budgets –
“Neighbourhood         projects and                                                                    TBC
Champions” for their   activities in their
area.                  community.
Promote resources      Uptake of activity       Iona Tibbitt      Ongoing        Feedback on           Waste Education        Low risk
available to schools,   loan boxes and          Local Community                resources from       Budget – TBC
youth groups and        resources               Planning                       groups                                      Medium impact
communities in
terms of delivery of
outreach activities
To increase the         Promote “liveable       Alasdair Tibbit   1 March      Modal split          Climate Challenge
proportion of           streets” through a      Greener Leith     2009 – 31    between walking,     Funding
journeys made on        production of a                           March 2011   cycling and public
foot, by cycle and by   “future travel map”                                    transport and car
public transport.       of Leith that will                                     travel.
                        address the barriers                                   Local air quality
                        that prevent local                                     data.
                        residents from                                         Greener Leith
                        choosing green                                         monitoring
                        travel options and                                     information.
                        promote investment
                        in support of active
                        and low polluting
                        forms of transport
                        such as walking,
                        cycling and public
                        Reduce transport
                        related CO2
                        Tackle poor air
                        quality problems,
                        particularly in areas
                        where air quality
                        currently breaks EU
                        pollution laws.
Develop a learning      Community               Daniel Prince     October      Business plan        £8,240 – Big Lottery   Low risk
package for low         consultations, a        Changeworks       2008 to      completed and        Fund
income households       business plan and a                       September    final report                                Medium impact
that will enable them   steering group that                       2009         submitted to the
to live more            will provide the                                       Big Lottery Fund.
sustainable             framework for a fully
lifestyles, which      funded pilot study
allow them to reduce   involving around 50
their carbon           to 100 households
footprint.             and lasting around a
National Outcome                     Relevant National Indicators           Context
9 – We live our lives safe           23 – reduce overall reconviction
                                     rates by 2 percentage points by        Leith experiences crime levels that are slightly higher than the Scottish average. This is based
from crime, disorder and             2011.                                  on types of crime that affect a local neighbourhood: crimes of violence, drugs offences,
danger.                              24 – Reduce overall crime
                                                                            domestic house breaking, minor assault and vandalism. The City of Edinburgh, Services for
                                     victimisation rates by 2 percentage    Communities Neighbourhood Research reported that Leith residents were less likely to be
                                                                            satisfied with the way burglary was dealt with in their local area with a 45% satisfaction rate
Edinburgh’s Local Outcomes           points by 2011.
                                                                            compared with the citywide average of 50%. The 47% satisfaction rate with the way car crime
 People in Edinburgh feel           28 – Increase the percentage of        was dealt with was the same as the citywide average. The Young Edinburgh Viewfinder
                                     adults who rate their neighbourhood    reported that 56% of young Leith residents thought that reducing crime most important to
   safer.                            as a good place to live.               improving the quality of life.
 Young people are
                                     31 – Increase positive public
   protected from harm and           perception of the general crime rate
                                                                            56% of young Leithers who took part in the Young Edinburgh Viewfinder survey said that
   antisocial behaviour in           in the local area.                     making the city safer was the most important thing to improving quality of life. In the most
                                                                            deprived parts of Leith, this figure rose to 64%.
   our neighbourhoods is
   reduced.                                                                 The Services for Communities report also showed low satisfaction levels with the way a
                                                                            number of issues were managed in their local area at 45% compared with the citywide
                                                                            average of 53%.

Lead Board Member:                   Robert Deas, Lothian and Borders Police
Supporting Officer:                  Ruth Stanley, Local Community Safety Manager

Neighbourhood                Neighbourhood Indicator        Frequency/        Baseline                                                            Comment
                                                                                                       Target (where appropriate)
                                                            Type/ Source      2007/08                                                             (if necessary)
                                                                                           2008/09     2009/10      2010/11         Longer Term

Improve Community            Satisfaction with dealing      Annual SfC        47%          57%         58%         59%              60%           Edinburgh average
                             with antisocial behaviour.     Neighbourhood                  Actual                                                 53% (2007)
Safety.                                                     Research                       figure                                                 60% (2008)
                             Satisfaction with dealing      Annual SfC        46%          60%         61%         63%              65%           Edinburgh average
                             with vandalism and graffiti    Neighbourhood                  Actual                                                 56% (2007)
                                                            Research                       figure
                             Satisfaction with dealing      Annual SfC        45%          81%         82%         84%              85%           Edinburgh average
                             with housebreaking             Neighbourhood                                                                         50% (2007)
                                                            Research                                                                              79% (2008)
                             Satisfaction with dealing      Annual SfC        47%          Not in                                                 Edinburgh Average 47%
                             with car crime.                Neighbourhood                  2008        ??          ??
                                                            Research                       report
                             Increase in % of people        Bi-monthly        57%                      65%         67%              69%
                             satisfied with CEC
                             response to complaints of
 Neighbourhood                Neighbourhood Indicator     Frequency/     Baseline                                                          Comment
                                                                                                Target (where appropriate)
                                                          Type/ Source   2007/08                                                           (if necessary)
                                                                                      2008/09   2009/10      2010/11         Longer Term
                              Monitor trend in reported
                              crimes (groups )
                              Monitor trend in solvency
                              rates (groups )

ACTION             MAIN OUTPUTS         LEAD OFFICER               START &                MEASURE OF                RESOURCES                    RISK
                                        &                          FINISH                 PROGRESS                                               ASSUMPTIONS
                                        ORGANISATION                                      & SUCCESS
Satisfaction with dealing with antisocial behaviour (ASB)
Provide a           All relevant        Ruth Stanley,              1 Oct 2008 to 31       Number of                 Contained within             Low risk
Community Safety complaints of ASB Community Safety                Mar 2011               complaints dealt          existing CEC
Team to tackle      will be             Manager,                                          with                      budgets                      High impact
ASB in the North    investigated and    Services for
Neighbourhood       appropriate         Communities
                    remedies pursued.
                    Relevant ASB will
                     Drug dealing
                     Vandalism
                     Assault or
                     Noise
Use a range of      ASB issues will be Ruth Stanley,               1 Oct 2008 to 31       The Tasking and           Contained within             Low risk
interventions,      dealt with flexibly Community Safety           Mar 2011               Co-ordination             existing CEC and
including support, and in a manner      Manager,                                          Process will              LBP budgets                  High impact
mediation,          appropriate to      Services for                                      identify whether
acceptable          each case.          Communities                                       problems have
behaviour                                                                                 been resolved in a
contacts, warnings                                                                        particular location
and serious                                                                               or whether
enforcement                                                                               problems
actions, to bring                                                                         continue.
about changes in
the behaviour of
those causing
LBP and CEC to        Locations              Inspector Robert    1 Oct 2008 to 31   The Tasking and       Contained within   Low risk
deliver responses     experiencing           Deas, Lothian and   Mar 2011           Co-ordination         existing CEC and
to issues of ASB      problems caused        Borders Police                         Process will          LBP budgets.       Medium impact.
involving public      by drinking in                                                identify whether
misuse of alcohol     public open            Ruth Stanley,                          problems have
                      spaces will be         Community Safety                       been resolved in a
                      identified through     Manager,                               particular location
                      the Tasking and        Services for                           or whether
                      Co-ordination          Communities                            problems
                      (TAC) process.                                                continue.
                      Specific analysis
                      of lose locations
                      may be carried out
                      to identify
                      appropriate further
                      action. LBP and
                      CEC will deliver
                      joint action to
                      reduce the
                      problem in those
CEC and LBP will      Improved               Inspector Robert    1 Oct 2008 to 31   Evaluation after      Contained within   Low risk
jointly promote       partnership            Deas, Lothian and   Mar 2011           each Week of          existing CEC and
and offer Weeks       working across a       Borders Police                         Action to include     LBP budgets        Medium impact
of Action, whose      range of agencies;                                            police calls and
aim is to reduce      reductions in          Ruth Stanley,                          feedback from
crime and             crime and ASB;         Community Safety                       local community.
increase              improved               Manager,
resident’s positive   perceptions and        Services for
feelings about the    reduced fear of        Communities
areas in which        crime.
they live.
Redevelopment of      Redesign of the        Joyce Gegan,        Community          Redevelopment of      NEP funding from   Medium risk
Boundary Square,      square and its         POLHA               consultation       the Square is         Leith
Buchanan Street.      facilities to reduce                       completed – fund   completed.            Neighbourhood      High impact
                      ASB associated                             raising stage.                           Partnership and
                     with the current                                                            other grant-giving
                     design. (Also                        1 Sept 2009 – 31                       trusts.
                     included as an                       Dec 2009
                     action as redesign
                     will make area
                     more attractive)
Public satisfaction in dealing with car crime
Through the TAC      Use the dedicated Inspector Robert   1 Oct 2008 – 31    Feedback from       Contained within     Medium risk
process identify     resources to        Deas, LBP        March 2011         complainers         existing LBP
hotspot areas and tackle this type of                                                            budgets              Medium impact
trends and direct    crime. Use of
appropriate          CBO for crime
resources to those prevention advice
areas.               and positive
                     promoted at
                     community council
                     meetings and in

