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					                                Cat                                               Resolutio
                                              Sub-                       Out of
CID     Name      Affiliation   ego Clause               Page   Line #               n
                                             clause                      Scope
                                 ry                                               Assignm
141   Michael   Siemens AG       T    5    10     37                 Rolfe

142   Michael   Siemens AG       T    5    10     37                 Rolfe

177   Monique   Silver Spring    T    5    17     49                 Rolfe
      Brown     Networks

151   Michael   Siemens AG       T    5    18      5                 Rolfe

221   Tim       Texas            T    6       6.4.3       30     35                 Rolfe
      Schmidl   Instruments
197   Monique   Silver Spring   T   8     37   14   Rolfe
      Brown     Networks

222   Tim       Texas           T   8   38   1    Rolfe
      Schmidl   Instruments
                     Comment                                   Proposed Change

Enhanced acknowledgment is a MAC mechanism            remove clause from 15.4g
that is not necessary for the PHY implementation,     D04 draft standard
therefore out of scope. There exist actually 15.4     remove subfield Enhanced ACK
implementations that do enhanced                      from Figure 55c
acknowledgments as a higher layer mechanism.          remove line 19 on page 18 (Bit 0)
That would be the recommended
Enhanced acknowledgment is a MAC mechanism,           remove clause from 15.4g
and it does not seem necessary for the SUN PHYs.      D04 draft standard
It is nowhere used. Therefore, out of scope of        remove subfield Enhanced ACK
TG4g. If you think not, please provide proof for      from Figure 55c
this.                                                 remove line 19 on page 18 (Bit 0)

The first octet in Figure 55b shows that bits 6-0 =   Include the values of all seven bits
1. What does this mean? Are each of the seven         in the figure.
bits = 1?

The Enhanced ACK subfield is never used. Since it remove clause from 15.4g
is a MAC mechanism which is not used, it is out of D04 draft standard
scope of TG4g and should be removed.               remove subfield Enhanced ACK
                                                   from Figure 55c
                                                   remove line 19 on page 18 (Bit 0)

The value of "K" is defined in this section, and      The variable "LENGTH" is used in
then a reference is given to where the, so the same variable
variable "K" is not used.                             "LENGTH" should be used to replace
                                                      the 4 instances of "K" in this section.
In Figure 71a, frequency band is shown occupying       1. Change either Figure 71a or Table
bits 26-22, and Table 67c shows the frequency          67c so that they agree. 2. Make sure
band identifier occupying bits 25-22. Which is it?     all entires in Table 67c use the same
Also, the reserved values in Table 67c are five bits   number of bits.

The frequency band field is allocated 5 bits, so the The heading in the first column
table entries should contain 5 bits.                 should contain bits from b26 to b22,
                                                     and the elements in the first column
                                                     should be extended to 5 bits by
                                                     adding a preceding 0 to each entry.
                                                           Resolutio            Must Be Resolutio Comment
                                              A / AP / R
          Proposed Resolution                                 n        Group   Satisfied? n sent to  er
                                                            Accept               (if so   comment agreed?
Accept in Principle                              wp                    MAC       Yes
See CID #151 for resolution.

Accept in Principle                              wp                    MAC       Yes
See CID #151 for resolution.

Accept in Principle                              wp                     IE
Remove the "0" and "1"; change "bits 7"
and "bits 0-6" to be one field called "Sub-
ID", and use text from document 15-11-
0350-01 Slide 4 (last bullet).

Accept in Principle                              wp                    MAC       Yes
Add explanation via informative text why
use of enhanced ACK is relevant to the
PHYs in 4g.

Accept in Principle                              wp                     PIB      Yes
There are several errors in the equation.
See doc # <TBD> for a corrected
Accept in Principle                              wp     Easy
Editing instructions: Change table 67c so
that the Frequency band identifier values
are shown in decimal; delete
"(binary)(b25 b24 b23 b22)" after
"Frequency band identifier; delete the
last row.
Explanation: The value in the first column
is, as labeled, an identifier (index into this
table), which identifies uniquely each
band. It is as defined has a value from 0
to 11. The value (0 to 11) is used in
Figure 71a and used in as a bit
position in a 12-bit field transmitted over
the air.

Accept in Principle                              wp   Frequency   Yes
Resolve per CID # 197                                    Band
  for        for   for closed for open  for wp      for   Resolutio   Open
Editorial Tech/Gen     T/G       T/G      T/G    rdy2vote    n      Technical
                                                                                 sort 1
 Stats      Stats  Grp Stats Grp Stats Grp Stats   T/G    Due Date Comment
            wp                           MAC                          Rolfe

            wp                           MAC                          Rolfe

            wp                            IE                          Rolfe

            wp                           MAC                          Rolfe

            wp                           PIB                          Rolfe
wp     Easy      Rolfe

wp   Frequency   Rolfe
 sort 2

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