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					TIME          Date                 Speaker                                                  Subject

WEDNESDAY May 6, 2009

08.00-09.00   Registration
              First Session 09:00-10:30
09.00-09.20   Ahmad Tibi          Genetic Disorders in the Arab World: An Update.               Qatar-Canada
09.20-09.40   Majed Dasouki       PhenylKetonuria (PKU): 2009 update                            USA
09.40-10.00   Hatem El-Shanti     The burden of genetic disorders and birth defects.            Qatar
10.00-10.20   Hatem El-Shanti                                                                   Qatar
                                  Strategies for the prevention of genetic disorders and birth defects.
10.20-10.30   Discussion

10.30-11.00   COFFEE BREAK

              Second Session 11:00-13:00
11.00-11.20   Majed Dasouki     The genetic basis of Congenital Heart Disease             USA
11.20-11.40   Andrew Morris     Neonatal presentations of inborn errors of metabolism.    UK
11.40-12.00   Ahmad Tibi                                                                  Qatar- Canada
                                Prevention of Genetic Disorders in the Arab world: Challenges and Promises.
12.00-12.20   Majed Dasouki     The New Genetics of Autism.                               USA
12.20-12.40   Andrew Morris     The management of neonatal hyperammonaemia                UK
12.40-13.00   Majed Dasouki          What should I know about “Lysosomal Storage Diseases”? USA

13.00-14.30   LUNCH

              Third Session 14:30-16:00

14.30-14.50   Hani Atrash                                                                      USA
                                    Newborn screening: criteria for screening and an update on current guidelines.
14.50-15.10   Zuhair A. Rahbeeni    Neonatal screening of inherited metabolic diseases in KSA KSA
15.10-15-30   Sana’ A Hait          Jordan National Newborn Screening Program                  Jordan
15-30-15-50   Hani Atrash                                                                      USA
                                    The role of Preconception Health and Health Care in the Prevention of Birth Defects
15.50-16.05   Diana Alasmar                                                                    Syria
                                    Hereditary Inborn Errors of Metabolism diagnosed in University Children Hospital of Damascus; W

16.05-16.30   COFFEE BREAK

              Fourth Session 16:30-18:50
16:30-16:50   Hassan Baaqeel      The use of clinical indicators to improve quality of care.  KSA
16:50-17:10                       Perinatal and Neonatal Audit.
              Mohamed Reda Bassiouny                                                          Egypt
17:10-17:30   Bassam Y. Abu-Libdeh                                                            Palestine
                                  Attitude of Palestinian families towards terminating antenatally diagnosed abnormal fetuses: - relig
17:30-17:50   Samia Hleileh                                                                   Palestine
                                  Maternal and Child Health in the Occupied Palestinian Territory
17:50-18:10   Tom Clarke          Ireland Outcome and Ethical Decision in infants Born at theIreland of Viability.
18:10-18:30                       A                                                           Jordan
              Jameel Shaban, Jordan Comparison Between the Scientific and Koranic Explanation for Human Creation
18:30-18:18:50   Gamal Samy Aly        Evidence Based Medicine in Necrotising Enterocolitis      Egypt

Thursday         7-May-09

8.00-9.00        REGISTRATION
                 First Session 09:00-10:30
                 RESPIRATORY DISEASES - 1
09.00-09.20      Ramzi Kilani                                                                    USA
                                     The use of high flow nasal cannula in neonatal respiratory support .
09.20-09.40      Bradley Thach       Sleep guidelines, and monitoring                            USA
09.40-10.00      Oommen Mathew       Is there role for iNO for premies.                          USA
10.00-10.20      Yousef Abu-Osba     Pulmonary Hypertension of the newborn: Role of Mg SO4 Jordan
10.20-10.30      Discussion

10.40-11.00      COFFEE BREAK

                 Second Session 11:00-13:00
                 RESPIRATORY DISEASES - 2
11.00-11.20      Bradley Thach     Cardiac and metabolic Causes for SIDS                    USA
11.20-11.40      Ramzi Kilani      CPAP vs surfactant and extubate to CPAP (the controversy)USA
11.40-12.00      Oommen Mathew     Third Epidemic of Retinopathy of Prematurity.            USA
12.00-12.20      Ezzedin Gouta                                                              France
                                   European consensus guidelines on the management of. neonatal respiratory distress
12.20-12.40   Safaa A. EL Meneza Evaluation of Brain Functions in NICU                       Egypt
12.40-13.00   Ezzedin Gouta      Update on Neonatal resuscitation.                           France

13.00-14.30   LUNCH

              Third Session 14:30-16:05
14.30-14.50   Martin Skidmore    The use of prophylactic Fluconazole in preterm infants.    Canada
14.50-15.10   Eman F. Badran;    The current state of antifungal therapy for neonates       Jordan
15.10-15-30   Mohammad Khassawneh                                                           Jordan
                                 Diagnosis and outcome of neonatal sepsis caused by resistant gram negative bacteria, a Jordanian p
15-30-15-50   Martin Skidmore    The management of the infant at increased risk of sepsis Canada
15.50-16.05   Aziz Koleilat      NEC & Probiotics: Colonization of the premature GI tract Lebanon

