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      Merchant account services and credit card processing services from
offers a low rate, flat free option for processing charge transactions. MerchantPlus
offers a suite of services, PCI compliance, and boasts no annual fee, no application
fee, no setup fee, with no minimum transaction fee per month. MerchantPlus has
available charge card processing options for online transactions, point of sale credit
card processing, and phone transaction services.          Located in New York,
MerchantPlus is fighting to be known as the lowest rate credit card processing
service provider online.

      In addition to providing a strong service suite to the online payment
processing for businesses, Merchant Plus works flexibly with 501c3 non-profit
companies offering special rate considerations for these companies.

      UPDATE: Use Coupon Code - ARIEL - when applying for an exclusive
20% merchant account discount with Merchant Plus, act now to secure your
20% discount for your businesses credit card payment processing.

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