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					           Wireless Credit Card Machine: An Indespensible Business Tool

      The evolution of high-tech gadgets and equipment is a sign that the world
continues to discover new ways of creating value for consumers and businesses
alike. One of my personal favorites is the development of wireless credit card
machines. It’s no secret that credit cards have taken over as the payment option of
choice for consumers.

      The wireless terminals that allow businesses to accept credit cards are an
innovation that has liberated the payment systems of countless businesses. Click       to   find   the    best
Wireless Credit Card Machine offers.

                                  Long-Term Advantage:

      For large-scale businesses like supermarket, malls and boutiques, a lot of
advantages are drawn from the use of wireless machines as they make for a more
convenient, efficient sales system. Payments can be accepted from even the most
remote locations, provided that there is access to a Wi-Fi or cellular network.

      Seasonal businesses with temporary locations, small-scale, home-based,
large lot businesses, internet transactions and even taxi drivers are now accepting
credit cards for sales and service fees.

      The convenience of these machines is nearly universal across a range of

                               Standard Specs & Features

      * Display. The standard credit card machines have just two lines of text to
display. The latest model terminals can display four lines of text or more, some
even providing screens equivalent to modern smart phones or tablets. We advise
you select displays which at the minimum are back lit.

      * Keypad. If from time to time the card won’t swipe, (the magnetic strip
can often deteriorate), purchases can be entered manually through the keypad.
Keypads must be comfortable and user-friendly because if you operate with a high
sales volume, your staff will become intimately familiar with it. Most machines
have 9-key numeric keypads, though the best machines offer a 40-key pad wherein
some of the keys are programmable in some of the fancier machines.

      * Printer. Some machines come with printers and others come without, let
your needs dictate your choice. If your business necessitates a lot of printing, it is
advisable to buy external printers to save money. To eliminate the need to feed
paper through the terminal, a Drop-in paper loading feature is recommended. Dot
matrix and thermal imaging technology are the two types of technology a Receipt
printer comes standard with. Though there are terminals with more modern faster
print capability and that are more silent to operate, though more expensive.

      * Magnetic stripe reader. It reads the card when swiped. A credit card
machine sans magnetic stripe reader wouldn’t be much use would it.

      * Make. The best credit card machines are made of of tamperproof
hardware, PCI compliant, portable, lightweight (style, sizes and design may vary
based on models)

                     The Best Wireless Credit Card Machines Offer

      * Color Touch Screen. It is easy to use a trendy and stylish using the latest
technology. Makes your business look hip and professional.

      * External PIN pad. The pad is where customers enter their debit card PIN;
expect very small displays for most of the PIN pads for security reasons. Provides
your customers a perception of information security.

      * Internal PIN pad. It requires paying only the transaction fee when
Debit/Check cards are presented. A streamlined option allowing for hassle free
quick payments.

      * Flash memory. Some machines now come with software on internal flash
memory. This software updates the terminal, provides enhanced features and can
auto download updated wirelessly. - Keeps your firm up to date with the latest
software security patches and features.

      * Internal antenna & Battery. The antenna is an added spec for wireless
model machines. Battery life to last up to 50 hours on stand-by mode, up to 300
plus transactions per charge. - Longer range provides greater flexibility with less
black out locations while the battery keeps you operational and ready to sell for
longer periods.

      * Runs daily reports. The newest terminals offer accounting functionality
and reporting that can be viewed and printed.

      * Newest Technology. You can now accept credit card payments wirelessly
using your smartphone. A number of apps have been created that allow for credit
card processing and wireless processing capability is being integrated into
cellphones, turning your cellular into a mobile processor.

                                        How It Works:

      The fact that wires can get in a way, all tangled up restricting movements to
users makes it a wiser option to go for a wireless credit card machine which simply
works virtually anywhere with mobile coverage or WI-FI availability.

      The machines come with a built-in printer for signatures and billing receipts
as well as records for the merchants.

      In order to complete a debit transaction, customers must enter their personal
identification number (PIN) with the built-in keys or external key-pad depending
on the machine you choose. Some merchants opt to provide their customers with a
separate PIN pad (for privacy and security reasons) so they can choose a better
positioning for pressing their PIN entry.

      Electronically-processed transactions (mobile commerce) are much easier to
track, are safer, secured, and easier.

      Additionally, some machines can process checks and gift cards if your
business needs this functionality. Phone cards, electronic bank transfers (EBT) and
some payments options are also supported by the credit card machines being
offered standard.

      We recommend you implement a processing machine with the address
verification system (AVS) for additional security. This system detects and
compares the address in the customer’s ID with that of the billing address
appearing on the credit card.

      The terminals these days are incredibly reliable. The time between cycles or
failures is frequently reviewed and is usually in the 2 to 4 million range of
transactions per malfunction.

      If you are missing out on customers because you do not have a credit card
processing, perhaps its time to reconsider the value a wireless solution can provide.

         If you own a business where mobility, convenience and flexibility is
important, its time to start enjoying the benefits a wireless credit card machine

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