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					                       HOSPITAL MANUAL

Brightening the lives of seriously ill children and their families

Seeking to address the many challenges seriously ill children and their families face, the
Starlight Children’s Foundation offers an impressive array of in-hospital, out of hospital and
online programs and services free of charge to children, families, and healthcare professionals
during the course of an illness.

Whether the setting is a hospital, clinic, or school, our goal is to improve the social, emotional,
and medical well-being of seriously ill children and help them and their families lead rich and
fulfilling lives.

                   The Starlight Children’s Foundation Canada

          Toronto Head Office                       Calgary Regional Office
          2770 14th Avenue Suite 100                8 Mount Norquay Gate SE
          Toronto, Ontario                          Calgary, Alberta T2Z 2L3
          L3R 0J1                                   Phone: 403-457-0344
          Phone: 905-752-7827                       Fax: 403-457-0384
          Fax: 905-752-7828
          Ottawa Regional Office                    Vancouver Regional Office
          201-1155 Lola Street                      OddFellows Hall
          Ottawa, Ontario K1K 4C1                   1443 West 8th Ave,
          Phone: 613-683-8025                       Vancouver, BC V6H 1C9
                                                    Phone: 604-742-0272
                                                    Fax: 604-742-0274

Hospital Happenings Program Staff:  


Great Escapes:                      

Fun Centers:                        

For all other Program related inquiries please feel free to contact the Director of Program
Services at and we will ensure your questions and comments are
directed to the appropriate regional program staff person.

     Brightening the lives of seriously ill children and their families

Starlight Children's Foundation Canada is a charitable organization dedicated to bringing
smiles, laughter, joy and hope back into the lives of children with serious illnesses and their
families. For over 20 years, we have partnered with some of the most respected hospitals,
medical professionals and healthcare workers in the country to do just that.
We focus on the family as a whole at a time when they feel most isolated. Our unique programs
and events provide an escape from the everyday realities of a prolonged
illness – and a chance to be just like any other family. And at Starlight, that makes us smile too.

When a child is diagnosed with a serious illness, the day-to-day joys of childhood take a back
seat to the rigors of treatment and hospitalization. For more than 20 years, Starlight Children’s
Foundation Canada has been dedicated to improving the quality of life for children with chronic
and life-threatening illnesses and life-altering injuries by providing entertainment, education and
family activities that help them cope with the pain, fear and isolation of prolonged illness. We
understand what families go through when a child is sick, and how important it is to find relief
from constant worry and isolation. Our programs have been proven to distract children from
their pain, help them better understand and manage their illnesses, and connect families with
others facing similar challenges so that no one feels alone. Unlike any other charity, Starlight
offers a comprehensive menu of outpatient, hospital-based and web offerings that enable us to
provide ongoing support for children and families — from diagnosis through the entire course of
medical treatment. Programs include:

       Starlight In-Hospital Programs – From creativity kits and interactive stations to toy-filled
        playrooms, Starlight offers a comprehensive menu of in-hospital programs that bring fun, joy and
        giggles right where they’re needed most.

       Starlight Out-of-Hospital Programs – Whether it’s a trip to the zoo or an action-packed
        sporting event, Starlight’s out-of-hospital programs enable families to enjoy all of the excitement,
        laughs and fun of a family outing when a brief getaway from the hospital is just what the doctor

       Online Resources – Starlight has developed a series of multi-media programming to help
        children understand their illnesses and connect with others who share similar experiences.

Research studies have found that Starlight’s programs help reduce children’s pain while helping
them to better deal with, understand and manage their illnesses. In addition, Starlight programs
help the child, parents and siblings experience less depression, anxiety, pain and isolation, and
help them bond as a family.

The way we see it, while researchers look for cures and doctors work to restore a child's health,
Starlight works to restore the entire family's spirits. We invite you to be a part of the growing
Starlight network of supporters who are making a difference in the lives of children and families
suffering through childhood illness.

       Brightening the lives of seriously ill children and their families

Starlight Hospital Happenings bring fun
where it's needed most!

It's generally not a lot of fun for anyone to be
in a hospital, but it's especially tough on kids.
Sometimes because of long or complicated
treatments it just can't be helped. While
doctors, nurses and visiting family members
all try to make long hospital stays more
bearable, they can't always provide that extra
level of fun every child needs.

