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									            WVCIDC Board Meeting Minutes
            October 13, 2006
            11.30 am – 12.30 pm
            Cafeteria Alcove

In Attendance: Hila Berezovsky, Melody Mehran, Carolyn Smith, Joanna Godinho-
Khan, Olia Yenikomshian, Crystal, Jeff Pfeil, Katja Diegelmann, Shaun Welch,
Barbara Diamond

Not Present: Meera Chawla, Jorge Vilasica, Bruce Bui, and Dario Salcido

 Approval of Agenda
The Agenda was approved with the following changes:

         Add a section ‘Secretary’s Report’ after Treasurer’s Report.
         Add a section ‘Goals and Responsibilities’

 Officer Reports

Treasurer’s Report, Melody Mehran

Club balance is $12, 659.54. There is an additional $180 in pending deposits.

Members who applied for reimbursement should have received their checks.
Contact Melody if you haven’t received yours yet. Checks mailed out for
reimbursements, if discarded and mistaken for a circular mail, will be replaced, but
there is a $25 fee. Also, Barbara will work with Melody to make the re-imbursement
forms available for download on the club website.

A check from a new member was returned due to insufficient funds.

Bruce will need to update the membership application form to inform students of
the service fee for returned checks. Barbara added the following notice to the web
application: ‘Please note that West Valley College will impose a $15 fee for returned

Secretary’s Report, Joanna Godinho-Khan
Please submit your reports on time. Use the Report Template available on the club
website at www.wvcidc.org/report.doc

When writing your report try not to use first person voice (I, me, our, etc) or
second person (you, yours). Also try using active voice instead of passive voice if

Submit your report via email before each meeting. If you hold more than one
position you can submit multiple reports in one Word Document.
Position Binders: Each Board Member is required to put together a binder that
details their position responsibilities and any helpful information. Joanna created a
sample template for the club binders.

ASID VP, Meera Chawla
The ASID Peninsula Chapter CEU(s) for 2006-2007 have already been confirmed to
take place at other locations. It is too late to plan on having any CEU events take
place at West Valley this school year. Meera is trying to get in touch with Marcia at
the chapter office to see how we can get the CEU(s) to be held at West Valley for

NKBA VP, Dario Salcido
Hila will talk to the NKBA Rep.
NKBA Report not submitted

IIDA VP Report, Carolyn Smith
The "Festivus" event scheduled for Thursday, Oct. 26 was discussed at the IIDA
Board meeting. This is a community event where IIDA members decorate a
Christmas tree to be displayed in the San Jose "Christmas in the Park". The theme
is "Home for the Holidays". CDs will be decorated this year. Volunteers are asked
to bring items that will stand up to the weather to decorate the CDs. The event will
be held at KBM (contract furniture) and the coordinator is Sabrina Reitz. Shaun was
going to attend the Registration Table but will be unable to so Carolyn volunteered
to take her place.

There was no discussion about student chapters this time.

 Committee Reports

Activities, Ollia Yenikomshian
TCM is holding Architecture in Film series this month. Olia asked if this event would
be interesting for students. Members suggested hosting it as a Lunch N Learn
event. Olia will look into the logistics for holding this event.

The Club Bulletin Board needs to be recovered before The Council’s visit. Contact
Olia or Hila to volunteer

Activities Report not submitted

Competitions, Board
Discussions are on going.

Design Library, Katja Diegelmann & Jeff Pfeil

   The Wooden box was moved to back room and will be used to store RAFT
   A table was placed in the DL to "test" how the table idea is adapted and if there
    will be less mess in the library.
   Contact Jeff or Katja for donations to the library. This will avoid things being
    dumped in the box and would help them tremendously.
   Volunteers have been contacted to help with cleaning of AAS8, AAS3, the
    back room and the DL in preparation for FIDER visit. Cleaning should,
    according to Diane Hurd, take place on Wed or Thursday next week.
   The Metal RAFT rack showed up again!

There was a discussion about how to keep the Design Library clean. Someone
suggested that instructors could ask students to clean up towards the end of class.
Resources, Display Cases, Meera Chawla
Greg Anton has done a beautiful display of wallpaper and fabric as well as a
display from a wallpaper book. The wall cabinet next to Diane’s office will be used
to display student work during the Council’s visit.
Board member, Jeff Pfeil placed a lamp over the display cabinet to enhance the
display. Thank you, Jeff.

Design Response, Jorge Villasica
No Report submitted.

Fundraising. Board
Hila asked members to think of ideas for advertising the Sample Sale. Barbara said
the Sample Sale is not profitable and suggested hosting a Continuing Education
Credit (CEU) Event as an alternative. All designers need to take CEU’s to maintain
their professional memberships. These classes are held by ASID, NKBA, IIDA, etc.
and members pay to attend. If the Club organizes the event we can keep the
proceeds from the event.

   The VPs for ASID, NKBA and IIDA will contact their respective organizations
    about the possibility of having a CEU event at West Valley

   All club members should think of possible CEU topics.

