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Volume 22, Issue 4                                                                                    April 2011
                                                              Isn't this what Martha assumed Jesus was talking about
                                                              in their conversation beside the tomb of Lazarus: "I know
                      Resurrection                            that he will rise again in the resurrection on the last day."
                                                                  Jesus' own teaching reinforced the Jewish picture
                          and Hope                            about resurrection except when he begins to tell his
                                                              disciples that he himself is going to be killed and then
                                                              raised again. But the disciples couldn't understand what
                                                              Jesus was saying. The last thing they imagined was that
What did the ancient pagans, the Jews, and early              Jesus would actually die at the hands of the Roman
Christians believe about resurrection and life after          forces. At no point do we get even a hint of anyone
death?                                                        saying, "Well, that's all right – he's got to go and die to
    The ancient pagans believed that the road to the          save us, and then he'll rise again soon after." So the
underworld was one way. Death was all-powerful. A             times that Jesus did hint that resurrection was going to
person could neither escape it in the first place nor break   happen to just him, they had no idea what he was talking
its power once it had come. Pagans had no answer to           about.
death.                                                            Even after the transfiguration when Jesus tells Peter,
    At the time of Jesus, the word resurrection was never     James and John not to talk about what has happened on
used to mean immediate life after death. Resurrection         the mountain "until after the Son of Man has been
was used to denote new bodily life after whatever sort of     raised" the disciples talked among themselves what this
life after death there might be. When people back then        "rising from the dead" might mean. It wasn't that they
spoke of resurrection, whether to deny it (as pagans did)     didn't know about resurrection. It was rather that they
to affirm it (as the Jews did – except the Sadducees),        had never thought that it would happen to one person –
they were referring to a two-step process in which            Jesus – ahead of everybody else. If the "resurrection"
resurrection, new bodily life, would be preceded by an        was going to happen to everyone, so they thought, why
interim period of bodily death. Resurrection wasn't,          would they even need to talk about it? Everybody would
then, a dramatic or vivid way of talking about the state      be experiencing it! But resurrection did happen to one
people went into immediately after death.                     person in the middle of history in advance of Judgment
    Most ancient people believed in life after death.         Day. Jesus' resurrection then anticipates and
Some pre-Christian philosophers developed complex             guarantees the final resurrection of God's people at the
and fascinating beliefs about it. But outside Judaism         end of history.
and Christianity (and perhaps Zoroastrianism), they did           Crucifixion was the end of all hope for the disciples.
not believe in resurrection.                                  Whatever the disciples' expectation, and however Jesus
    Resurrection referred specifically to something that      had been trying to redefine their expectation, as far as
happened to the body. Many were the debates about             they were concerned hope had crumbled into ashes.
how God would do this – whether he would start with the       They had backed the wrong man. The kingdom of God
existing bones or make new ones or whatever. The end          had not been brought by Jesus. He was dead.
process of resurrection was a physical body, not a ghost      That is the world within which early Christianity burst
or spirit.                                                    upon the scene as a new thing, and yet not new. It is
    When the early Christians said that Jesus had risen       not new because the resurrection of Jesus builds upon
from the dead, they knew they were saying that                Jewish belief. Yet it is new because the Jewish hope
something had happened to him that had happened to            of resurrection underwent remarkable modifications.
nobody else and that nobody had expected to happen.           Jesus was indeed the Messiah precisely because of his
    Some Jews agreed with the pagans who denied any
kind of future life, especially a re-embodied one. The                          (“From the Pastor” continued on page 2)
Sadducees are famous for taking this position. Others
agreed with the pagans who thought in terms of a                      Lutheran Church of the Redemption
glorious though disembodied future for the soul. Here                      
the obvious example is the philosopher Philo. But most
Jews of the day believed in an eventual resurrection –          Pastor                             Dennis M. Drews
that is, that God would look after the soul after death         Dir. Youth/Fam Ministry            Nancy Schuett
until, at the last day, God would give his people new           Youth Counselor                    Jason Koosmann
bodies when he judged and remade the whole world.

                                                                                                    Symbols of Redemption 1
(“From the Pastor” continued from page 1)

death and resurrection.
   In early Christianity there was overwhelming unanimity that Jesus' resurrection was an important message to share.
And they all agreed on what resurrection meant. Paul spells it out. The future body at the resurrection would be
incorruptible and transformed; but it will still be a body in the sense of a physical object occupying space and time. The
new body will, however, have new properties. "Flesh and blood cannot inherit God's kingdom" because flesh and blood
are corruptible.
   The early Christians were charged and empowered by the Spirit with transforming the present, as far as they were
able, in the light of the new present and future hope that resurrection brought. Baptism, as given by Jesus, became the
way for people to become a part of the Church and be empowered for "dying and rising with Christ" daily.


