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Mat & Board Cutters 3-4

saws, Choppers, Joiners 5-6

Mounting presses, tissues & Boards 7-9

adhesives & arChival produCts 10-13

hand tools 14-15

piCture wire, hanging hardware 18

paCkaging, wrapping

& proteCtion 17

glass & glazing supplies 19-20

FoaMBoards 21

Metal Moulding 22

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oeM wood Moulding 23

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                                                    Catalog #23

                   San Francisco         •   Sacramento
DeltaHK Terms and Conditions
HOURS OF OPERATION                                                                    UPS
Our phone order desk is open 8:30am to 5:00pm, Monday - Friday, PST.                  UPS is often the best shipping method nationwide. The following is a con-
Order online at for 24 hour service.                               densed version of UPS requirements and fees. UPS will take lengths up to 8
                                                                                      feet. However, any package over 84” (length plus girth) is automatically charged
CUSTOMER QUALIFICATIONS                                                               a minimum of 30 pounds, regardless of actual weight. Anything over 1 30”
DeltaHKHK Mat & Moulding is a wholesale manufacturer and distributor                  (length plus girth) or over 150 pounds cannot be shipped via UPS. If faster
of products to the picture framing industry. To qualify as a customer you must        delivery is required, please specify Blue label for 2nd day delivery or Red label
have a valid resale tax number and a business license, where required.                for next day delivery after departure from warehouse.
A visit to our website and/or possession of our catalog or pricelist does not         • Corrugated cardboard, oversized matboard, and cases of
constitute a right to buy.                                                               picture glass cannot be shipped UPS.
                                                                                      • Aerosol cans may not be shipped Red or Blue Label.
GENERAL INFORMATION                                                                   • Unseal cannot be shipped UPS.
TERMS AND CREDIT                                                                      • All packages over 60” long receive a $6.00 fee for
Open accounts are available for standard products on approved credit.                    additional handling (assessed by UPS.) - UPS COD fee is $7.50 per delivery.
Custom products are net upon delivery or pick-up.                                     • UPS will not accept cash for COD shipments.
Visa, MasterCard, and Discover Card accepted.                                         • For each package add an additional $0.75 per $100 value
                                                                                         for insurance.
Credit can be established by completing our credit application, listing three
trade references and your bank. Allow two to three weeks for processing.              MOULDING
Open account terms are 2% - 10 days. Net 30 based on invoice date. Orders             When using UPS for shipping moulding it is necessary to indicate your cutting
will not be shipped to accounts with past due balances. Checks returned to            instructions for long length. If not instructed we will automatically cut as fol-
DeltaHK Mat & Moulding for NSF will lose any discounts and be charged                 lows:
an additional $20.00 processing fee.                                                  - 12’ moulding into 7’ and 5’
• A discount of 2% is given on C.O.D. orders.                                         - 11’ moulding into 6’ and 5’
• Visa, MasterCard and prepaid orders are per                                         - 10’ moulding into 6’ and 4’
   standard invoice.                                                                  - 9’ moulding into 5’ and 4’
• For special orders, DeltaHK may require a 50% deposit at the
   time of placing the order.                                                         MATBOARD
                                                                                      To ship matboard via UPS we require a minimum of 12 assorted sheets. We
                                                                                      suggest larger quantities be shipped via truck freight. Mats may assort with
There is no minimum order. However, a delivery charge will be added to                other boards to meet 12 sheet minimums.
orders as follows:
$10.00 to any order under $50.00 • $7.50 to any order under $125.00                   CUT & MITRE SERvICE
FREE to any order over $125.00
                                                                                      CHOP SERVICE.
                                                                                      Chop service is available within 24 hours. All chops will have a standard 1/8
CORNER SAMPLES                                                                        inch allowance (1/16 inch on each side) unless we are directed otherwise. Mini-
Standard 6” chevrons, joined, velcro attached and billed at 1 foot of length          mum chop size is 5 inches (wood) per side, with a minimum charge based upon
price for each moulding sample.                                                       3 feet. Frames are held together with specially designed plastic inserts called
MOULDING AVAILABILITY                                                                 “thumbnails.” Router service for chops:
DeltaHK Mat & Moulding stocks a vast number of top performers, and has                $3.00 per frame (1 wedge per corner)
access to other mouldings not listed in this price brochure. They are available       $4.00 per frame (2 wedges per corner)
to DeltaHK Mat & Moulding at list price with no additional cost. 3 - 5 day            $5.00 per frame (3 wedges per corner)
needed, please ask customer service for more details.
Due to the upward trend in fuel costs, when necessary we may need to add a
fuel surcharge to all deliveries.

RETURNS                                                                                     Look for our Framer’s assist program.
Prior to returning merchandise, please call Customer Service for an authoriza-              Under this program, moulding can be assembled
tion. Any returns are subject to a 15% restock fee, unless the merchandise
                                                                                            at the Chop Service price.
was defective or due to our error.
                                                                                            There is standard 48 hour turn around for Framers
We will not accept returns on merchandise purchased over 1 month ago                        Assist, less than 48 hours $8.00 fee per frame.
nor purchased as specials or closeouts. Furthermore, merchandise must be                    Note: Our Framers Assist program is available on
wrapped in original packaging or adequate alternative packaging.
                                                                                            select mouldings only (see moulding price pages).
DELIVERY & SHIPPING - LEAD TIME Orders for standard products should
be placed by 1:00 pm the day before delivery. Orders will be taken after 1:00
pm, but there is no guarantee that it will be delivered the next day. Custom
orders are normally ready in 10 days or less. All orders are shipped the same
day if received before 12:00 noon (on all in stock merchandise).

• All chop orders are shipped UPS same day (stock permitting) if your order is
received before 12 noon. - All orders are FOB our warehouse, Sacramento CA.

                           DeltaHK :
                                                                  Sacramento, 1-800-525-9369, Fax 1-916-361-7327
                                                                  So. San Francisco, 1-800-632-2752, Fax 1-650-952-1634
                                                        Mat & Board Cutters
                         Fletcher Fletcher 3100                    Squaring Arm For C+H Mat Cutters
                         Multi-Material Cutter                     Highly recommended for efficient cutter operation when
                         Capable of handling heavier               cutting large mats.
                         substrates such as: Gatorboard,           #201460
                         hardboard (MDF) and other
                         tough materials. 63” cutting              Production Stop Kit For C+H Mat Cutters
                          capacity. Interchangeable pil-           A great time saver when cutting mats of same size.
                            larposts changes in seconds.           Durable and highly recommended.
                              Comes with one pillar post.          #201470

                                                                   C+H 1200 Blades
                                                                   Double edge for regular
                                                                   cutting and single edge fine
                                                                   #201490 Double Edge 100/bx
                                                                   #201480 Single Edge 100/bx

                            Measuring Stops
                            for Fletcher 3100
                            Measuring stops provide
                            increased accuracy,
                            consistency and productivity.          C+H 1500 Blades
                            #201400                                High quality steel blades for
                                                                   heavy duty mat cutting.
                                                                   #201500 Double Edge 100/bx

                                                                    X-ACTO Board Cutter
                                                                    A hand held cutter specifically
                                                                    designed for clean, precise 45 & 90
                                                                    degree cuts on foam, matboard
                                                                    and illustration board.
C+H Pro Plus Mat Cutter
The ultimate machines for commercial applications, built            8R Replacement Blades
for the most demanding professionals. Extremely heavy               For X-Acto Board Cutter.
duty construction.                                                  #201620
#201440 M48 Pro Plus Cutter                                         5/pkg
#201450 M60 Pro Plus Cutter

Single Edge
(No-Notch) Blades                                                   Utility Blades
Excellent general purpose                                           High quality, general purpose util-
heavy duty razor blade.                                             ity blades for most standard uses.
Can be used in pre-1980                                             #201660 100/bx
C+H cutters.
#201650 100/bx

                    DeltaHK :
                                                  Sacramento, 1-800-525-9369, Fax 1-916-361-7327
                                                  So. San Francisco, 1-800-632-2752, Fax 1-650-952-1634
Mat & Board Cutters
Fletcher 2200 Mat Cutter                                  Fletcher 3000 Multi-
Designed to help eliminate human error through its        Material Cutter
unique “pin locator system”, making it easy to set        This wall mounted cutter provides
accurate borders and multiple mat exposures.              effortless, accurate cutting for most
• Now cut up 1/2” thick foam board (straight cut).        commonly used framing materials.
• Sight line gauge helps you start/stop                   Its patented triple-blade turret
 on your mark, to minimize overcuts.                      eliminates changing parts.
• Instruction video featuring John Raines, CPF, GCF.
                                                          #201300 48”
#201130 40”                                               #201310 60”
#201140 48”
#201150 60”

