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									Alcoholic Drinks and an Aging Population

The 50+ age group makes up 31% of the world's population and accounts for 30% of
global spending on alcoholic drinks (though a lower share of volume). This age group
accounts for 40% of wine spending, 37% of spirits spending and 22% of spending on beer,
cider and FABs.
The 50+ age group typically accounts for about a half of all consumer spending and many
want to live in style with premium products because they believe that have earned it.
However, it is estimated that only 10% of marketing is directed at the 50+ age group,
such that half of this group believes that businesses have little interest in their needs.
There is an opportunity for no, low, and lower alcohol products, because seniors are the
most likely of all age groups to moderate or abstain from drinking. Older consumers are
also interested in dietary products (low/no calorie/carb/sugar etc) which currently make
up about 2% of new alcoholic drink launches.

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Consumers aged 50+ represent an attractive and significant market for alcoholic drinks. It’s
now time to start paying more attention to them: they already represent a large section of
society – and their numbers are growing; they are affluent, and they enjoy food, drinks,
and convivial experiences. This report provides crucial insight and analysis of the aging
population and alcohol consumption.

Major points covered in Table of Contents of this report include:

       Age groups and generations
       Alcoholic drinks and age
       Marketing tconsumers aged 50+
       Healthier alcoholic drinks
       Home and family, friends and community
       Conclusions
       Appendix
       List of Tables
       List of Figures

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Published: February 2012
No. of Pages: 113
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