People satisfied with CEC response to complaints of ASB
A customer          Customers are     Ruth Stanley,     1 Oct 2008 to 31     Quarterly review    Contained within     Low risk
satisfaction        able to provide   Community Safety Mar 2011              of survey results   existing CEC and
questionnaire will  feedback on the   Manager,                                                   LBP budgets          Medium impact
be sent to all      service and alert Services for
customers           the Community     Communities
reporting a         Safety Team to
complaint of ASB, any outstanding
once the            problems.
complaint has       Managers can
been completed.     review customer
                    satisfaction and
                    then carry out
                    training or
                    adjustment of
                     policies and
Public satisfaction in dealing with vandalism and graffiti
Support the joint    LBP and CEC to      Inspector Robert    1 Oct 2008 – 31   The TAC process       Contained within   Low risk.
Edinburgh City       jointly strive to   Deas, LBP           Mar 2011          will identify when    existing LBP and
Wide Graffiti        reduce the                                                these areas have      CEC budgets        Medium impact.
Initiative Action    incidents of        Ruth Stanley,                         been targeted and
Plan                 reported graffiti   CEC                                   direct further
                     and vandalism.                                            action if required.
                     Areas of concern                                          Feedback from
                     and trends will be                                        community.
                     identified through
                     the TAC process
                     for joint action to
                     be undertaken.
Satisfaction in dealing with theft by housebreakings
LBP to deliver       All victims of      Inspector Robert    1 Oct 2008 – 31   Feedback from         Contained within   Low risk
responses to         domestic            Deas, LBP           Mar 2011          local community.      existing LBP
those victims of     housebreakings to                                                               budgets            Medium impact
theft by             be visited by a                                           services.
housebreaking        community beat
                     officer (CBO) for
                     reassurance and
                     crime prevention
                     advice. Regular
                     updates on this
                     crime and
                     promote positive
                     results to local
                     residents through
                     the CBO monthly
                     newsletter and
                     attendance at
                     Council meetings.
Reduction in ASB involving young people
The Leith            Leith NAU to work Inspector Robert      1 Jun 2008 – 31   Feedback from         Funding streams    Low risk
Neighbourhood         with partners in       Deas, LBP          Mar 2011         before / after        to be identified.
Action Unit (NAU)     identifying local                                          public surveys.                            Medium impact
and other partners    areas where youth                                                                Existing resources
remain committed      related ASB is an                                          Measurement of        from LBP and
towards exploring     issue.                                                     before and after      partners.
the expansion of                                                                 ASB incidents
the Leith Open        Reduction in ASB                                           from LBP.
Spaces Project        complaints.
(LOSP)                                                                           Data from youth
                      Reduction in crime                                         organisations on
                      and ASB amongst                                            take up of
                      young people.

                      participation by
                      young people in

                      Greater number of
                      activities for young
                      people in Leith.

                      To obtain funding
                      and deliver project
                      with partners.
Leith NAU to          Planned and            Inspector Robert   Ongoing          TAC process will      Contained within     Low risk
continue to deliver   targeted activity      Deas, LBP                           identify any impact   existing LBP
alcohol test          on local licensed                                          from this activity.   budgets.             Medium impact.
purchasing            premises.
operations in Leith                                                              Number of
Invite Leith          Play performed to      Alex Jones         October –        Number of young       Part funded by       Low risk
Secondary             classes and            Local Community    November 2009,   people attending      LCP budget.
Schools and youth     groups in run-up       Planning           2010, 2011       performances                               Medium impact
groups to take        to Bonfire night.                                                                Seeking funding
part in “TOAST” –                                                                Reduction of          by partner
an anti firework     Follow-up work                                        firework related      organisations, i.e.
hooliganism play     carried out by                                        injuries by young     Lothian & Borders
                     groups.                                               people in Leith.      Fire and Rescue
                                                                                                 Service, Lothian &
                     Seeking                                               Reduction in          Borders Police,
                     partnership with                                      number of firework    Community Safety
                     relevant                                              related calls
                     stakeholders in                                       concerning young
                     and outside                                           people for fire and
                     Council citywide.                                     police services.
                     E.g. link to police
                     and fire services’
                     activity with
                     schools and
                     groups around this