                                                                                      Measuring Stops
                                                                                      for Fletcher 3000
                                                                                      Measuring stops provide
                                                                                      increased accuracy,
                                                                                      consistency and productivity.
                  2200 Cutter Right Squaring Arm
                  Provides support for accurate sizing.
                  One measuring stop included.
                                                                             Fletcher Replacement Glass
                                                                             Cutting Wheel Units
                                                                             For use in Fletcher 3000 & 3100
                  2200 Cutter Measuring Stops                                #201340 10/tube (02-118) Steel 114”
                  Reduces overcuts and undercuts.                            #201330 10/tube (02-120) Steel 120”
                  Invaluable for cutting multiple mats.
                  #201170 One set
                                                                              Fletcher Plastic Cutting Blades
                                                                              For use in Fletcher 3000 & 3100.
                                                                              #201380 10/tube (05-712)
                  Fletcher .12 Super Keen Blades
                  Fletcher 2200 Mat cutter blades.
                  #201220 100/box (05-012)
                                                                              Fletcher M-81 Blades
Fletcher .15 Super         Fletcher Super Keen
                                                                              Mat cutting blades for
Keen Blades                Single Edge Blades
                                                                              Fletcher 8400 & 7544.
Fletcher 2200 Mat          Fletcher 2200 Mat
                                                                              #201370 10/tube (05-711)
cutter blades.             cutter blades.
#201230 100/box (05-015)   #201240 100/box (05-016)

                                                                              Fletcher Mat/Foamboard
                    Fletcher Gator, Foam &                                    Blades
                    Matboard Cutting Blades                                   Use in Fletcher 3000
                    #201250                                                   #201410 10/tube (05-001)
                    100/box (05-004)                                          #201420 100/tube (05-003)

 4               Order online 24 hours at
                                           Saws, Choppers & Joiners
Carbide Saw Blades                                                                                 ITW/AMP Mitre-Mite
Carbide Saw Blades. Gives you accurate and smooth wood                                             VN 42 V-Nailer
mitres every time.                                                                                 Designed for ease of operation
#251040 10” Carbide Tip                                                                            and is well suited for assembling
#251050 12” Carbide Tip                                                                            larger frames. Comes with a
#251060 14” Carbide Tip                                                                            height adjustable base, can be
                                                                                                   operated from the front or back
Fletcher CornerPro Nails                                                                           and has a dual stage foot pedal
“V” shaped nails for Fletcher CornerPro underpinners.                                              which allows the framer to see
#251370 3/16” 4mm Hardwood 6000/bx                                                                 if the corner is properly aligned
#251372 1/4” 7mm Hardwood 4000/bx                                                                  before nailing. Can be used on
#251374 3/8” 10mm Hardwood 3000/bx                                                                 frames ranging from 3/8” to
#251376 1/2” 12mm Hardwood 3000/bx                                                                   5 1/2” wide and from 1/4” to
#251378 5/8” 15mm Hardwood 2000/bx                                                                     4 1/2” high. Accepts v-nails
                                                                                                      from 3mm to 15mm.
#251380 3/16” 4mm Softwood 6000/bx                                                                    #251560
#251382 1/4” 7mm Softwood 4000/bx
#251384 3/8” 10mm Softwood 3000/bx
#251386 1/2” 12mm Softwood 3000/bx
#251388 5/8” 15mm Softwood 2000/bx
                                                                    ITW/AMP Power TwistV-Nails
                                                                    Designed so that various aspects of the
ITW/AMP Mitre-Mite VN 2+1 V-Nailer                                  body and wings apply the highest draw
A bench top frame assembly machine.                                 pressure as the moulding is being joined.
Features include: pneumatic load/feed                               The twisting action then locks and holds
system to eliminate jams,“soft clamp”                               the corner at the tightest point. Available
pneumatics for damage free joints,                                  in three different versions and and up to
and a “quick change” hold down to                                   six sizes.
fit most profiles. Can be used on
frames ranging from 3/8” to 5”                                      #251620 1/4” 7mm “                   #251624 1/2” 12mm “
wide and from 1/4” to 5 1/4” high.                                  MW-HW” 4000/bx                       MW-HW” 3000/bx
Accepts v-nails from 3mm to                                         #251622 3/8” 10mm “                  #251626 5/8” 15mm “
15mm.                                                               MW-HW” 3000/bx                       MW-HW” 2000/bx
                                                                    #251630 1/4” 7mm “                   #251640 1/4” 7mm “
                                                                    SW” 4000/bx                          MDF” 3200/bx
                                                                    #251632 3/8” 10mm “                  #251642 3/8” 10mm “
ITW/AMP Mitre-Mite VN 4 L                                           SW” 3000/bx                          MDF” 2400/bx
(Long Stroke) V-Nailer                                              #251634 1/2” 12mm “                  #251644 1/2” 12mm “
This is an enhanced version of                                      SW” 3000/bx                          MDF” 2400/bx
the VN 4 machine. Specifi-                                          #251636 5/8” 15mm “                  #251646 5/8” 15mm “
cally designed to assemble                                          SW” 2000/bx                          MDF” 1600/bx
wider frames up to 6 1/2”.
Features include: pneumatic
load/feed system to eliminate                                       Pistorius V-Nails
jams,“soft clamp” pneumatics                                        Precision formed of .012” thick, spe-
for damage free joints, and a                                       cially formulated high carbon steel.
“quick change” hold down to fit most pro-                           #251810 3/8” Hard 5000/bx
files. Can be used on frames ranging from 3/8” to 6 1/2”            #251820 1/4” Hard 5000/bx
wide and from 1/4” to 5 1/4” high. Accepts v-nails from             #251830 3/8” Soft 5000/bx
3mm to 15mm.                                                        #251840 1/4” Soft 5000/bx

                    DeltaHK :
                                                 Sacramento, 1-800-525-9369, Fax 1-916-361-7327
                                                 So. San Francisco, 1-800-632-2752, Fax 1-650-952-1634
Saws, Choppers & Joiners
C+H Thumbnail Master                                                  Chartpak Touch-Up Markers
This thumbnail joining system allows                                  All the colors needed to touch up scratches and mitered
for insert combinations to reach                                      corners on picture frames.
depth sizes up to 1 7/8”which
allows for routing taller mould-                                       #252000 Colorless Blender
ings. Improved bit adjustment.                                         #252004 Ultra Marine
#251900                                                                #252005 True Blue
                                                                       #252006 Prussian Blue
C+H Thumbnailer Replacement Bit                                        #252020 Evergreen
#251910 Steel Bit                                                      #252029 Leaf Green
#251915 Carbide Bit                                                    #252042 Cadmium Yellow
                                                                       #252054 Dark Walnut
C+H Thumbnailer
                                                                       #252058 Dark Oak
                                                                       #252060 Walnut/Mahogany
#251920 3/8” 500/pack                                                  #252069 Dark Cherry
#251930 5/8” 500/pack                                                  #252070 Medium Oak
#251940 15/16” 250/pack                                                #252074 Medium Cherry
                                                                       #252082 Crimson
Framing Vise                                                           #252085 Maroon
An essential piece of equip-                                           #252086 Red Mahogany
ment for joining mitered                                               #252090 Wine Red
moulding. Easily adjusts                                               #252099 Black
and clamps securely, holding the                                       #252105 Ice Blue
corner at a perfect 90 degree angle.                                   #252122 Grass Green
Cast iron. Bench mountable.                                            #252139 Light Oak/Maple
#251950                                                                #252148 Light Pine
                                                                       #252160 Salmon
Chartpak Touch-Up Marker Sets
The perfect touch up sets for                                          Black Warehouse Marker
professional picture framers.                                          A basic black, general purpose black marker.
Set of 9 Includes:                                                     #252260
Dark Oak, Medium Oak, Light Oak/
Maple, Medium Cherry, Dark Cherry,
Light Pine, Dark Walnut, and Walnut/                                                          Nail Hole &
Mahogany.                                                                                      Corner Filler
#252209                                                                                        For wooden frames. Pliable, will not
                                                                                               shrink. Mix colors to make custom
Set of 25 Includes:                                                                            blends, just melt at low heat and mix.
Dark Oak, Medium Oak, Light Oak/Maple, Medium                                                 2oz cans.
Cherry, Dark Cherry, Light Pine, Dark Walnut, Walnut/Ma-
hogany, Cadmium Yellow, Crimson, Ultra Marine, Prussian Blue,
True Blue, Ice Blue, Maroon, Wine Red, Salmon, Evergreen, Leaf         #252301 Gold                            #252315 Dark Walnut
Green, Grass Green, 2 Blenders, and 2 Black.                           #252302 Silver                          #252316 Blond Maple
#252225                                                                #252303 Red Maple                       #252317 Natural
                                                                       #252307 Ivory                           #252318 White
                                                                       #252308 Turquoise                       #252319 Black
Gold & Silver Paint Markers                                            #252309 Red                             #252320 Medium Maple
A convenient and easy way to perform small, simple touch               #252310 Mahogany                        #252321 Blue
up work on silver and gold mouldings.                                  #252311 Light Oak                       #252322 Dark Gold
#252262 Fine Tip Gold                                                  #252312 Gray                            #252323 Orange
#252264 Medium Tip Gold                                                #252313 Walnut                          #252324 Green
#252268 Fine Tip Silver                                                #252314 Dark Prov Maple                 #252325 Yellow
#252270 Medium Tip Silver

