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					Science and Religion
   Enemies or Allies
Science     = mechanism
“how do my cells divide and replicate?”
Religion =    meaning
“Why am I here?”
 Science does not claim to have all the answers
    The beauty of flowers for
    example can not be
    measured scientifically
You can not ask science to prove there is a God or
not because scientists study the physical world.
Questions about God’s existence are outside the terms
of reference!

     “Science   without religion is lame,
     Religion without science is blind”
                                 Albert Einstein

      So... Are they Enemies or Allies?
  The Middle Ages –
Scientific Knowledge
The Earth is seen as centre of the
  Thinking was deductive, i.e. Not on
observation but on the basis that that the
         bible was literally true
        Why Earth centred?
                            • A spinning earth would
• The sun appeared as if
                              be expected to fling off
                              everything that was not
• Earth felt stationary       fixed to it.
• If earth moved round      • A cannonball, fired
  surely wind would sweep     straight up would be
  everything off the          expected to fall to the
  earth.                      west of firing point as
• Distant stars did not       the earth moved (same
  seem to change position     with birds and clouds.)
  Some people were studying the stars and noticed
   that they moved. Eventually, scientists started
discussions that the world was round and went round
                      the sun.
Copernicus (1473 – 1543) A polish priest published
a paper based on the belief that the sun was the
 centre of the universe not the earth. Copernicus
was afraid , but his paper was only read by those
              who had similar ideas.
Galileo (1564 – 1642) then published his
own work based on Copernicus and his
         work was widely read.
The church confronts Galileo and
     asks him to back down
At this time the Vatican is all important,
  with Pope at head. The Pope issues a
  The belief that the earth moves round the
   sun and that the sun is stationary in the
  centre of the universe and does not move
from east to west is against the teachings of
the Bible and therefore can not be defended
                    or held.
Galileo is put on trial and denies what
 he published (not surprising as his
  freedom and life were at stake.)
 Real issue for the church
    Who interprets the
  The Church wanted to.
     If they allowed the
scientists to it would mean
   a danger to the literal
interpretation of the Bible.
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