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Tall Pine Council Recognition and Awards Banquet Youth Protection


                   EN R
                 ID E
               ES TT
            PR SLE
         AL EW
       NU E-N ER
     AN S     N
12 W

                                   V O L U M E     1 5   I S S U E   6                   N O V   /   D E C   2 0 1 0

                                       Youth Protection Training Required
                           The Boy Scouts of America places the greatest importance on creating the most
                           secure environment possible for our youth members. To maintain such an
    Inside This Issue
                           environment, the BSA developed numerous procedural and leadership selection
     Council & District    policies and provides parents and leaders with resources for the Cub Scout, Boy
       Pages 2 & 3
                           Scout, and Venturing programs.

       Council News        •     Youth Protection training is required for all BSA registered volunteers,
        Page 4 & 5
                                regardless of their position.
     Order of the Arrow
           Page 6
                           •     New leaders are required to take Youth Protection training before
      Funding Quality           submitting an application for registration. The certificate of completion for
         Program                this training must be submitted at the time the application is made and before
        Pages 7 & 8
                                volunteer service with youth begins.
        Blue Heron
          Page 9
                           •     Youth Protection training must be taken every two years. If a volunteer’s
       New Horizons             Youth Protection training record is not current at the time of recharter, the
         Page 10
                                volunteer will not be reregistered.
         North Star
          Page 11          To take Youth Protection training go to and create an account.
         Page 12

                                                 Tall Pine Council
        Page 13-15
                                          Recognition and Awards Banquet
         Page 16
                             Genesys Conference &                          Reservations may be made at the Scout
        Scout Shop              Banquet Center                                   Service Center or by mail
         Page 17
                           805 Health Park Boulevard
    General Information
                             Grand Blanc, MI 48439                                      Reserve early!
         Page 18
                                                                                   Seating is limited to 300.
                           Saturday, February 19, 2011
                                                                         Dinners are $27.00 each by February 4, 2011
                             Doors open at 5:30 p.m.                        or $32.00 each after February 4, 2011.
                               Dinner at 6:00 p.m.
                               The reservation form for this special event can be downloaded at
                                  under the “Latest News” section or picked up at the Scout Service Center.
                                             You may also download this form by clicking here.
                                 507 W. Atherton Road, Flint, MI 48507-2404    E-Mail:
                                        Website: Facebook:
                                              Phone: (810) 235-2531   Fax: (810) 235-5052
PAGE   2                                                CALENDARS                                   NOV      /   DEC    2010

     COUNCIL CALENDAR NOVEMBER                                           COUNCIL CALENDAR DECEMBER
3      Scout Count Day                                           2          OA Lodge Cabinet Meeting, 6:00 pm, Scout
4      OA Lodge Cabinet Meeting, 6:00 pm, Scout Service                     Service Center
       Center                                                    2          Properties Committee Meeting, Noon, Scout
4      Properties Committee Meeting, Noon, Scout Service                    Service Center
       Center                                                    4          Basic Unit Commissioner Training, registration
4      Cub Scout Leader Specific Training, 6:30 pm-8:30 pm,                 beginning at 8:00 am. training will start at 8:30
       Fenton United Methodist Church, 119 S. Leroy Street,                 am, Kettering University, 1700 W. University
       Fenton                                                               Avenue, Flint
6      Scouting University, registration begins 7:30 am,         4          Merit Badge College, check-in begins at 8:00 am,
       Flushing High School, 5039 Deland Road, Flushing                     Kettering University, 1700 W. University
                                                                            Avenue, Flint
6      Scout Shop open from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm
9      Cub Scout Training Chairs Meeting                         4          Scout Shop open from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm

9      Council Commissioner Meeting, 7:00 pm, Scout              6          Youth Protection and This Is Scouting Training,
       Service Center                                                       6:30 pm-8:30 pm, location is forthcoming

9      Star to Life Seminar (Blue Heron Host), 7:00 pm,          8          Cub Scout Leader Specific Training, 6:30 pm-
       Bishop Kelley Catholic School—Lower Level, 926 W,                    8:30 pm, location forthcoming
       Nepessing Street, Lapeer                                  11         2nd Annual Tall Pine Council Commissioner
10     Cub Scout Leader Specific Training, 6:30 pm-9:00 pm,                 Conference, Baker College of Flint
       International Academy of Flint, 2820 S, Saginaw Street,
                                                                 11         Scout Shop open from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm
                                                                 14         Cub Scout Training Chairs Meeting
11     Veterans Day
13     Trainer Development Conference, registration starts at
                                                                 14         Council Commissioner Meeting, 7:00 pm, Scout
       8:00 am, Scout Service Cener                                         Service Center

13     Scout Shop open from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm                  15         Executive Board Meeting, Noon, Scout Service
16     Program Cabinet Meeting, 6:00 pm, Scout Service
       Center                                                    16         OA Executive Committee Meeting, 7:30 pm,
                                                                            Scout Service Center
17     Executive Committee Meeting, 7:30 am, Scout Service
       Center                                                    18         Scout Shop open from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm
17     Budget Committee Meeting, 8:30 am, Scout Service          20         Venturing VLA, 6:30 pm, Scout Service Center
                                                                 21         Venturing Roundtable 7:00 pm, Scout Service
18     OA Executive Committee Meeting, 7:30 pm, Scout                       Center
       Service Center
                                                                 24         Scout Service Center and Scout Shop Closed
19     Cub Scout Leader Specific Training, 6:30 pm-9:00pm,
       Church of the Nazarene, 7406 S, Saginaw, New Lothrop      25         Scout Shop Closed

20     OA Lodge Leadership Development and Committee             25         Christmas
       Meeting, 9:00 am, Scout Service Center                    27         Scout Service Center Closed
20     Scout Shop open from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm                  31         Scout Service Center Closes at Noon
22     Cub Scout Leader Specific Training, 6:30 pm-9:00pm,
       Dryden Wesleyan Church, 5274 Main Street, Dryden
                                                                 Jan 3      Scout Service Center Closed
22     Venturing VLA, 6:30 pm, Scout Service Center
22     Venturing Roundtable 7:00 pm, Scout Service Center
25     Thanksgiving
25     Scout Service Center and Scout Shop Closed
26     Scout Service Center Closed
27     Scout Shop open from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm                                                                             
PAGE    3                                           CALENDARS                                 NOV     /   DEC   2010