                                                       Sacramento, 1-800-525-9369, Fax 1-916-361-7327
                                                       So. San Francisco, 1-800-632-2752, Fax 1-650-952-1634
 6                                                     Order online 24 hours at
            Mounting Presses, Tissues & Boards
Bienfang® Vacuum Presses                                             Bienfang® BufferMount®
All Bienfang vacuum                                                  Dry Mounting Adhesive
presses feature the                                                  Acid-free tissue coated on both
latest in digital micro-                                             sides with a low temperature
processor technology and                                             acid-free adhesive. Removable
touch-pad controls.                                                  when reheated. Recommended
Features six factory                                                 for high quality or delicate art.
installed programs for                                               #300180 24.5”x 90’ Roll
temperature and dwell                                                #300190 40.5”x 90’ Roll
time, plus the option
to easily preset your
own combinations.                                                    Bienfang® Fusion® 4000 Dry Mounting Adhesive
Digital displays and an                                              A thermal-activated 100% acid-free adhesive film. Remov-
end-of-cycle signal let you keep on top of the press                 able when reheated. It can be patched, overlapped and
operations. The micro-processor technology and touch-pad             pieced together because it flows under heat and pressure.
controls assure production consistency and ease of                   Self-trimming and is ideal for mounting lithographs, news-
operator training.                                                   print, photos (including Cibachrome and RC), photostats,
#300020 3648H                                                        art papers, vellum engravings, silks, canvas, foils and most
#300030 Floorstand For 3648H                                         other papers.
#300040 4468H                                                        #300302 24.5”x 90’ Roll
#300050 Floorstand For 4468H                                         #300310 40.5”x 90’ Roll
#300060 5298H (Floorstand Included)

                                                                     TechMount Dry Mounting Tissue
                                             Bienfang®               A breathable/porous product created for the drymounting
                                             Masterpiece             of photographs and paper materials. Breathability helps to
                                                Mechanical           reduce bubbling. Produces a smooth permanent bond. Low
                                                Presses              temperature requirements.
                                                Ability to
                                               handle an ar-         #300150 24.5”x 150’ Roll
                                            ray of sizes and         #300152 40.5”x 150’ Roll
                                           artistic applica-         #300158 48.5”x 300’ Roll
tions. Consistently provides even heat and uniform pres-
sure. Capable of finishing pieces larger than the press itself.      Bienfang® Sponge Overlay
Durable construction and easy to clean platen surfaces.              A reusable sponge foam overlay used when laminating to
Masterpiece 550                                                      ensure a smooth, even lamination.
Easy to read digital display with touch pad. Ideal appli-            #300402 42”x 8.5’ Roll
cations for this press include mounting, laminating and
applying texture to large photos, artwork and posters. Press
size: 26”x 34”. Can handle 51” by any length in sections.            Bienfang® RagMount®
                                                                     Dry Mounting Adhesive
                                                                     A heat-activated adhesive,
                                                                     100% cotton-rag tissue
Bienfang® VacuGlue                                                   carrier designed for dry
A premium archival quality, natural veg-                             mounting digital prints on
etable starch-based adhesive designed for                            fine art papers, also useable
mounting all types of artwork including                              in traditional dry mounting
posters, prints, photographs and fabrics.                            applications. RagMount® is a low-melt adhesive that cre-
Can be applied with a brush, roller or spray                         ates a permanent bond. It is 100% breathable designed to
gun. Sets quickly with either a vacuum or                            prevent air entrapment.
dry mount press.                                                     #300170 24.5”x 150’ Roll
#350100 64 Ounce                                                     #300172 40.5”x 150’ Roll

                                                      Sacramento, 1-800-525-9369, Fax 1-916-361-7327
                                                      So. San Francisco, 1-800-632-2752, Fax 1-650-952-1634
                                                      Order online 24 hours at                             7
Mounting Presses, Tissues & Boards
Bienfang® Finish Guard®                                                                      Hard Rubber Brayer
Laminating Materials                                                                         Aids in rolling out art, photos, posters
Vinyl films coated one side                                                                  and other paper items when mount-
with permanent, heat acti-                                                                   ing. 4” wide.
vated adhesive. UV protection                                                                #300420
provided by a clear, low-tack
adhesive covered by a paper
release liner. Various textures
                                                                    Bienfang® Release Paper
Satin Matte Texture                                                 A smooth paper coated on one
Soft, moderately reflective                                         or both sides with a non-stick
finish that enhances colors                                         silicon coating. Can be used
while reducing glare.                                               repeatedly.
#300200 41”x 50’ Roll                                               #300340 Double-sided
                                                                    42”x 90’ Roll
Lustre Texture                                                      #300350 Double-sided
                                                                    50”x 105’ Roll
Sparkling, semi-gloss finish that reduces glare and
reflection while adding rich color highlights.
#300220 41”x 50’ Roll                                                Bienfang® Release Board
                                                                     Smooth, thin cardboard, coated with silicon on both sides.
Canvas Texture                                                       Long lasting and durable. Can be reused without deteriora-
A canvas-like texture and soft sheen adds surface interest           tion or performance loss on oversize pieces.
to portraits, landscapes and reproductions.
                                                                     #300380 32” x 40” 1 each
#300240 41”x 50’ Roll
                                                                     #300390 40” x 60 1 each
Linen Texture
Linen-like texture with a semi-matte finish adds softer              Bienfang® UnStik®
appearance to finished art reproductions and photos.                 A special releasing solvent used to remove
#300250 41”x 50’ Roll                                                artwork from various mounting adhesives.
                                                                     It can also be used to clean adhesive residue
                                                                     off artwork or press parts.
Bienfang® Tacking Iron                                               #300450 32 ounce
Designed to tack materi-
als into position to prevent                                         Crescent Perfect Mount
shifting before processing.                                          A self-adhesive mounting board that allows for easy posi-
#300430                                                              tioning and repositioning until a permanent bond is acti-
                                                                     vated by firm pressure. Available in single thickness, double
                                                                     thickness and foam center board. Neutral pH.

3M 568 Mounting Adhesive                                             Foam Center:
Transparent adhesive for mounting of artwork without the             #301532 32”x 40” 3/16
need for sprays, heat or machines. Allows repositioning              #301540 40”x 60” 3/16
until burnished into place. Permanent, long lasting and
will not stain, discolor or dry out with age. Formulated for         Single Thick:
sensitive papers and colors that can not hold up to heat.            #301632 32”x 40”
                                                                     #301640 40”x 60”
#300460 11”x 50’ Roll
#300470 16”x 50’ Roll                                                Double Thick:
#300480 24”x 50’ Roll 6                                              #301732 32”x 40”
                                                                     #301740 40”x 60”

                                                      Sacramento, 1-800-525-9369, Fax 1-916-361-7327
                                                      So. San Francisco, 1-800-632-2752, Fax 1-650-952-1634
 8                                                    Order online 24 hours at
            Mounting Presses, Tissues & Boards
                                                                     Bainbridge Speedmount
                                                                     Heat-Activated Foamboard
                                                                     An ultra smooth coating is applied to a
                                                                     sheet of Bainbridge Foamboard. A perfect
                                                                     surface for mounting photos, posters, and
                                                                     decorative papers. Adhesive is activated
Kool Tack Heat
                                                                     with temperatures as low as 150˚ mak-
                                                                     ing it suitable for more delicate materials.
                                                                     Available in black or white.
An ultra smooth
acid free coating.                                                   #302132 32”x 40” 1/8
The original 20                                                      #301240 40”x 60” 3/16
second drymount                                                      #301232 32”x 40” 3/16”
foamboard com-
pletely reversible                                                   Bienfang® SingleStep® Foam Board
and reusable                                                         A sheet of Bienfang Foam Board which has been pre-coated on
works at a 160 degrees F in 20 seconds. Completely safe for          one side with a heat activated adhesive. Forms a smooth, per-
most any print. ATG tape sticks to drymount surface.                 manent bond when activated under heat and pressure. No dry
Available in black or white.                                         mounting tissue is needed. Lightweight, strong, durable and warp
                                                                     resistant. Neutral pH.
#302232 32”x 40”     3/16”White                                      #300532 32”x 40”           1/8       #300632 32”x 40”                  3/16
#302240 40”x 60”     3/16 White                                      #300540 40”x 60”           1/8       #300640 40”x 60”                  3/16
#302248 48” x 96”    3/16 White                                      #300624 24”x 36”           3/16
#303432 32”x 40”     3/16 Black on Black
#303440 40”x 60”     3/16 Black on Black
                                                                      Kool Tack MAXIM Red 5/15
Kool Tack Preserve                                                    5 minute set up. 15 minute bonding.
A heat activated mount-                                               Cures in 3 hours. Dries clear.
ing foamboard that al-                                                Water clean up.
lows art to be reversed to
                                                                      #352202 Maxim 515 Glue 16oz.
its pre-mounting condi-
                                                                      #352204 Maxim 515 Glue 1 Gal.
tion. The non-permeable
adhesive meets all ar-
                                                                      Kool Tack MAXIM Blue
chival standards and can
                                                                      1 minute set up. 15 minute bonding.
be completely removed
                                                                      Cures in 3 hours. Dries clear.
from the art. Activates at
                                                                      Water clean up.
a low temperature mak-
ing it safe for most art. Permanent until reheated.                   #351102 16oz.
                                                                      #351104 1 Gal.
#303332 32”x 40” 3/16 White
#303340 40”x 60” 3/16 White

Perma Lon                                        NEW                    Delivery
Now achieve a perfect drymount every time with Perma Lon.               ScheDule
Perma Lon is the first ultra smooth release film that is                We are in your neighborhood

designed to completely eliminate the “orange peel” effect               Tuesday:                              Thursday
caused by the euneven texture associated with traditional               San Francisco, Peninsula, South Bay   San Francisco,
                                                                        Sacramento area                       East Bay
release paper or release board. Perma Lon is a permanent,               Lake Tahoe, Reno Area                 Sierra Foothills, Hwy 49 North
ultra smooth transparent film that allows the picture to be
seen through the film that is laminated to a .40 thick Acrylic          Wednesday:                            Friday:
                                                                        San Francisco, North Bay              San Francisco, Peninsula, South Bay
sheet for more durability.                                              (Marin, Sonoma,& Napa Counties)       Sacramento area
                                                                        Modesto, Stockton, Lodi               Sierra Foothills, Hwy 49 South
#300385 32”x 40”                                                        North Sacramento Valley
#300395 40”x 60”                                                        (Chico, Yuba City areas)              * Make a note of your delivery day!