That's where Starlight comes in with a much-
needed diversion! Starlight Hospital Happenings are cheerfully themed, therapeutic activities
that give the children something fun to share and do while they’re stuck in the hospital. One of
our most popular Hospital Happenings is Starlight In A Box. For toddlers up through teens,
these awesome “fun kits” come with a range of themes and activities geared to specific age

For hospital staff, Starlight Hospital Happenings are a welcome distraction for their young
patients. Recognized as highly-effective morale boosters that create necessary social
interaction, Hospital Happenings help children share a laugh with family, roommates and
caregivers – and sometimes that can be the best medicine of all.

Hospital Happenings make everybody’s day a bit brighter…the child, family and friends… even
the planners and hospital staff! Thanks to the generosity of all of our volunteers and sponsors
whether individual, corporate or private groups, Hospital Happenings bring smiles to many

The Starlight Hospital Happenings Programs include:

Starlight Boredom Busters
Many children encounter significant waiting times for specific
treatments. As a result of H1N1, the majority of wait rooms in
emergency departments and outpatient clinics no longer have toys
and books available. The distractive items in Starlight Boredom
Busters come in a bright lime green zippered bag and include
puzzle magazines, coloured pencils, notebook, slide puzzle,
magnetic doodle board and character pen. It’s always easier to
face a long wait when there are puzzles to solve and games to

     Brightening the lives of seriously ill children and their families
                                                  Starlight Comfort ER Kits
                                                  The Starlight Comfort ER Kit contains a variety
                                                  of products for children and their parents that
                                                  will help ease some of the inconveniences upon
                                                  admittance in an emergency situation.
                                                  The kits are designed to make admittance to the
                                                  hospital a bit easier. Often times when a child is
                                                  unexpectedly admitted to the hospital parents
                                                  are unprepared for the stress and vulnerability
                                                  that this situation brings. The Starlight Comfort
                                                  ER Kit contains a variety of products for children
                                                  and their parents that will help ease some of the
                                                  inconveniences upon admittance in an
                                                  emergency situation.

Special Thanks to our Program Sponsor Toys "R" Us Canada! Through their commitment, 9,000 Starlight
Comfort ER Kits were delivered to over 100 hospitals across Canada. Believing strongly in the magic of
childhood, imagination, dreams and play, Toys "R" Us Canada has been a long-time sponsor of the
Starlight Children’s Foundation Canada.

Starlight In A Box
Individual themed packages (such as “Starlight
Toddler Fun”, “Starlight Baby
Bundles”, “Starlight Constructs”, and “Starlight
Crafts Galore”) can easily be distributed to
children during a hospital party or to a child in
isolation to help provide an afternoon of fun and

Starlight Grant Program
In an effort to respond to the regional needs of hospitals across the country Starlight introduced
the Starlight Grant program. Hospitals, hospices and rehabilitation centres are encouraged to
submit a grant application for a program that focuses on entertainment and distraction. Our first
two years have been very successful with over $200,000 in grants being distributed to over 97

To contact Starlight about our Hospital Happenings Program please email

     Brightening the lives of seriously ill children and their families

A defining characteristic of a child is their capacity to revel in the moment. Imagine, then, how
important special moments and happy memories are to the development of a child who is
battling a serious illness. When their treatment is stressful, tiring and painful, the idea and
anticipation of a Starlight wish can often help to offset this experience. The simple act of
deciding on a wish can empower a child or teen when much of their world is controlled by

Starlight Wishes provide a unique once-in-a-lifetime experience to children between the ages of
4 to 18 years who are seriously ill. The enchanting nature of Starlight's Wish process is a multi-
step adventure, involving doctors, children and their families and wish granting volunteers. The
wish experience often helps give a family the opportunity to spend quality time together outside
the rigors of long-term treatment. In this happy place of dreams come true, there are no doctors
or social workers, just a child's imagination and a little stardust!

For more information on how to qualify for a wish, please contact or if
you would like to refer a child for a wish, please download our Starlight Wish Application.

One smile at a time….

Since our inception in 1989, we have granted over 2,534 wishes to some very special children
and their families. It is our standard of personal care and attention to each and every wish that
sets us apart from any other organization.

The smiles at the Starlight Children’s Foundation don’t stop once a wish has been granted! All
of our Starlight wish children are welcomed to begin participating in our Starlight Great Escapes
program even before their wish is granted!!!

     Brightening the lives of seriously ill children and their families

Starlight Great Escapes Deliver a Community of Caring

when a child is seriously ill, everyone in
the family is affected. Sometimes the
daily struggles of caring for a sick child
are so oppressive, the thought of
leaving the house for a family event
seems impossible.