Hospitality, Melody Mehran
Crystal resigned as Hospitality Chair. Melody will take over the Hospitality chair
position for now. Melody can also make any purchases approved by the board, once
a request has been submitted. This will eliminate some of the reimbursement
issues. Thank you to Melody for organizing refreshments for the Mike Lin Workshop.

ICC Rep, Crystal
Crystal provided clarification regarding the ICC event approval process.
If students attend an off-campus event as a club group and are representing West
Valley College the event requires approval. Club events held on campus also require
ICC approval.

Every club has to host an inter-club event every semester. This semester ICC is
hosting a table decorating and pumpkin-carving contest for ICC Reps. The ID club
will receive $25 for participating.
ICC Report not submitted.

Membership, Bruce Bui
Thank you to Bruce, Shaun for putting together the New Student Brochure.

Membership New/Renewal Process

Project team (tentative): Bruce Bui, Hila Berezovsky, Melody Mehran and
Joanna Godinho-Khan


   New and renewed members of WVCIDC are not properly notified when their
    payment has been accepted. The current method of notification is when
    members received their first email addressed to the 2006@wvcidc.org. The
    board members would like to have a professional means of welcoming our new
    Members and creating membership status.
   Membership applications are handwriting and manually entered into a database
    (i.e. Excel). Although not all members submit their applications by web,
    we must actively encourage and train members to reach the WVCIDC
    web site. This will also allow more members to get involved in the club
    website and forum.
    Online membership applications also require a second manual entry into a
    database – this doesn’t make sense. This process can be narrowed down to one
    entry directly into a database by the member.

   For this year, we will be handing out “Welcome” brochures to each of the
    members in classes and events.

   For future disseminations, I can setup an interactive database using the web
    hosting services available to WVCIDC. This database will allow us to quickly
    send - at a click of a button – personalized Welcome Packages directly to
    individual emails once we receive payment. The email can be tailored to
    address individual members automatically by name without having to retype
    each email.

   Online Membership applications can be sent directly to the database and
    populated instead of sending to someone’s email (which requires manual
    updating of new and renewed members once received). I can link that
    submission process to the database.

   Although not all members submit their applications by web, we must encourage
    and train members to actively reach the WVCIDC web site. This will also allow
    more members to get involved in the club website and forum.

   Once we get enough members to hit the WVCIDC web site, we can resume
    discussion of online payment (i.e. PayPal)


   Members are quickly informed of Membership status once payment is received.
    The process is simple and efficient

   Significant reduction in administrative membership management; frees up time
    to work on other important group projects

   Increase in online membership submissions allow members to explore the
    WVCIDC web site and see what it has to offer.

   Permissions can be created to allow designated Board Member user/write
    access; President, Treasurer, and Membership Chairs can easily audit
    membership standing.

   Reduction in errors from manual updates (i.e. illegible handwriting on
    membership application forms); reduces the numbers of calls to members to
    confirm email addresses.

   Low costs (use existing web space/storage)

   Low Maintenance: just requires backing up data when new set of members are

   Database management can quickly and easily be transferred to another
    administrator with a low learning curve

   Database administration is simple to use and straightforward
Costs: Low costs since we will use existing web services; we will need minimal
storage space for member listing. I can perform the database built.
Status: Opened for discussion to WVCIDC Board Members
Estimated completion date: August 2007
Website, Barbara Diamond

To email club board members only use 2006board@wvcidc.org
To email all club members use 2006@wvcidc.org
Remember to practice safe computer hygiene!
Project team (tentative): Bruce Bui, Barbara Diamond


   Currently, the WVCIDC web site is hosted on Cruzio (donated web hosting
    services) and managed by Barbara Diamond. Since she will be transitioning out
    of this role after 2007, it is important that we initiate a plan and process to
    support the changeover.
   Although this project is months away, it will address some of the other items
    mentioned on the Board meeting on 9-27-2006.


   Barbara Diamond suggested we move the hosting to Cruzio's new PLESK
    server. Bruce offered to work with Barbara to learn what’s needed to manage
    the website.

   Prepare a simplified set of instructions documents, which will allow any new
    appointed member to easily manage the web site.

   The requirements of the web site: low maintenance, ease of management,
    easily transferable, and accessible.

Benefit: Cruzio is cost effective, provides good tech support, and they've donated
the services for more than three years.

Costs: Unknown; other options have not been evaluated
Status: Opened for discussion to WVCIDC Board Members
Estimated completion date: August 2007
 New Business
   Some members are not receiving emails. Jeff mentioned Jorge has not
    received any emails. Please contact Barbara if you are not receiving club

       There was a discussion if club events are free for all students or if non-
        members should be required to pay a fee. Club members shouldn’t have to
        pay for most events. However going forward, the decision was made to
        charge non-members a $5 fee for Lunch N Learn events.

       If your class does not have a club rep request your instructor to appoint one.
        Board members can also make club announcements. Always ask the
        instructor when the best time is to make club announcements.

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