            BLUE HERON NOVEMBER                                         NORTH STAR DECEMBER
2           Unit Commissioner Meeting, 7:00 pm,            2            North Star District Meeting, 6:30 pm, Scout
            Fairfield Inn                                               Service Center
4           District Committee Meeting, 7:00 pm,           9            North Star District Roundtable, 7:00 pm, Our
            Seventh– day Adventist Church                               Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church, 2316
                                                                        W. Coldwater Road, Flint
11          Blue Heron District Roundtable, 7:30 pm,
            Trinity United Methodist Church, 1310 N.       28           North Star District Commissioner Meeting,
            Main Street, Lapeer                                         6:30 pm, Scout Service Center

            BLUE HERON DECEMBER                                        SHIAWASSEE NOVEMBER
2           District Committee Meeting, 7:00 pm,           2            District Commissioner Meeting, 6:30 pm,
            Seventh– day Adventist Church                               Baker College Welcome Center, Room A,
                                                                        Owosso (along M-52)
7           Unit Commissioner Meeting, 7:00 pm,
            Fairfield Inn                                  2            District Committee Meeting, 7:00 pm, Baker
                                                                        College Welcome Center, Room A, Owosso
9           Blue Heron District Roundtable, 7:30 pm,
            Trinity United Methodist Church, 1310 N.                    (along M-52)
            Main Street, Lapeer                            11           Shiawassee District Roundtable, 7:00 pm,
                                                                        Corunna United Methodist Church, 200 W.
                                                                        Mcarthur Street, Corunna
11          New Horizons District Roundtable, 7:00 pm,
            Fenton Road Baptist Church, G4386 Fenton                    SHIAWASSEE DECEMBER
            Road, Flint                                    4            District Christmas Party, 7:00 pm, Owosso
                                                                        VFW Hall
                                                           7            District Commissioner Meeting, 6:30 pm,
        NEW HORIZONS DECEMBER                                           Baker College Welcome Center, Room A,
2           New Horizons District Commissioner                          Owosso (along M-52
            Meeting, 7:00 pm, Scout Service Center
                                                           9            Shiawassee District Roundtable, 7:00 pm,
9           New Horizons District Roundtable, 7:00 pm,                  Corunna United Methodist Church, 200 W.
            Fenton Road Baptist Church, G4386 Fenton                    Mcarthur Street, Corunna
            Road, Flint

                                                                   CALLING ALL PAST AND
            North Star District Meeting, 6:30 pm, Scout
                                                                    PRESENT CAMP STAFF
            Service Center
                                                                          Are you a Camp Holaka or
11          North Star District Roundtable, 7:00 pm, Our                 Camp Tapico staffer - past or
            Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church, 2316                         present? Do you know
            W. Coldwater Road, Flint
                                                                         someone who is? Fill out the
23          North Star District Commissioner Meeting,           online camp staff form to be informed of future
            6:30 pm, Scout Service Center                                    camp staff reunions.

                                                                Please click here to fill out the online form to
        DISTRICT AWARD OF MERIT                                       send us your information today!
     NOMINATIONS ARE DUE JANUARY 31                                                                      
PAGE    4                                    COUNCIL   NEWS                           NOV    /   DEC   2010

    2011 CUB CAMP EXPO                                   CONGRATULATIONS TO THE
                                                          FOLLOWING RELIGIOUS
     Thursday, January 20, 2011                             AWARD RECIPIENTS
          Starts at 7:00 pm
                                                       Name                       Award
             Fenton Road Baptist Church
                                                       Jon Claude Howd            God and Church
              (on Fenton Road between
             Bristol & Maple Road, Flint)              Anthony Asbury             God and Church

                                                                     SAVE THE DATE
•   Want to get more of your Cub Scouts to camp?
    - We can help you do that!                             Michigan College of
                                                          Commissioner Science
•   Want to learn better ways to promote camp &
    sell it to parents? - We can help you do that!              Hosted by
                                                           Great Lakes Council
•   Want to pay for camp at no extra cost to your           April 1 & 2, 2011
    pack or families? - We can help you do that!

            Come to the Tall Pine Council                    2ND ANNUAL
               “Cub Camp EXPO!”                        COMMISSIONER CONFERENCE
2011 brings a totally new Cub Scout Camp line-up!        The 2nd Annual Commissioner College will be
 So don’t be left in the dark – get a representative              held on December 11, 2010
  from your Cub Scout Pack to attend the EXPO!                          Baker College
                                                                 6150 W. Bristol Road, Flint
                                                               Please check the commissioner page at
      CUB SCOUT LEADERS                                 for more details.

                                                                UNIT COMMISSIONER
                                                       Who:      New Unit Commissioners and all Unit
                                                                 Commissioners who have not updated
                                                                 their commissioner training in the past 12

                                                       Where: Kettering University – 1700 W.
                                                              University Ave. Flint

                                                       When: December 4, 2010 Registration beginning
                                                             at 8:00 am. Training will start at 8:30am
Cub Scout leader specific training is now offered            and will finish approximately 1:00pm.
online at You may take these
trainings online or at one of our live training        Cost:     Free – Lunch is not provided
                                                       Click here to download the registration form.                                                              
PAGE    5                                   COUNCIL   NEWS                          NOV     /   DEC   2010

  2011 NESA EAGLE SCOUT                                       JOIN AN EXPLORING
SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATIONS                                         POST TODAY
The applications for the 2011 NESA                    Exploring is a worksite-based
Eagle Scout scholarships are now                      program. It is part of Learning for
available at These are                  Life's career education program
the only scholarship applications                     for young men and women who
acceptable in 2011.                                   are 14 (and have completed the
                                                      eighth grade) through 20 years old
This year, the National Eagle Scout Association
will award 148 scholarships to Eagle Scouts           For more information on the Exploring posts
through various scholarship funds. They vary in       offered by the Tall Pine Council, please go to
amount from $1,000 to $48,000.              

These applications must be printed and mailed to
the national office, postmarked no later than                WOOD BADGE DINNER
midnight on January 31, 2011.

