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					2006-2007 Student Organization Student Services Fees Request
University of Minnesota – Twin Cities
Institute of Technology Student Publications

                              Institute of Technology Student Publications

                                             January 25, 2006

                             Fees Request for 2006-2007 Academic Year

5 Lind Hall _________________________________________________________________

Phone                            Fax                                Email

“We acknowledge that the fees committee does not award actual dollars, but rather a penny fee that earns
 dollars based upon student enrollment levels. Any differences between anticipated and actual income
                   resulting from changes in enrollment are the responsibility of the
                           student organization, not of the fees committee.”

           _Phil Roban__________________                     ___Jen Idziorek______________
                Preparer’s Name Here                              Co-Preparer’s Name Here

Is your organization an IRS 501 (c)(3) not-for-profit?                  Yes _____       No ___X____
If yes, please provide proof of your organization’s 501(c)(3) status.

Funds are being requested for (check all that apply):

General Operating Support ___X___       Start-Up Costs __________               Capital ___________
Project / Program Support ________      Technical Assistance _____      Other (List) ______________


Dollar Amount Requested                                   $24,000
Total Annual Organization Budget                          $24,000
Total Project Budget (Apart from General Operating)       $3,400
2006-2007 Student Organization Student Services Fees Request
University of Minnesota – Twin Cities
Institute of Technology Student Publications


Institute of Technology Student Publications (ITSP) was founded as the Institute of Technology Board of
Publications in 1920. It produces two publications for Institute of Technology students: Minnesota
Technolog, a quarterly magazine, and IT Connection, a biweekly informational newsletter. The
publications, both entirely student-written and operated, are distributed freely across campus in IT
buildings and are available online at, and have won awards for excellence among
similar student publications nationwide.

The mission of the ITSP is to educate the University community about science and technology
stories, research, and opinions; provide an opportunity for students to have their writings
published and learn about magazine production; and inform students of happenings in the
college and potential career prospects. We achieve this by publishing Minnesota Technolog and
IT Connection. We also connect with similar engineering magazines around the country. We
value increasing the knowledge of science and publishing, promoting a sense of community
within our organization and within IT, cooperation, and friendship.

In addition to these purposes, ITSP works to inform and entertain the IT student body, while offering
connections within the technology community and giving students the opportunity to work together to
produce the publications. Our goals for the coming year are gaining more members, writers,
photographers, and editors; increasing campus-wide readership by producing higher-quality publications;
and continuing to produce an award-winning magazine that sets a high standard of excellence.

IT Connection creates a sense of community within IT by providing important information to IT students,
including a listing of upcoming seminars and colloquia, student/staff awards, promotion of the annual IT
open house called “IT Week” and the annual Tech Fair, student services and available workshops, and
scholarships and fellowships offered throughout IT. To help promote other IT organizations, special
emphasis is given to announcements and news of the activities and programs of other student groups. In
1999, IT Connection began posting issues on the web, increasing access to IT students.

The award-winning Minnesota Technolog informs, enlightens, and entertains the University community
with stories that examine and criticize technological advances, issues in science and technology, and other
scientific topics, with emphasis on the University’s contributions. For example, we have run a series of
articles called “Behind the Bricks” which tell the stories of the people after whom many campus buildings
were named. Another recent story explores the St. Anthony Falls Hydraulic Laboratory, the acoustical
design of the new Guthrie Theater, and the study-abroad options available for science and engineering
students. As a founding member of the Engineering College Magazines Associated (ECMA), a national
technical/engineering magazine association, Minnesota Technolog and its staff attend the annual ECMA
conference to meet students from other engineering college magazines, learn how to improve our
publication, and compete for awards.

It is estimated that 80% of IT students regularly read our publications. We expect the readership to
continue to grow as our organization continues to grow and improve.

