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					                                        COUNTY OF ALAMEDA
                              GENERAL SERVICES AGENCY-PURCHASING
                                                                  ADDENDUM No. 2
                                                                   RFP No. 900359
                                                     Legal Defense Representation
   Specification Clarification/Modification and Recap of the Networking/Proposers Conferences
                            Held on October 2, 2007 and October 3, 2007

                                                                   NOTICE TO BIDDERS


The following Sections have been modified to read as shown below. Changes from the version that
was originally included with the RFP are indicated in strikeout for deletions and bold for additions as
shown below.

                                      1401 LAKESIDE DRIVE, SUITE 907, OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA 94612
                                             510 208 9600 FAX 510 208 9626
                                       County of Alameda, General Services Agency – Purchasing
                                                  RFP No. 900359, Addendum No. 2

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February 17, 2012


                     Event                                        Date/Location
                     Request for Proposal                         September 21, 2007
                     Written Questions Due                        BY 12:00 noon on September 29, 2007
                     Networking/Bidders                               OCTOBER 2, 2007      AT:
                     Conference/Site Visit                                   AT               General Services Agency
                                                                         10:00A.M.               1401 Lakeside Drive
                                                                                               Conference Room 222
                                                                                                Oakland, CA 94612
                     Networking/Bidders                               OCTOBER 3, 2007      AT: Public Works Agency
                     Conference/Site Visit                                  AT                     Room 230A/B
                                                                         2:00P.M.                951 Turner Court
                                                                                                Hayward, CA 94545
                     Addendum 2 Issued                            October 10 31, 2007
                     Response Due                                 October 24 November 16, 2007 BY 2:00 p.m.
                     Vendor Interviews                            October 29-31 December 6-7, 2007
                     Evaluation Period                            December 5-7 November 16-December 14, 2007
                     Board Letter Issued                          November 16 January 11, 2007
                     Board Award Date                             December 4 January 29, 2007
                     Contract Start Date                          January 1 March 1, 2008


                       1.         PLF, or Partners of PLF, shall be regularly and continuously engaged in the
                                  business of providing public entity legal defense representation for at least five (5)
                                  years to jurisdictions similar to the County of Alameda, verifiable through
                                  references provided.

     3. On Exhibit J, page 1 of 11: The compensation payable to all Contractors collectively hereunder
           shall not exceed eleven fifteen million dollars ($15,000,000) for the term of this Agreement.

     4. On Exhibit M, page 2 of 5:

     G. Financial Statements - PLF shall provide either of the following: the following if its annual
     gross revenues are less than one million dollars ($1,000,000).

                                  a.          Bidder’s most recent Dun & Bradstreet Supplier Evaluation Report. Dun &
                                              Bradstreet Supplier Qualifier Report (formerly Supplier Evaluation Report)
                                              must be ranked a 6 or lower for bidder to be considered for contract award.
                                              For information on how to obtain a Supplier Evaluation Report, contact
                                              Dun & Bradstreet at 1-866-719-7158 or or
                                       County of Alameda, General Services Agency – Purchasing
                                                  RFP No. 900359, Addendum No. 2

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February 17, 2012

                       PLF shall submit financials for evaluation to the County Auditor if its annual gross
                       revenues are in excess of one million dollars ($1,000,000).

                                  b.          Audited Financial statements for the past three (3) years. Bidders’ audited
                                              financial statements must be satisfactory, as deemed solely by County, to
                                              be considered for contract award.

     5. On Exhibit M, page 5 of 5: Exhibit K, Environmental Certification. Intentionally omitted.

     Responses to Verbal Questions

     Q1)         We have already been qualified as a SLEB. Do we have to re-qualify again as part of the bid
     A1)         If you are currently a certified SLEB with the County of Alameda, you should find out
                 if your certification is going to be expiring soon. If so, you may need to go through the
                 renewal process. For further assistance, you should contact Linda Moore of the
                 Business Outreach and Compliance Office at (510) 208-9717.

     Q2)         We will not qualify as a SLEB and will need to sub-contract with a SLEB. If we sub-
                 contract with a particular SLEB, will that preclude that SLEB from bidding on this project as
                 a prime?
     A2)         No.