                                                Music Notes
With Easter being so late this year, we may have a               Several children from the Georgetown area attended for
chance to get rid of our snow piles by then----maybe!            awhile. The group sang and played instruments for two
As I write this in the middle of March, they are at least        Sunday morning services. Children were from grades
melting down before we get more.                                 kindergarten through fifth. We were privileged to work
  Ash Wednesday is already past and Lent has begun.              with the children in this group and hope they will want to
We thank flutist Amy Suckow, His Own, the King’s                 return.
Ringers, the Celebration Singers, pianist Kathy Henson,            The singers and ringers are busy preparing for the rest
organist Karen Smith, and trumpeter Steve Dix for                of the Lenten services and for all the services of Easter
providing special music during the month of March. We            week: Palm Sunday (also confirmation), Maundy
also thank all the members of the cast and crew of “The          Thursday, Good Friday, and, of course, Easter (8:00
Fingers of God”, our spring musical. We are always               and 10:30 a.m.) We hope you will also sign up for the
blessed with faithful people who take their jobs seriously       Bible reading on Easter weekend.
and work hard to present a message to our congregation             Special events coming up in May are Music Sunday at
and guests. This year is no exception. We are blessed            9:00 on May 15th, Polka Sunday on May 22nd, and
to work with them and also the crew who provides the             then at 3:00 in the afternoon on the 22nd the
after-performance dinner each year--Steve and Deb Dix            Bloomington Chorale will be presenting a concert in our
and crew. The donations from the performances help               sanctuary. Note the date change on the concert. It was
pay expenses and go to MN Teen Challenge. The                    originally scheduled for May 1st, but that is the concert
donations from the dinner go to VEAP. We will have               of Angelica Cantanti at St. Michael’s and we did not want
more on the musical in next month’s newsletter.                  to double up on concerts for that day. Also you may want
  The Praise Club completed their year on March 16th.            to go to the Angelica concert. Several members of our
We averaged about a dozen children each week.                    congregation are in Angelica: Katie and Emmie
Activities included welcome games and activities,                Peroutka, Megan Krupka, and Megan Tan. Lots of good
snacks, a Bible story, singing, and a craft or gym time.         music opportunities for you before the summer season
Theresa Ribar prepared the snacks and helped direct              arrives!
the singing, Sandee Warnke provided the crafts and
activities in the gym, and Cheryl Bratsch presented the                                          Thanks for your support
story and directed the singing. Our three helpers were                        Keith & Cheryl Bratsch, Music Coordinators
Katie Peroutka, Emmie Peroutka, and Tyler Eby.

                                                                                                     Symbols of Redemption 2
                                Redemption Lutheran Church
                             Leadership - Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Members Present: Michelle Borchardt, Kay Lillemo, Pastor Drews, Bob Schneider, Becky Kritz, Lyle Peters, Marc Rood,
Jason Koosmann, Mike Hagen, Debbie Skillings

Congregational Voter Meeting: Tuesday, March 29, 2011 at 7:00 pm.

Kay reported that the Elders have sent letters to those who might be interested in being an elder, but has not yet talked to
them all. The Elders are planning to place a notice in the bulletin inviting comments about the call process or our new pastor.
Lyle is starting look at ways to get someone in to train with Marilyn this fall in anticipation of Marilyn cutting back on her
hours. The plan is to put an ad in the Bloomington Sun Current in August. The person should have computer experience
and website experience. Lyle will ask Marilyn for a list of her duties.
Bob reported that Mt. Hope is working to add that preschool tuition be allowed through their Legacy fund. This will be
helpful to RLC should we decide to start a preschool. RLC's share of the Legacy Fund is to be used by members for any
LCMS school for grades K-12. One family at RLC took advantage of the Legacy Fund this school year.
Becky has held receptions after church services for David & Jeannie Polzin and the Stephen Minister graduates. Becky
has started on plans for the Farewell dinner for Pastor and his family, Saturday, October 29. The Easter Vigil reading
signup is posted. Jamie will be ordering the VBS materials. Becky has also been approached by a few families about the
Sunday School classes. Becky will go ahead and see what can be done to get people to fill for Sunday School thru the
middle of May. Robin Peroutka was suggested.
Mike will need to have a budget prepared for the March 29 Voter Meeting. For the budget the Line of Credit with LCEF will
need to be paid off by June 2013. Mike is going to talk to Marilyn to include in the bulletin on the First Sunday of month to
show the balance of the Line of credit at beginning of last month and the balance at beginning of current month to bring
attention that this needs to be paid off.
Pastor reported that Nancy is in Abbott-Northwestern Hospital and is receiving pain medication and therapy. Nancy will
consider applying for Short Term Disability. Nancy will move into Dave’s old office when she returns. Jason Koosmann
will take over office space in the youth room...Pastor reported that there are now 11 Stephen Ministers. Several Stephen
Ministers have Care Receivers they are working with...Door2Hope will be having a meeting on Saturday, April 2 at St.
Michaels regarding the future and vision for Door2Hope. The Latino Ministry group is supporting Kids Club and English as
a Second Language training. The RLC Praise Club is going very well. The Association of Bloomington Clergy (ABC) met
with Spencer Werness who has started up a funeral service.
Jason reported there were 16 kids at he last open gym time, 14 kids for the ski lock in. In March the youth will be going to
the Ghostly Gang Plank, a rope course in Nickelodeon Universe. The youth served about 65 at the lite supper.
Michelle reported that the Feed My Starving Children group had a good time at the event. Some members of the group
came back to church for some ice cream and visiting. The mission cluster has decided to pass on “adopting a chaplain”
at this time. They felt that it was too much of an important commitment to the chaplain and the family to accept if we
weren’t able to fulfill the commitment.
Marc has the LCMS Synod missions donation request. Last year we pledged $9000 and donated $9370. After discussion
Leadership agreed that we should pledge $9000 again for next year.

