Xmas ICT log by 6nSg47


									                                       French Christmas ICT Log!
For Taskmagic exercises (TM), go to Public / MFL / French / Topics / Festival_Culture
For internet sites, try the addresses .. if they don't work, move on ...! (There can be problems
when downloading music). Merci!

Aim                             Task                                                Resource
Understand words from a         Watch the video + find fill in the gaps             Pigloo Col'lection Noël
Christmas song                                                                      Pigloo 'Moi J'aime Skier
Listen to Christmas songs       Listen to the songs from the Advent calendar.       http://www.csdraveurs.qc.ca/musiqu
sung by a primary school        Choose your favourite one.                          e/noel/calendrier2006a.html
in Canada
Know about Christmas            Explore the BBC pages on Christmas                  http://www.bbc.co.uk/languages/chri
customs across Europe                                                               stmas/
Know about French               Read about them on the BBC page - customs,          http://www.bbc.co.uk/languages/fren
Christmas customs               menu + crossword                                    ch/christmas/index.shtml
Check you know the              Match sounds to words                               TM: xmas_keywords.mds
French words which
                                Match sounds to English words                       TM: xmas_keywords_trans.mds
                                Match written French to written English             TM: xmas_france_trans.mdl
                                Match written French to pictures                    TM: xmas_france.mdp
                                See if you can match the words you have just        TM: xmas_rudolphe.mdp
                                read with the pictures
Know how the musical            Go to the perenoel site, go to his village, click   www.perenoel.com
scale is defined                on ‘la musique avec les animaux’ and see how        http://www.perenoel.com/village/mu
                                the scale is written in French (not ABCDEFG         sique/
                                but .... what?)
Understand names for            Go back to the village, then into the ‘Top 50’.     http://www.perenoel.com/village/top
popular games in French         What’s the most popular game? now vote for          50/
                                games you like below. (Just imagine you’re
                                about three and a half!! Humour me!!)
Understand instructions in      Do about three more activities on this site         www.perenoel.com
French                          without having to ask your teacher what the
                                instructions are if you can! As you do so, note
                                down at least 15 words which you learn
                                through doing this!
Learn Xmas-related              Do the same on the following site, which takes      www.vivenoel.com
vocabulary                      you to Santa’s ‘atelier’ (workshop). As you do
                                so, note down at least 10 words which you
                                learn through doing this!
Practise vocabulary +           Work thorugh the exercises form left to right.      http://www.sunderlandschools.org/e
knowledge about                                                                     strellas/french-index.htm#xmas
Christmas (including
'Fling the teacher')

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