Provision of         Junction Chiller-     Sam Anderson,    2009 ongoing   Chiller attendance    Part funded by        Low risk
alternative coping   Provision of          The Junction                                          North British Hotel
strategies for       complementary                                                               Trust                 Medium impact
young people         therapies,
potentially          information and
engaged in anti-     support (every
social behaviour     Friday)
Further develop      BME young             Cathy            2009 –2011     Feedback from         Cashback for
inclusive youth      people will be        McNaughton                      young people and      Communities
work provision,      supported in          Multi-Cultural                  their families.
increasing number    attending             Family Base
of BME volunteers    mainstream youth                                      Attitudinal
and increasing       provision.                                            surveys.
understandings of
factors which        Young people will                                     Increased % of
inhibit inclusion    have less hostile                                     young people
                     attitudes and be                                      attending
                     more confident in                                     mainstream youth
                     living in a diverse                                   provision from
                     society.                                              BME
                   Mainstream youth    Andy Thomas
                   provision will      Citadel Youth                     Decrease in racist
                   identify and        Centre                            hate crime
                   address barriers                                      amongst young
                   to inclusion.                                         people and
                                                                         decrease in
                                                                         experience of
                                                                         racist intimidation.
Satisfaction with reduction in accidental dwelling fires
Lothian and         Fire Service would Keith Dargo         2009 – 2011   Reduction of           Contained within   Medium risk
Borders Fire and    clear rubbish from Lothian & Borders                 accidental             Lothian and
Rescue Service      stairs using refuse Fire and Rescue                  dwelling fires         Borders Fire and   Low impact
are committed to    vehicle provided    Service                          measured on a          Rescue Service
reducing the        by CEC.                                              yearly basis.          existing budgets
number of
accidental          Home Safety
dwelling fires      advice given to
National Outcome                             Relevant National Indicators        Context
4 – Our young people are                     7 – Increase the proportion of         Implementation of the current Curriculum for Excellence is being rolled out across the city’s
                                             school leavers in positive and          schools. There is a particular focus on underachieving groups of children. Improving
successful learners, confident               sustained destinations                  outcomes for looked after children is a particular priority.
individuals, effective                       (further/higher education,
                                             employment or training)                Overall improvement in attainment aged 5-14continues, attainment at SQA level has been
contributors and responsible                 8 – Increase the proportion of          stable in recent years and is in line with the national average and that of authorities
                                             schools receiving positive              comparable to Edinburgh. Edinburgh continues to perform well in the higher attaining
citizens.                                    inspection reports.                     measures at secondary level.
                                                                                    The authority is committed to improving attaining and achievement for all and key aspects of
Edinburgh’s Local Outcomes                                                           this work include More Choices, More Chances, the Closing the Gap strategy, Schools of
 Increase the quality of                                                            Ambition, the 20:20 Schools, the Gifted and Talented Framework and the implementation of
                                                                                     Additional Support for Learning.
   educational learning                                                             The WAVE3 schools programme is the investment route for improved school buildings but
   experiences and the                                                               implementation is dependent on Scottish Government identifying additional funding to
   meeting of individual                                                             replace former PPP funding.
                                                                                    There is a significant commitment to engaging and involving children and young people in
   pupil’s needs.                                                                    the development of services. The recent Young Edinburgh Viewfinder3 survey received
 Children and young people                                                          18,000 responses. Children and young people are encouraged to make effective
                                                                                     contributions to their communities and schools through youth forums, school councils and
   are successful learners.                                                          involvement in youth and children’s organisations. All secondary schools and nearly all
 Attendance at school is                                                            primary schools have students’ councils.
   improved.                                                                        The Communities that Care research completed in 2006 indicated a need for more young
                                                                                     people friendly spaces in Leith. This was also evident in the Viewfinder3 survey where
                                                                                     young people identified the need for more leisure facilities.
                                                                                    Effective engagement with hard to reach youngsters will reduce nuisance calls to the police
                                                                                     and divert young people away from engaging in anti-social behaviour

Lead Board Member:                           Willy Barr, Manager, Citadel Youth Centre
                                             Christine Mackay, Children and Families, Community Learning and Development
Supporting Officer:
                                             Neighbourhood Manager.

Neighbourhood                      Neighbourhood Indicator        Frequency/         Baseline                                                           Comment
                                                                                                             Target (where appropriate)
                                                                  Type/ Source       2007/08                                                            (if necessary)
                                                                                                  2008/09    2009/10      2010/11         Longer Term

Young people feel valued and the   % of young people who          Young              17%         18%         19%         21%              23%
wider community see them as an     would give up their time to    Edinburgh
asset.                             take part in a group that      Viewfinder
                                   makes decisions about their
                                   Fewer children at risk of      Moira Wilson
                                   exclusion (also informal       Children and
Neighbourhood   Neighbourhood Indicator          Frequency/         Baseline                                                        Comment
                                                                                         Target (where appropriate)
                                                 Type/ Source       2007/08                                                         (if necessary)
                                                                               2008/09   2009/10      2010/11         Longer Term

                exclusions and                   Families

                Young people’s participation     CLD records
                in youth activity
                Young people’s                   Schools
                contributions to fundraising /
                Reduction in youth crime         Police youth
                                                 crime statistics
                Child and adolescent              NHS
                mental health rates.
                % School Leavers going on        Skills Direct      73.6%
                to positive destinations         Scotland                      ??        ??          ??
                annual reporting
ACTION             MAIN OUTPUTS         LEAD OFFICER        START &             MEASURE OF            RESOURCES          RISK
                                        &                   FINISH              PROGRESS                                 ASSUMPTIONS
                                        ORGANISATION                            & SUCCESS
Young people are   Liaise with          Paul James          By June 2009 and    Young people are      Staff time
supported to       schools and youth    Leith Youth         ongoing             aware of the
influence          organisations to     Workers’ Forum                          range of services     Project Budget
decisions that     increase young                                               offered locally and
affect them and    people’s                                                     each organisation     Additional
the wider          awareness of local                                           has evidence of       resources to be
community.         decision making                                              involving young       identified if
                   structures and                                               people in service     required.
                   services.                                                    development.

                   Leith Community
                   Centre –
                   seeking positive
                   engagement with
                   young people.

                   Different methods    ? named lead        Present to March    Completion of         Leith
                   to engage with       officer             2009 and ongoing.   Action Research       Neighbourhood
                   and gather views     CLD Citadel                             on young people’s     Partnership
                   from young people    Out-of-the-blue –   Jan 09 – July 09    health issues in      Community Grant
                   are tested.          Community Arts                          Leith carried out
                                        group                                   by young people.      Health Promotion
                                                                                Photography           Small Grant
                                        Sam Anderson -                          exhibition.
                                        The Junction
                    A local “youth        Paul James CLD       By March 2009   There is evidence   Staff time.
                    forum” is                                  and ongoing     in agendas and
                    established to                                             minutes and that    Additional
                    gather and                                                 issues are being    resources to be
                    represent young                                            taken forward.      identified.
                    people’s views at
                    a range of local                                           Young people’s
                    decision making                                            views affect
                    meetings.                                                  service
                                                                               development and
                    Support young         Paul James CLD /     By March 2009   North Edinburgh     Staff time.
                    people’s              Willy Barr Citadel   and ongoing     young people are
                    involvement in                                             attending EYF       Central C&F
                    Edinburgh Youth                                            meetings.           budget
                    Council / Forum
Young people are    Sexual health         John Palmer, NHS     Ongoing         Young people        Staffing and
able to make good   services are easily   Lothian                              able to access a    running costs
quality personal    available to all                                           range of young      (some FSF
relationships,      young people          The Junction                         people friendly     funding to The
effective           locally.                                                   sexual health       Junction)
transitions to      Sexual health and     Christine Mackay     Ongoing         services locally.
adulthood and       Relationship          C&F / schools
positive life       education is
choices.            treated as a core     Sam Anderson,
                    subject within        The Junction
                    schools and youth
                    All youth work        ? Named lead         Ongoing
                    programmes            officer
                    address these         (Youth Work
                    issues with young     Managers)
                    people as a matter
                    of course.
                    The                   Christine Mackay,     Ongoing             Review               Staffing and
                    implementation of     C&F /Schools                              recommendations      running costs
                    the drug and                                                    and examples of      (Some FSF
                    alcohol education     ? Named lead                              good practice        funding to the
                    review is             officer                                   established within   Junction)
                    supported in          Youth Work                                curriculum and
                    schools and youth     Managers                                  youth work
                    provision locally.                                              programmes.
                    Programmes            (named person?)
                    include tobacco       DO Health (C&F)
                                          Sam Anderson,
                                          The Junction

