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					         Payment Processor Services – Whats The Right Fit For Your Business?

      A payment processor, most commonly referred to as a payment gateway, is
often a third party manufacturer or service provider established for the purpose of
completing a transaction.

      Payment processors may specialize to the different types of payments such
as online transactions, phone, or fax while the form of payment can be electronic
checks, paper checks, money orders, ACH or Automated Clearing House, and of
course     most    commonly      credit   or    debit   card    payments.        Click          to    find
recommending the best payment processor service for your business

      Payment processor services provide the following depending on the

      1.      A secure payment processing software solution.

      2.      Support services especially to businesses who want to build their own
payment processing systems.

      3.      Employment of the payment gateway system to businesses or
individuals as a partner to allow payment processing transactions.

      When selecting a payment processor service for your business, pay close
attention to:

      1.        The security of payment processing services. Because payment
processing entities are often third party institutions, they make it a point to offer
security in their partnership. Data encryption helps secure the purchasers
information privacy and some processors provide additional information
transmittal security features that can benefit your customers.

      2.        For a business online, it will be difficult, if not impossible, to take
cash payments. For this reason, stick with credit and debt card processing services
that provide benefits and features catering to your specific needs.

      3.        For a new business, the cost of opening and maintaining a merchant
account can be high as you may not meet the transaction volume minimums
required to offset fees. Keep in mind what your projected sales volume will be
when selecting the best processor for your business.

      4.        For a merchant who specializes in certain products, it may be best to
settle with a payment processor. This is because some payment processor services
are only paid when used, programs that can be especially beneficial to high
transaction amount but low volume merchants.

      5.        If you are a merchant operating overseas catering to international
clients from various countries choose a processor that can accept payments in the

countries you could likely foresee a client. Let the needs of your business dictate
the right processing service.

      When recommending the best payment processor service for your business,
we take into consideration the following:

      1.     The needs of your business. Not all businesses are alike, but your
needs should dictate your decision. Is your product or service considered high
risk? Will you need wire transfer functionality? Do you only require credit card
processing? What level of support do you require? Account for what your
business needs to thrive before shopping for a payment processing service.

      2.     The clients for your business. Clientele varies. Make a projection
of what your expected transaction amounts will be and what volume you expect?
What is the preferred method of payment in your industry and will your processor
provide added value to your client base?

      3.     The business equipment. A business operating online will have no
need for equipment as compared to one who operates in a physical location. Some
services offer credit card processing terminal rentals or provide purchase options
that can benefit your business.

      4.     The business payment input options. Some businesses offer the
option to take payments through mobile phones. Other businesses are online only
and require a payment gateway that is secure internet transmission. Your business

might need a terminal to be provided by your processor for onsite transaction
processing. Your needs will help determine the best solution.

      5.     The processing costs and fees. Any business should aim to
maximize profit and minimize costs. Fees are a major consideration and should be
compared when selecting a company for payment processing. Payment processors
follow certain fee structures relative to how they operate and the range of services
they offer. One consideration for the business owner may be on whether he will
use all offerings a payment processing service has, there is no need to pay for
features you don’t expect to use.

      6.     The    payment     processing    company’s     reputation.    Awards,
testimonials, online reviews and comparative guidelines are available and can help
you guage reputation of a service you are considering. The best in the market
provide exceptional support, integrated solutions, friendly staff, and hassle free
solutions to your needs.

      7.     The payment processing speed of service. Because of batch
processing, time becomes an important consideration for merchants. The time
between the merchant submitting the batch information and the duration until the
merchant receives funding is worth a careful review.

      Ultimately your business should be authorization, batching, clearing, and
funding in a smooth, effortless manner. In these times where convenience can

mean the difference in business success, finding the right payment processor
service is worth your time to research properly.

      Your customers will thank you for the extra effort it took to work with a top
provider that provides true value and hassle free services.

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