  2011 COUNCIL CONTINGENT                                 COME JOIN THE FUN AND
        PHILMONT TRIP                                         FELLOWSHIP!

The deadline for submitting a                         Who: All Wood Badge
Council Philmont contingent for                       Recipients - Young and Old
2011 is upon us. In order for the
Tall Pine Council to be able to                       When: March 26, 2011
send a group on the trek, we must
have at least 2 more youth                            Time: 6:00pm….. Fellowship
(between the ages of 14-18)                                 6:30pm….. Dinner & Program
register and provide a down-
payment of $100 no later than Wednesday,              Place: Grand Blanc Masonic Temple
November 3.                                                  522 E. Grand Blanc Rd.
                                                             Grand Blanc, MI 48439
This is an awesome opportunity that we encourage
you to seriously consider. If you are interested in   Cost: $15 per person (no walk-ins)
joining our Philmont contingent please notify us as
soon as you can, no later than November 3.            We will have a Silent Auction to support Wood
                                                      Badge Scholarships, and a special fund-raiser to
Click here to download the 2011 Philmont trek         purchase new flags for the upcoming course.
                                                      Registration deadline is March 18, 2011. No late
dates flier.
Click here to download the form if you are
                                                      Click here to download the registration form for
interested in going on the 2011 Council               the Wood Badge Dinner.
Contingent Philmont Trip.
                                                      For more information contact Tina Groat at 810-287-
Click here to download the form if you are            1785.
interested in becoming a 2011 Philmont Council
Contingent Leader.                                                            
PAGE    6                              ORDER      OF    THE   ARROW                     NOV     /   DEC   2010

 ORDER OF THE ARROW NEWS                                           UPCOMING EVENTS
Please check out the website for the                     OA Lodge Leadership Development Conference
Cuwe Lodge #218 located at                               November 20, 2010 where you can                            Time: 9:00 am
find the latest and most up-to-date                      Location: Scout Service Center
information related for the Cuwe
Lodge and the Order of the Arrow.                        OA Winter Banquet
                                                         January 8, 2011
       NEW COMMITTEE CHAIRS                              Location: Grand Blanc Masonic Lodge
Brotherhood Chair                  Branden Lenore
                                                         OA Lock-In
Ceremonies Chair                   Al Grebik             March 4, 2011
Communications Chair               Erick Fredenall
                                                         OA Section Conclave
Historical Memorabilia Chair       Ron Herrando          April 29 - May 1, 2011
Service Chair                      Eric Vitek            Location: Silver Trails Scout Reservation, Jeddo,
Vigil Honor Chair                  Matt Rybar

       ORDER OF THE ARROW                                       ORDER OF THE ARROW
          ANNUAL DUES                                               MEETINGS

All Cuwe arrowmen must renew their dues to               All chapter meetings are held at the same time as
continue their membership in Cuwe Lodge for 2011.        all district roundtables. They are held on the second
Pay by December 31, 2010 and get a $2 discount for       Thursday of each month.
a total of $13 per member. After December 31,
2010, the payment will increase to the full amount       Lodge cabinet meetings are held on the first
of $15.                                                  Thursday of each month and start at 6:00 pm at the
                                                         Scout Service Center.

      2011 SUMMITCORPS AND                               Lodge executive committee meetings are held on
       2011 INDIAN SUMMER                                the third Thursday of each month and start at 7:30
                                                         pm at the Scout Service Center.
SummitCorps will take place over four weeks during
July 2011: July 3-9, July 10-16, July 17-23, and July
24-30. SummitCorps will be held at the New River                     OA STATEMENTS
Gorge National River in West Virginia.
                                                         Scoutmasters please check your rechartering packets
Indian Summer 2011 will be held at the Ridgecrest        for the Order of the Arrow billing statements.
Conference Center, Asheville, N.C. the week
of August 1 – 6, 2011.
                                                                            The CUWE Lodge #218 has their
For more information on these two events please go                           own Facebook page located at :
to the National Order of the Arrow website located                   
                                                                                     JOIN TODAY!                                                                 
PAGE    7                          FUNDING          QUALITY      PROGRAM                           NOV    /    DEC    2010

      VG’S                                                                               Marilyn Costigan
                                                                                         Finance Director
  SHARING FUND                                                                            (810) 235-8728

VG’s is committed to giving back to the people                          Finance Personnel
and communities who support their stores.
                                                     Vice President of Endowment     Paul Fuhs, Ph.D.         (810) 714-9198
                                                     Vice President of Finance       Chris Carr               (810) 766-6934
The Community Sharing Fund is a simple way           Popcorn Chair                   Mark Blevins             (810) 744-1980
for you to raise funds for the Tall Pine Council,    Golf Tournament Chair           Gerald McCarty, II       (810) 766-4206
                                                     Sporting Clays Chair            Curt LaLonde             (810) 742-8530
Boy Scouts of America on every purchase you          James E. West Chair             John Baxter              (810) 694-4594
make from VG’s. Simply save your VG’s cash           Finance Secretary               Ella Thorp               (810) 235-8836
register receipts and give them to the Tall Pine
Council Finance Director, Marilyn Costigan.              2010 POPCORN (Timeline) KEY DATES
Simply bring your receipts to your monthly
District Roundtable, the Scout Service Center or      November 3                   Any unsold, unopened containers of
                                                                                   Show-N-Deliver popcorn must be
you can also mail your VG’s receipts to:
                                                                                   returned to the warehouse from 3:00
                                                                                   p.m. – 7:00 p.m. NO returns will be
              Tall Pine Council                                                    accepted after this date
       Attn: Community Sharing Fund
             507 W. Atherton Rd.                      November 3                   Turn in your Take Order popcorn
               Flint, MI 48507                                                     orders. Must turn in copies of Master
                                                                                   Record and Prize order forms. Prize
When redeemed, VG’s will pay 1% of the total                                       orders must be turned in on this
                                                                                   date. Show ‘N Deliver money turn
grocery purchases, except for sales tax, tobacco
                                                                                   in. 3% Cash option confirmed.
and alcohol products. There's no limit to what
can be earned. So start shopping at the following     November 20                  Popcorn Pick-Up. Pick up your
locations and bring in those receipts to the Tall                                  popcorn by appointment only at the
Pine Council!                                                                      designated location. Distribute
                                                                                   popcorn to your sellers for delivery to
           Brighton - (810) 229-0317                                               their customers. Sellers will need their
            Burton - (810) 742-8300                                                Take Order Form and Money
              Caro - (989) 673-8105                                                Envelope.
              Clio - (810) 686-9330
            Davison - (810) 653-1300                  November 30                  Any Unit’s Prize order received from
             Fenton - (810) 629-2627                                               this date on will be charged for their
            Genesee - (810) 640-2030                                               prizes.
             Howell - (517) 548-3065
          Marine City - (810) 765-4061                ON OR BEFORE                 PAYMENT DUE. Turn in your
          North Fenton - (810) 629-1515               DECEMBER 3                   payment along with scholarship forms
            Owosso - (989) 725-7444                                                at your district turn-in location. Please
             Pontiac - (248) 456-8120                                              pay your popcorn bill with ONE
        Shelby Township - (586) 566-3131                                           CHECK payable to Tall Pine
        Sterling Heights - (586) 978-8781                                          Council, BSA.
           Waterford - (248) 666-2044                                              Units paying late will be charged 2%
           West Flint - (810) 230-7481                                             extra per month on balance owed.