                                          John Palmer, NHS
                    Invite schools and    Alex Jones            Ongoing             Number of            SfC staff resource   Low risk
                    youth groups to       Local Community                           schools, groups
                    take part in          Planning                                  participating in                          Medium impact
                    consumer and                                                    sessions and
                    financial related                                               programmes
                    sessions and
Young people’s      At least 4 events     Paul James            First by Dec 2008   Well attended        Leith Festival
achievements are    are organised         Leith Youth           and then ongoing    events take place    Team
celebrated.         each year within      Workers Forum
                    the                                                             Audience is          Leith College of
                    neighbourhood to                                                inclusive of the     Art
                    showcase young                                                  wider community
                    people’s                                                                             Leith Community
                    contribution to the                                                                  Centre
Adults and young    Intergenerational     Ann Munro,            Present to March    New opportunities    Staff time.          Medium risk
people work         activity              Pilmeny               2009 and ongoing    for
together to         undertaken in         Development                               intergenerational    Help in kind.        High impact
increase            Leith                 Project                                   projects / shared
understanding and                                                                   learning activity    Project budget.
mutual respect.                           Willy Barr, Citadel                       and events held in
                                          Youth Centre                         Leith and
                                                                               relationships that
                                          Christine Mackay,                    span the
                                          Community                            generations are
                                          Learning and                         beginning to
                                          Development                          develop.
Our youth           Mapping exercise      Named Lead          By Feb 2009      Young people         Existing staff and
provision is        completed to          Officer?                             express improved     budgets.
accessible to all   identify existing     Youth Work                           satisfaction.
young people.       provision and         Managers                                                  Additional
                    marketing                                                  Uptake of leisure    resources to be
                    improved to           Christine Mackay,                    facilities is        identifies if
                    increase uptake       CLD                                  improved. (How       required.
                    where necessary.                                           can this be
                                          (named person?)                      evidenced?)_
                    (Audit of Leith       LOSP Project
                    Walk Ward –           Partners
                    spaces available
                    for community
                    sports use)
                    Blocks to uptake –    Named Lead          By June 2009     Young people         Existing staff and
                    including costs,      Officer ?                            express improved     budgets.
                    timing and            Youth Work                           satisfaction.
                    organisational        Managers                                                  Additional
                    attitude are                                               Uptake of leisure    resources to be
                    identified and                                             facilities is        identifies if
                    addressed.                                                 improved.            required.
                    Staff and             Named Lead          By end of 2009   There is an          Existing staff and
                    volunteers are        Officer                              increase in the      budgets.
                    aware of the          Youth Work                           numbers of BME
                    needs of BME and      Managers                             and disabled         Additional
                    disabled young                                             young people         resources to be
                    people.                                                    attending            identifies if
                                                                               mainstream youth     required.
                                                                               provision in Leith
Provide work        3 X 6 month           Keith Anderson,                      3 specifically       Leith
experience          training places via   POLHA
                                                              ??               recruited from       Neighbourhood
opportunity to      the TOIL                                                   Leith complete the   Partnership FSF -
young people who       programme                                                    programme.           £17,000
are in the More
Choices, More          TOIL provides                                                Additional places    SDS, GRFW -
Chances group          additional raining                                           for Leith young      £80,000
                       places for young                                             people, number
                       people in Leith as                                           will vary per        POLHA - £10,000
                       part of its                                                  annum, as part of
                       Edinburgh wide                                               the usual referral   CCP - £14,000
                       programme.                                                   process from
                                                                                    Careers Scotland
                       Target of 65%                                                to the TOIL
                       successful                                                   programme.
                       outcome into work
                       / training or                                                More young
                       college after                                                people go to
                       programme.                                                   positive
                                                                                    destinations on
                                                                                    leaving school.

JETS programme         Effective youth       Named Lead          Annual / ongoing   Decrease in youth    Existing staff and   Medium risk
Offer local to         work programmes       Officer                                calls to police.     budgets.
support                contribute to         Youth Work                                                                       Medium impact
disengaged young       diverting young       Managers                               Increased
people give them       people away from                                             perception of
more choices and       antisocial                                                   community safety.
chances.               behaviour.

Provide                Leith Victoria        Andrew McIntosh,    April 2009 –       Numbers of young     Edinburgh Leisure    Medium risk
opportunities for      Open All Hours        Youth               March 2010         women                site / staff.        (funding 09/10 not
young women to         session (Saturday     Development                            participating;                            yet clear)
take part in           4-6pm) Girls Only     Officer,                               number of young      Community
physical activity in   session allows        Edinburgh Leisure                      women continuing     Learning and         Medium impact
safe, supportive       young women (S1                                              to participate in    Development
and encouraging        –S6) to take part                                            physical activity    staff.
“girls only”           in a arrange of                                              outside of Open
environments.          physical activities                                          All Hours            Edinburgh
                       (including gym,                                              sessions.            Community Safety
                       swim and dance)                                                                   Partnership Grant
                     supported by
                     Youth Workers                                                                        Sportscotland
                     from CLD                                                                             Community
Provide youth        Pilmeny              Ann Munro (PDP)       Number of young      Attendance           Fundraising          Low risk
clubs and summer     Development                                people / children    numbers at youth
programmes.          Project (PDP)                              getting 1:1          clubs and summer     Contained within     High impact
                                                                counselling.         programmes.          existing budgets.
                     Dr. Bell’s           Named person?
                                                                Average number
                     Citadel              Named person?         of meetings with
                                                                each young
                     LOSP                 Named person?         person child.

                     ROA funded                                 Outcomes -
                     mobile football      Jonathon Griffiths,   Community Safety
                     pitch                NAU Team              Team.

                     Youth Matrix
                     funded projects
Provide an           White and BME        Steve Gowenlock       2009 – 2011          Feedback from        Donations from
ongoing              young people will    Multi-Cultural                             young people,        various Trusts and
therapeutic group    be able to attend    Family Base                                families and other   Foundations
work programme       small groups                                                    services, such as
for vulnerable       which will support                                              schools.
young people from    them in
diverse              developing                                                      Measurement of
communities.         resilience, self-                                               resilience using
                     esteem and social                                               GIRFEC well-
                     skills.                                                         being indicators.
Provide individual   Young people will    Cathy                 Feedback from        Donations from
therapeutic          have the             McNaughton            young people,        various Trusts and
                                                                                                          ??                   ??
interventions to     opportunity to do    Multi-Cultural        families and other   Foundations.
young people.        focussed work        Family Base           services.
                     which will help                                                 Income from
                     them to                                    Measurement of       student fees.
                     understand their                           resilience using
life stories, be in   GIRFEC wellbeing
touch with their      indicators.
emotions and
develop strategies
for managing
anger, anxiety and
other negative

Young people will
be helped to
access community
facilities such as
National Outcome                                 Relevant National Indicators                                 Context
(6) – We live longer, healthier lives             Reduce the percentage of the adult population who          On average 476 people were admitted to hospital
                                                   smoke to 22% by 2010.                                      per year with alcohol related conditions over the
Edinburgh’s Local Outcomes                        Reduce alcohol related hospital admissions by 2010.        period 2001-2004 (a rate of 104.9 per 10,000
                                                  Decrease the estimated number of problem drug users        people). This compared to the Edinburgh rate of
 Reduced dependence on smoking,                   in Scotland by 2011.                                       67.1.
  drugs and alcohol                               Increase the percentage of adults who rate their
                                                   neighbourhood as a good place to live                      The Edinburgh Addiction Cohort Study shows the
                                                                                                              mean age of death for injecting drug users is 35
                                                                                                              years old. After 25 years only half the cohort
                                                                                                              originally identified was still alive.