                                                      Sacramento, 1-800-525-9369, Fax 1-916-361-7327
                                                      So. San Francisco, 1-800-632-2752, Fax 1-650-952-1634
                                                      Order online 24 hours at                                                   9
Adhesives & Archival Products
Plastibond Glue                                                     3M ATG 924
A low odor adhesive specially formulated for                        General purpose ATG Tape. Use for all framing needs
joining plastic moulding. Environmentally                           where Adhesive Transfer Tape is called for. Excellent for
safe, solvent free, fast set up, dries clear.                       bonding a variety of materials.
#350180 2 Ounce                                                     #350310 1/4” x 36yd.
#350182 8 Ounce                                                     #350314 1/2” x 36yd.
                                                                    #350316 1/2” x 60yd.
                                                                    #350318 3/4” x 36yd.
                                                                    #350320 3/4” x 60yd.
              3M Super 77 Spray Adhesive
              Use on virtually any material, including foil,
              foam, fabric, cardboard, paper and more.
              Quick bonding and dries quickly.
                                                                                                            3M ATG 700
              #350120 16.5 Ounce
                                                                                                            Applicator Gun
                                                                                                            The most versatile ATG
                                                                                                            applicator. Holds up to
                                                                                                            60 yard roll. Transparent
                                                                                                            cover shows remaining
                                                                                                            tape. Covered gears mini-
                                                                                                            mize jams.
3M Photo Mount Spray Adhesive
Permanently mounts photo papers, reproduc-                                                                  #350200
tions, illustrations, maps, posters and signs.
#350140 10.3 Ounce                                                               3M ATG 714 Applicator Gun
                                                                                 Used for 1/4”ATG only.

            3M Vac-U-Mount Spray Adhesive
            Used for mounting with or without a vacuum              Scapa ATG
            press. Clear and permanent without staining,            Applicator Gun
            yellowing or cracking.                                  Hand held tape dispensing
            #350160 15.9 Ounce                                      system for use with adhe-
                                                                    sive transfer tapes.

3M ATG 969 Heavy
Duty                                                                                                Scapa T002 Adhesive
Ideal for applications                                                                              Transfer Tape
where extra bonding                                                                                 Multi-purpose acrylic transfer
strength is called for.                                                                             adhesive tape that is acid-
#350340 1/4” x 18yd.                                                                                  neutral.
#350342 1/2” x 18yd.                                                                                   #350280 1/2” x 36yd.
#350343 1/2” x36yd.                                                                                    #350290 1/2” x 60yd.

                                                    Sacramento, 1-800-525-9369, Fax 1-916-361-7327
                                                    So. San Francisco, 1-800-632-2752, Fax 1-650-952-1634
10                                                  Order online 24 hours at
               Adhesives & Archival Products
    Scotch 810 Magic Tape                             Framer’s Tape Acid Free
    The original matte-finish invisible tape.         The First pressure-sensitive tape ever
    #350380 1”x 72yds.                                developed specifically for acid free
                                                      mounting, matting and framing of
                                                      artwork and prints. Easy to use. Hand
                                                      tearable: no knife or scissors needed.
                                                      #350445 1”x 20yds.
                                                      #350450 1”x 60yds.
    Scotch 811 Removable Magic Tape
    Multi purpose. Holds securely yet can be          FrameTac
    removed or repositioned.                          A clear, durable, versatile and strong tape.
                                                      The pH-neutral adhesive is pressure sensi-
    #350384 1”x 72yds.                                tive, but won't yellow and is usually remov-
                                                      able. Use for mounting photographs, sealing
                                                      inlay mats, and reinforcing behind deep
                                                      V-grooves and in corners of larger mats for stability.
  Artist’s Tape - White                               #350470 1”x 180’
  Virtually acid-free paper tape. Use in place
                                                      Tape Dispenser
  of masking tape. Non-staining and reposi-
                                                      A compact box sealing tape
                                                      dispenser featuring a braking
  #350400 1”x 60yds.                                  device that enables operator to
                                                      apply tension for a tighter seal.
                                                      Holds tape up to 2" wide x 60
 Artist’s Tape - Black                                yards on a 3" core.
 Use in place of masking tape when a more
 finished black appearance is preferred. Not
 acid-free.                                           Filmoplast P90
 #350402 1”x 60yds.                                   Archival quality, self-adhesive and water
                                                      reversible. Buffered to a slightly alkaline
                                                      pH-level to counteract acids that may be
  Brown Sealing Tape                                  present through environmental pollut-
  Medium brown general purpose flatback               ants and/or by handling. Filmoplast P90
  paper tape for packaging applications.              is opaque white.
  #350410 2”x 60yds                                   #350480 Filmoplast P90 3/4” x 164’
  #350415 3” x 60 3M
                                                      Filmoplast SH
                                                      Fine threaded white linen tape. Strong
                                                      water based self-adhesive. Ideal for
                                                      hinging the window mat to the back-
Filament Strapping Tape                               ing board. The perfect compliment to all
Use for light duty bundling and reinforcing.          quality mounting and matting boards.
Sticks to fiberboard, plastics and
                                                      #350486 1-3/16” x 82’
metal. Resists moisture and abrasion.
#350420 1”x 60yds.                                                       Hayaku- Lineco
                                                                         Gummed Japanese Hinging Paper
                                                                         Make instant Japanese hinges easily.
     Packaging Tape-Clear                                                Hayaku Japanese mulberry paper gives a
     A strong film box sealing tape that                                 thin yet strong and supple hinge.
     conforms to surfaces for a consistent                               The pH neutral paper and adhesive have
     uniform seal with no water or sticky                                passed the permanence test (ANSI-
     cleanup. Ideal for light to medium                                  NAPM IT(.16-1993) Recommended for
     duty package taping.                             Originals and limited editions. Water reversible.
     #350430 2”x 60yds.                               #350502 1” x 100’ (533-0752)

                                       Sacramento, 1-800-525-9369, Fax 1-916-361-7327
                                       So. San Francisco, 1-800-632-2752, Fax 1-650-952-1634
                                       Order online 24 hours at                             11
Adhesives & Archival Products
                      Lineco Gummed Paper                                                       Lineco Self-Adhesive Linen
                      Hinging Tape                                                              Hinging Tape
                      Ideal for general hinging, the acid-                                      A favorite for hinging window
                      free, lignin-free, buffered paper will                                    mats to backboard or attaching art.
                      support most artwork. Fast setting                                        The very fine linen cloth is flexible
                      neutral pH adhesive.                                                      yet strong. The neutral pH acrylic
                      Water reversible.                                                         adhesive gains strength overnight.
                                                                                                Recommended for casual hinging.
                      #350506 1” x 130’ (533-0751)
                                                                                                #350534 1-1/4”x 400” (L533-1015)
                                                                                                #350540 1-1/4”x 50yds. (L533-1055)

                       Lineco Gummed                                Lineco Transparent
                       Linen Hinging Tape                           Mending Tissue
                       Great for those heavy watercol-              Provides quick, safe repairs or
                       ors or collages. The 65/55 thread            stabilization for torn art or
                       count, acid-free fabric gives plenty         documents. Virtually disappears
                       of strength. The high tack neutral           for an unobtrusive and safe
                       pH adhesive sets fast and lays flat.         repair. May be removed with
                       Water reversible.                            mineral spirits if desired.
                       #350510 1”x 10yds. (L533-1025)               #350552 1/2”x 50’ (L533-0017)
                       #350518 1”x 50yds. (L533-1050)
                       #350514 1-1/2”x 100yds. (L533-
                                                                                                  Lineco Photo Corners
                                                                                                  Polypropylene corners are strong,
Lineco Self-Adhesive
                                                                                                  safe and acid-free. Self-adhesive.
Hinging Tissue
Here is the solution for mounting                                                                 #350556 5/8” 500/bx (533-0022)
papyrus or thin papers where a hinge
will show. The very thin, long fibered
paper virtually disappears when ap-
plied. Neutral pH acrylic adhesive
won’t turn yellow with age.
                                                                                                  Lineco Document Repair Tape
#350522 1”x 400” (L533-0125)
                                                                                                  Provides quick, safe repairs or sta-
#350526 1”x 98’ (L533-0126)
                                                                                                  bilization for torn art or documents.
                                                                                                  May be removed with mineral
                                                                                                  spirits if desired.
Lineco See-Thru Mounting Strips
Made from conservation                                                                            #350548 1”x 98’ (533-0198)
quality materials. Mylar®
polyester is bonded to a 2 ply
mat with a self-adhesive back.
Simply position the artwork                                         Lineco Mylar® Framers
and adhere the strips to the                                        and Photo Corners
mount board. No adhesive                                            These corners are very thin, clear
touches the art. See-Thru                                           and archival quality. They are
strips provide several advantages over corners; a few along         made of crystal clear Mylar®, the
the bottom provide full length support, application is easy,        museum’s choice of plastics. Use
the art stays flat.                                                 for light to medium weight photos
#350544 4” 60/pkg. (533-4015)                                       and art. Self-adhesive.
                                                                    #350560 1/2” 240/bx (L533-0020)
                                                                    #350564 1-3/8” 240/bx (L533-0021)

