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					                                           Algebra III Syllabus
              Mrs. Willard                                                          2011-2012

Instructor: Mrs. Patrice Willard                        Phone: (636)733-3100 ext: 43063
Webpage: Email:

Prerequisite: Successful completion of Algebra II or Honors Algebra II
Text: “Algebra for College Students”; Blitzer, 2009

Welcome to Algebra III. This algebra course is designed for the student who will continue to Pre-
Calculus or is college-bound. This course will include new topics and applications of some topics
addressed in Algebra II. Topics in this course will include sequences and series, conic sections, non-
linear systems, logarithms, and functions. Calculators will be used when appropriate.

  1. Students are expected to come to class prepared (with your book and a pencil daily) and be on time.
  2. Treat all others with respect.
  3. Effort will go a long way.
  4. Maintain lines of communication.
  5. Treat this class as a college-level class

Practice is important in learning mathematics and should be completed on the day assigned. Homework
will be checked for completion and recorded as a 0 (less than 50% complete), 1 (as least 50% complete)
or 2 (every problem completed). These scores will not be calculated in the grade however, they will
determine if you get the quiz or test incentive for the chapter. These opportunities will be at the teacher’s
discretion and may vary.

Quizzes (20%) & Tests (80%) :
Quizzes and Tests will be given to assess where you are in terms of being proficient in each particular
concept. These assessments will be announced several days in advance, so if you are absent the day
before or the day of, you are required to take the assessment the day you return. If you are absent, it is
important you arrange to make-up quizzes and tests during study hall, before school, or after school rather
than during our class time.

    I encourage anyone who needs additional help to see me outside of class as I am available on certain
       days for additional help. In addition, our math department will be available before school, after
                                school, and during the school day in the AcLab.
                                             Algebra III
                                      Core Curriculum Objectives

CCO I deals with the principles of sequences and series which includes:

      Recursive and explicit forms of arithmetic sequences
      Recursive and explicit forms of geometric sequences
      Sum of a finite arithmetic or geometric sequences
      Sum of an infinite geometric series
      Pascal’s triangle
      Binomial expansion

CCO II deals with the principles of conics and solving nonlinear systems
which includes:

      Equations in general and standard from
      Key characteristics of the conic, such as center, radius, asymptotes, foci, axis, symmetry lines,
      Graphing conic sections and their translations
      Solve nonlinear systems using a variety of methods

CCO III deals with the principles of logarithmic and exponential functions which includes:

      Graphing exponential functions
      Composition and inverses of functions
      Properties of logarithms
      Solving logarithmic and exponential equations
      Applications of exponential growth and decay

CCO IV deals with the principles of polynomial and rational functions which includes:

      Synthetic division
      The factor theorem and the rational root theorem
      Graphing polynomial functions
      Evaluating polynomial functions
      Finding minimum and maximum values
      Zeros of a rational function
      Vertical and horizontal asymptotes
      Behavior of a function as x approaches positive or negative infinity
      Graphs of rational functions

                  Check Infinite Campus frequently to keep up with your progress.
               Please review Eureka High School handbook if you have any questions.
                                           Good luck!

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