                                                                                                              For people admitted to hospital for drugs misuse
                                                                                                              the average was 121 per year between 2001 and
                                                                                                              2004 (a rate of 26.7 per 10,000 people). This
                                                                                                              compared to the Edinburgh rate of 17.3 per
                                                                                                              10,000 people (12.7 in Scotland).

Lead Board Member:                               David White – Assistant General Manager, Edinburgh CHP
Supporting Officer:                              John Palmer – Public Health Practitioner, NE Edinburgh LHP

Neighbourhood          Neighbourhood Indicator          Frequency/ Type/        Baseline                                                            Comment
                                                                                                              Target (where appropriate)
                                                        Source                                                                                      (if
Outcome                                                                         2007/08                                                             necessary)
                                                                                                    2008/09   2009/10        2010/11
Fewer people smoke,    Support 10% of the               ASH Tobacco             11,088 (27.8%)                            1,109                     Leith NP
use drugs and misuse   smoking population in            Atlas 2007              people smoked in    ??        ??          fewer                     figures
alcohol                successfully quitting (at                                2003/04; 5,886                            people
                       one month post quit)                                     (30.7%) males and                         smoke
                       over the period 2008/09                                  5,203 (25.1%)
                       – 2010/11.                                               females
                       Reduce alcohol related           www.sns.gov.uk          476 people (104.9                         408                       Leith NP
                       hospital admissions per                                  per 10,000) in      ??        ??          people per                figures
                       10,000 population                                        2001-2004                                 year (90
Neighbourhood               Neighbourhood Indicator    Frequency/ Type/      Baseline                                                               Comment
                                                                                                              Target (where appropriate)
                                                       Source                                                                                       (if
Outcome                                                                      2007/08                                                                necessary)
                                                                                                   2008/09    2009/10        2010/11
                            Reduce drug related         www.sns.gov.uk       121 people (26.7                             91 people                 Leith NP
                            hospital admissions per                          per 10,000) in        ??         ??          per year                  figures
                            10,000 population                                2001-2004                                    (20 per
                            Number recorded in         NHS Information       140 new individual                                                     EH6
                            Drugs Misuse Database      and Statistics        patients (97 males,   ??         ??          ??                        figures
                                                       Division              43 females)
                                                                             reported in

ACTION                      MAIN OUTPUTS               LEAD OFFICER          START &        MEASURE OF            RESOURCES                 RISK
                                                       & ORGANISATION        FINISH         PROGRESS                                        ASSUMPTIONS
                                                                                            & SUCCESS
Stop Smoking
Target relevant groups to    Group and individual     Mary Monaghan,        1/10/2008      Number quitting       Edinburgh Leisure         Low risk
reduce the number of          sessions                 Stop Smoking Co-      To             smoking
people who smoke year        Home visit when          ordinator, NEE LHP    31/03/2011                           Contained within          High impact
on year.                      necessary                                                                           existing Edinburgh
                             Workplace group                                                                     CHP budgets
Link stopping smoking         sessions
with taking more             Relapse preventions                                                                 FSF funds
exercise                      groups
                             Drop-in sessions
                             Free gym sessions
Provide a Young Person       Group sessions - in      Diana Martin, Young   1/10/2008      Number quitting       Contained within          Low risk
Stop Smoking Service to       schools, colleges, etc   Person Stop           To             smoking               existing Edinburgh
young people aged 12 –       Individual sessions –    Smoking Co-           31/03/2011                           CHP budgets               High impact
18 year olds (21              anywhere a young         ordinator Edinburgh
depending on                  person feels safe and    CHP
circumstances).               secure
                             Home visit when
                              necessary - usually at
                             Drop In sessions –
                              usually with voluntary
ACTION                      MAIN OUTPUTS                LEAD OFFICER          START &        MEASURE OF          RESOURCES            RISK
                                                        & ORGANISATION        FINISH         PROGRESS                                 ASSUMPTIONS
                                                                                             & SUCCESS
                              organisations for
                              vulnerable young
Introduce the new,          Pharmacists will supply     Claire Stein,         1/10/2008                          Contained within     Low risk
national pharmacy stop      anyone with a 12 week       Community             to                                 existing Edinburgh
smoking scheme to allow     course of nicotine          Pharmacist,           31/03/2010                         CHP budgets          Medium impact
people who want to quit     replacement therapy         NEE LHP
smoking to use their        (NRT) as well as
community pharmacy to       counselling and advice
receive support to help     on an ongoing basis.
them stop.
Create physical activity    First Steps smoking         Tommy George          April 2008 –   Numbers             FSF Grant            Low risk
opportunities for people    cessation programme in      Community Inclusion   March 2010     participating in
trying to give up smoking   partnership with North      Officer                              sessions;           Edinburgh Leisure    High impact
to become more active       East Edinburgh’s Stop       Edinburgh Leisure                    numbers             Staff
during their course of      Smoking Service,                                                 successfully
smoking cessation.          provides those signed up    Mary Monaghan                        quitting smoking.   NEE LHP
                            to the programme with       Stop Smoking Co-
                            free gym / swim for 8       ordinator
Tackle local health         Improved mental and         Alastair Tibbet       1 March        Qualitative         Climate Challenge    Low risk
inequalities by promoting   physical health.            Greener Leith         2009 – 31      evaluation by 31    Fund
greater physical activity   Provision of training and                         March 2011     March 2011.                              Medium impact
through “Active Travel”     resources for health                                             Number of
                            workers to support them                                          recycled bikes
                            in promoting active                                              distributed to
                            travel.                                                          local residents.
                            1:1 coaching service for                                         Feedback from
                            people who wish to                                               local health care
                            adopt more active travel                                         professionals
                            habits. Free recycled                                            who receive
                            bikes to people who wish                                         training and
                            to start cycling, but do                                         resources.
                            not have a bike.