                                                      Sacramento, 1-800-525-9369, Fax 1-916-361-7327
                                                      So. San Francisco, 1-800-632-2752, Fax 1-650-952-1634
12                                                    Order online 24 hours at
                                  Adhesives & Archival Products
                Lineco Self-Adhesive                               Document Cleaning Pad
                Polypropylene Corners                              Document Cleaning Pads
                These corners provide extra strength               are recommended
                and sizes to accommodate larger art                for cleaning dusty
                pieces. They are safe, and acid-free.              or dirty paper
                The full view variety minimizes the                items. Gently rub the
                border required to hide the corner under           pad over the area to be
                the window mat. Use for light to heavy             cleaned. Once the area is clean, simply brush the
                weight photos and art.                             residue away.
                #350568 1-1/4” 250/bx (L533-0034)                  #350592
                #350572 1-1/4” Full View 250/bx (L533-0035)
                #350576 3” 100/bx (L533-0036)
                #350580 3” Full View 250/bx (L533-0037)                         Lineco White Neutral pH Adhesive
                                                                                Used for adhering mats and objects within
Lineco Frame Sealing Tape                                                       a frame. Not recommended for attaching
Seals off raw wood rabbets and fillets to                                       hinges to art.
protect the art and seals filler boards to the                                  #350596 8 Ounce (901-1008)
frame. An acid-free, lignin-free buffered
paper is laminated to a thin aluminum
barrier layer and coated with an aggres-
sive, acrylic adhesive.The aluminum
provides a barrier that stops acid migra-
                                                                   3L Mounting Corners
tion. The acrylic adhesive holds strong
                                                                   100% acid-free polypropylene.
to raw wood.
                                                                   Permanent, self-adhesive.
#350584 1-1/4”x 1000” (L387-0151)
                                                                   #350602 Regular 3” 100/bx
#350585 1-1/4”x 500 Ft. (L387-1055)
                                                                   #350603 Maxiview 3” 100/bx
                                                                   #350604 Regular 1-1/4’ 250/bx
               Lineco pH Testing Pen                               #350605 Maxiview 1-1/4” 250/bx
               An easy and convenient method for
               distinguishing between safe alkaline
               paper and unsafe acidic paper. Solution
               turns purple on pH safe materials.                  Mounting Chevrons
                                                                   Hook Velcro, self-adhesive die-cut
               #350590 (L533-0023)                                 'L-shapes’ ready to stick to the back
                                                                   of moulding corner samples. Three
                                                                   sizes available. Ideal for wood as well
                                                                   as metal corners. Black.
                                                                   #315610 Small 100 each
Lineco                                                             #315612 Medium 100 each
Acidfree                                                           #315614 Large 100 each
                                                                   Hook & Loop Tape
                                                                   Hook and loop with a pressure
paper will
                                                                   sensitive aggressive adhesive.
not harm
                                                                   High tack and quick setting.
the art and is
                                                                   Twenty five yard rolls. Black or white.
more difficult
                                                                   Sold by the yard.
to puncture than standard kraft paper. Moderate porosity
allows the frame package to breath properly.                       #350620 1” Black Hook
                                                                   #350622 1” Black Loop
#350588 36”x 300’ (613-0037)

                                                    Sacramento, 1-800-525-9369, Fax 1-916-361-7327
                                                    So. San Francisco, 1-800-632-2752, Fax 1-650-952-1634
                                                    Order online 24 hours at                             13
Hand Tools
                                                                      Fletcher FlexiMaster Point
                                                                      Ideal for any frame job requir-
                                                                      ing flexible points. Provides a
                                                                      tight, flat fit with points that
                                                                      can be bent out of the way to
                                                                      change frame contents.
                                                                      #400150 Pointdriver
                                                                      #400152 Flexible
                                                                      Framer’s Points
                                                                      5/8” 3700/bx (08-955)
Fletcher Pneumatic Point Drivers
Fletcher Pneumatic Point Drivers offer all the advantages             Fletcher MultiMaster
of their manual namesakes, and more. Now you can drive                Point driver
framer’s points and flexible points in a fraction of the time.        This unique framing tool is
•Fires tight and flat                                                 perfect for attaching multiple
#400102 FrameMaster                                                   mouldings (i.e. stacked or liner
#400120 FlexiMaster                                                   mouldings) in the same frame.
#400106 FrameMaster Points 12,000/bx (08-985)                         Eliminates the need for glue,
#400124 FlexiMaster Points 12,000/bx (08-955)                         nails or off-set clips in stacked/
                                                                      liner moulding work.
                                                                      #400160 Pointdriver
Fletcher PullMate, Push-                                              (07-800)
Mate and SpringMate                                                   #400162 MultiPoints
                                                                      5/8” 3000 bx (08-975)
A-The PullMate is designed to
remove framer’s points from                                           Elpa Brad Nailer
wood frames.                                                          A manual brad nailer
B-Pushmate is used for                                                that fires horizontally
inserting push points,                                                (level to the surface),
triangle points and diamond                                           for holding the backer
points into wood frames.                                              board in frames.
C-SpringMate inserts and
removes metal clips
with ease.
                                                                      #400204 F-18
A #400250 PullMate (09-517)                                           11/16”(18mm) brads
B #400240 PushMate (09-515)                                           2000/bx
C #400260 SpringMate (09-519)

                         Fletcher FrameMaster
                          Point Driver                                   ScheDule
                                                                         We are in your neighborhood
                         Perfect for any framing applica
                         tion where a secure fit is required.            Tuesday:                              Thursday
                                                                         San Francisco, Peninsula, South Bay   San Francisco,
                            Spring adjusted firing power for             Sacramento area                       East Bay
                             different wood densities. No                Lake Tahoe, Reno Area                 Sierra Foothills, Hwy 49 North
                             jamming or double feeding.
                                                                         Wednesday:                            Friday:
                             #400140 Point Driver (07-500)               San Francisco, North Bay              San Francisco, Peninsula, South Bay
                                                                         (Marin, Sonoma,& Napa Counties)       Sacramento area
                             #400142 Framer’s Points                     Modesto, Stockton, Lodi               Sierra Foothills, Hwy 49 South
                             5/8” 3000/bx (08-950)                       North Sacramento Valley
                                                                         (Chico, Yuba City areas)              * Make a note of your delivery day!

                                                      Sacramento, 1-800-525-9369, Fax 1-916-361-7327
                                                      So. San Francisco, 1-800-632-2752, Fax 1-650-952-1634
14                                                    Order online 24 hours at
                                                                                       Hand Tools
Fletcher ScoreMaster II Glass Cutter                                                                  ScoreMate
ScoreMaster II features a oil dispensing system that                                                 Score and break plexi-
produces a continuous flow of oil along the score line.       glass and plastic with ease with this convenient hand tool.
Comfortable contoured handle and tungsten carbide             #400396 (05-111)
cutting wheel.
#400360 ScoreMaster (01-702)                                  Metal Rulers &
#400370 ScoreMaster Replacement Head (03-701)                 Tape Measures
                                                              Indispensable frame
                                                              shop items.
Fletcher Designer II                                          #400420 36” Ruler         #400424 48” Ruler
Pistol Grip Glass Cutter                                      #400428 60” Ruler         #400430 72” Ruler
High quality, comfortable, flexible and
durable with Fletcher’s Fiberlock™ anti-leak                  Artgum Eraser
fluid dispensing system for smooth, precise                   Dual-purpose non-abrasive eraser
scores.                                                       cleans surface with a fine powder
                                                              that absorbs pencil marks and dirt.
#400340 Cutter (01-715)
#400350 Replacement Head 140˚                                 #400450
                                                              Kneaded Eraser
Fletcher Envirogold Glass Cutting Fluid                       Excellent for removing minor dirt from
For use in any fluid type glass scorers.                      matboard. Kneads into any shape, removes
                                                              marks cleanly, leaves surfaces smooth and
#400392 4 Ounce (09-541)

                                                              Burnishing &
                                                              Folding Bone
Fletcher Gold Tip Glass Cutters                               Used for making creases
These glass cutters have long been the standard for scor-     or folds on tapes or papers without causing the paper to
ing glass by hand. Available in varying angles and steel or   become shiny. Genuine cattle bone. 5 1/2”x 3/4”.
tungsten carbide wheels.
                                                              #400470 (870-900B)
#400302 Ball End Steel Wheel 130˚ (01-826)
#400320 Ball End Steel Wheel 120˚ (01-118)                    Dusting Brush
#400330 Ball End Carbide Wheel 124˚ (01-219)                  Natural horse hair
#400310 Straight End Steel Wheel 120˚ (01-111)                bristles used to
                                                              remove dust and lint from pictures
Fletcher Glass Pliers & Nippers                               and mats, etc. 14” overall length.
Made of lightweight plas-
tic, these nipping pliers are
made with interchangeable                                     Paper
jaws, so you can instantly                                    Edge
convert from a nipping to running                             Trim-
(or break-out) tool. 8”                                       Knife
#400390 (06-112)                                              Trims backing paper to the edge of the moulding. Fast,
                                                              easy and perfect. Built- in gauge, automatically positions
                                                              blade. Use “D” type replacement blades.
Fletcher Heavy Duty
Plastic Cutter                                                #400496
Used for scoring heavy                                        Wire Cutters
duty materials including                                      Diagonal nippers for cutting picture wire. Edges are spe-
plastic and acrylic.                                          cially hardened for long life.
#400394 (05-120)                                              #450082

                 Order online 24 hours at                                                             15
Picture Wire, Hanging Hardware
Super Softstrand Coated
Stainless Steel Wire
This Softstrand Stainless Steel
Wire coated with a flexible,
protective plastic jacket. Kink
resistant coating.

