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					United States Department of Agriculture                                                                                                                     SD-ECS-12
Natural Resources Conservation Service                                                                                                                       MAY 2002

                                                      Apparent Trend Determination
Cooperator:________________________________                                                 Date:________________________________
Conservationist:____________________________                                                Location:_____________________________
Ecological Site:_____________________________                                               Trend Type: Rangeland or Planned
Reference Plant Community:________________________                                                                              (Circle One)
Current Years Precipitation:  Above Normal    Normal                                        Below Normal
                                                                             (Circle One)

When making trend estimates, always compare present conditions to what can be expected to be found in the plant community that you are comparing
present conditions to; either the historic or interpretive plant community (Rangeland Trend) or one of the other plant communities (Planned Trend)
described in the ecological site description. Take into consideration current weather conditions and it's impact on plant growth and other plant related

                                                                         Evaluate Site and Circle Appropriate Description
Composition Changes                             2 Points                  1 Point                 0 Points                  -1 Point                 -2 Points

                                          No invading              Slight presence of       Moderate presence of     Numerous invading         Extreme presence of
Evaluate the composition of the           undesirable plants       invading undesirables,   invading undesirables,   undesirables, few         invading undesirables,
plant community and compare it to         present, desirable key   desirable key species    average abundance of     desirable key species     very few desirable key
ESD communities                           species very abundant    abundant                 desirable key species    present                   species.
Abundance of Seedlings and
Young Plants                                    2 Points                  1 Point                  0 Points                 -1 Point                  -2 Points
Evaluate the number of new                Seedlings & young        Seedlings & young        Average abundance                                  Very few seedlings
seedlings and tillers of desirable        desired plants very      desired plants           of seedlings & young Few seedlings &               and young desired
species present                           abundant                 abundant                 desired plants.      young desired plants          plants
Plant Residue & Litter                          2 Points                  1 Point                  0 Points               -1 Point                    -2 Points
                                                                                                                 Litter present or
                                                                                            Litter present in    absent in moderate to         Litter not present or
Evaluate the amount of litter and                                  Litter present in        amounts moderately extreme amounts                 present in extreme
plant residues and how well they          Litter present in        amounts slightly less    less or moderately   when compared to              amounts when
are decomposing as compared to            amounts considered       or slightly more than    more than considered what is considered            compared to what is
what is expected for the site             normal for the site.     considered normal        normal               normal                        considered normal
Plant Vigor                                       2 Points                  1 Point                 0 Points              -1 Point                     -2 Points
Evaluate plant decadence, plant
spacing, reproduction, plant stature,                                                                                                          Vigor of desirable
leaf size, productivity, etc., of         Vigor of desirable       Vigor of desirable       Vigor of desirable       Vigor of desirable        species is extremely
desirable species                         species is very high     species is high          species is average       species is poor           poor
Condition of the Soil Surface                    0 Points                 -1 Point                 -2 Points                -3 Points                 -4 Points

                                                                                                                     Erosion is moderate to
Evaluate wind, sheet, rill, gully, and                           Erosion is slight,         Erosion is moderate,     extreme, percent bare     Erosion is extreme,
streambank erosion as well as the         No apparent erosion, percent bare ground is       percent bare ground is   ground is moderately      percent bare ground is
amount of exposed soil surface.           percent bare ground is slightly higher than       moderately higher        to extremely higher       extreme when
Compare to what is expected for           what is expected for   what is expected for       than what is expected    than what is expected     compared to what is
the site.                                 the site               the site                   for the site             for the site              expected for the site

TOTAL SCORE - Sum of all
columns indicates apparent trend

Overall Trend Rating(s): (circle the appropriate trend rating)

           Toward > 3                                            Not apparent 3 to 0                                  Away from < 0


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