For more information on this fundraising              December 3                   No Prize Orders will be accepted
program, you can call Marilyn Costigan at (810)                                    after this date, excluding defective or
235-8728.                                                                          damaged prizes.                                                                            
PAGE    8                          FUNDING         QUALITY   PROGRAM                  NOV   /   DEC   2010

                                   DO YOU SHOP KROGER?
Kroger Community Rewards Program allows you to help raise funds for the Tall Pine
Council, BSA through your everyday purchases when you use your Kroger Plus
Card! Simply visit the site below to enroll your Kroger Plus Card in the Community
Rewards Program. By selecting Tall Pine Council, Boy Scouts of America (NPO number
90700) as your favorite Charity of Choice, you can help sustain, build and grow the
Scouting program in your community!
                                          Click here to visit the site:

   RINGLING BROTHERS AND                                           DETROIT PISTONS
   BARNUM & BAILEY CIRCUS                                           SCOUT NIGHTS
All Scouts, friends, and                                On December 3, 2010 at 7:30 pm, the
family save $3 per ticket                               Detroit Pistons will be playing the
on Friday, November 12,                                 Orlando Magic and on April 1, 2011
2010 and Saturday,                                      they will be playing the Chicago Bulls.
November 13, 2010. Both shows will start at 7:30        Each game will include a pregame clinic with
pm and will take place at the Palace of Auburn Hills.   basketball skills & motivational chalk talk on the
All Scouts will receive a commemorative Scout           Pistons court exclusively for scouts and siblings
patch. Arrive an hour early for Clown College at the    (3:45 pm). Take advantage of the great discounts
All Access with your ticket!            being offered and exclusive opportunities for
                                                        Scouts! Deadline to order: two weeks prior to game
Please click here to download the registration          date.
flier for more detailed information including
pricing to this great event.                            Please click here download the flier and
                                                        registration form for more information on these
                                                        exciting basketball games at the Palace of
   SUPPORT THE TALL PINE                                Auburn Hills.
With every new DIRECTV® subscription to the
CHOICE™ package or higher, the BSA gets $75
and the subscriber saves $100!

Share this offer with your friends —remember to
write down your council number and council zip
code! Every time a friend signs up, the BSA gets

It’s easy! Just call 1-877-548-3550 and have your
council number (264) and council zip code (48507)
ready. Our operators will do the rest!                                                              
PAGE      9                               BLUE      HERON       DISTRICT                            NOV    /   DEC   2010

                                                                     2011 FRIENDS OF SCOUTING
                                                                The 2011 Friends of Scouting
                                                                Campaign is almost here!!! Each year
                                                                the Tall Pine Council asks our District
                                                                Leaders (District Committees and
                                                                Commissioner Staff(s), Businesses and their owners, and
                                                                individuals for a financial contribution to support
           Serving Lapeer County, Davison and                   Scouting Programs. We also ask the parents of Scouts for
                Lakeville School Districts                      a "Family" Friends of Scouting gift. This is most
                                                                effective at Cub Scout Blue and Gold Banquets and
               District Leadership                              Boy Scout Courts of Honor. Unit involvement in the
 District Chair             David Warrington   (810) 245-2903
                                                                Friends of Scouting Campaign is vital. The Tall Pine
 District Commissioner      Larry Weber        (810) 664-5245   Council uses Friends of Scouting dollars to keep camp
 Membership Chair           Dennis Gruden      (810) 658-1495   costs as low as possible, provide services to volunteers,
 Advancement Chair          Robert Holihan     (810) 724-6941
 Webelos Transition Chair   Charlie Maasch     (810) 664-8373   such as training and the Scout Service Center, and to set-
 Activities Chair           Larry Mickle       (810) 496-1972   up other yearly activities like Fall Round-up and Scouting
 Training Chair             Linda Caryl        (810) 338-7407
 Boy Scout Roundtable       Paula Wrobel       (810) 798-2340   for Food. Please contact Ned Savage at (810) 235-8714 to
 Cub Scout Roundtable       Cheryl Ostrander   (810) 496-1972   set up your unit’s Friends of Scouting presentation.
 OA Chapter Chief           Benjamin Stalker   (810) 724-1596
 OA Adviser                 Robert Holihan     (810) 724-6941
 Popcorn Chair
 District Executive
                            Sallie Morey
                            Ned Savage
                                               (810) 793-7560
                                               (810) 235-8714
                                                                            SCOUT COUNT DAY
                                                                Our Scout Count Day is scheduled for
          CUB SCOUT LEADER                                      November 3, 2010. Each unit will need
                                                                to make sure their unit roster is correct.
          SPECIFIC TRAININGS                                    Units will be contacted by their unit
                                                                commissioners. The commissioner will
This course will train each leader in their specific            have the most current rosters for their
Cub Scout leader position. The training is for                  assigned units. They will be contacting unit leaders and
Tiger den leaders, Wolf/Bear den leaders, Webelos               verifying there are not any Scouts missing from their
den leaders, Cubmasters, and pack committee                     roster. It is important to make sure there are not any
leaders. Please complete Fast Start Training, This              Scouts that sign up for the program but do not get
is Scouting, and Youth Protection training before               registered.
taking this course.
                                                                     DISTRICT AWARD OF MERIT
         November 22nd, 6:30 - 9:00pm,
         Dryden United Methodist Church                         The District Award of Merit is a council award presented
         5394 Main St. Dryden, MI 48428                         by districts in the same manner that the Silver Beaver is a
                                                                national award presented by councils. The award is
Please RSVP Linda Caryl at (810) 338-7407 a                     available to Scouters who render service of an
week before the training.                                       outstanding nature at the district level. It is not
                                                                appropriate to nominate a Scouter who has already
  2010 CENTENNIAL QUALITY                                       received this award. A professional Scouter or other
                                                                council employee may not receive this award based on
         UNIT AWARDS                                            employment service. However, a professional Scouter or
                                                                employee who also serves as a volunteer Scouter may be
Please make sure the 2010 Centennial Quality Unit               eligible, based on volunteer service. Click here to
Award form is turned in with the Recharter packet.              download the District Award of Merit form or go to
                                                                                 DISTRICT AWARD OF MERIT                           
                                      NOMINATIONS ARE DUE JANUARY 31
NOV      /   DEC   2010                           NEW      HORIZONS          DISTRICT                            PAGE    10