Item #       Number       Hang Wt. Lenght
#450022        2          15 lbs.  1500’
#450023        3          20 lbs.  1125’                       Screw Eyes
#450024        4          25 lbs.  850’                        Bright, zinc plated standard screw eyes.
#450025        5          43 lbs.  500’                        #450110 210 1/2 200/bx               #450114 214 1/2 200/bx
#450026        6          60 lbs.  275’                        #450111 211 1/2 200/bx               #450115 215 1/2 200/bx
#450028        8          100 lbs. 125’                        #450112 212 1/2 200/bx               #450116 216 1/2 200/bx
                                                               #450113 213 1/2 200/bx

Surflon Black Nylon                                           Wall Buddies
Coated Wire                                                   Adds extra strength to
A smooth, nylon coated stain-                                 frame corners. Allow you
less steel wire that is secured with                          to hang easier, faster, and
crimping sleeves and a crimping                               professionally.
plier.                                                        #450700 30lb. 1 set
                                                              #450710 30lb. Bulk pack (25 sets)
Item #   Number           Hang Wt. Lenght                     #450720 80lb. Bulk pack (25 sets)
#450052    2              30 lbs.   30 lbs.
#450053    3              40 lbs.   40 lbs.                   Hangman Heavy Duty
#4500544   4              60 lbs.   60 lbs.                   Hanging System
#450057    7              105 lbs.  105 lbs.                  Hang it level everytime! This
                                                              system allows you to quickly
                                                              and easily hang mirrors, pictures
                                                              and wall decor. A removable
Surflon Crimping Sleeves
                                                              level is included along with all the
Black sleeves used with a crimper to bind
                                                              hardware needed for installation.
Surflon picture wire so that knotting
                                                              Made from heavy duty aluminum.
or twisting becomes obsolete. 1000 per
                                                              Includes Wall-Dogs.
package. Match the sleeve number to the wire number.
                                                              #450730 18” (Holds up to 200lbs.)
#450062 For #2/3 wire
                                                              #450736 30” (Holds up to 300lbs.)
#450064 For #4 wire
#450067 For #7 wire
                                                              Hangman Lite Hanging System
                                                              Same as the Heavy Duty System but lighter in weight.
Braided Wire                                                  Includes Wall-Dogs.
Traditional braided picture wire. Made
                                                              #450740 5” (Holds up to 60lbs.)
from heavy-duty galvanized steel. Five
                                                              #450744 12” (Holds up to 100lbs.)
pound spools.
Item #       Number      Hang Wt.      Length
#450002      2           12 lbs.       1500’                  Surflon Deluxe Crimping Pliers
#450003      3           16 lbs.       1025’                  This 9 1/2” tool has three crimping dies
#450004      4           20 lbs.       910’                   designed for all sizes of Surflon sleeves.
#450006      6           28 lbs.       650’                   Front diagonal cutter will cut soft wire.
#450008      8           36 lbs.       500’                   #450080

                                                Sacramento, 1-800-525-9369, Fax 1-916-361-7327
                                                So. San Francisco, 1-800-632-2752, Fax 1-650-952-1634
16                                              Order online 24 hours at
                     Picture Wire, Hanging Hardware
                Light Weight One-Hole                              Offset Clips
                Strap Hanger                                       Use for adding depth to wood moulding
                #450130 100/pkg w/screws                           to more easily accommodate stretched
                Also sold in 500 & 1000 packages.                  canvases and other thick artwork. Attach
                                                                   with screws. Six depths available.
                                                                   #450320 1/8” 100/pkg w/screws
                 Medium Weight One-Hole                            #450330 1/4” 100/pkg w/screws
                 Strap Hanger                                      #450340 3/8” 100/pkg w/screws
                 #450140 100/pkg w/screws                          #450350 1/2” 100/pkg w/screws
                 Also sold in 500 & 1000 packages.                 #450360 3/4” 100/pkg w/screws

                                                                    Heavy Weight Three-Hole Strap Hanger
                                                                    Fastens to moulding to
                Heavy Weight One-Hole                               attach wire.
                Strap Hanger
                                                                    #450180 100/pkg
                #450150 100/pkg w/screws                            #450180S Single
                Also sold in 500 & 1000 packages.

                                                                    Super Steel Two-Hole Hanger
                Heavy Weight Two-Hole                               For Wood Moulding
                Strap Hanger                                        One-piece wire hangers. Very strong
                                                                    and helps to reduce the problem of
                #450160 100/pkg w/screws
                                                                    pull out in soft moulding.
                Also sold in 500 & 1000 packages.
                                                                    #450190 100/pkg w/screws
                                                                    #450192 1 set w/screws poly

                Heavy Weight Two-Hole                               Super Steel Four-Hole Hanger
                Strap Hanger                                        For Wood Moulding
                                                                    One-piece wire hangers. Very strong
                #450170 100/pkg w/screws                            and helps to reduce the problem of
                Also sold in 500 & 1000 packages.
                                                                    pull out in soft moulding.
                                                                    #450196 100/pkg w/screws
                                                                    #450198 1 set w/screws poly

Sheet Metal Screws                                                  Nailess Sawtooth Hanger
General purpose, zinc coated.                                       Small 1”x 1/4”
#450400 #6 3/8” 100/pack                                            #450240 100/pkg
#450410 #6 3/8” 1000/pack
#450420 #6 1/2” 100/pack #450450 #8 1/2” 100/pack                   Nailess Sawtooth
#450430 #6 1/2” 1000/pack #450460 #8 5/8” 100/pack                  Hanger
#450440 #6 3/4” 100/pack #450470 #8 3/4” 100/pack                   Large 2”x 1/4”
                                                                    #450260 100/pkg
Z Bar Cleat.
Dual design pulls mirrors and                                       Courtesy Picture Hangers
pictures closer to the wall than                                    Standard zinc coated wall hangers.
any other brand. Holes every 2” for                                 Individual packets.
maximum control. One size.                                          #450510 10lb. 100/pkg
Holds up to 200lbs.                                                 #450520 20lb. 100/pkg
#450725 58”                                                         #450530 30lb. 100/pkg
                                                                    #450550 50lb. 100/pkg
                                                                    #450560 100lb. 100/pkg

                                                     Sacramento, 1-800-525-9369, Fax 1-916-361-7327
                                                     So. San Francisco, 1-800-632-2752, Fax 1-650-952-1634
                                                     Order online 24 hours at              17
Picture Wire, Hanging Hardware Packaging, Wrapping, Protection
Hangman Canvas                                                            Brown Kraft Paper
Hanging System                                                            Rolled, natural brown, 50lb. kraft paper. Use as a
This is a new way to hang canvas.                                         dust cover for backs of frames and for wrapping.
Available in two lengths.                                                 #460240 24” wide 1025 ft.
Includes Wall-Dogs.                                                       #460360 36” wide 1025 ft.
#450750 5” Kit      #450755 12” Kit                                       #460480 48” wide 1025 ft.
                                                              Kraft Paper Dispenser/Cutter
Hangman Aluminum Frame
                                                              This versatile, all-steel cutter. holds
Hanging System
                                                              one roll of 9" diameter paper, and
Designed specifically for aluminum
                                                              has a heavy steel double-edge
frames. Available in two lengths. In-
                                                              floating knife. Knife stays in the proper cutting position,
cludes Wall-Dogs.
                                                              and resists breaking or warping. Locking device holds legs
#450760 5” Kit (Holds up to 40lbs.)                           firmly. The entire unit folds flat for storage.
#450764 12” Kit (Holds up to 80lbs.)
                                                              #460524 For 24” roll        #460548 For 48” roll
                                                              #460536 For 36” roll
Security Wood/Metal Hangers
For commercial, retail, and                                   Black Kraft Paper
industrial exhibits where theft                               Black, 50lb. kraft paper. has the same uses as
or accidents can be a prob-                                   brown kraft but gives a more professional,
lem. Can be used on all types                                 finished appearance.
of wood moulding. Assembly                                    #460500 48” wide 200 ft.
directions are included.                                      #460495 36” wide 500 ft.
Wood                                                          #460490 36” wide 1000 ft
#450804 Basic (One Kit)                                       Adjustable Frame Corner Protectors
#450820 Bulk Pack (100 Kits) with key.                        Protects from the wear and tear of moving and storage.
Metal                                                         Manufactured from white corrugated board,
#650410 Basic (One Kit)                                       they are quick to assemble, re-usable and
#650420 Bulk Pack (100 Kits) with key.                        adjustable to different thicknesses
                                                              of moulding.
Foam Board Kwik Hanger
                                                              #460730 Adjustable, 1/2”, 1”, 1-1/2”
Specifically designed for attachment to foam
                                                              #460732 Single Tab 3/4”
board for hanging. Requires a minimum of
                                                              #460734 Single Tab 1”
3/16” thick foam or corrugated board.
#450280 100/pkg                                                            Shrink Film/Centerfold
                                                                           Clear 75 gauge Polyolefin shrink film. A heat
Security Key                                                               gun is the preferable method of shrinking this
Used to lock and unlock                                                     film. This film has a wider range of shrink
security T-screws. 5 1/2”                                                   temperatures which make it easier to shrink
long with extra deep                                                        and thus the film of choice for picture framers.
notch. Case hardened                                                       #460836 36”x 500 ft.
for extended use.
#450812 Each                                                  Clear 2 mill Plastic Bags
                                                              Large bags in various sizes for holding art, mat board
                            General Purpose Bumpons           or any large object.
                            Self-adhesive rubber bumpons.     #460890 21”x 25” 300/roll #460894 36”x 48” 90/roll
                            Place them on the back of your    #460892 25”x 35” 180 /roll #460896 44”x 64” 55 /roll
                            picture frames to protect your
                            walls and to stop your pictures   Felt Bumpers
                            from slipping and ends that       High quality, self-adhesive felt bumpers to
                            “crooked” look.                   protect walls from scratches and nicks.
#450982 Black Round         #450984 Clear Round               #450988 1000/pkg 5/8”
                                                              #450989 1000/pkg 3/8”