     Q3)         Exhibit M, Item G. a) requests audited financial statements for the previous three (3) years.
                 We are a new firm and do not have three (3) years worth of audited financial statements.
                 Will this disqualify our bid? Is it a minimum requirement that the firm has been in existence
                 for at least three (3) years and have three (3) years worth of auditable statements?
     A3)         Section B of the Evaluation Criteria on Page 16 requires Financial Stability on a Pass/
                 Fail basis. Exhibit M Section G further clarifies this requirement. Please see above for
                 the revision.

     Q4)         We are a new firm. I have over nine (9) years experience of public entity work, while others
                 in our firm have over twenty (20) years of experience. So our experience isn’t the issue.
                 Will our firm’s date of organization count against us in our proposal?
     A4)         No. RFP Section BB.1. has been revised on Page 2 of this Addendum 2.

     Q5)         On Exhibit B, the Estimated Number of Hours (Est. No. of Hours) column is filled in. What
                 does that mean?
     A5)         The estimated number of hours is based on the number of hours that was utilized per
                 partner/associate within the last fiscal year. It is not the amount that will be awarded
                 towards any one firm, but it was an average that was utilized by all firms.

                                     County of Alameda, General Services Agency – Purchasing
                                                RFP No. 900359, Addendum No. 2

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February 17, 2012

     Q6)         How do we use the (Est. No. of Hours) column in our proposal? Is it a limit, or just advisory
     A6)         It is only advisory information. It’s a general idea of the potential amount of hours that
                 could be utilized by all firms. For instance, the 3,720 hours for partners was based
                 upon all firms’ submissions for fees for a year. When you fill out the Exhibit B, you
                 should focus on your hourly rates for each of the categories.

     Q7)         Are you looking for representation in workers compensation defense?
     A7)         No. We are not looking for workers compensation representation under our general
                 liability program. The County has a separate workers compensation program. The
                 County’s general liability program includes employment practices litigation which may
                 overlap with some pending workers compensation cases.

     Q8)         Is there a requirement that either the prime contractor or the subcontractor be a current
                 certified SLEB?
     A8)         Yes. For more information about the County’s SLEB program, please refer to the
                 SLEB program web page at for more information.

     Q9)         Is it sufficient to submit your application for SLEB Certification along with your bid
                 response, or should you submit the materials in advance?
     A9)         You should submit your SLEB application as soon as possible, and indicate in your
                 application your proposal is pending. Once you have submitted the materials, you
                 should contact the Business Outreach & Compliance Office (BOCO) to verify receipt
                 and let them know your application is part of a Legal Defense Representation bid so
                 that they can expedite processing. Please refer to the SLEB program web page at
        for more information.

     Q10) What is the time frame for becoming a certified SLEB?
     A10) The BOCO normal processing time for certifications is approximately ninety (90) days,
          however, any current application regarding this RFQ may be expedited to less than
          thirty (30) days. Please indicate in your application, you will be submitting a proposal
          for the Legal Defense Representation RFP. You should contact the BOCO office for
          any further questions and assistance regarding the SLEB certification process.

     Q11) How does the SLEB sub-contracting work? Would you coordinate with a SLEB qualified
          attorney to do X-amount of work?
     A11) Sub-contracting for legal process servers or paralegals would certainly qualify.
          However, it could also be other services such as photocopying, filing court documents,
          serving summons, delivery, etc. The County will not dictate how you must sub-
          contract. The County’s SLEB program does require a minimum of twenty percent
          (20%) of the contract payments be subcontracted to a SLEB if the prime contractor is
          not a certified SLEB.

     Q12) If we have further questions, who do we contact regarding the SLEB program?
                                     County of Alameda, General Services Agency – Purchasing
                                                RFP No. 900359, Addendum No. 2

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February 17, 2012

     A12) All questions regarding the SLEB program should be directed to Linda Moore. She
          can be reached by phone at (510) 208-9717, or by e-mail at

     Q13) When should we contact Jeff Thomas versus Linda Moore?
     A13) Any questions pertaining to the RFP should go to Jeff Thomas. Any questions,
          regarding SLEB or First Source should go to Linda Moore.

     Q14) How many firms are currently retained by the County for these services?
     A14) Seven (7).

