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									                                      FARM CREDIT SERVICES
                                        JOB DESCRIPTION

Title:         Financial Services Accountant                 Approvals
               (Intermediate level)
Incumbent:                                                   Incumbent

Reports To:                                                  Immediate Supervisor

Department:                                                  Department Head

                                                             Human Resources      Date

Position Purpose

The purpose of this position is to deliver outstanding service which exceeds customer expectations. The Financial
Services Accountant provides a service for customers which supplies them with information for credit, tax and
management decisions. This includes preparing accounting and financial reports, and maintaining quality
information for customers and the service delivery team.

Required Knowledge and Experience

This position requires a bachelor’s degree degree in accounting or agriculture with a financial emphasis and 3-5
years of accounting experience in an agricultural environment; ability to use various computer applications;
proficient keyboarding skills; strong attention to details; strong interpersonal, verbal and written communication,
presentation, sales, analytical, time management and organizational skills. The incumbent should have a solid
understanding of Farm Records and tax products and services. In addition, incumbents should have completed
the FCS Tax Certification.


This position reports to the_______________. The Financial Services Accountant operates within the branch
office which is the delivery point for services. The incumbent provides input in established goals, objectives and
procedures which contribute to the quality, timeliness and profitability of products and services. The incumbent is
responsible for inputting, maintaining, and reporting of financial information for approximately 100 Farm Records
users and for other customers. Must maintain confidentiality of all customer’s information. Work-flow should be
maintained with limited supervision for tax preparation only. This position must be aware of customer needs in
Financial Services both present and future. Must be able and prepared to change delivery of present services to
develop skills to deliver new services.

Major Challenges

The incumbent will be challenged to establish, develop, and maintain strong customer relationships by providing a
consistent level of accounting service which is timely, thorough, and responsive to all customers. This would
include face to face interactions, telephone communications, and written correspondence. The incumbent is also
challenged to represent Farm Credit Services as able to meet a broad range of financial service. A major
challenge of this position includes applying tax laws to various customer situations for tax preparation. Additionally
advising the customers of the importance and value of accurate and timely financial reports and how they can be
used to add value for the customer. The incumbent is further challenged to work very closely with all service
delivery team members to effectively meet all customer needs in the assigned territory.

Decision Making

The Financial Services Accountant completes the daily activities of this position bringing any unusual situations to
the attention of the appropriate team member. The incumbent provides recommendations regarding changes in
procedures, work-flow, responsibilities, etc. The incumbent must demonstrate independent judgment on how best
to service the needs and cross-sell related services to the existing customer base and prospective walk-in
customers. The incumbent must also identify situations when it is best to request other resources to effectively
exceed the customer expectations.

Internal and External Communication

Most significant contacts within the organization include; Tax Specialists, occasional contact with Account Officers
to answer questions pertaining to customer’s loans, balance sheets; Customer Service Representatives to answer
bookkeeping questions; and other Support Services personnel. Contacts outside the organization include Tax,
Farm Records and Financial Service customers requesting information or explanations of required reports,
deadlines, etc. Additional contacts are made with resource people such as, other lenders, Government Agencies,
attorneys, accountants, and dealer/suppliers, In all contacts, the incumbent is expected to present a professional
image of FCS and the Association.

Major Responsibilities

Duties                                                                                   Approx. % Time

Customer Service - Responsible for the most complex Farm Records accounts.
Input and log Farm Records data and reports and other necessary information to Farm
Records system. Set up new customers on Farm Records. Close out year-end
accounts, calculate and process Farm Records invoices. Review, balance, enter, and
print Farm Records reports monthly. Assemble, review, and mail processed Farm
Records reports to users. Reconciles financial information on non-Farm Records
customers for financial service purposes. Responsible for Farm Records

Tax Return Preparation and Support - Under the supervision of Tax Specialist or
Tax Consultants assists in the preparation of Federal and State income tax returns for
the less complex tax customers.

Training and Team Support - Provide training for new Financial Services
Accountants. Provide training for new Farm Records customers. Promote the
importance and effectiveness of timely reporting to Farm Credit Services through on-
farm visits to new and existing customers. Help train service delivery team in the
interpretation/use of Farm Records reports and assist them in locating necessary
information from Farm Records. Obtain training to maintain competency, complete
special studies, mailings, and reports as requested.

Cross-selling - Develops the ability to actively market and cross-sell products to
existing and new customers. The incumbent recognizes that Association growth and
personal progress are tied to selling more products and services to each customer.


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