 18                           Order online 24 hours at
                                                Glass & Glazing Supplies
FrameTek FrameSpace                                               Spacers
Adhesive-free and easy to use. Cuts                               A peel-and-stick spacer with the
easily with razor or garden shears.                               thickest and most aggressive neutral
Neutral pH and protects glass from                                pH adhesive available. Available in
chipping, even in metal frames. Will                              black and clear with one satin finish
not sag and comes in a variety of                                 side and one glossy side.
sizes in clear and black. Please specify                          Best if used in smaller frames with
glass thickness.                                                  1/32” to 1/16” glass-frame allowance.
Specify 5 ft. stick or bundle.                                    Specify 5 ft. stick or bundle.
FrameSpace FS-6               FrameSpace FS-3                     1/16” Spacers                      1/4” Spacers
#590802 1/8” Clear            #590824 1/2” Clear                  #590846 1/16” Clear                #590854 1/4” Clear
                              #590826 1/2” Black                  #590847 1/16” Black                #590856 1/4” Black
FrameSpace FS-1                                                   1/8” Spacers                       3/8” Spacers
#590830 3/4” Clear            FrameSpace FS-5                     #590850 1/8” Clear                 #590858 3/8” Clear
#590808 3/16” Black           #590806 3/16” Clear                 #590852 1/8” Black                 #590860 3/8” Black

       Kleenmaster Brillianize
                                                                  Kinetronics Speck-
        Highly recommended for cleaning and polishing
                                                                  Grabber Kit
         Plexiglas and Acrylite. The anti-static formula
                                                                  Each kit contains
         helps to repel dust. Non-toxic and non-flamma-
                                                                  three SpeckGRAB-
         ble. No strong odors or vapors.
                                                                  BERS in a storage
         #590890 8 Ounce                                          tube, a bottle of
         #590894 32 Ounce                                         Kinetronics Precision
                                                                  Cleaning Solution
Sprayway Clean Jet 100                                            and an anti-static Kinetronics Microfiber Panther Cloth.
Cleans small, delicate and tight areas with a
                                                                  #590930 Kit
ultra-clean gas for precision removal of par-
                                                                  #590926 Specgrabber only 2/sets
ticles. Non-flammable high pressure spray.
#590902 10 Ounce                                                  Kinetronics Tiger Cloth
                      FrameTek RabbetSpace                        A washable, anti-static
                      A full frame rabbet depth extender          cleaning cloth perfect
                      system. Neutral pH with black satin         for framers to clean
                      finish. Use with black foam board           glass and Plexi without
                      or mat board for a very professional        creating dust attracting
                      looking appearance with no paper            static charges.
                      backing required. Matching black-           #590940
                      plated screws included. Black only.
                      Specify 5 ft. stick or bundle.              Kinetronics Panther Cloth
                                                                  Intended to be used with sol-
RabbetSpace RS 1/8          RabbetSpace RS 3/8                    vents, cleaning solutions and
#590864 1/8”                #590868 3/8”                          other wet applications. Effec-
RabbetSpace RS 1/4          RabbetSpace RS 1/2                    tive static dissipation.
#590866 1/4”                #590870 1/2”                          #590944

Kinetronics StaticWisk                                            Kinetronics Anti-Static Gloves
A soft, 5 1/2” brush made from a unique                           Knit from a blend of lint-free, soft micro-
blend of natural hair and conductive fibers.                      fiber and conductive filament. Use when
Drains off static charges and removes                             handling art, prints, glass, and plastics to
static cling and dust from acrylics,                              prevent fingerprints and scratching.
plastics and glass.                                               Washable.
#590920                                                           #590950 Small #590952 Medium #590954 Large

                                                    Sacramento, 1-800-525-9369, Fax 1-916-361-7327
                                                    So. San Francisco, 1-800-632-2752, Fax 1-650-952-1634
                                                    Order online 24 hours at                              19
Glass & Glazing Supplies
Tru Vue Museum Glass®                                                2.0mm Regular Glass
The very best glass choice for maximum reflection-free,              General purpose, framing glass. A good choice when
UV protection, and viewing pleasure.                                 weight is important.
#510016 16”x 20” 4/bx                                                #580508 8”x 10” 90/bx       #580524 24”x 30” 10/bx
#510025 24”x 36” 6/bx                                                #580511 11”x 14” 47/bx      #580525 24”x 36” 8/bx
#510033 32”x 40” 1/bx                                                #580512 12”x 16” 38/bx      #580526 26”x 32” 9/bx
#510034 32”x 40” 4/bx                                                #580514 14”x 18” 29/bx      #580530 30”x 36” 7/bx
#510035 32”x 40” 6/bx                                                #580516 16”x 20” 23/bx      #580531 30”x 40” 6/bx
#510037 36”x 48” 3/bx                                                #580518 18”x 24” 17/bx      #580532 32”x 40” 6/bx
#510040 40”x 60” 2/bx                                                #580520 20”x 24” 15/bx      #580536 36”x 48” 4/bx
                                                                     #580522 22”x 28” 12/bx      #580540 40”x 60” 3/bx
Tru Vue Conservation Reflection Control®
Provides glare-free enjoyment of artwork without distor-             Tru Vue Optium™ Museum Acrylic
tion. Protects from harmful light rays. Ideal for matte fin-         The very best acrylic choice for museum and original art-
ish photos and posters.                                              work or valued prints. Manufactured with OP-3 UV filter-
#540125 24”x 36” 8/bx                                                ing technology.
#540132 32”x 40” 6/bx                                                #591940 40”x 60” .118
#540136 36”x 48” 4/bx                                                #591948 48”x 96” .118
#540139 40”x 50” 2/bx
                                                                     Cyro Conservation
Tru Vue Reflection Control®                                          Reflection Control® ACRYLITE®
Glare-free enjoyment of artwork without distortion. Ideal            Protects artwork from the harmful effects of light and
for use with matte photographs and posters.                          distortion of glare. Manufactured with OP-3 UV filtering
#550216 16”x 20” 23/bx       #550225 24”x 36” 8/bx                   technology.
#550218 18”x 24” 17/bx       #550226 26”x 32” 9/bx                   #590248 48”x 96” .118”
#550220 20”x 24” 15/bx       #550232 32”x 40” 6/bx
#550222 22”x 28” 12/bx       #550236 36”x 48” 4/bx                   Cyro Reflection Control® ACRYLITE®
#550224 24”x 30” 10/bx       #550240 40”x 60” 3/bx                   Designed to minimize reflection and show the artwork
                                                                     from almost any angle.
                                                                     #590348 48”x 96” .118
Tru Vue Conservation Clear®
Keeps precious artwork fresh and allows it to stand the              Cyro Conservation Clear® ACRYLITE®
test of time.                                                        Acrylic Sheet with OP-3 UV filtering technology.
#560316 16”x 20” 23/bx     #560326 26”x 32” 9/bx                     #590548 40”x 60” .118
#560320 20”x 24” 15/bx     #560332 32”x 40” 6/bx
#560322 22”x 28” 12/bx     #560336 36”x 48” 4/bx                     Cyro Clear® ACRYLITE®
#560324 24”x 30” 10/bx     #560340 40”x 60” 2/bx                     A general-purpose acrylic glazing for indoor framing.
#560325 24”x 36” 8/bx                                                #590648 48”x 96” .098
#560318 18”x 24” 17/bx                                               #590648 48”x 96” .118
                                                                     #590651 51x100 .118

Tru Vue Premium Clear 2.5 mil                                        Glass Cleaner
For any and all framing needs including: art, prints,                Designed for many applications, including
photographs, needle art, and others.                                 picture framers. Anti-static formulation will not
#570416 16”x 20” 23/bx       #570425 24”x 36” 8/bx                   streak, scratch, leave film or residue. Contains
#570420 20”x 24” 15/bx       #570430 30”x 36” 7/bx                   no ammonia or acids.
#570422 22”x 28” 12/bx       #570432 32”x 40” 6/bx                   #590883 19 Ounce
#570424 24”x 30” 10/bx       #570436 36”x 48” 4/bx
                                                                                  All glass can be
                                                                                custom cut to your
                                                                                size specifications.