     Q15) Is there any expectation to continue to keep it at seven (7) Retained Law Firms?
     A15) No, it will depend on the make-up of the firms that are selected. If the firms selected
          are larger in size, we may need less than seven. If the firms selected are small, we may
          need more.

     Q16) On page 28 of 32 of the RFP, there’s a section that states:

                       “The County reserves the right to waive these small/emerging local business
                       participation requirements in this RFP, if the additional estimated cost to the
                       County, which may result from inclusion of these requirements, exceeds five
                       percent (5%) of the total estimated contract amount or Ten Thousand Dollars
                       ($10,000), whichever is less”.

          Would that arise after the contract is awarded if the sub-contractor were to charge fees that
          would result in that premium? Or when would that situation arise?
     A16) A waiver, if applicable, would be issued prior to awarding the contract.

     Q17) Is this contract coming up for bid now because there was a previous RFP three years ago?
     A17) Yes.

     Q18) Will there be any preference given to firms that are currently doing work for the County?
     A18) No.

     Q19) The RFP requires three (3) current references and three (3) former references. It may be
          difficult to provide three (3) former references.
     A19) If you cannot provide three (3) current and three (3) former references, you may
          substitute six (6) current references instead.

     Q20) Do the County’s medical malpractice cases cross over into ERISA or managed care? Or is it
          straight medical malpractice?
     A20) The County is doing less medical malpractice than it has in the past. The Alameda
          County Medical Center is now being handled by Beta Healthcare Group. We do not
          have any medical malpractice litigated cases currently open.

                                     County of Alameda, General Services Agency – Purchasing
                                                RFP No. 900359, Addendum No. 2

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February 17, 2012

     Q21) Do you have a breakdown of the kinds or categories of cases?
     A21) Exhibit B does have a breakdown for some of the categories.

     Q22) What is effective date for this contract?
     A22) March 1, 2008.

     Q23) Who will be conducting the vendor interviews? Who will be on the panel? Will they be
          from GSA, County Counsel and Risk Management?
     A23) The evaluation committee will be conducting the interviews, and be comprised of
          representatives from County Counsel, the Risk Management Unit, and an outside

     Q24) Can vendors not listed on Exhibit L respond to the bid?
     A24) Yes, it is open to anyone or any firm that wishes to respond.

     Q25) Are vendor interviews arranged with Prospective Law Firms?
     A25) Yes.

     Q26) There’s a four (4) day time frame for vendor interviews, from November 6-9. If we are
          fortunate enough to be contacted for a vendor interview, will there be some flexibility as to
          when that interview will be scheduled?
     A26) The time frame for vendor interviews have been rescheduled for December 6 and 7.

     Q27) I know we are not supposed to contact Risk Management regarding this bid. I assume we
          can still communicate with the County, including Risk Management, regarding work
          currently being done?
     A27) Yes.

     Q28) We are a small firm with three (3) attorneys. In terms of the volume of work you send to a
          firm, how will that affect us?
     A28) There’s no hesitation in hiring a small firm or a larger firm. We control and keep
          track of the cases that are with each firm and assess the volume on a continual basis.

     Q29) Could you describe the types of cases that fall within Civil Rights and Employment Law, and
          Property Damage?
     A29) Within our defense panel, we are looking for attorneys to represent the County in our
          general liability program. Primarily, the types of cases are personal injury and
          property. Although the general liability program is most affected by the Sheriff’s
          Department, Public Works and Social Services, the program supports all County
          agencies and departments. Injury and property compromise about 70% of our cases.
          Our civil rights and ADA cases are usually in conjunction with personal injury type
          cases, such as Title 42 USC Section 1983.

                                     County of Alameda, General Services Agency – Purchasing
                                                RFP No. 900359, Addendum No. 2

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February 17, 2012

     Q30) Is this contract open to law firms that are currently working with the County on Workers’
          Compensation claims?
     A30) Yes. The Workers’ Compensation contract is separate from this contract.

     Q31) Will the County likely award this contract to more than one law firm?
     A31) The intent is to contract with as many qualified bids as necessary. We currently have
          seven (7) different firms doing General Liability work for the County, ranging in size
          from small to large.

