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									Aztec Empire
 Founded capital
  Tenochititlan -an
  island in the middle of
  Lake Texcoco
  (modern day Mexico
 Moderate climate,
  interconnecting lakes,
  forest and wild game
 Mesoamerica (includes
    the southern part of Mexico
    and parts of northern Central
    Geography and Adaptation
 Built raised roads across water or wet ground
 Used floating gardens called chinampas to
  produce food in swampy conditions
 They created canals for irrigation and
  transportation of goods and people
  Tenochtitlan Interesting Facts
 City contained 80,000 to 250,000 people
 Canals served as roads for trade and
  travel between villages
 Markets- 60,000 people visited daily
 Huge pyramids, some lined with
  thousands of skulls
     Rise to Power: Warriors
 Aztecs called themselves Mexica (meh-
 They were skilled warriors
 One ruler ruled over the Aztec Empire
 under the leader Moctezuma they
  expanded to 1/3 of southern Mexico
 Population of 25 million at peak
 Grew stronger through war, tribute, and
Moctezuma :Warriors
 Religion: Polytheism (many gods)

 Worshiped   gods of sun, rain, moon
 KEY POINT: The Aztecs predicted
  that Quetzalcoatl (serpent god of
  creation) would return in early 1500s
Religion: Quetzalcoatl
             Religion: Sacrifice
 Attempted to please
  gods, by human
 Military Deterrent:
  Sacrifices used as
  intimidation to the people
  and other tribes
 Typical sacrifices would
  take place on top of a
  high temple
 Aztec sacrificed about
 10,000 people
       Famine and Sacrifice
 In1450, a famine occurred due to poor
  weather bad farming conditions
 the Aztec priests began to make many
  sacrifices to the gods
 They work. Why?
 Not enough food = More sacrifices = Less
  people to feed…Maybe? Who knows for
 Aztec Social Structure
                   Royal family One Ruler
                    Ruled, wives held high
 Royal Family       positions and respect
                   Nobles- priest, military
    Nobles          officers, and government
   Merchants       Merchants- imported the
                   Commoners/Serfs-
                    worked in the fields
                   Slaves- people could be
                    sold into slavery
            Hernan Cortez
 Spanish Conquistador
 Learned about the
  Aztecs and their
 Knew he would have
  to conquer them to
  rule Mexico
Hernan Cortez and the Spanish
   Other native tribes were
    tired of paying tribute to
    the Aztecs and joined
   When he arrives
    Moctezuma II thinks that
    he is Quezalcoatl
   They invite him to the
    capital Tenochititlan
   Cortez jails Monteczuma
Hernan Cortez and the Spanish
 The Aztecs fight the
  off, but the Spaniards
  leave behind small
 Cortez returns and
  defeats them: only 2
  million Aztecs survive

   In 1521 the Aztecs
    finally surrender
                     Small Pox
•fever, chills,
nausea, vomiting
and severe
muscle aches

•A rash follows
that spreads and
progresses to
raised bumps
that crust, scab,
and fall off after
about three
weeks, leaving a
pitted scar.
•30-50% fatality
                     Different Perspective:
        Slide 1: 1.List 6 things you see in this picture
2. Who do you think painted this an Aztec or a Spaniard? Why?
Slide 2: 1) Why do you think that the man on the horse is light while everyone
else is dark? 2) Who do you think that this person on the horse is?
Slide 3: 1) What is going on in this picture? 2) Who do you think painted this
                                   and why?
Slide 4: 1) Describe 5 things that you see in this photo. 2) How is the story in
                   this painting different than slide 1 and 2?

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