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									                      Oakland Junior High School Bands

              Band Policies 2008-2009
                                   Classroom Policies
   When the TWO-minute timer rings, class Begins. Conversations stop and students are seated
    with all materials (Instrument, Music, Pencil, Agenda, Assignments). The Director reserves
    the right to change this preparation time or eliminate it. Daily grade is effected if student is
    not prepared or seated when the TWO-minute timer rings.

   Students will play instruments only when instructed to do so. No warming up before class or
    after class.

   During Rehearsal (either class time rehearsals, or before school rehearsals) positive
    participation effects students’ Daily Grade.

   Students are responsible for their personal instrument or the one assigned to them through
    school. Students are responsible for any damage to their personal instruments or the
    instrument assigned to them through school. Therefore, students are ONLY to use their
    personal instrument or the one assigned to them through school.

   No student is allowed in the Uniform Closet, Storage Closet, Music Offices, Music Library,
    Filing Cabinets, Shelves, Storage Units, Stereo Cabinet, or T.V. Cart; unless instructed to do
    so by the director. Only Percussion students are allowed in the Percussion Closet.
        o It is the student’s responsibility to secure all personal belongings while attending
            rehearsals & performances.
        o The Band Department and/or Oakland Junior High School is NOT responsible for
            lost or stolen items.

   Only cased Instruments will be permitted in the Instrument Storage Room or Percussion
    Closet (No Music, Flip Folders, Lyres, Shoes, etc. will be stored in the Instrument Storage

   Only Band music folders are permitted in students’ assigned folder slot (No flip Folders,
    Lyres, Class-work/Books from other classes, etc. allowed in Band Folder Cabinet).

   Restroom Usage will only be permitted in emergency situations and only when student’s
    agenda is present. Use the restroom before school and during passing periods.

   Food or drink will not be allowed in band room.

   Chewing Gum in class will result in loss of daily points.
   Chairs are not to be taken outside the Band Room

   Music Office computers are not available for student use.

   Music Office telephones are not available for student use.

   The Band Room will close at 3:15 each day unless you are participating in a supervised
    musical activity.

   Negative Behavior Policy:
    (When negative behavior continues, student progresses down numerically)
           1 – Teacher will issue a warning, “This is your warning.”
           2 – Student will lose all his/her daily points, “You have lost your daily points.”
           3 – Student will report to the Safe Seat.
           4 – Student will report to the Buddy Room (Think Sheet required).
           5 – Student will report to Recovery
           6 – Office Referral
    Depending on the severity of the behavior or the incident, Teachers reserve the right to skip

                    Early Morning Marching Band Policies

   7:00am Rehearsal Begins. Students are ready to rehearse on the lower parking lot (or gym,
    weather permitting) with instrument, flip folder, lyre, tennis shoes. Failure to be prepared can
    result in loss of points.

   Students are required to wear TENNIS SHOES and SOCKS at marching rehearsal. Failure to
    be prepared effects Marching Band Daily Grade.

   An extra 5 Points will be assigned to each Early Morning Full Band Rehearsal. This is
    compared to the Daily Grade Points found during class-time. Being on-time, prepared, and
    participating in a positive manner awards these points. Failure to follow policies can result in
    loss of points.

   On A days 9th Grade Band is allowed to remain in the band room until the start of school. On
    B days Jazz Band is allowed to remain in the band room until the start of school. All other
    band students are to report to the gym after Marching Band rehearsal concludes.

   On Full Band Rehearsal Mornings (Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays), students ARE NOT
    permitted to leave rehearsal for academic assistance with teachers. Tuesday and Thursday
    mornings are to be utilized for academic assistance. Students should make appointments with
    their teachers on Tuesdays and Thursdays ONLY. If a student must leave rehearsal on a Full
    Band Rehearsal Morning, the student must receive permission from the director the previous
    school day.

   Students who assume 3 un-excused absences to 7am rehearsals prior to a performance/parade
    will not be allowed to perform in the upcoming performance/parade. An un-excused absence
    will be given for that performance, see the Performance Attendance Policy below. The next
    rehearsal after a performance, every students’ attendance record resets to zero un-excused

                                 Performance Policies

   If a student has neglected to turn in required forms in accordance to Band Policies, Uniforms,
    Shoes/Gloves, etc. or has failed to have a uniform assigned to him or her; then the student
    WILL NOT be allowed to perform and will lose all points assigned to that performance.

   100 points will be assigned to each performance (Parades, Concerts, Festivals). Student
    preparation will directly affect Performance Grade. Students will be dressed appropriately and
    have all necessary equipment/supplies (instrument in proper working order, music, flip folder,
    lyre, etc.).

   Positive student behavior affects Performance Grade. Negative behavior can result in not
    allowing the student to continue in the performance and will be graded as an un-excused

   Performance Attendance Policy
        The Oakland Junior High Band program has a performance-based curriculum.
    Performances are the culmination of the education that precedes a performance. Students are
    expected to attend all performances. Performances take priority over practices, extracurricular
    activities, and other outside of school events. In the event of medical or family emergencies
    students will be “excused” from a performance. All other absences will be considered
    “unexcused” unless previously approved by the band director. Students missing a performance
    for any reason will be given an alternate assignment. This assignment will have the potential
    for 100% credit for “excused” absences, and 50% credit for “unexcused” absences. This
    assignment could include, but is not limited to: a tape recording of the student playing the
    missed performance AND a written essay on a topic specified by the director. The
    supplementary assignment will be graded for accuracy and completeness. Excused and un-
    excused absence grades will be considered a ZERO until the appropriate make-up assignment
    is turned in. It is essential that to maintain the high performance standards established at
    Oakland Junior High and ensure quality performances that all students attend all

                       The Attendance Factor in Grading

           Attendance will be a factor in determining the student’s final grade. Unlike a non-
    performance class (where an absence affects only the individual) a missed rehearsal is
    detrimental to the entire ensemble. Once a rehearsal or performance is missed, it is missed
    forever. Good attendance is imperative if a music organization is to be successful. Proper
    preparation for performances is needed for that performance to be successful. Rehearsals can
    only be successful when every member is present. The attendance consideration is not
    intended to punish students who are ill or have serious emergencies (excused absences).
           Scheduled rehearsals outside of school hours are also considered an extension of the
    class and may be used in the attendance factor of determining the student’s final grade.
            Oakland Junior High School
             Band Policies 2008-2009
     Acknowledgment of Oakland Junior High School Band Policies

We have read and understand the policies and class Syllabus of the Oakland Junior High School Band

Date___________________            Parent Signature__________________________________

                                   Student Signature_________________________________


We have placed the rehearsal/performance dates for which_____________________________ is
responsible on our family calendar.                            (Student Name)

Date___________________            Parent Initials_____________

                                   Student Initials____________

We have been presented with all required forms so that__________________________ will be
allowed to participate in scheduled performances.          (Student Name)

Date___________________            Parent Initials_____________

                                    Student Initials____________

    This form must be signed and returned no later than Friday, August 29, 2008.

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