     Q32) Is it possible to get copies of the current agreements between the County and these firms? It
          will help us to know what the current rates are.
     A32) Please make a California Public Records Act request in writing directly to Jeff Thomas.

     Q33) Does the County have personal injury and general liability contracts other than Workers’
          Compensation? We do a lot of land use and environmental litigation, and I was wondering if
          that comes up and how?
     A33) No. Property litigation with tort allegations would be handled under the general
          liability program.

     Q34) So that would be part of this general liability program?
     A34) Yes, and it is an area that we are seeking interest in.

     Q35) Approximately, how much of your work is inverse condemnation and property litigation?
     A35) About twenty percent 20%.

     Q36) Other than workers’ compensation and general liability, are there any other categories of
          legal services that go out to bid?
     A36) No, those are the only two (2) areas managed the Risk Management Unit. Cases
          without tort allegations are typically handled internally by County Counsel.

     Q37) Does a bidder have to have expertise in each of the categories in Exhibit B in order to be
          awarded the contract?
     A37) No, we are looking for a panel of defense firms that can handle a variety of cases. We
          are looking for a variety of expertise.

     Q38) What are the current hourly rates being paid by the County?
     A38) The hourly rates differ from firm to firm and are dependent upon the type of case. The
          rates are in a public folder, which can be reviewed at GSA-Purchasing. Reference RFP
          # 10120/JDB/04 when requesting to see the public folder.

     Q39) Are employment law cases handled separately from property and civil rights/tort cases?
     A39) No, it all falls under our General Liability Program. About 10-15% of our cases would
          fall within employment law.

                                     County of Alameda, General Services Agency – Purchasing
                                                RFP No. 900359, Addendum No. 2

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February 17, 2012

     Q40) And those involve claims by employees of the County against the County?
     A40) Yes.

     Q41) How would we find small firms we could talk to about partnering with to satisfy the
          County’s SLEB requirement?
     A41) The County has an online database that can be accessed by visiting the website at
, near the upper right hand corner of the page you can click the
          Small, Local & Emerging Business Program link. The link takes you to the SLEB
          Program homepage. Certified SLEBs are designated with an “S” for Small and “E” for
          Emerging. Undesignated businesses are only Local but may have the potential to get
          certified. You can perform queries based on various criteria ranging from location,
          industry, or description. For additional information (e.g., site-navigation walk-thru,
          appropriate NAICS codes, etc.), please contact Linda Moore in the Business Outreach
          and Compliance Office by e-mail at or by phone at (510) 208-
          9717 for additional information.

     Q42) With regards to billing, does the County want to have one bill from the prime contractor that
          shows a break down of how much was given to the SLEB? Or do you want to receive a
          separate bill from the SLEB?
     A42) Because the contract is awarded to the Prime, the billing should come from the Prime.

     Q43) Is this the same billing system the Retained Law Firms are currently using?
     A43) All the current firms are SLEBs, so it’s not an issue.

     Q44) If we partner with a SLEB, does the County look then to our firm as having responsibility for
          the work that the SLEB performs? To be more specific, for Risk Management purposes for
          our law firm, we would need to look at this very differently if we have to assume risk
          management liability and responsibility for the people we partner with.
     A44) The County will look to you as the Prime to be responsible for any work performed.
          The Prime is ultimately responsible for the outcome of the cases.

     Q45) My understanding is that if there was malpractice on a case by our partnering SLEB, the
          County would look to our firm, the primary contractor, as responsible for the work of the
     A45) Yes, and it would be the prime contractor’s responsibility to ensure that firms who sub-
          contract have the same or greater amount of insurance.

                                     County of Alameda, General Services Agency – Purchasing
                                                RFP No. 900359, Addendum No. 2

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February 17, 2012

The following participants attended the Bidders’ Conferences:

