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American Express Merchant Services


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									                         American Express Merchant Services

      American                Express               Merchant               Services
services can offer merchant account services for online and retail credit card
processing direct with the credit card name that has been an industry leader in the
credit finance industry for years. Their merchant account services can provide
payment processing capability with the traditional suite of online features and
reporting one would expect from a credit card processing provider. Data security
for consumers is a high priority with American Express, and customer support for
their merchant account services is complete.

       They have options for credit card processing with point of sale terminals
and also options for payment processing without a credit card machine. Large
retailers are often well served with an American Express Merchant Account
service, while transaction limits and discount rates might not be the best fit for a
new online business that has not had time to build the credit card payment volume
required for an approved merchant account

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