Drugs and Alcohol Misuse
Help people recover     People presenting with                                October         No. recorded in   GPs; Community       Medium risk
ACTION                     MAIN OUTPUTS                 LEAD OFFICER      START &        MEASURE OF         RESOURCES          RISK
                                                        & ORGANISATION    FINISH         PROGRESS                              ASSUMPTIONS
                                                                                         & SUCCESS
from drugs misuse;         dugs problems are                              2008 - April     the Drugs        Drugs Problem
ensuring medical           provided with                                  2011             Misuse           Service;           High impact
treatment is effectively   appropriate treatments                                          database         Community Mental
integrated with a wide     and a full range of wider                                      Drop in          Health Team, NEE
range of social care,      services to help them                                           hospital         LHP; Aberlour
housing and voluntary      recover                      Kaaren Haughton                    admissions for   Family Support
sector services.                                        CEC H&SC Adult                     drugs misuse     Outreach
                           CEC Health and Social        Resource Team
                           Care                         (addictions)
                           Residential rehabilitation
                           – 32 people per year.
                           Short-term intensive
                           work to stabilise user for
                           X people per year.
                           Access community
                           based detoxification for
                           those previously referred
                           to Links project – 90
                           accommodation for
                           people with HIV for X

                           Turning Point Scotland /                                                                            Low risk
                           NHS Drug Clinic              David Crosbie
                           Needle exchange duty         Turning Point                                                          High impact
                           service and drop-in for      Scotland
                           X people in each             Judith Craven
                           service.                     Specialist GP
                           Prescribing service for
                           X people.
                           Community based
                           addictions recovery
                           service for X people.
ACTION                      MAIN OUTPUTS               LEAD OFFICER     START &      MEASURE OF        RESOURCES          RISK
                                                       & ORGANISATION   FINISH       PROGRESS                             ASSUMPTIONS
                                                                                     & SUCCESS
People with alcohol         Primary Care               Mike Ryan        Oct 2008 –   No. of people     NEE Alcohol        Low risk
problems will be            Deliver alcohol brief      Lead Clinician   April 2011   admitted to       Problems Service
motivated to reduce their   interventions to people    NEE LHP                       hospital with                        High impact
drinking.                   with alcohol problems                                    alcohol related
                            and identify local         John Palmer                   conditions.
                            sources of support for X   Public Health
                            people.                    Practitioner
                            Alcohol problems clinic    NEE LHP
                            at Leith CTC (X people
                            Improve access to
                            specialist alcohol
                            rehabilitation clinics
                            (LEAP, Ritson clinic) (X
                            referrals per year)
ACTION                    MAIN OUTPUTS              LEAD OFFICER         START &        MEASURE OF            RESOURCES            RISK
                                                    & ORGANISATION       FINISH         PROGRESS                                   ASSUMPTIONS
                                                                                        & SUCCESS
                          CEC H&SC                  Kaaren Haughton                                           Persevere
                          Seek new alcohol          CEC H&SC Adult                                            Community Health
                          worker with addictions    Resource Team                                             Flat
                                                    (Addictions)                                              Marion Steedman
                          team to support poly-
                                                                                                              Keep Well Nurse

                          Turning Point Scotland David Crosbie
                          Provide alcohol        Turning Point
                          Seek new alcohol post.

                          Edin & Lothians
                          Council on Alcohol
                                                    Anne Confray, ELCA
                          Provide advice,
                          information and
                          assessment for X
                          1 to 1 counselling for
                          X people.
                          Work with NHS Keep
                          Well programme for X
Ensure that ‘recovery’    Transition                Sian Fiddimore       October        No. of people:        Contained within     Low risk
includes helping people   Assess 40 poly-users      Access to Industry   2008 – April                         existing Edinburgh
to pursue active lives    Provide structured        (Transition)         2011           - On programme        CHP budgets          High impact
and returning to          programme of skills                                           - Gaining
education, training or    training to 28 users.                                         qualification
work if appropriate.      Refer people into FE or                                       - In employment
                          jobs training.                                                - Engaging in
                          Provide employability                                         positive activities
                          service (14 job
Provide support and       Bethany Christian Trust   John Rodgers         October        No. of people:        Contained within     Low risk
advice into employment    Housing support service   Bethany Christian    2008 – April                         existing Bethany
ACTION                    MAIN OUTPUTS                 LEAD OFFICER          START &      MEASURE OF            RESOURCES          RISK
                                                       & ORGANISATION        FINISH       PROGRESS                                 ASSUMPTIONS
                                                                                          & SUCCESS
for people recovering     for 17 people.               Trust                 2011         - On programme        Community          High impact
from drug and alcohol     Structured recovery                                             - Gaining             Education Budget
misuse                    programme for X people                                          qualification
                          per year.                                                       - In employment
                          Referral for X people into                                      - Engaging in
                          community services.                                             positive activities

