geom by xiagong0815


									                         Learning Management System (LMS)

                                     “Geometry Series”
                                This is a 7-program series intended for full year High School
                                Geometry students who have successfully completed the first
                                year of high school algebra. Students will learn from the
                                “body” of the program with instruction and interactive practice
                                and step-by-step solutions. A practice test with hints and
                                solutions prepares the student to take the “real” TEST for a
                                score which is automatically recorded on the included database.
                                Each program has its own test.

Learning sections          Students may take the
contain instruction,       Practice Test before or
examples, and practice     after studying the
problems with hints        learning sections OR
and complete step-by-      before or after taking
step solutions.            the TEST for a
Different techniques       recorded score. The
and perspectives are       flexibility is there for
used to explain            the teacher and
complex concepts to        students to maximize
accommodate different      the learning
learning styles.           environment.

                                 MathMedia Educational Software, Inc.

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