Respectfully submitted,
Debbie Skillings, Congregational Secretary

                                                 Upcoming Events
                         Salad/Quilt Auction                                        May 7th
                         Polka Service                                              May 22nd at 9:00am
                         Bloomington Chorale Concert                                May 22nd at 3pm

                                                                                                         Symbols of Redemption 3
                STEPHEN MINISTRY?                              TICKETS NOW ON SALE!!! Get your tickets now for
                                                               the Redemption Salad/Quilt Auction being held here on
                  “Whatever you did for the least of           Saturday, May 7th @ 11:00am. Tickets are $10. We'll
                  these…you did for Me,,,” In Matthew          have Silent Auction items, guest speakers on quilting, a
                  25, Jesus says, “For I was hungry and        great Salad Luncheon and Live Auction of Quilts and 2
                you gave me something to eat, I was            Sets of Dishtowels!!!! Be a part of this new event at
            thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I      Redemption that continues the tradition of supporting
           was a stranger and you invited me in…” We           Christian Education. Please see Lavina Jagow or
have many opportunities to respond to Jesus’ great love        Michelle Borchardt to purchase your ticket. ( If you would
by showing that love to others. Stephen Ministry is one        still like to help out behind the scenes by donating a
way our congregation shows that love to people who             salad, silent auction item or helping on the day of the
have deep needs for care. You also have many                   event please talk to Michelle Borchardt ASAP).
opportunities to show Jesus’ love during the week. As
you encounter people this week, try asking yourself,
                                                                          Women’s Cancer Support Group meets the
“How can I show them Jesus today?” Call Pastor Drews
                                                                          first Monday of each month in the lounge for
if you have a need.
                                                                          an hour. In this relaxed atmosphere we
                                                                          discuss experiences and concerns common to
Women’s Ministries: Spring has sprung and Easter is                       those of us who are dealing with cancer and
almost here.....join us at our next Women's Ministry           cancer survivorship. If you have any questions, call
meeting on Tuesday- April 12th at 7pm in the lounge            Marilyn at the church office (952-881-0035).
where our guest speaker, Jackie Berg, will be sharing
with us her craft of Ukranian Easter Eggs. Most of us                             What Cancer Cannot Do!
have seen these beautiful eggs, usually at this time of        It cannot cripple love
year, and we think this will be a great opportunity to         It cannot shatter hope
learn more about how these masterpieces are created.           It cannot destroy peace
                                                               It cannot kill friendship
                                                               It cannot invade the soul
                                                               It cannot suppress memories
                                                               It cannot steal eternal life
                                                               It cannot silence courage
                                                               It cannot conquer the spirit.

                                             Vital Statistics
                                                  April Anniversaries

April 4                                    April 11                                  April 16
David and Bernice Strege                   Doug and Virginia Bevers                  Wes and Berdella Brolin
Mike and Ardys Tordsen                                                               Ed and Bonita Lecy

Deaths                                                         Directory Changes

Lucille Olson                                                  Deb Skillings

                                                                                                   Symbols of Redemption 4
                                        April Birthdays

April 4              April 11                      April 18         April 24
Isabelle Borgstahl   Sophia Becker                 Sue Jungwirth    Marcia Hanson
Mitchell Drews       April 12                      April 19         Mildred Schramm
April 8              Roxann Lutterman              Norma Olson      Andrew Zoebisch
Michael Blum         Elaine Mielke                 April 20         April 26
Marrian Borgstahl    April 15                      David Ahmann     Theresa Ribar
Doug Rood            Natalie Hagen                 Lois Towne       David Strege
April 9              Ralph Hostutler               April 21         April 27
Harold Israelson     April 16                      Deb Skillings    Keith Bratsch
Shirley Kanne        Roland Nack                   April 23         April 28
Alex Newton          April 17                      Piper Hartmann   Roxanne Ahmann
April 10             Dennis Gellert                David Jones      Joanne Borchardt
Dan Meyers                                         Sue Sasse        Jeanne Pommier

                                                                       Symbols of Redemption 5
                               Each Wednesday during Lent
                                     5:00pm – Lite Supper
                                     6:15pm – Hymn Sing
                                     6:30pm – Lenten Midweek Worship

                               Palm Sunday Worship, April 17th
                                      9:00am (Confirmation)

                               Maundy Thursday Worship - 6:30pm, April 21st
                                    (with First Communion Blessing)

                               Good Friday Worship – 6:30pm, April 22nd

                               Easter Sunday, April 24th
                                     Sunrise Service – 8:00am
                                     Easter Breakfast – 8:00am to 10:00am
                                     Easter Worship – 10:30am

Redemption Lutheran Church
927 East Old Shakopee Road
Bloomington, Minnesota 55420

                                                                  Symbols of Redemption 6

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