              Company Name                                         Representative          Contact Information
Laughlin, Falbo, Levy & Moresi                                Abel Acosta            Phone: (510) 628-0496
555 12th Street, Suite 1900                                                          E-Mail:
Oakland, CA 94607                                                                    Prime Contractor: Y
                                                                                     Certified SLEB: N
Cota, Duncan & Cole                                           Derek P. Cole          Phone: (916) 787-7520
2261 Lava Ridge Court                                                                E-Mail:
Roseville, CA 95661                                                                  Prime Contractor: Y
                                                                                     Certified SLEB: N
Erickson, Beasley & Hewitt                                    Todd Boley             Phone: (510) 839-3448
483 Ninth Street, Suite 200                                                          E-Mail:
Oakland, CA 94607                                                                    Prime Contractor:
                                                                                     Certified SLEB: Y
Patton, Wolan & Carlise                                       Steven C. Wolan        Phone: (510) 987-7500
1814 Franklin Street, Suite 501                                                      E-Mail:
Oakland, CA 94612                                                                    Prime Contractor: Y
                                                                                     Certified SLEB: Y
Bertrand, Fox & Elliot                                        Michael C. Wenzel      Phone: (415) 353-0999
The Waterfront Building                                                              E-Mail:
2749 Hyde Street                                                                     Prime Contractor: Y
San Francisco, CA 94109                                                              Subcontractor:
                                                                                     Certified SLEB: N
Desouza Law Offices                                           Jacqueline deSouza     Phone: (510) 649-3420
2397 Shattuck Avenue, Suite 202                                                      E-Mail:
Berkeley, CA 94704                                                                   Prime Contractor: Y
                                                                                     Certified SLEB: Y (applying)
Haapala, Altura, Thompson & Abern                             Clyde A. Thompson      Phone: (510) 763-2324
Park Plaza Building                                                                  E-Mail:
1939 Harrison Street, Suite 800                                                      Prime Contractor: Y
Oakland, CA 94612                                                                    Subcontractor:
                                                                                     Certified SLEB: Y
Best Best & Krieger                                           Gene Tanaka            Phone: (925) 977-3301
2001 North Main Street, Suite 390                                                    E-Mail:
Walnut Creek, CA 94596                                                               Prime Contractor: Y
                                                                                     Certified SLEB: N
Valencia, Wilberding & Tompkins                               Thomas A. Wilberding   Phone: (510) 613-8370
7677 Oakport Street, Suite 520                                                       E-Mail:
Oakland, CA 94621                                                                    Prime Contractor: Y
                                                                                     Certified SLEB:

                                     County of Alameda, General Services Agency – Purchasing
                                                RFP No. 900359, Addendum No. 2

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February 17, 2012

              Company Name                                         Representative          Contact Information
Atkinson, Andelson, Loya, Ruud &                              Paul M. Loya          Phone: (925) 227-9200
Romo                                                                                E-Mail:
The Atrium, Suite 200                                                               Prime Contractor: Y
5776 Stoneridge Mall Road                                                           Subcontractor:
Pleasanton, CA 94588                                                                Certified SLEB: N