16.05-16.30   COFFEE BREAK

              Fourth Session 16:30-18:30
              NEONATAL NETWORK
16:30-16:50   Khalid Yunis                                                                   Lebanon
                                   Need and Strategic Importance for Collaborative Work in the Region. The National Collaborative
16:50-17:10   Khalid Yunis         Information Technology for Regional Collaboration         Lebanon
17:10-17:30   Mustafa Zubier       Proposal for Madinah neonatal network “The future of newborn care in Madinah”
17:30-17:50                                                                                  UAE
              Yousef M AbdulrazzaqNeonatal care statistics in a hospital in UAE and comparison with Vermont Oxford Network.
17:50-18:10                        Global                                                    USA
              Timothy De Ver Dye, PhD determinants in maternal and child health: Will the Arab World achieve the Millennium De
18:10-18:30                                                                                  KSA
              Ayman Abou Mehrem Survival and short-term outcomes of Very Low Birth Weight Infants in Alhasa Area, Saudi Arabia
Friday        May 8, 2009

8:00-9:00     BREAKFAST

              First Session 09:00-10:30
09.00-09.20   Maurice Guirgis     Pitfalls in diagnosis of Fetal cardiac anomalies              France
09.20-09.40   Ali AlHalabi                                                                      Jordan
                                  Suspected congenital heart disease- When to refer to cardiologist
09.40-10.00   Omar Galal                                                                        KSA
                                  Update on management of critical pulmonary stenosis / pulmonary atresia .
10.00-10.20                       PDA
              Fakhri Al Hakeem, Jordan dependant pulmonary circulation in the newborn           Jordan
11.00-11.20   Omar Galal                                                                        KSA
                                  Interventional vs surgical treatment in congenital heart disease
11.20-11.40                                                                                     KSA
              Riyadh Abu-SulaimanGeneral Pediatric Follow-up for the Congenital Heart Defect Patient.
11.40-12.00   Maurice Guirgis                                                                   France
                                  Fetal cardiac screening program: impact on neonatal morbidity and mortality
12.00-12.20   Wael Abdelaal                                                                     Egypt
                                  Echocardiography in plan of management for children with congenital heart disease
12:20-12:30   Discussion

12:30-14:30   PRAYER & LUNCH

              Second Session 14:30-16:10
14:30-14:50   Hatem El-Shanti     The genetics of preterm labor.                                Qatar
14:50-15:10   Tom Clarke          Management of the tiny infant – how can we improve?           Ireland
15:10-15:30   Yousef M AbdulrazzaqLate preterm Infants and their complications.                 UAE
15:30-15:50   Mohamed AlRufaie Infant Mortality in the Kingdom of Bahrain                       Bahrain
15:50-16:10                                                                                     USA
              Timothy De Ver Dye Global trends in infant mortality, with special reference to the Arab World.

16:10-16:30   COFFEE BREAK

              Third Session 16:30- 18:50
              JAUNDICE & FREE PAPERS
16:30-16:40   Saad Alsaedi                                                                   KSA
                                 Septic work up in healthy newborns with severe hyperbilirubinemia: Is it required?
16:40-16:50   Seoud I                                                                        Egypt
                                 Severe hyperbilirubinemia in Egypt: risk for bilirubin encephalopathy.
16:50-17:00   Sameer Al-Abdi                                                                 KSA
                                 Clinical characteristics of Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency in male Hasawiyah neon
17:00-17:10   Mansour A Al Qurashi 6PD Deficiency and Early Neonatal Hyperbilirubinemia KSA
17:10-17:20   Saad A. Alsaedi                                                                KSA
                                 Can transcutaneous bilirubinometry reduce the need for serum bilirubin estimations in Saudi term a
17:20-17:30   Mohamed Anas Barakat                                                           Syria
                                 Neural tube defects , myelomeningocele : management and prognosis
17:30-17:40   Imad Dweikat                                                                   Palestine
                                 Glycogen storage disease type III among Palestinian Children; a report of 24 cases
17:40-17:50   Safaa A. EL Meneza Evaluation of Brain Function in Neonatal Intensive Care UnitEgypt
17:50-18:00   Eman F. Badran      Epidemiology and clinical outcome of candidaemia among Jordan newborns over a 10-year per
18:00-18:10   Wajdi Amayreh      Clinical and cytogenetic profile of Down syndrome at King Jordan Medical Centre
18:10-18:20   Samir Khalil                                                                   Palestine
                                 Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type I ( Wernig Hoffmann Disease): Clinical and Genetic Review of 24
18:20-18:30   Anas Barakat                                                                   Syria
                                 Neural tube defects , myelomeningocele : management and prognosis
18:30-18:40   Jomana Al-Suliman Neonatal Hypocalcemic Seizures Associated With Maternal Jordan D deficiency
18:40-18:50   Saad Alsaedi                                                                    KSA
                                  An outbreak of Serratia marcescens infection in neonatal intensive care unit due to contaminated b
18:50-19:00   Discussion

Total                        68                                                        1210
Lectures                     56                                                        1100
Free papers                  13                                                         110


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