Both Minnesota Technolog and IT Connection are completely student-written and student-operated. This
includes positions for copy editors, layout editors, webmaster, technical support personnel, writers,
photographers, and illustrators. We did not increase our membership this past year, but we did recruit
new members and we plan to launch a PR campaign to increase our visibility and spark interest to recruit
new writers and editors.
ITSP has been making efforts to expand opportunities for participation in both publications. First-year
students receive an invitation to participate as part of their orientation. In addition, our staff has hosted a
popular series of workshops aimed at improving the participants’ skills in writing, editing, and
photography. As a result, the quality of our contributors’ writing has greatly improved from previous

ITSP did not receive fees for 2003-2004 or for 2004-2005. As a result, we have spent down our reserves
while reducing our printing costs, eliminating the paid position of business manager, and decreasing the
number of members who attended last year’s ECMA conference. We are requesting fees in order to
continue to operate at our new, lean scale. We request a Special Assessment 2 to generate $24,000 for our
2006-07 fiscal year.
2006-2007 Student Organization Student Services Fees Request
University of Minnesota – Twin Cities
Institute of Technology Student Publications

Organizational Chart

                                               IT Student Publications   :
                                                  Technolog Editors
                                                   Connection Editor

                   The Technolog                                                 IT Connection


   Writing Staff                   Art Staff                                                     Staff
2006-2007 Student Organization Student Services Fees Request
University of Minnesota – Twin Cities
Institute of Technology Student Publications

Performance Report

Measure of Performance                                           Actual      Estimated      Estimated
                                                               2004-2005     2005-2006      2006-2007
IT Connection Performance Parameters
    1. Number of issues printed per year                           14             14             14
    2. Number of copies printed per issue                         500            500            500
    3. Average submissions per issue (not including                8              8              8
       recurring columns or seminars)

Minnesota Technolog Performance Parameters
    1. Average number of pages per issue                          22             20             20
    2. Number of Technologs printed per issue                    5000           5000           5000
    3. ECMA Awards                                                4              6              6

    4. Estimated readership among IT Students                    75%            80%             80%

Students who publish through IT Student                           20             20              20
                                                                 3500           3500           3500
Monthly visitors to the publications’ web sites

         ITSP has an important role in both the IT and greater University communities. Not only do we
inform the IT student body of current events and issues, but we also offer connections and opportunities
within the technology community. We provide a resource for students to explore technology related
issues through writing and other creative media. (For more information please see “narrative” section.)
Criteria For Success:
         The criteria for success of Minnesota Technolog and IT Connection are different than that of most
student organizations. As a publication we refer to the number of contributors as a measure of
involvement in our organization. Another major indicator of success is magazine readership—online
versions and printed copies of both Minnesota Technolog and IT Connection.
         We also can gauge how well we are doing by how we place at the annual engineering magazine
convention and awards ceremony. The recognition we receive at the yearly conferences of Engineering
College Magazines Associated (ECMA) is the main criterion our organization uses to judge performance.
Awards are based on various aspects of the publication, magazine critiques are held, and feedback from
professionals in the field of science and technology writing is provided. Each year we send writers and
editors to attend the conference to learn the latest about publishing a science and technology magazine
and to accept our awards.
         Goals of IT Student Publications include increasing participation in the organization, increasing
campus-wide readership, and continuing our award-winning tradition of excellence.
         Short Term Goals: The short-term goal of our organization is to continue our standards of
         excellence as demonstrated through awards received at the yearly ECMA conference.
         Long Term Goals: In the long term, IT Student Publications hopes to continue to provide a
         resource to create dialogue in technical issues for IT students and the greater university
         population. We want to be available as a professional development activity open to all students,
         introduce to IT students a greater perspective on communication through writing and visual
        media, increase awareness of technology related issues on campus, and highlight the importance
        of creative representation in presenting science and technology issues.

