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									Grand Theft Auto Vice City - Cheat Codes (PC)
                  This list compiled by Christian Jahnsen, September 2003

 Cheat Code                           Effect

 Player cheats
 THUGSTOOLS                           All weapons #1
 PROFESSIONALTOOLS                    All weapons #2
 NUTTERTOOLS                          All weapons #3
 PRECIOUSPROTECTION                   Full armor
 ASPIRINE                             Full health
 ICANTTAKEITANYMORE                   Do serious damage to yourself
 YOUWONTTAKEMEALIVE                   Raise Wanted Level
 LEAVEMEALONE                         Lower Wanted Level
 DEEPFRIEDMARSBARS                    You grow fat
 PROGRAMMER                           You get skinny
 CERTAINDEATH                         You start smoking

 Character skin cheats
 STILLLIKEDRESSINGUP                  Change clothes (you must wear the Street outfit)
 CHEATSHAVEBEENCRACKED                Ricardo Diaz
 LOOKLIKELANCE                        Lance Vance
 MYSONISALAWYER                       Ken Rosenberg
 ILOOKLIKEHILARY                      Hilary King
 ROCKANDROLLMAN                       Love Fist lead singer (Jezz Torrant)
 WELOVEOURDICK                        Love Fist drummer (Argentina football jersey)
 ONEARMEDBANDIT                       Phil Cassidy
 IDONTHAVETHEMONEYSONNY               Sonny Forelli
 FOXYLITTLETHING                      Mercedes Cortez

 Vehicle spawning cheats
 PANZER                               Rhino
 TRAVELINSTYLE                        Bloodring Banger 1
 GETTHEREQUICKLY                      Bloodring Banger 2
 GETTHEREVERYFASTINDEED               Hotring Racer 1
 GETTHEREAMAZINGLYFAST                Hotring Racer 2
 THELASTRIDE                          Romero's Hearse
 ROCKANDROLLCAR                       Love Fist
 RUBBISHCAR                           Trash Master
 GETTHEREFAST                         Sabre Turbo
 BETTERTHANWALKING                    Caddie

 Other vehicle cheats
 WHEELSAREALLINEED                    Invisible cars
 BIGBANG                              Blow up cars nearby
 SEAWAYS                              Cars hover over water
 MIAMITRAFFIC                         Aggressive drivers
 AHAIRDRESSERSCAR                     Pink cars
 IWANTITPAINTEDBLACK                  Black cars
 COMEFLYWITHME                        Low gravity
 HOPINGIRL                            Girls get in your car
 LOADSOFLITTLETHINGS                  Sports cars have big tires
 AIRSHIP                              Boats can fly
 GRIPISEVERYTHING                     Perfect handling

 Weather cheats
 ALOVELYDAY                           Sunny weather
 APLEASANTDAY                         Partly cloudy weather
 ABITDRIEG                            Very cloudy weather
 CATSANDDOGS                          Stormy weather
 CANTSEEATHING                        Foggy weather

 Miscellaneous cheats
 ONSPEED                              Speed up everything
 BOOOOOORING                          Slow down everything
 LIFEISPASSINGMEBY                    Speed up clock
 FIGHTFIGHTFIGHT                      Pedestrians start fighting
 NOBODYLIKESME                        Pedestrians attack you
 CHASESTAT                            Display Media Attention Level (if you have a Wanted Level)
 OURGODGIVENRIGHTTOBEARARMS           Armed pedestrians
 GREENLIGHT                           Set all traffic lights to green
 FANNYMAGNET                          Girls follow you (and attack whoever you target)
 CHICKSWITHGUNS                       Girls carry guns

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