Starlight understands what families go
through when a child is sick, and the
importance of breaking the cycle of
depression and loneliness. The Starlight
Great Escapes Program was created to
provide families with a chance to spend
recreational time together to relax, regroup and return home with a renewed sense of strength
and hope.

Feeling Both Normal and Extraordinarily Special

                                                        The variety of activities offered through
                                                        Starlight Great Escapes is endless:
                                                        movie screenings, harbour cruises,
                                                        mother-daughter makeovers, sporting
                                                        events, picnics and more. Starlight and
                                                        our corporate partners and donors
                                                        underwrite all event costs to make every
                                                        Starlight Great Escapes an "all inclusive"
                                                        affair, allowing families to relax and
                                                        enjoy themselves while someone else
                                                        worries about the details.

Everything about Starlight Great Escapes is designed to make a sick child feel extraordinarily
special, from the personalized invitations to being greeted by name at every event. But more
importantly, Starlight Great Escapes also makes the children feel incredibly normal as they
experience fun activities in a friendly, accepting environment. Starlight children also report
feeling good that they are the reason their family gets to enjoy an unexpected treat - rather than
another unexpected crisis.

     Brightening the lives of seriously ill children and their families
Parents frequently cite Starlight Great Escapes experiences as truly therapeutic, giving courage
and energy to all family members. In recently conducted focus groups commissioned with
parents, sick children and siblings, families reported that Starlight Great Escapes also provide:

        A sense of hope for the future
        Valuable connections with others facing similar challenges and "emotional
         companionship" for the journey
        Priceless family memories away from hospital or clinical settings; for some families,
         Great Escapes are among the last outings they'll have with their sick child
        Rare opportunities for social and interpersonal interaction

Creating Connections

At Starlight Great Escapes, family members are able to meet others who are facing similar
challenges and who can relate to their circumstances, reducing their feelings of isolation. This
community-building bolsters spirits, provides outlets for buried emotions and creates a vital
support system during the most difficult times in a family's life. Starlight families make lasting
connections through Starlight Great Escapes – connections that endure through medical
treatments, the hope and despair of serious illness, and even the tragic loss of a child.

Refer a child to the Starlight Great Escapes Program

To learn more about eligibility requirements or to receive an application form please download our
Starlight Great Escapes Referral form.

To speak with someone about our Starlight Great Escapes program in your area, email

        Brightening the lives of seriously ill children and their families
Medical Eligibility
To be eligible for acceptance into the Wish or Great Escapes program, a child must have a
serious illness or a severe chronic medical condition that significantly affects their day-to-day

To be considered medically eligible for the program, a child must have a medical illness or
condition that falls within one of the following categories:

   The applicant has a life threatening medical illness
    The medical illness must be malignant, degenerative and/or progressive and puts the child’s
    life in jeopardy.

   The condition significantly restricts mobility
    An applicant qualifies if they are able to walk but has a significantly affected gait; is
    permanently confined to a wheelchair, is paralyzed and/or needs assistance with activities of
    daily living. If a child is mobile, but restricted from activities such as sports or walking long
    distances, the child would not necessarily be considered medically eligible unless there
    were other factors supporting the severity.

   The pain and discomfort from the condition cannot be controlled or surgically
    A child whose condition causes ongoing pain that cannot be controlled with medical

   The condition requires significant and ongoing medical treatment
    Any child whose condition requires significant and ongoing medical treatment is considered
    medically eligible. For example, the need for dialysis, transfusions and long-term therapy
    indicate a severe medical condition.

   The condition is progressive
    Any child, whose condition will become progressively worse, resulting in a significant loss
    such as sight, hearing or mobility is considered medically eligible.