                                                      Sacramento, 1-800-525-9369, Fax 1-916-361-7327
                                                      So. San Francisco, 1-800-632-2752, Fax 1-650-952-1634
20                                                    Order online 24 hours at
White Clay Coated                                                  Bienfang Self-Adhesive Foamboard
Foamboard                                                                          A foam board that is pre-coated on
Lightweight, sturdy enough                                                         one side with a pressure sensitive
to resist denting, ideal for                                                       mounting adhesive and easy-release
all non-archival mount-                                                            protective liner. Ideal for use in most
ing applications. Cuts and                                                         general mounting applications.
crisp. Clay-coated for an                                                          #300832 32”x 40” 3/16
extra smooth surface, this
multi-purpose foamboard
is bright white on both                                            Bienfang MightyCore Foamboard
sides.                                                             This foamboard is the strongest product now available
#620132 32”x 40” 1/8”                                              for indoor use. Its smooth paper finish and chemical-free
#620140 40”x 60” 1/8”                                              construction offer ideal ink coverage and needs virtually no
#620224 24”x 36” 3/16”                                             preparation for laminating or mounting.
#620232 32”x 40” 3/16”                                             #622032 32”x 40” 1/4            #622140 40”x 60” 1/2”
#620240 40”x 60” 3/16                                              #622040 40”x 60” 1/4”           #622150 48”x 96” 1/2”
#620248 48”x 96” 3/16”                                             #622148 48”x 96” 1/4”
#621048 48”x 96” 1/12”

                                                                                           Bainbridge Artcare
                                                                                           Archival Foamboard
                                                                                           The only true archival foamboard.
Black-On-Black Foamboard
                                                                                           Foamboards give off gases that that
Deep, rich, black paper and foam. Remains smooth,
                                                                                           can fade, damage and deteriorate
flawless and solid black through the core. No need
                                                                                           artwork. Artcare has Microchamber
to cover or disguise the edges to achieve a
                                                                                           technology that adsorbs and
professional finish.
                                                                                           neutralizes those harmful gases
#621132 32”x 40” 3/16”                                             and protects the art well into the future.
#621140 40”x 60” 3/16”
                                                                   #620832 32”x 40” 3/16”
#621148 48”x 96” 3/16”
                                                                   #620840 40”x 60” 3/16”
#621138 48”x 96” 1/2”

                                                                   A light durable core of polystyrene foam bonded between
                                                                   two layers of Luxcell, a wood-fiber veneer laminate. This
                                                                   unique composite offers high structural strength, durabil-
                                                                   ity and versatility. The surface is smooth and blemish-
Bienfang Acid-Free Foamboard                                       free, and its high-rigidity makes it resistant to warping.
Promises an everlasting performance that protects and              Excellent for mounting or for applications where greater
preserves. The professional framer's first choice for a            strength than foamboard is needed.
mounting board that's totally acid-free, this product fea-
                                                                   White                             Black
tures facing paper with a pH between 7.7 and 8.5. It is also
                                                                   #622240 40”x 60” 3/16”            #622240 40”x 60” 3/16”
made with a calcium carbonate buffer that provides many
                                                                   #622248 48”x 96” 3/16”            #622248 48”x 96” 3/16”
years of protection against pollutants that cause paper to
                                                                   #622348 48”x 96” 1/2”             #622348 48”x 96” 1/2”
become weak, brittle or yellow with age.
Antique White                  White
#620332 32”x 40”   1/8”        #620232W 32”x 40”    1/8”                                 Corrugated Board
#620340 40”x 60”   1/8”        #620340W 40”x 60”    1/8”                                 One side white faced. 200 lb.
#620432 32”x 40”   3/16”       #620432W 32”x 40”    3/16”                                #624032 36”x 72” 3/16”
#620440 40”x 60”   3/16”       #620440W 40”x 60”    3/16”
                                                                                         Brown both sides
                                                                                         #624035 36”x 72” 3/16”

                                                    Sacramento, 1-800-525-9369, Fax 1-916-361-7327
                                                    So. San Francisco, 1-800-632-2752, Fax 1-650-952-1634
                                                    Order online 24 hours at                              21

  Metal Moulding
          3/8”              Style #      Finish                                        7/16”
                                                                                        7/16”                       Style #   Finish
                            15-S         Silver                                                                     117-ED           9/32”
                                                                                                                              Etched Black
         9/32”              15-FS        Frosted Silver
                   19/32”   15-G         Gold                           5/8”                     13/16”
                                                    1”                      1-5/16”
                            15-FG        Frosted Gold                        1-5/16”                                                             13/32”
13/16”                      15-B         Black
                            15-SB        Frosted Black

          3/8”              Style #      Finish                                          3/8”
                                                                                                                    Style #   Finish
                            02-S         Silver                                                                     97-ED     Etched Black
                                                                             7/8”                                                                13/32”
                            02-FS        Frosted Silver                       7/8”
  7/8”                      02-G         Gold
                            02-FG        Frosted Gold
                            15-B         Black
                            15-SB        Satin Black

  Hardware for Metal Frames
                                      Nielsen Omni
                                                                          Back Plates
                                      Hanger Kit
                                                                          Use with tapped corners for
                                      All the hardware for the
                                                                          metal frame assembly.
                                      assembly of one Nielsen
                                      Metal Frame including the           #650270 100/pkg
                                      #650120 Each

                                                                          Nielsen Notched Hanger
                                      Spring Clips                        Notched security hanger for
                                      For secure placement of             metal frame.
                                      art and mats in metal               #650250 100/pkg
                                      #650210 100/pkg
                                      #650211 1000/pkg

                                    Tapped Corners                        Omni Hanger For Metal
                                    For assembling metal frames.          Frames
                                    Back plates-sold separately.          Easy screw-in option for hang-
                                    Includes screws.                      ing metal frames.
                                    #650230 100/pkg                       #650330 100/pkg

                                                            Sacramento, 1-800-525-9369, Fax 1-916-361-7327
                                                            So. San Francisco, 1-800-632-2752, Fax 1-650-952-1634
   22                                                       Order online 24 hours at
                                                               Matte Black Mouldings

                                           F9070 1-3/4” x 7/8”
                                                                                                    F9145 2-5/8” x 1-1/8”

                                   F9080 1-3/8” x 1”                       F9060 1-1/8” x 7/8”
 F9090 1-1/16”
 x 2-1/2”                                                                                                     F9085 1-5/8” x 15/16”

 F9030 1-1/4” x                     F9035 7/8” x 7/8”                F9015 1-1/4” x 7/8”                         F9215 1-15/16” x 3/4”

 F9050 1-1/4” x 3/4”                      F9025 7/8” x 1-1/4”

                                                        Matte White Mouldings

                                                       26260 1-13/16” x 7/8”
26160 1-3/16” x 7/8”
                                                                                                                   27560 1-5/8” x 1-3/8”
       Sacramento, 1-800-525-9369, Fax 1-916-361-7327
       So. San Francisco, 1-800-632-2752, Fax 1-650-952-1634
       Order online 24 hours at

                                  21760 7/8” x 1-3/8”                                       27760 3/4” x 1-1/8”

                                                               Sacramento, 1-800-525-9369, Fax 1-916-361-7327
                                                               So. San Francisco, 1-800-632-2752, Fax 1-650-952-1634
                                                               Order online 24 hours at                                 23
                                        Profile Dimensions
                                                                                                                                                                   PROFILE 93 SERIES

  5                                         34                             71                                       100            Nielsen
                                                                                                                                   Shadow Box
                                                                                                                                   *Max. glass

                                                                                                                                   size 2.5mm

 11                                         35                             75                                                                                      293


 12                                                      3/8”

                                                                           86                                                                                      393

                                             1-7/16”            3/4”

 13                                         41

        1 1/4”
         1 1/4”                     9/16”
                                    9/16”                                  87
                                            44                                                                      118


                   1/4”                                                                                                       1-5/16 "              13/16"
                                                                                                                    Dust Cover

       1 7/8”
         1 7/8”                             45

                                                                                                                                 1-1/4"              3/4"
                                                                                                                    Dust Cover

 15                                         56                             93

                                                                           See Specialty                    9/16"

                                                                                              1"                                           5/16"
                                                                           Section at Right
                                                                                                                                 1-9/32"            3/4"
                                                                                                                    Dust Cover


                                            57                             94                                       122                    5/16"

                                                                                                                    Dust Cover    1-1/4"



  Nielsen           1 3/8”
                                            58                             95                                       123
  Edge                               5/8”                                                                                                  7/16”



 25                                         60                                                                      Dust Cover




 33                                         68                             99                                                 1-3/16”

                                                                                                                    Dust Cover

Nielsen® is a registered trademark of NielsenBainbridge, LLC

                                                                                  Sacramento, 1-800-525-9369, Fax 1-916-361-7327
                                                                                  So. San Francisco, 1-800-632-2752, Fax 1-650-952-1634
24                                                                                Order online 24 hours at

           Sacramento, 1-800-525-9369, Fax 1-916-361-7327
           So. San Francisco, 1-800-632-2752, Fax 1-650-952-1634
           Order online 24 hours at                25

                Sacramento, 1-800-525-9369, Fax 1-916-361-7327
                So. San Francisco, 1-800-632-2752, Fax 1-650-952-1634
26              Order online 24 hours at

           Sacramento, 1-800-525-9369, Fax 1-916-361-7327
           So. San Francisco, 1-800-632-2752, Fax 1-650-952-1634
           Order online 24 hours at                 27
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