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					                           Animal Farm Research Paper

Overview: George Orwell’s novel Animal Farm is an allegory where the story of the
Russian Revolution and its aftermath is retold using animals to represent the major
historical figures.

Your task:
Write an essay where you highlight the parallels between your chosen character from
Animal Farm and the historical figure that they represent.

Introduction (1 paragraph)

      Attention grabber
      Thoughts on the Russian Revolution (DO NOT use first person perspective)
      Reasons why the Russian Revolution is important
      Briefly mention your historical figure and their role in the Revolution
      Introduction of novel and author, and its relevance to the Russian Revolution


Part one (2 paragraphs)
    Provide historical background information about the Russian Revolution
      -Why did the Revolution start? What happened during the Revolution? What was
      the aftermath of the Revolution? (You should briefly mention all of the following
      important figures of the Revolution: Marx, Lenin, Czar Nicholas II, Stalin, and

Part two (1-2 paragraphs)
    Background on your historical figure
          - What role did they play in the Revolution? How did they impact the
              revolution and others?

Part three (At least 6 paragraphs/ paragraph per point of comparison)
    Briefly mention why Animal Farm was written
    Mention who your character in the novel represents from the Russian Revolution
    Discuss the similarities between your character and your historical figure
          - Follow this order:
                      Paragraph 1 Mr. Jones (Irresponsible leader)
                      Paragraph 2 Czar Nicholas II (Irresponsible leader)
                      Paragraph 3 Mr. Jones (Sometimes cruel)
                      Paragraph 4 Czar Nicholas II (Sometimes cruel)
                      Paragraph 5 Mr. Jones (Overthrown)
                      Paragraph 6 Czar Nicholas II (Overthrown)

   Restate your introduction paragraph in a different way
   Provide a concluding thought on the Revolution
   Provide a concluding thought on Animal Farm

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