                                                                     The best place for all leaders in your pack or troop to
                                                                     get information on upcoming council & district
                                                                     activities, discuss Scouting challenges and triumphs
                                                                     with leaders like you, learn about subject matter such
                                                                     as planning a campout, running a den meeting, and
                                                                     much more!
    FENTON, AND LINDEN SCHOOL DISTRICTS                                Note that Child Care is available for $1.00 per
                                                                       child, must be 5 yrs and older (snack / movie /
                   District Leadership                                                      craft).
DISTRICT COMMISSIONER         Mike Weber                 694-4150
MEMBERSHIP                    Matt Bach                  874-1073
                                                                             Location: Fenton Road Baptist Church
FINANCE                                                                       (Fenton Rd. between Bristol & Maple)
C.S. Roundtable               Joan Clark                 694-9582
B.S. Roundtable               Ed Payne                   694-0501
FRIENDS OF SCOUTING           Nadine Baxter              694-4594    Gather/Sign-in: 6:45           Start Time: 7:00 P.M.
POPCORN                       Pam West                   695-0007
ACTIVITIES                                                                       2010                       2011
DAY CAMP                      Mike Smith                 735-7550            November 11                 January 13
ADVANCEMENT                   John Baxter                694-4594
OA CHAPTER CHIEF              Shannon Schiess            887-0472            December 9                 February 10
OA ADVISERS                   Kevin Will                 853-2141
                              Kurt Schulze               629-9014                                         March 10
B.S. TRAINING                 Tina Groat                 655-2539
C.S. TRAINING                 Richard Tuttle             694-0923                                         April 14
SCOUTING FOR FOOD             Gail Polehna               603-2838
PINEWOOD DERBY                Dennis Weston              629-3106
                                                                                                           May 12
DISTRICT DIRECTOR                 Robbie Waclawski (810) 235-8719
                             E-Mail:              2010 / 2011 Roundtable Dates:
OA Chapter Meets at District Roundtable
                                                                             (Always the 2nd Thursday of the month)

                                                                       No RSVP needed! Please make sure your Unit
        NEW HORIZONS DISTRICT                                                Leaders are there every month!
         2011 KLONDIKE DERBY
                                                                            Sample Roundtable Agenda/Timeline:
Date:              Saturday, January 22, 2011
                                                                     6:45-6:59      Gathering and sign-in time
Place:             Camp Holaka                                       7:00           Opening Ceremony
                                                                     7:05           General Announcements
Time:              Registration 9:00 am                              7:20           Break-out sessions
                                                                                    (Den, Webelos & Committee
Cost:              $5.00 per person                                                 Leaders / Scouters)
                   (includes insurance)                              8:10           Networking / Snacks / Coffee
Troops will be able to camp out either one or both                   8:25           Conclusion
nights. It is up to individual troops to make those
reservations through the Scout Service Center. Pre-                     GET YOUR ROSTERS
registration is preferred. Please return the enclosed                        READY...
registration form and fees to the Scout Service Center                  SCOUT COUNT DAY
by January 20, 2011. Additional registrations will
taken on the day of the event.
                                                                         NOVEMBER 3, 2010                               DISTRICT AWARD OF MERIT                        
                                          NOMINATIONS ARE DUE JANUARY 31
PAGE      11                                    NORTH            STAR       DISTRICT                                NOV     /   DEC    2010

                                                                               YOUTH PROTECTION TRAINING
                                                                              Please make sure that each and every volunteer in your unit has
                                                                              taken the Youth Protection training. Check the front page of
                       D   I       S     T     R         I   C     T          the Counciline for more information.