   If the condition is not progressive, it must be current
    A child, who has had a diagnosis of cancer and has been off treatment for over two years, is
    not considered medically eligible. In addition, a child who received a transplant and has
    experienced no sign of rejection or other serious medical complications for over a year is not
    considered medically eligible.

    o   Cancer                                        o   Osteomyelitis
    o   Crohn’s                                       o   Ulcerative Colitis
    o   Cystic Fibrosis                               o   Severe Combined Immune Deficiency
    o   AIDS                                          o   Liver disorders
    o   HIV                                           o   Spina Bifida
    o   Cardiomyopathy                                o   Kidney Disease
    o   Spinal muscular atrophy                       o   Mytochondreal disease
    o   Muscular dystrophy                            o   Heart disease
    o   Sickle Cell                                   o   End state renal disease

     Brightening the lives of seriously ill children and their families
  o Burn injuries Asthma
  o Diabetes
  o Epilepsy/Seizure Disorder
  o Organ transplant
  o Long term trauma recovery
  o Traumatic brain injury

  o Autism
  o Down Syndrome
  o Psychiatric conditions
  o Munchausen syndrome by Proxy

When you’re unsure if a Child Qualifies
In some instances, the effect of the medical condition is unclear, i.e. diabetes, asthma, etc. In
these scenarios, please take a minute to contact a Starlight employee for further clarification.

Obtaining Medical Confirmation
A physician must confirm the child’s medical condition. Starlight needs to medically confirm the
referral before informing the parents of the child’s acceptance into the program.

     Brightening the lives of seriously ill children and their families
The Starlight Children’s Foundation has developed a series of multimedia programming to help
children understand their illnesses and connect with others who share similar experiences.
These programs, which can be found on our website, include:

             Starbright World®
             The premier online social network for teens with chronic and life-threatening medical conditions, and
             their siblings. Sick teens are able to connect with other teens that are at home or in the hospital. Users
             post pictures, chat, post blogs and bulletins and find new friends in similar situations. To watch a cool
             video about Starbright World visit the web at:

             Blood Tests: Exploring Our Incredible Blood
             Using a virtual microscope, children and teens discover the fascinating facts that a single blood test can
             reveal about the body.

             Uncovering the Mysteries of Bone Marrow
             This interactive online game helps children discover the role that bone marrow plays in the body and why
             bone marrow aspirations and biopsies are important.

             Coping With Chemo™
             A series of online animated stories called webisodes that help children and teens with cancer learn how to
             cope with the challenges of having cancer and undergoing chemotherapy and other treatments.

             Fitting Cystic Fibrosis Into Your Life Everyday™
             An interactive online game that teaches children and teens with cystic fibrosis the importance of airway
             clearance, exercise, diet, and taking enzymes and medications.

             Get Fit, Get Right
             Get Fit, Get Right is an interactive, web-based intervention designed to help overweight and obese teens
             learn to adopt healthier, sustainable behaviors.

             Living With Kidney Disease™
             An interactive online magazine that offers children and teens diagnosed with kidney disease real advice
             from other young people. Kids get an inside look at how the kidneys work, see how medications and
             proper diet can help, and find out what to expect from treatments.

             Quest for the Code®
             An online asthma game that helps children and teens learn how to manage their asthma, find coping tips
             and get advice.

             Medical Imaging: Welcome to the Radiology Center
             An interactive online program that allows children and teens to take a closer look at tests like X-rays,
             MRIs and CT scans. Children can explore machines, hear actual sounds, see real images produced from
             these tests, learn how they can prepare and find out what to wear in order to be more comfortable
             during the procedures.

    Brightening the lives of seriously ill children and their families
       Spinal Tap: Discovering the Secrets of Spinal Fluid
       An interactive online program that helps children discover why spinal fluid holds an important key to
       diagnosis and treatment and provides tips for coping with a spinal tap procedure.

       Sickle Cell Slime-O-Rama™
       An interactive online game for children with sickle cell disease that teaches pain management and
       prevention strategies, and provide tips for communicating to adults about pain.

       Spotlight on IV's
       In this interactive game for children, nurse Ima Helpa explains what it’s like to get an IV and offers tips
       for making the medical procedure a little easier.

       UC and Crohn's
       A website designed to help teenagers with UC and Crohn's meet other teens with IBD. The site provides
       tips and strategies for coping with ulcerative colitis (UC) and Crohn’s and the treatments associated with
       the conditions.

       The X-Men® in: Life Lessons
       An authentic X-Men® comic book that helps teens and pre-teens recover emotionally from a serious burn
       injury and cope with teasing, staring and ridicule as they re-enter society.

Brightening the lives of seriously ill children and their families

                                            The Starlight Children’s Foundation, in partnership
                                            with Nintendo of America, is proud to support the Fun
                                            Center program in hospitals across Canada.