Determining Whether Goals are Met: The basis of determining whether goals are met is the
responsibility of organization leaders and advisors. Collected evaluation results and related information is
discussed between the four organization student leaders and the advisors at meetings. The information is
then disseminated through the rest of the organization.
2006-2007 Student Organization Student Services Fees Request
University of Minnesota – Twin Cities
Institute of Technology Student Publications

Description of Impact at a 10 Percent Reduction in Fees Request

        Were we to be awarded an amount 10% smaller than our request, we would be required to cut
some essential parts of our budget. Based on the amount we are requesting for the 2006-2007 year, a ten
percent reduction would represent approximately $2400. The easiest place to cut that amount of money
comes from our equipment budget, and from our printing budget. We have budgeted $1000 for the
purchase of a new Windows PC—our present Windows machine is pretty old and in need of replacement.
Another $1400 could be trimmed by cutting back to three issues of Minnesota Technolog for the year.
However, with only three issues published, we would no longer be eligible for entry to the annual ECMA
awards, which are an important measure of the quality of our work, and a good motivator for our
essentially all-volunteer staff.
2006-2007 Student Organization Student Services Fees Request
University of Minnesota – Twin Cities
Institute of Technology Student Publications


Complete the section below as it applies to your organization.


SOURCE                          2004-2005                2005-2006              2006-2007
Student Services Fees           $10,974.42               $11,117.66/22235.22    $24,000.00
Foundations                     $         0              $        0/$0          $         0
Corporations                    $         0              $        0/$0          $         0
Individual Contributions        $         0              $        0/$0          $         0
Fundraising Measures            $1,734.25                $        0/$0          $         0
In-Kind Support                 $         0              $        0/$0          $         0
Investment Income               $         0              $        0/$0          $         0
Grants Internal to UM           $         0              $        0/$0          $         0
(i.e. Administrative, Coke)
Grants External to UM           $         0              $        0             $         0
Carry-Over from Previous Year $ 3,706.52____             $3,473.28              $3911.70

Total Income                    $16,415.19               $14,590.94/25,708.50   $27,911.70

                                     OPERATIONAL EXPENSES

ITEM                            2004-2005                2005-2006              2006-2007

Salaries, Wages, and Stipends   $3,360.00                $895/4000              $4,000.00
Insurance, Benefits, Taxes      $42.00                   $11.19/50.00           $50.00
Consultants / Professional Fees $         0              $        0             $         0
Travel                          $         0              $        0             $         0
Equipment                       $         0              $        0             $1,000.00
Supplies                        $         0              $        0             $         0
Printing and Copying            $8,860.30                $208.61/$14,000        $15,000.00
Telephone and Fax               $318.96                  $165.90/$331.80        $331.80
Postage and Delivery            $         0              $0/$50                 $50.00
2006-2007 Student Organization Student Services Fees Request
University of Minnesota – Twin Cities
Institute of Technology Student Publications

Budget Continued
                             OPERATIONAL EXPENSES CONTINUED

ITEM                             2004-2005             2005-2006              2006-2007

Rent and Utilities               $       0             $         0/$0         $         0
In-Kind Expenses                 $       0             $         0/$0         $         0
Other (Specify)                  $       0             $15.00/$15.00          $         0

Total Operational Expenses       $12,581.26            $1,295.70/$18396.80    $20,431.80_____

                             PROGRAMMING/PROJECT EXPENSES**
ITEM                             2004-2005             2005-2006              2006-2007
Food______        _____          $       99.95         $201.76/400.00         $400.00
Room Rental       _____          $       0             $         0            $         0
Advertising       ______         $       0             $         0            $         0
Entertainment ______             $       0             $         0            $         0
Travel            ______         $       30.00         $0/$3,000.00           $3,000.00
Other (Specify)                  $       230.70        $600.00                $         0
Superscript numbers refer to attached project breakdowns.
Total Prog./Proj. Expenses       $       360.65        $801.76/$3,400.00      $3,400.00______

Total Expenses                   $12,941,91            $2097.46/$21,796.80    $23,831.80

Difference                       $3473.28              $12493.48/$3911.70     $4079.90
(Income Less Expense)

Reserves: $3,473.28              How Managed: Equipment and Office Improvement Reserves

** For the Programming/Project expenses, organizations must provide a breakdown of the
programming/projects that comprise the total costs listed above. In turn, the sum of each
programming/project’s costs should add up to the totals listed for each item. The
Programming/Project breakdown sheet is provided on page 24 and should be duplicated for each
individual program/project. Breaking down your organization’s projects and supplementing with
narrative pages could alleviate the need to compile this information for the fees committee at a later

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