           HEIGHTS SCHOOL DISTRICTS                                                        March 12, 2011
                                                                                   International Institute of Music
                                                                                  Social Hour - 5:30 p.m. thru 6p.m.
                      District Leadership                                           Dinner 6:00 p.m. thru 7p.m.
 District Chair                        Kevin Hammer          (B) 658-0062           Program 7:00 p.m. thru 8p.m.
 District Commissioner                 Ron Scholl            (H) 875-3601      $20 per person before February 15, 2011
 Vice Chair                            Tom Bielec            (B) 241-7862              After February 15, 2011
 Program Chair                         Danyiel Griffin       (H) 214-1023
 Activity Chair                        Lisa Schulze          (H) 659-6474             the cost is $25 per person
 Advancement Chair                     Gary Kautz            (H) 742-8046
 Assistant Advancement Chair           Harold West           (H) 686-6766     Come and join us as we recognize the volunteers in the North
 Boy Scout Advancement                 Paul Staley           (H) 686-5273     Star District. Be prepared to receive a dynamic speaker! Listen
 Membership Chair                      Rev. Threlkeld        (H) 789-2686
 Webelos Transition Chair              Susan Crew                             to music and singing so eloquent that it can be compared to
 Training Chair                        Miles Lombard         (H) 653-4717     Beethoven composing music.
 Camping Chair                         Julie Rencsak         (H) 743-8192
 FOS Family Campaign Chair             Alan Shepard          (H) 715-0471     Find out who will receive the District Recognition awards?
 Popcorn Chair                         Jeanne Jackson        (H) 655-4715
 OA Chapter Chief                      Luke Healy            (H) 653-1212
 OA Chapter Adviser                                                           Lisa Schulze, Rev. Beverly and the rest of the District Dinner
 Assistant District Commissioner       Bob Rawls             (H) 732-6138     committee have sought to have part of the cost of the Dinner
 Boy Scout Roundtable                  Barry Jensen          (H) 659-1259     underwritten. So that a more upscale dinner atmosphere may
 Cub Scout Roundtable                  Garth Sims            (H) 687-1994
 District Dinner Chair                 Lisa Schulze          (H) 659-6474     be provided for the greatest volunteer leaders in the world.
 District Dinner Chair                 Rev. Diane Beverly    (H) 410-4090
                                                                              Register early! Seating is limited!
 District Executive                 Anthony Watson (810) 235-8892

                                                                                    CUB SCOUT NEW LEADERS
                  ARCTIC BLAST II                                                     SPECIFIC TRAINING
This year’s BLAST will be a one-day                                           WHO:      Any Cub Scout Leader that has not been trained in
ONLY event held on Saturday, January                                                    their current position or any position that you are
29, 2011 at Camp Engelhart (3373                                                        considering in the future.
Vienna Rd. in Clio - just West of Center
Rd.) Cost for the event is $10 per person                                     WHEN: November 10, 2010 6:30-9:00 p.m.
(includes: lunch, activities & patch) by
January 14, 2011. After January 14,                                           WHERE: International Academy, 2820 S. Saginaw Street,
2011, late registration will be $15 per person until January                         Flint, MI
28th. There will be no registration taken at the event.
                                                                              WHY:      Leaders will receive training towards their specific
Get your sleds ready as Scouts will participate in an exciting                          Cub Scout position
traditional Klondike Derby. As a special treat….remember to
bring your compass’s and/or GPS’s!                                            COST:     Free
Check-in will begin at 8am on January 29, 2011. Sleds will run
from 9am - 5pm. Completed Parts A & C of the Health &
Medical record must be turned in at check-in for everyone                         CONGRATULATIONS
attending this event.
                                                                              Congratulations to Julie Rencsak and her
Click here to download the registration form.                                 committee for an outstanding Fall Camporee.                                   DISTRICT AWARD OF MERIT                                  
                                              NOMINATIONS ARE DUE JANUARY 31
NOV     /   DEC     2010                            SHIAWASSEE        DISTRICT                                 PAGE    12

                                                                         SHIAWASSEE DISTRICT
                                                                          CHRISTMAS PARTY
                                                                The Shiawassee District Christmas Party
                                                                will take place on Saturday, December 4
                                                                at 7:00 PM at the Owosso VFW Hall.

                                                                All adult leaders in the district are
     Serving the Shiawassee County, Montrose, &                 invited to attend. Please bring a passing
            Swartz Creek School Districts                       dish for a potluck dinner and a few $2-3 gifts for our gift
                                                                swap. No RSVP necessary.
              District Leadership
 District Membership Chair   Bill Morris        517-214-6368
                                                                  REMEMBER: RECRUITMENT IS
 Fall Roundup Chairs         Jeanie Williams
                             Charlotte Passig
 Activities Chair            Charlotte Wagner   989-725-7243
 Cub Scout Training          Robert Kittle      810-588-8600
                             Paul Whitman       989-494-6082
                                                                Boy Talks may be over, but remember that recruitment
 Boy Scout Training          Bev Chapman        810-638-5239    for Scouting is a year-round effort! Please continue to
 Cub Scout Camping           Robert Kittle      810-588-8600
                             Jeremy Braun       989-413-9799
                                                                promote your unit in church, at sports practice, and
 OA Chapter Chief            Cameron Burns      810-874-2925    around the community! Youth and adult applications
 Boy Scout Camping           Brian Osmer        989-725-8212
 Cub Scout Advancement       Sherwin Kittle     517-546-8016
                                                                can be picked up from the Scout Service Center and
 Boy Scout Advancement       Doug Osmer         989-723-3677    turned in all year long!
                             Wells Warren       810-638-5813
 District Executive          Kristy Thomas      810- 235-8895
                       E-Mail:           NEW CUB SCOUT LEADER
                                                                 The training is for Tiger den leaders,
       SHIAWASSEE DISTRICT                                      Wolf/Bear den leaders, Webelos den
           ROUNDTABLE                                           leaders, Cubmasters, and pack committee
                                                                leaders. Please complete Fast Start
Many units will be participating in the county-                 Training, This is Scouting, and Youth
wide Veterans Day Parade on November 11.                        Protection training before taking this
Please try to send a unit representative to                     course.
Roundtable that evening if possible to collect
your messages & participate in training. If no one                              Friday, November 19
is able to attend, Cub Scout monthly program                                   Church of the Nazarene
planning guides are available on to                          7406 S. Saginaw, New Lothrop, MI
help you plan your December meetings.                                               6:30-9:30 PM.

Roundtable is held the 2nd Thursday of every                    All the basics of leadership for den leaders, cubmasters,
month at 7:00 PM at the Corunna United                          and committee members will be covered to help you
Methodist Church.                                               become fully trained to deliver a great program! Please
                                                                RSVP to Robert Kittle (810) 588-8600 by November 12.
       RECHARTER PACKETS                                         YOUTH PROTECTION TRAINING
Recharter packets are available for all units with a            Remember that all registered adult leaders are required
December recharter date. Please turn your packets               to complete Youth Protection Training! Check the front
in to the Scout Service Center by December 15!                  page of the Counciline for more information.                             DISTRICT AWARD OF MERIT                        
                                        NOMINATIONS ARE DUE JANUARY 31
PAGE     13                                 TRAINING                                       NOV    /   DEC    2010

 May we have your attention please!!!                             The theme for this year’s University is:
      The brochure for the 2010 Scouting
    University complete with class listings,
      descriptions and registration forms                       When: Saturday, November 6, 2010
                                                                  Where: Flushing High School
  is now available! Pick one up at the Scout              Cost: $20 - covers lunch, a patch & Info CD Rom
 Service Center or at your district roundtable!
                                                          Visit: for additional information,
 What is Scouting University? It is an all day                         and sample class list.
 supplemental training opportunity for all adult
 leaders. It is the only time during the year where you
 can find the widest variety of training opportunities
 in all program areas, all in one place. Whether you
 are new to the Scouting program or a veteran
 Scouter, Scouting University provides informative
 and hands-on courses in Cub Scouting, Boy
 Scouting, and Venturing.