                          Bethany Christian Trust
                          Provide weekly drop-ins      Jessica Philbrick-
                                                       Smith, Community
                          (Men’s drop-in, Women’s
                                                       Education Deputy
                          drop-in, Job Volunteering
                          and Housing drop-in) for
                                                       Bethany Community
                          X people.                    Education (Bethany
                          Learning groups              Learning Centre, 65
                          (reading, writing and        Bonnington Road)
                          numbers) courses
                          (Beginners IT, ECDL) for
                          X people.
   To support young      Seek to employ one full      Sam Anderson          April 2009                         CEC Children and   Medium risk
    people in             time worker who can act      Co-ordinator          – April
                                                                                          ??                    Families
    developing            as a link between            The Junction          2011                               NHS Healthy        Medium impact
                          schools and The                                                                       Respect
                          Junction services.           Named Lead Officer                                       Leith Youth
    alcohol resources
                           Provide training           ?                                                        Workers’ Forum
    & interventions           courses for workers      CEC Children and
    which are effective       involved with young      Families
    in reducing the           people (for X
    harm alcohol has          workers)
    on them & their        With young people
    communities.              create appropriate,
   To provide young          locally relevant
    people with               inputs and
    consistent &              resources.
    relevant messages      Provide annual 3
                              session input to all
    around alcohol            S1s in 3 secondary
    misuse.                   schools.
   To provide young       Identify ways forward
ACTION                    MAIN OUTPUTS                 LEAD OFFICER        START &      MEASURE OF   RESOURCES           RISK
                                                       & ORGANISATION      FINISH       PROGRESS                         ASSUMPTIONS
                                                                                        & SUCCESS
    families with             in engaging with
    children with             parents on alcohol
    similar messages          misuse.
    in early years         2 drop-in sessions
    settings.                 per week to support
                              young people
                              presenting with
                              alcohol misuse
                              issues (for X people)
Increase support to        Seek family                John Palmer, PHP,   April 2010                North East Early    High risk
children and families         addiction worker to      NEE LHP                          ??           Years Forum
affected by family            work with early years                                                                      Medium impact
substance abuse               providers in Leith
                           Seek greater support
                              for children suffering
                              family substance
                              abuse through either
                              CEC H&SC or CEC
                              C&F Social Work
                           Provide additional X
                              crèche places for
                              children affected by
                              family substance
                           Increase numbers in
                              Aberlour SHELL
                              programme to X
                           Increase access to
                              family support in
                              evening and
                              weekends for X
Develop a partnership     X substance misusers         John Palmer         Jan 2010                  Primary Care
approach to help          become physically fitter,    PHP, NEE LHP                     ??           Keep Well           ??
substance misusers        eat more healthily, are                                                    Edinburgh Leisure
access services to meet   better socially connected                                                  ECFI
ACTION                       MAIN OUTPUTS                 LEAD OFFICER        START &        MEASURE OF          RESOURCES            RISK
                                                          & ORGANISATION      FINISH         PROGRESS                                 ASSUMPTIONS
                                                                                             & SUCCESS
their other physical and     and exhibit increased                                                               Paths to Health
mental health needs, or      mental wellbeing.                                                                   Link-Up
improve their lifestyles.                                                                                        Pilmeny
Support community            Enforcement action           Named Lead          October        Breaches of         Contained within L   Low risk
safety initiatives seeking   against breaches of          Person?             2008 – April   liquor licensing    & BP and CEC
to reduce the harm to the    liquor licensing             L & BP; CEC         2011           regulations         budgets              High impact
community and                regulations                  Trading Standards
individuals caused by the
excessive availability
and usage of alcohol.
Promote healthy eating,      All children’s groups will   Cathy McNaughton    2009 –         Feedback from
access to healthy            include healthy snacks       MCFB                2011           young people,       ??                   ??
activities and promote       and some healthy                                                families and
healthy lifestyles.          activity.                                                       other services,
                                                                                             such as schools.
                             Work with young people
                             will address risks from                                         Measurement of
                             using alcohol, cigarettes                                       resilience using
                             and drugs.                                                      GIRFEC well-
                                                                                             being indicators.
                             Work with parents to
                             challenge behaviour
                             which damages their
                             parenting capacity and
                             encourage positive
National Outcome                 Relevant National Indicators            Context
7 – We have tackled the          11 – 60% of school children in          Children and families will be able to access the services they need. Through a seamless
                                 primary 1 will have no signs of         service they will be able to get what they need, when they want it. This will be delivered by
significant inequalities in      dental disease.                         staff who share a common language and purpose in delivering parenting programmes.
Scottish Society.                14 – Reduce the rate of increase in
                                 the proportion of children with their   The outcomes for parents / carers and their children will be increased:
                                                                            Confidence – in their parenting.
Edinburgh’s Local Outcome        Body Mass index outwith a healthy
                                 range by 2018.                             Optimism – meaning being able to deal with the everyday demands of their children and
 Improving health care                                                      being a parent.
                                 44 – Improve the quality of the            Resilience – by finding support systems; being connected to their communities; being
   experience.                   healthcare experience.
                                                                             able to access services; an increased ability to deal with difficult decisions in parenting
 Improving child health.                                                    their children.
 Reduce deprivation.
                                 Child protection inspection findings:
                                 Increase the overall proportion of         Knowledge – of their child’s development; basic needs of their child and how to care for
 Reduce health                  local authority areas receiving             and nurture them.
                                 positive inspection reports.               Understanding – of family dynamics and mother, other family members and child
   inequalities through                                                      interaction; how to access support when they need to want it.
   reduction in differences in                                              Empathy – ability to recognise and understand the needs of others around them,
   life expectancy and                                                       especially their children.
   illness prevalence                                                    Through accessing timely and appropriate clinical and non-clinical services, the health and
   between different socio-                                              wellbeing of parents / carers and their children will be supported, thus creating the growth and
   economic groups and                                                   development of healthy, confident children.
   neighbourhoods in
 Improve attainment for
   BME pupils.
 Improve adult literacy and
Lead Board Member:               Christine Mackay, Children and Families
                                 John Palmer – Public Health Practitioner, NE Edinburgh LHP
Supporting Officer:
 Neighbourhood                         Neighbourhood Indicator         Frequency/    Baseline                                                            Comment
                                                                                                              Target (where appropriate)
                                                                       Type/         2007/08                                                             (if necessary)
 Outcome                                                               Source
                                                                                                    2008/09   2009/10      2010/11         Longer Term
 More families provide a caring and    As a general indicator of       NHS           59.8%in 2005                         60%
 nurturing environment and are         care for and health of          Lothian       / 06
 supported in accessing the services   children, more five year olds                 (Edinburgh)
 they need.                            have no dental caries when
                                       they start school.
                                       Fewer children at risk of       Moyra
                                       exclusion                       Wilson,
                                       Fewer children are absent       www.sns.g     94.7%                    95%         Same as                        Leith NP figures
                                       from Primary school.            ov.uk         attendance                           city
                                                                                                                          (95.4% in
                                       Reduction in number of          CEC
                                       children referred to            Children
                                       children’s hearings.            and
                                       Reduction in number of
                                       children who are looked
                                       after and accommodated.
                                       HMIE Child Protection           Every two     54 (Sept                 66          68 (2011)                      Performance score relates to
                                       Inspection score.               years,        2007)                                                               HMIE grades converted into
                                                                       HMIE                                                                              points. Targets to be reviewed
                                                                                                                                                         during 2008.
                                       Relevant indicators from
                                       CYPSIP research

