Brook Farm by xiagong0815


									Brook Farm

By: Alex Lindsey
Megan Cantwell
               What is it?
• Experimental community in Roxbury,
  Massachusetts started by George Ripley.
• Goal was to provide opportunities for self-
• Focus on creating an Utopian society.
          How’d they work?
• All residents did the same amount of work
  and had equal amounts of leisure.
• Separated from outside world.
• Thought they’d make America better by
  “helping individuals bridge the gap
  between the world of intellect and learning,
  and the world of instinct and nature.”
     Community perspective?
• Nathaniel Hawthorne was an original
  member of the community.
• He expressed his beliefs about the society
  through his writings.
• The Blithedale Romance by Nathaniel
• He described in his book the disastrous
  consequences of the experiment on the
  people there.
 Why weren’t they successful?
• The obvious difference between the idea
  of individual freedom and trying to form a
  “communal society” caused Brook Farm to
• Many residents left when a fire destroyed
  the main building of the community (1847)
  and the experiment dissolved.

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