                                                           RFP No. 900359, Addendum No. 2

The County of Alameda is soliciting bids from qualified vendors to furnish its requirements per the specifications, terms and conditions contained in the
above referenced RFP number. This Bid Acknowledgement must be completed, signed by a responsible officer or employee, dated and submitted with the
bid response. Obligations assumed by such signature must be fulfilled.
1. Preparation of bids: (a) All prices and notations must be printed in ink or typewritten. No erasures permitted. Errors may be crossed out and
      corrections printed in ink or typewritten adjacent and must be initialed in ink by person signing bid. (b) Quote price as specified in RFP. No
      alterations or changes or any kind shall be permitted to Exhibit B, Bid Form. Responses that do not comply shall be subject to rejection in total.
2. Failure to bid: If you are not submitting a bid but want to remain on the mailing list and receive future bids, complete, sign and return this Bid
      Acknowledgement and state the reason you are not bidding.
3. Taxes and freight charges: (a) Unless otherwise required and specified in the RFP, the prices quoted herein do not include Sales, Use or other
      taxes. (b) No charge for delivery, drayage, express, parcel post packing, cartage, insurance, license fees, permits, costs of bonds, or for any
      other purpose, except taxes legally payable by County, will be paid by the County unless expressly included and itemized in the bid. (c)
      Amount paid for transportation of property to the County of Alameda is exempt from Federal Transportation Tax. An exemption certificate is
      not required where the shipping papers show the consignee as Alameda County; as such papers may be accepted by the carrier as proof of the
      exempt character of the shipment. (d) Articles sold to the County of Alameda are exempt from certain Federal excise taxes. The County will
      furnish an exemption certificate.
4. Award: (a) Unless otherwise specified by the bidder or the RFP gives notice of an all-or-none award, the County may accept any item or
      group of items of any bid. (b) Bids are subject to acceptance at any time within thirty (30) days of opening, unless otherwise specified in the
      RFP. (c) A valid, written purchase order mailed, or otherwise furnished, to the successful bidder within the time for acceptance specified
      results in a binding contract without further action by either party. The contract shall be interpreted, construed and given effect in all respects
      according to the laws of the State of California.
5. Patent indemnity: Vendors who do business with the County shall hold the County of Alameda, its officers, agents and employees, harmless
      from liability of an nature or kind, including cost and expenses, for infringement or use of any patent, copyright or other proprietary right, secret
      process, patented or unpatented invention, article or appliance furnished or used in connection with the contract or purchase order.
6. Samples: Samples of items, when required, shall be furnished free of expense to the County and if not destroyed by test may upon request
      (made when the sample is furnished), be returned at the bidder’s expense.
7. Rights and remedies of County for default: (a) In the event any item furnished by vendor in the performance of the contract or purchase
      order should fail to conform to the specifications therefore or to the sample submitted by vendor with its bid, the County may reject the same,
      and it shall thereupon become the duty of vendor to reclaim and remove the same forthwith, without expense to the County, and immediately to
      replace all such rejected items with others conforming to such specifications or samples; provided that should vendor fail, neglect or refuse so to
      do the County shall thereupon have the right purchase in the open market, in lieu thereof, a corresponding quantity of any such items and to
      deduct from any moneys due or that may there after come due to vendor the difference between the prices named in the contract or purchase
      order and the actual cost thereof to the County. In the event that vendor fails to make prompt delivery as specified for any item, the same
      conditions as to the rights of the County to purchase in the open market and to reimbursement set forth above shall apply, except when delivery
      is delayed by fire, strike, freight embargo, or Act of God or the government. (b)Cost of inspection or deliveries or offers for delivery, which do
      not meet specifications, will be borne by the vendor. (c) The rights and remedies of the County provided above shall not be exclusive and are
      in addition to any other rights and remedies provided by law or under the contract.
8. Discounts: (a) Terms of less than ten (10) days for cash discount will considered as net. (b) In connection with any discount offered, time will
      be computed from date of complete, satisfactory delivery of the supplies, equipment or services specified in the RFP, or from date correct
      invoices are received by the County at the billing address specified, if the latter date is later than the date of delivery. Payment is deemed to be
      made, for the purpose of earning the discount, on the date of mailing the County warrant check.
9. California Government Code Section 4552: In submitting a bid to a public purchasing body, the bidder offers and agrees that if the bid is
      accepted, it will assign to the purchasing body all rights, title, and interest in and to all causes of action it may have under Section 4 of the
      Clayton Act (15 U.S.C. Sec. 15) or under the Cartwright Act (Chapter 2, commencing with Section 16700, of Part 2 of Division 7 of the
      Business and Professions Code), arising from purchases of goods, materials, or services by the bidder for sale to the purchasing body pursuant to
      the bid. Such assignment shall be made and become effective at the time the purchasing body tenders final payment to the bidder.
10. No guarantee or warranty: The County of Alameda makes no guarantee or warranty as to the condition, completeness or safety of any
      material or equipment that may be traded in on this order.

     THE undersigned acknowledges receipt of above referenced RFP and/or Addenda and offers and agrees to furnish the articles and/or services
     specified on behalf of the vendor indicated below, in accordance with the specifications, terms and conditions of this RFP and Bid


          By: _______________ ________________________________________________ Date____________ Phone_____________________

          Printed Name Signed Above: _______________________________________________________________________________________

          Title: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________
                                                                            RFP No. 900359

                                                                         EXHIBIT L
                                                                    RFP VENDOR BID LIST

      Below is the Vendor Bid List for this project consisting of vendors who have responded to RFI # 900359 and/or
      been issued a copy of this RFP. This Vendor Bid List is being provided for informational purposes to assist
      bidders in making contact with other businesses as needed to develop local small and emerging business
      partnering relationships to meet the requirements of the Small Local Emerging Business (SLEB) Program
      (described within this RFP). For additional information regarding the SLEB Program, please visit our website
      at and/or contact Linda Moore, Business Outreach Officer, at, or (510) 208-9717.