ACTION                     MAIN OUTPUTS            LEAD OFFICER                     START &              MEASURE OF                   RESOURCES                RISK
                                                   & ORGANISATION                   FINISH               PROGRESS                                              ASSUMPTIONS
                                                                                                         & SUCCESS
All children have a        Implement               Liz Cregan, Clinical 1/10/2008 to                     ??                           Contained within         Low risk
systematic check           “Health for All         Nurse Manager, NEE 31/3/2011                                                       existing
of developmental           Children no. 4          LHP                                                                                Edinburgh CHP            High impact
milestones, with           (Hall 4)”                                                                                                  budgets
care being                 recommended
targeted on the            programmes and
most vulnerable            Lothian Child
                        Concern Model.
Vulnerable young        Introduce          Diane Devlin          April 2009 to   ??   Contained within   Medium risk
parents are             PEACHIE            Public Health         March 2011           existing
helped with the         parenting          Practitioner, CEC                          Edinburgh CHP      Medium impact
parenting of their      programme (3       Children and                               budgets.
children.               groups per year)   Families
Ensure mothers,         Mother and baby    Ailene Preston        2009 – March    ??   Dr. Bell’s         Medium risk
grandparents,           groups are         Public Health Nurse   2011                 Playbase           Medium impact
siblings and other      available in a     Team Leader, NE                            Home-start
carers can find         variety of NHS     LHP                                        Own fundraising
support to help         and voluntary
them in their roles.    sector settings.
Advice and              1.70 people will   Named Lead Officer? 1/4/2009 –        ??   ??                 ??
Information             receive advice     1. .Dr. Bell’s      31/3/2011
1. One stop shop        and information    2. MCFB
     for advice and     per year.          3. Home-Start,
     information on                           Aberlour
     a wide variety                           Outreach
     of topics.                            4. ECFI Little
2. Provision of                               Leithers
     and short term
3. Provision of
     about and
     to, appropriate
4. Little Leither
     about food and
     health for local
Home visiting         X families visited   Named Lead Officer? 1/4/2009 –        ??                  ??   ??
1. Planned home                              1. Homestart      31/3/2011
   visiting support                          2. MCFB Early
   service                                      Years
   delivered by                                 Service,
   trained staff                                Aberlour
   and                                          Outreach
2. Intensive
   home visiting
Parenting support     Parents / families   Named Lead Officer       1/4/2009 –   Reduction in        ??   ??
1. Innovative and     per year:            D. Bell’s, Homestart,    31/3/2011    number of
   flexible group                          MCFB, Aberlour                        children referred
   work,              1. Group work:       outreach                              to children’s
   therapeutic           Dr. Bell’s = 30   Dr. Bell’s, Homestart,                hearings.
   and individual        Therapeutic:      Aberlour Outreach
   programmes            Dr. Bell’s = 40   Dr. Bell’s                            Reduction in
   based on           2. Group work        Dr. Bell’s                            number of
   identified            and crèche:       Aberlour Outreach                     children who are
   need.                 Dr. Bell’s1       Dr. Bell’s, MCFB                      looked after and
2. Group work            Asian Group       Aberlour Outreach,                    accommodated.
   programmes            (15 women)        MCFB
   supported by          Parenting         Aberlour Outreach,
   crèche                groups (30        MCFB
   provision.            parents)
3. Parenting             Crèche
   support groups        support (6
   – Incredible          groups)
   Years and          3. Parenting
   short taster          support
   courses –             groups: Dr.
   “Behaviour            Bell’s 30
   Matters”              parents
4. Regular            4. Regular
   crèche                crèche: Dr.
   sessions (2           Bell’s 15
   per week) for         families
5.   Co-ordination
     of support and
     preparation for
6.   Early
     identification of
     leading to
     supports being
     put in place.
7.   Parenting
     guidance to
     improve family
8.   Assistance to
     parents to
     routines and
Food and Health    1. Dr. Bell’s = 50   Named Lead officer?   1/4/2009 –   ??   ??   ??
1. Group work          people per       1. Dr. Bell’s         31/3/2011
   programmes in       year             2. ECFI Little
   local schools   3. 200 customers        Leithers
   and nurseries   per month            3. Dr. Bell’s
   with a focus on                      4. ECFI Little
   healthy eating                          Leithers
   (“marketed” as                       5. ECFI Little
   cookery                                 Leithers
   classes)                             6. ECFI Little
2. Cooking skills                          Leithers
   classes and                          7. Aberlour
   healthy eating                          Outreach
   advice in local                      8. ECFI Little
   child and                               Leithers
   family centres.
3. Café space
   healthy eating.
4. Provision of
   vouchers for
   families with
   children under
   5 living in the
   15% most
   deprived data
   zones, along
   with healthy
   recipes and
   information, to
   exchange for
   healthy food in
   local shops
   and Fort Food
5. Provision of 5-
   a-day bags or
   Little Leither
   coupons for
   £1off items
   purchased in
   voucher shops
   for families
   leaving the
6. Healthy eating
   and nutrition
   sessions for
   parents and
   young children
   in local
7. Promotion of
   eating options
   by assisting
   families to
   cook, budget,
   shop and
   meals in their
   own homes.
8. Accredited
   REHIS food
   hygiene and
   food and
   health training
   sessions for
Practical Support     Named Lead Officer? 1/4/2009 –    ??   ??   ??
1. Sourcing           1. Aberlour         31/3/2011
    material             Outreach.
    resources for     2. Aberlour
    children e.g.        Outreach
    toys and          3. Aberlour
    clothes.             Outreach,
2. Provision of          Homestart
    information,      4. Aberlour
    advice and           Outreach
    support to
    improve child
3. Accompanying
    service users
    to medical
4. Practical
    support to
    attain higher
    standards of
Children and          Named Lead officer?   1/4/2009-   ??   ??   ??
families affected     1. Aberlour           31/3/2011
by parental              Outreach
substance abuse       2. Aberlour
1. Provision of          Outreach
    e assessment
    to: assess
    impact of
    violence on
    assess impact
    of family drugs
    and / or
    alcohol abuse
    on children,
    identify risk
    factors in
2. Relapse
    prevention and
    harm reduction
    work for drugs
    and alcohol.
Provide              Parents Evenings    Sam Anderson        2009 ongoing   Evenings take       Partially funded       Low risk
accessible           Development and     The Junction                       place and           by Fairer
information,         provision of                                           resources           Scotland Fund          Medium impact
support and          resources                                              devised. Both       until March 2010.
advice.                                                                     evaluate well.
Provide              Leith First Steps   Tommy George,       April 2008 –   Numbers taking      FSF grant              Low risk
opportunities for    Project offers      Community Liaison   March 2010     up physical
households in        households in the   Officer,                           activity            Edinburgh
Leith and            Newhaven and        Edinburgh Leisure                  opportunities;      Leisure Site / staff   Medium impact
Newhaven to          Harbour area the                                       Number of visits;
become more          opportunity to                                         Numbers
physically active,   take up free                                           continuing to
impacting            physical activity                                      participate in
positively on        sessions at Leith                                      physical activity
health and           Victoria Swim                                          after initial 6
wellbeing.           Centre.                                                months.
Information on the   Reduction in        Cathy McNaughton    2009 – 2011    Feedback from       ??                     ??
barriers faced by    barriers for BME    MCFB                               services and
BME families’        people when                                            service users.
feedback to          accessing
services.            mainstream
                     Invite community    Alex Jones          Ongoing        Number of people    SfC resourced          Low risk
                     groups to take      Local Community                    / groups engaged
                     part in relevant    Planning                           in sessions.                               Medium impact
                     consumer and
                     financial related
Provide family       Junction              Sam Anderson          2009 ongoing       Young people and    Partially funded       Low risk
counselling          Counselling           The Junction                             parents access      by Fairer
service              Service –                                                      counselling         Scotland Fund          Medium impact
                     Counselling                                                    service for         until March 2010
                     sessions                                                       information and
                     Phone                                                          support
                     Brief interventions
Encourage and        Rhymetimes in         Jill Marple           24 (April 2009-    Attendance at       Application for        High Risk -
Increase             Library               Team Leader           Mar -2010)         rhymetimes and      Mainstreaming          If funding not
Bookstart                                  Leith Library                            events              Bookstart Project      secured beyond
membership and                                                                                          worker to Library      March 09
attendance at        Storytelling                                48 (April2009-     Bookstart           establishment
rhymetimes and                                                   Mar 2010)          membership
events                                                                                                  Application to
                                                                                    Number of Book      Children In Need       Medium impact
                     Visit to Clinics                            24 (April 2009 –   bags and treasure   For April 2009 –
                                                                 2010)              chests gifted       March 2010
                     Outreach                                                                           (£20,000)
                     activities in the
                     community of                                80 (April 2009 -
                     North Leith                                 2010)
                     (rhymetimes and
                     other activities)

Create               First Steps           Tommy George,         April 2008 –       Numbers of          FSF grant              Low risk
opportunities for    Saturday              Community Inclusion   March 2010         women
female only          afternoon female      Officer,                                 participating       Edinburgh              Medium impact
swimming to          swim sessions (3      Edinburgh Leisure                                            Leisure site / staff
encourage more       – 4pm) costing
women in Leith to    £1, with free
become more          crèche service
active, more often   provided for
                     children under 5.
Provide effective    Parents will          Marise Gowenlock      2009 – 2011        Feedback from       Surestart              ??
family support         become more          Multi-Cultural Named   service users and
service for families   confident and        Lead Officer?          other agencies.     Voluntary Trusts
with pre-school        competent in their   Family Base Early                          and Foundations
children, including    parenting skills.    Years Service          Evaluation using
intensive home                                                     GIRFEC
visiting services      Infant mental                               wellbeing
and therapeutic        health will be                              indicators
groupwork              improved.
services aimed at
building               Children’s
confidence and         development and
parenting skills.      resilience will be
                       enhanced with
                       positive long-term
                       impact on the
                       and attainments.

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