The Trainer Development Conference incorporates numerous contemporary training techniques and
emphasizes the importance of learning by doing. This day long conference will educate you on how to train
Scout leaders. In most instances, the training sessions not only demonstrate good training methods, but give
participants an opportunity to interact and practice what they have learned.

When:                 November 13, 2010

What time:            8:30am – 4:30pm

Registration:         8:00am – 8:30am

Where:                Scout Service Center
                      South Entrance – Lower Level
                      507 W. Atherton Road, Flint 48507-2404

Cost:                 Because of your commitment to quality Scouting,               Click here to download
                      there is no charge for this training                         the registration form for
                                                                                          this event.
You will need:        Note pad, pencil or pen, and a sack lunch                                                                    
PAGE    14                                  TRAINING                                       NOV    /   DEC   2010

                     CUB SCOUT
This course will train each leader in their specific Cub Scout leader position. The training is for Tiger Cub den
leaders, Wolf/Bear Cub den leaders, Webelos Scout den leaders, Cubmasters, and pack committee leaders.
Please complete Fast Start Training, This is Scouting, and Youth Protection training online before taking this
Blue Heron District                                          North Star District

November 22, 2010 6:30pm - 9:00pm                            November 10, 2010 6:30pm – 9:00pm
Dryden Wesleyan Church                                       International Academy of Flint
5274 Main Street, Dryden, MI                                 2820 S. Saginaw Street, Flint, MI

Please RSVP to Linda Caryl at (810) 338-7407                 Please RSVP to Don Shriver at (810) 743-2227
a week before training.                                      a week before training.

New Horizons District                                        Shiawassee District

November 4, 2010      6:30pm – 8:30pm                        November 19, 2010 6:30pm – 9:00pm
Fenton United Methodist Church                               Church of the Nazarene
119 S. Leroy Street, Fenton, MI                              7406 S. Saginaw, New Lothrop, MI

December 6, 2010 AND December 8, 2010                        Please RSVP to Robert Kittle at (810) 588-8600
6:30pm – 8:30pm                                              a week before training.
December 6 - Youth Protection Training & This Is
December 8 - CS Leader Specific Training
TBD (Grand Blanc area)                                           Also, check the Tall Pine Council website
                                                                   located for up dated
Please RSVP to Richard Tuttle at (810) 694-0923                     information on upcoming trainings.
a week before training.
Suggestions for December locations are welcome.

                                BASIC DEN CHIEF TRAINING
                            TO BE HELD AT THE                      Must be an older Boy Scout. Scouts are
                           SCOUTING UNIVERSITY                     required to wear their uniform, as this is a
                           Saturday, November 6, 2010              Scouting function.
                              Flushing High School
                      5039 Deland Road, Flushing, MI 48433         The cost is $20 - Fee includes Den Chief
                                8:30am – 4:30pm                    Book, Supplies & Meals (snack and lunch)
                        Check in time is 7:30am – 8:15am           Register by October 29, 2010. After
                                                                   October 29, 2010 registration cost is $25.

                Click here to download the registration form or go to                                                                    
PAGE     15                                               TRAINING                                            NOV   /   DEC   2010

                                            2011 OKPIK TRAINING
          “INDOOR SESSION”                            All participants will need to bring a completed Parts
             January 8, 2011                          A & C of the Annual Health and Medical Record
     CAMP HOLAKA – Medical Center
       Davis Lake Road, Lapeer, MI                    “OKPIK” must have 20 participants registered by
               8AM to 6PM                             December 30, 2010,
                                                      but is not limited to 20 participants
          January 28 - 30, 2011                       Our objective in “OKPIK” training is to train the Scoutmaster, assistant
      CAMP TAPICO – Troop Cabin                       Scoutmaster, and Scouts 14 years old or older (troop guide, assistant senior
    Camp Tapico Road, Kalkaska, MI                    patrol leader, senior patrol leader, or junior assistant scoutmaster) in your
Program starts at 9PM Friday, January 28th            troop so that you can feel comfortable, and confident conducting your own
                                                      cold weather camping program with your troop or team. We will be touching
  COST: $65.00 Due with registration form.            on such things as, shelters, clothing systems, sleeping systems, cooking
Covers: materials, food, lodging, equipment, etc.     equipment, transportation methods, homemade equipment, and cold weather
         UNTIL December 30, 2010                      first aid.
     $80.00 AFTER December 30, 2010
            (this includes walk-ins)                  “OKPIK” must have 20 participants registered by December 30, 2010,
                                                      but is not limited to 20 participants.
        For more information contact
     Scout Service Center 1-810-235-2531              Click here to download the 2011 OKPIK training registration form or go
           E-mail                      to Tall Pine Council’s website located at and download from
              Fax (810)235-5052                       the “Training” section of the website.

                           WOOD BADGE FOR THE 21ST CENTURY
                        Tall Pine & Blue Water Councils                     The Wood Badge
                                  Camp Holaka                            course is limited to the
                                Lapeer, Michigan                          first 48 participants
                                                                                signed up.
                                August 12-14, 2011
                               September 9-11, 2011                        Sign up early!

                                                    What is Wood Badge?
Wood Badge is the premier adult training program for all leaders in the Boy Scouts of America. It teaches
contemporary leadership and team development skills in an outdoor setting. Its purpose is to aid Scouters in
providing a quality program that will enable scouts to grow to their greatest potential.

The course encompasses the key concepts of management skills from leaders in the management field;
therefore, this course can be helpful not only in your Scouting job, but also in your careers.

