Musical Theatre Worksheet for Quiz 1 by bjn735


									Musical Theatre Worksheet for Quiz 1
Write the 10 steps of the process:
Give a short explanation of the following steps:
Box Step:

Pas de Bouree:

Pivot Turn:


Chaine Turn:

Fill in the Blanks:

Music has been an important part of Western Theatre dating back to ancient

In the British operetta team of Gilbert and Sullivan, Arthur Sullivan wrote the _________
and William Gilbert wrote the ____________.
Name two Gilbert and Sullivan operettas: 1)________________ 2)_______________

“I Am the Very Model of a Modern Major General” is an example of a _________ song.

The four major stock characters in operetta are: 1)_________________
2)________________ 3)_________________ 4)_____________________

________________ is the term used to describe moments in opera and operetta that serve
as dialogue but are sung through.

Many consider ________________as the first American Musical though it was a chance
combination of American melodrama and French Ballet.

“Ah Sweet Mystery of Life” is from the Victor Herbert operetta ______________.

Minstrel Shows started in the 1830’s with all white performers in black face however,
after the ______________, African American performers began to perform in them as
well, but always in black face.

Minstrel Shows were a variety entertainment with a ___ act structure.

Vaudeville became popular as a “clean” alternative to ____________.

Vaudeville theatres were set up in _________ and performers would travel across the
country from theatre to theatre.

Florenz Ziegfeld was famous for his revues, which he called ______________.

Ziegfeld’s mission was to ______________________________________.
Bert Williams signature song was titled _____________.

George M. Cohan grew up performing with his family in Vaudeville in an act called

Name two Cohan songs: 1)___________________ 2)_______________________

For most of his shows George M. Cohan, he ______________, ______________, and
stared in himself.

_____________________ was the name given to a couple of blocks in New York City in
which song writers would publish and sell songs.

Irving Berlin made Ragtime a popular music type with the introduction of his first hit
song, _______________________.

Ethel Waters brought down the house singing the song ______________ in the Irving
Berlin revue ____________________.

The musical _______________________________ starred Ethel Merman and told the
story of sharp shooter Annie Oakley.

Jerome Kern was an inspiration to young composers in the small budget contemporary
plot driven shows at the ______________ Theatre.

Show Boat had music written by ________________ and lyrics and book by

Show Boat was a major gamble for its producer _________________.

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