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					                                      Payment Max

       Payment Max merchant account services for credit card processing provides
security, fraud protection, easy access to your funds and online reporting that can
help              your              business               grow.                Click to find Payment
Max reviews. Accept payments with a variety of available point of sale terminals
and machines for your retail physical store, and they provide software packages to
make online credit card processing a breeze. A reseller of the various portable
credit card processing machines you won’t have a problem finding a flexible credit
card printer or processor for your business. Low rate transaction fees and
competitive rate transaction processing makes Payment Max a merchant account
service to reckon with for internet payment processing as well.

       Payment Max offers a 24 hour customer service support which can make the
difference in an emergency and they feature a fast and simple online application
for new merchant accounts. They provide a free quote credit card processing rate
sheet which is worth it for at a glance comparisons of features and services.

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