      Vendors who attended the Networking/Bidders Conferences have been added to the Vendor Bid List. Please
      see the RFP sections entitled ‘Calendar of Events’ and ‘Networking/Bidders Conferences’ for additional
      information. The Networking/Bidders Conferences scheduled for all current projects are posted on the GSA
      Calendar of Events website at This RFP Addendum is being issued to
      all vendors on the Vendor Bid List; the following revised vendor list includes contact information for each
      vendor attendee at the Networking/Bidders Conferences.

                                          RFP No. 900359 - Legal Defense Representation
Business Name                              Street Address                   City            ST   Contact Name         Phone            Email
Andrada & Associates                       180 Grand Ave., Suite 925        Oakland         CA   Randy Andrada        (510) 287-4163
Andrada & Associates                       180 Grand Ave., Suite 925        Oakland         CA   Dana Colon           (510) 287-4163
                                           5776 Stoneridge Mall Road
Atkinson, Andelson, Lova, Ruud & Romo      The Atrium, Suite 200            Pleasanton      CA   Chet Quaide          (925) 227-9200
Bertrand, Fox & Elliot                     2749 Hyde Street                 San Francsico   CA   Michael C. Wenzel    (415) 353-0999
Best Best & Krieger LLP                    PO Box 1028                      Riverside       CA   Gene Tanaka          (925) 977-3300
Boornazian, Jensen & Garthe                555 12th Street, Suite 2050      Oakland         CA   Laura Williams       (916) 492-8020
Boornazian, Jensen & Garthe                555 12th Street, Suite 1800      Oakland         CA   Greg Rockwell        (510) 834-4350
Cota Duncan & Cole                         2261 Lava Ridge Court            Roseville       CA   Derek Cole           (916) 780-9009
Dang & Trachuk                             1999 Harrison St., Ste 700       Oakland         CA   Tom Trachuk          (510) 874-4113
Dang & Trachuk                             1999 Harrison St., Ste 700       Oakland         CA   Tom Trachuk          (510) 874-4113
Desouza Law Offices                        2397 Shattuck Ave., Ste 202      Berkeley        CA   Jacqueline deSouza   (510) 649-3420
Erickson, Beasley, Hewitt & Wilson, LLP    483 Ninth Street, Suite 200      Oakland         CA   Todd Boley           (510) 839-3448
Foster & Associates                        610 16th Street, Suite 310       Oakland         CA   Michael W. Foster    (510) 763-1900
Haapala, Altura, Thompson & Abern,
LLP                                        1939 Harrison St., Ste 800       Oakland         CA   Clyde Thompson       (510) 550-8557
Hanson Bridgett Marcus Vlahos & Rudy,
LLP                                        425 Market Street, 26th Flr      San Francsico   CA   Michelle Klopp       (415) 995-5075
Jones Day                                  555 California Street, 26th Fl   San Francsico   CA   John A. Vogt         949-553-7516
Patton Wolan Carlise, LLP                  1814 Franklin St., Suite 501     Oakland         CA   Steve Wolan          (510) 987-7500
Shaw, Jacobsmeyer, Crain, Claffey &
Nix LLP                                    475 14th Street, Suite 230       Oakland         CA   Kevin L. Shaw        (510) 645-7172
The Narayan Law Firm                       1212 Broadway, Ste 704           Oakland         CA   Sandy Narayan        510-839-5350
Valencia & Wilberding                      7677 Oakport St., Ste #520       Oakland         CA   Thomas Wilberding    (510) 613-8370
York, Hanawalt & Brock                     918 Parker Street, 2nd Flr       Berkeley        CA   Jon H. York          (510) 841-1171
                                           5776 Stoneridge Mall Road
Atkinson, Andelson, Lova, Ruud & Romo      The Atrium, Suite 200            Pleasanton      CA   Paul M. Loya         (925) 227-9200
Laughlin, Falbo, Levy & Moresi             555 12th Street, Suite 1900      Oakland         CA   Abel Acosta          (510) 628-0496

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