The course consists of two parts: Practical training and Application. Practical leadership experiences are
gained in a camp setting where leadership and management skills can be learned and practiced as members of
a Wood Badge patrol.

At the conclusion of the practical training, each participant has eighteen months to complete the application
phase (ticket) and meet all goals they have established.

For more information on Wood Badge for the 21st Century, including , please go to                                                                                      
PAGE     16                                   ADVANCEMENT                                             NOV     /   DEC   2010

                             MERIT BADGE COLLEGE 2010 &
                            Kettering University                      For more information, including
                       1700 W. University Avenue, Flint             registration form and pre-requisites,
                         Saturday, December 4, 2010                     please go to

              Academic Building - look for signs                          Merit Badges Offered            Prior to this event
                 8:00am – 8:30am Check In                                Automotive Maintenance         periodically check the
                  8:30am – 4:00pm Sessions                                      Chemistry                Council website for
                                                                               Computers                    the list of pre-
              $15 per participant (youth or adult)                               Drafting                requisites and merit
                 Fee includes patch & lunch                                     Electricity              badge descriptions:
                                                                               Electronics     under
             Pre-Register by November 19th                                       Energy                   the “Latest News”
    After November 19th fee is $20 per participant until                    Model Design and                   section.
                     December 1st                                                Building
                1 Merit Badge Per Scout                                      Nuclear Science
               Attention Adult Leaders!!!                                      **Robotics
  Five 1 hour advancement sessions are being offered, to                      Traffic Safety
                 make your choice go to:                                  Truck Transportation
                                                                   **ROBOTICS: Robotics is a new merit badge scheduled
               $15 includes patch and lunch                        for BSA release April 2011. It is still in the preliminary
                                                                   design stage, we are offering it as an introductory hands-on
            SCOUTS need to be in full uniform                      laboratory seminar. No merit badge will be awarded at this
SAFETY POLICY: Long pants and closed toed shoes (NO
sandles or flip-flops) must be worn with full uniform for lab                    Classes are limited to 16 Scouts
environment purposes.

                                           STAR TO LIFE SEMINAR
 At the Star to Life Seminar, parents and Scouts learn the process of achieving the rank of Eagle Scout,
                                 and how to best achieve Scouting goals.
Dates                                     Locations                          Times            All times and locations are
                           Hosted by Blue Heron District                                               tentative.
November 9, 2010           Bishop Kelley Catholic School – Lower level       7:00pm
(Tuesday)                  926 W. Nepessing Street, Lapeer 48446                          The seminar and the information
                                                                                                 packet are FREE.
                           Hosted by North Star District
January 27, 2011           Scout Service Center – South entrance             7:00pm         If you do not pre-register we
(Thursday)                 507 W. Atherton Road, Flint 48507                                may not have an information
                                                                                               packet available for you.
                           Hosted by Shiawassee District
March 7, 2011              Baker College Conference Center                   7:00pm         Register by phone (810-235-
(Monday)                   South M-52, Owosso 48867                                        2531) or in person at the Scout
                                                                                                  Service Center.
                           Hosted by New Horizons District
May 11, 2011               Scout Service Center – South entrance             7:00pm          A parent or guardian must
(Wednesday)                507 W. Atherton Road, Flint 48507                                   attend with the Scout.                                                                               
PAGE   17               TALL    PINE   SCOUT   SHOP                         NOV     /   DEC   2010

                                507 W. Atherton Road, Flint
                       Phone: (810) 237-6461    Fax: (810) 237-6463
                                                Be on the lookout for the new catalog. Should
  UPCOMING PROMOTIONS                               arrive by the first week in November!

                                                 Come in and check out the new merchandise
    October 18 – November 11                    that has been arriving on a weekly basis….new
        Classic 1910 Tee                         t-shirts; sweatshirts; hats for both cub scouts
                                                and boy scouts; new soft shell rain gear; Eagle
                                                   knives; new books that include Pinewood:
          November 5 - 11                         Winning By The Rules; The Legacy of Lord
                                                 Baden-Powell; Boy Scouts of America Today;
        November Great Buys                                  The Best of Boys Life.
          Early Christmas
                                               We will be getting in new pinewood derby tools
                                               they are going to be….Pro Outer Hub Shaver;
            November 12 - 15                   Pro Bore Polisher; Pro Rail Rider.
              Watch Sale
                                                     TALL PINE SCOUT SHOP
            November 16 - 18                             MAILING LIST
            November Lights                                        Please stop in and fill out a
                                                                   form to get on the mailing list
          November 19 - 22                                         for all the upcoming sales and
       Early Christmas- Games
                                                   Go to for the lastest
            November 25 - 29                             information pertaining to the
                                                             Tall Pine Scout Shop.
            After Thanksgiving
                                               Our Normal Business Hours are:
        December 10 - 13
    Great Buys for the Holidays                Monday – Friday 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM
                                               Every Saturday 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM
            December 17 - 20
                                               Advancements can be faxed or
            Stocking Stuffers                  emailed to:
                                               please give 24 hour notice to pick up                                                     
PAGE   18        GENERAL   INFORMATION                      NOV   /   DEC   2010

       Happy                        Accounting Manager - Sherry Marshall
                                       Phone: (810) 235-8786

                                    Program Secretary - Ann Norris
                                       Phone: (810) 235-8753

                                    Finance Secretary - Ella Thorp
                                       Phone: (810) 235-8836

                                    Registrar - Claudia Allen
                                       Phone: (810) 235-8897

                                    Computer Technologist - Thomas Newvine
                                      Phone: (810) 235-8893

                                    Camp Tapico Ranger - Mike Beratta
                                      Phone: (231) 258-9302

                                    Camp Holaka Ranger - Joe Niemczak
                                      Phone: (810) 664-4063


 Holidays                              A Publication of
                                      Tall Pine Council,
                                    Boy Scouts of America

                                        John Racine
                                      Council President

   The Tall Pine Council               Jim Smithwick
                                    Council Commissioner
    wishes you and your
                                          Mike Chaffee
     family a safe and                   Scout Executive

   happy holiday season.              Thomas Newvine
                                      Editor & Design                                    

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