                                            The Starlight Fun Center™ is a brightly coloured
                                            mobile entertainment unit featuring a Sharp AQUOS
                                            flat-screen television, a DVD player, a Nintendo Wii™
                                            gaming system and a wide variety of Wii games.
                                            Whether hospitalized children are nervously awaiting
                                            surgery, sitting restlessly during a long treatment, or
                                            feeling lonely in their hospital room, the Starlight Fun
                                            Center helps them cope by providing endless hours
                                            of fun and distraction.

The Fun Center is designed to provide hours of diversionary entertainment and enjoyment to
hospitalized children. It has been manufactured specifically for the hospital environment and is
approved by the Canadian Standards Act (CSA).

Hospitals Report that Fun Centers are very
effective in helping to alleviate the
boredom and anxiety often experienced by
hospitalized children. The units can
entertain an individual child while also
providing an opportunity for positive social
interaction with family members or other

Some hospitals use Fun Centers to ease a
child’s anxiety before a procedure or
during post op recovery. Other facilities
utilize the Fun Centers in transplant and
Intensive Care Units, serving children in isolation.

The response from families has been enthusiastic:

Dear Starlight Children’s Foundation,

A few years ago, my son Ross was burned on 15% of his body. We spent 6 weeks in the
hospital. I was so grateful for the entertainment centers that were available. Giving Ross the
opportunity to watch a movie or play a video game helped him to forget about his excruciating
pain. Occasionally, all of the children in the burn unit would come to our room and we would
have a movie night complete with ice cream and popcorn. The entertainment centers provided
the bridge for children and parents to come together and enjoy themselves in the midst of
frightening obstacles. Barbara, mom of Paediatric Burn Patient.

     Brightening the lives of seriously ill children and their families
How Can Our Hospital Get One?

The current sponsorship value of a Fun Centre is $5,000. Starlight enlists local corporate
partners, individuals and foundation support for Fun Center sponsorship. If you would like to
add your hospitals name to our waiting list, please complete the Fun Centre Application form.

Many Canadian Hospitals have their own sponsors who wish to place a Fun Center in the
facility. Sponsors of Fun Centers are recognized via signage on the each side of the unit.
Names, company logos and short inscriptions personalize the gift and provide appeal to
sponsors. Starlight may also arrange informal Fun Center presentations that include hospital
staff, donors, and Starlight representatives in a short dedication ceremony. If your facility is
interested in sponsoring a Fun Center please contact

Once a hospital is selected to be the recipient of a Fun Center, a Fun Center Mobile
Entertainment Agreement will be sent to your hospital. Signing and returning the agreement
within 90 days will enable a timely delivery of the Fun Center Unit.

I Have One, How Do I Fix It?

The Starlight Children’s Foundation is committed to supporting the repair and maintenance of
your Fun Center. Repairs usually fall into 3 categories: Electronics related issues, i.e. DVD
and/or monitor problems, Nintendo Game System problems, and Fun Centre shell and/or
internal parts problems.

When a Fun Center Unit does not work and you need support from an external resource,
Nintendo of America has a dedicated Fun Centre Support Hotline that you can call to
troubleshoot with a service tech over the phone. In many cases, issues are able to be repaired
during this phone call, however, should the service call require parts, Nintendo will send them to
the Fun Center contact person at your location and request you to call them back when they
have arrived so that they can guide you through the completion of the repair.

Nintendo of America Hotline: 1-877-716-8550
Hours: 6am PT to 4:30pm PT (9am-7:30pm ET)

Before you place a service call, please attempt to trouble shoot your Fun Center issue by
reviewing the appropriate Fun Center Manual:

Fun Center with the Wii Manual
Fun Center Wii Remote Nunchuck Manual
Fun Center with the Game Cube Manual

Nintendo of America has also produced user friendly and easy to follow Hospital Operations
Manuals to help you understand the components and parts a language that is written for people
without much technological experience. These manuals will be very helpful to you during a
service call:

     Brightening the lives of seriously ill children and their families
Wii Fun Center Hospital Operations Manual
GameCube Fun Center Hospital Operations Manual

Nintendo of America Hotline: 1-877-716-8550
Hours: 6am PT to 4:30pm PT (9am-7:30pm ET)

How Can I Get New Games?

To add new games to your Fun Center, Nintendo must authorize a standard PC to download
new games and transfer them to the Fun Center.

To begin the authorization process, call the Fun Center support hotline number above. For an
overview of the authorization process, visit: Please note that you will need the Fun
Center serial number which is located on the back of the pole shroud, where the power cord
exits the Fun Center.

    Brightening the lives of seriously ill children and their families

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