CDBG Fact Sheet 6-3-11 by xiagong0815


									                                              City of Seattle
                                         Human Services Department

                                         CDBG Fact Sheet
                                                June 2, 2011

The City of Seattle’s Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program channels federal funds from the
U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to various programs that help low- and moderate-income
individuals, families and communities. The funding comes to the City’s CDBG program office, in the Seattle
Human Services Department (HSD), and is distributed to the Office of Economic Development, Office of
Housing, HSD and to community-based social service agencies to help pay for various programs and projects.

Funding: 2010, 2011
The amount of CDBG received from HUD in 2010 was $13,058,449, with an additional $600,000 coming from
“program income” generated by prior years’ CDBG loans. The City’s 2011 Adopted Budget anticipated the
same amount of funding from HUD for 2011.

Reduction in 2011 Funding
As part of the 2011 federal budget finalized this spring, Seattle received a 17.8% reduction in its annual
allocation equaling $2.3 million (from $13 million to $10.7 million). This funding gap is partially offset by
$200,000 in additional program income available to support CDBG programs, for a net change of $2.1 million.

Mayor’s commitment to fund human services
In the mid-year adjustment to the 2011 City Budget, Mayor McGinn has committed to backfill the part of the
shortfall affecting human services contracts, allowing CDBG-funded agencies to deliver homeless services as

  CDBG-funded programs
  Compass Center Housing Stability Program                Wellspring Family Services Transitional Assistance
  IDHA Housing Stability & Eviction Prevention            YWCA Seattle Emergency Housing
  Legal Action Center                                     Aloha Inn
  Plymouth Housing Group Housing Stability                Broadview Transitional Housing
  Salvation Army Homelessness Prev./Hsng Stab.            YWCA Enhanced Shelter for Women & Children
  Solid Ground Tenant Counseling/Hsng.Supp. Svcs.         Angeline's Day and Hygiene Center
  Angeline's Enhanced Shelter Program                     Lazarus Day Center
  Broadview Emergency Shelter
  DESC Enhanced Shelter Program
  Noel House
  Solid Ground Family Shelter
  St. Martin de Porres Shelter

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