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					       7th Grade World History, Denver School of the Arts, 2011-2012, Ms. Clemmer

Contact Information:
        Classroom phone- 720-424-1751
        Room B102
        DSA Secretary Phone-720-424-1700

Required Material:
        Spiral notebook dedicated only to Seventh Grade Language Arts
        Plenty of pencils or pens

Classroom Supplies: Please see the DSA Supply list on my website or the DSA website.

Grade 7 Language Arts Objectives:
Students will:
    Seek and evaluate multiple historical sources with different points of
       view to investigate a historical question and to formulate and defend
       a thesis with evidence
    The historical eras, individuals, ideas, and themes within
       regions of the Eastern Hemisphere and their relationships with one
    Use geographic tools to gather data and make geographic inferences
       and predictions
    Understand that Regions have different beliefs and perspectives
    Economics 1. Supply and demand influence price and profit in a market economy
    The distribution of resources influences economic production and
       individual choices (PFL)
    Civics 1. The different forms of government and international organizations
       and their influence in the world community
    Compare how various nations define the rights, responsibilities and
       roles of citizens
Essential Elements of Learning World History:
Students will:
     Understand the chronological organization of history and know how to organize events and people into major
        eras to identify and explain historical relationships.
     Know how to use the processes and resources of historical inquiry.
     Understand that societies are diverse and have changed over time.
     Understand political institutions and theories that have developed and changed over time.
     Know that religious and philosophical ideas have been powerful forces throughout history.
     Discover how cultural exchanges increase production
     Use both primary and secondary sources while investigating historical truths
       7th Grade World History, Denver School of the Arts, 2011-2012, Ms. Clemmer

Grading Policies and Procedures:
        Below 60% is failing and I will call home so that your parents are aware of your shortcomings.

NOTE: All quizzes, tests, note taking, essays, and projects will be graded by a rubric, which will be given to each student
with the assignment.

Behavior Policy
            o     Rules in the students’ handbook apply at all times
            o     Be in your seat, ready to learn when at the assigned time.
            o     Three tardies and you will be cleaning the tables in my room during lunch
            o     No food or drinks, only water is allowed in the classroom
            o     Electronic devices are only used when permission is granted.
            o     Inappropriate behavior has consequences that are outlined in the students’ handbook, which I will
                  follow to ensure fair and appropriate concequences.

Attendance Policy:
Students marked as an excused absence for illness, medical reasons, and school related absences will be given 48 hours
for each day missed to complete make-up work and will not be docked participation points from class, unless the
participation grade is tied to make-up work or make-up time.
Policy JE & JE-R- Student Attendance Procedures & Colorado Revised Statutes 22-33-108

Course Outline:
  Introductory Unit: examine the meaning of culture; create a cultural quilt; explore
  current cultural differences; Cornell Notes; primary and secondary sources

  Unit 1: Prehistoric times

  Unit 3: The Culture and Kingdoms of West Africa

  Unit 4: Imperial China

  Unit 5: Japan During Medieval Times

  Unit 6: Civilizations of the Americas

  Unit 7: Europe's Renaissance and Reformation

  Unit 8: Europe Enters the Modern Age
       7th Grade World History, Denver School of the Arts, 2011-2012, Ms. Clemmer

Please review this Syllabus with your parents.
Please return it the signed copy to class by August 23rd 2011 for 10 points.

Parent Signature: ____________________________ Date: _______________________

Student Signature: ___________________________ Date: _______________________

I am looking forward to a product and compelling school year filled with knowledge and curiosity.

Ms. Clemmer
August 4, 2011

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