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					IN MEMORY OF                       Mildred Vermeulen                 Gary and Mary Lamb
                                   FREY, DOROTHY                     Dennis and Sharon McMahan
ALBANO, ANNA                       Robin Murphy                      Gene and Linda Olmstead
James and Gail Inzinga             GERKE, MRS.                       Edith Pukos
AMICO, ANGELA                      Jim and Anita Oddo                Beverly Radez
Charlotte Furniture & Appliance    GOODWIN, FLORENCE                 Hal and Barb Sechrist
BARONE, FRANK                      Tom and Shirley Bailey            Fred and Joan Todd
Gabor and Jennifer Balazas         Dorothy Borgus                    Dick and Diane Traver
Donald and Kathleen Guglielmi      Jerry and Irene Brixner           Ron and Nancy Wagner
Gary and Patricia Pino             Chili VFW Auxiliary 412           Roger Wright
BARTUCCA, ANDREW                   Elizabeth Greenfield              MELONI, ANDREW
Andrew and Debra Bartucca          Robert Hussey                     Mary Carbone
BOWES, ANN                         Richard Mullaney                  Cheryl Chraston
Dr. and Mrs. John Bosco            Robert and Linda Munger           Charles and Carol Day
Gail Brasley                       Ronald Pikuet                     Joseph Dioguardi
Patrick and Harriet Callery        HARTER, PHYLLIS                   Anthony and Marlene Ferreri
Patricia Curry                     Lee County Port Authority         Moe and Marge Ferreri
Carol Cannizzo                     HENDERSON, ELIZABETH              Doris Gruber
Corbett Family                     Arlene Hanley                     Shirley Hogestyn
Anthony and Patricia DiBiase       Camille Perlo                     Mary Ann Lipani
Charles and Irene Eckert           HEYE, SHIRLEY                     Josephine Marino & Family
James and Marie Eichner            Glenn George                      Carol Meloni
Enright Family                     Richard Heye                      Mike and Nancy Meloni
Kay and Mary Fedoryshyn            Mr. and Mrs. Marv Roblee          Dick and Jane Schweikert
Timothy and Robin Flaherty         Bob and Sandy Uberty              MONICO, ANGELO
Sue Gaffney                        Ronald and Charlotte Uberty       Helen Heller
George and Janet Galen             KAYSER, HELEN                     Richard Heller
Giardino Family                    Paul and Carol Olsen              MYERS, DR. JAMES
Karl and Dianne Gilman             Theresa Read                      Lee and Sue Kopf
Bernard and Kathryn Hartman        LASHIW, HARRIET                   NIDER, DOROTHY
Michelle Hayes                     Eleanor Genung                    Barbara Haschmann
Robert Hussey                      LEE, CHARLES                      Agnes Kosko
Julie Hynes                        Dick and Julie Bauer              Denise McDonald
RP Illingworth                     Phil and Judy Daggar              Nancy Pilaroscia-Sigmund
Ray and Elaine Klafehn             Mark and Judy Kronenberg          ORLANDO, SAMUEL
Bernie and Nancy Kohlmeier         Krony’s Pizza, Etc.               Clayton and Audrey Barnard
Joseph Kuby                        Reid O’Connell                    Bloomfield CSD Class of ‘61
Patricia Maune                     Mr. and Mrs. John Ryan            Robert and Sally Coupal
John Mayer                         Mr. and Mrs. Louis Saviano        Samuel and Suzanne Orlando
Gloria McAlpin                     LINDGREN, MARILYN                 John and Patricia Schiller
Judith Montanarella                Sandra Kobayashi                  PENKIN, MICHAEL
Julie Petit                        Xerox Co-workers                  Carmen Clar
Joel Roemer                        LISHIW, HARRIET                   ROBERTS, RUTH
Sippel Family                      Elizabeth Cicora                  Brian Bischoping
John and Marion Terreri            MALLO, SAMUEL                     SCHAUMAN, DORIS
Thiemes Family                     Carmen and Rosalind Santora       Jeanne Lindsay
Hal and Claire Thurston            MARTELLA, FRANK                   SCIME, MRS.
Coleen Toombs & Family             Giovanna Conforti & Wayne Mason   David and Nancy Middleton
BURROWS, MARY                      MCDONALD, CAROLYN                 SCIPIONE, ELLEN
Richard and Barbara Heller         Linda Bland                       Joe and Ginny Hammill
CABRISAS, JUAN                     Carol Doll                        Richard and Andrea Koetzle
Murray and Debbie Tanzman          Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Dorsey        Charles and Teresa Marino
CARRIS, BETTIE                     Marjorie Horner                   Amy Marsh
Milt and Sue Borel                 Robert and Margaret Joynt         Karen Marsh
CIGNA, ANTHONY                     Ruth Kelly                        Michael and Linda Norman
Xerox Corporation                  Dr. and Mrs. Robert Rosen         Carmen and Joyce Panepinto
COHN, MORRIS                       Richard and Hilda Satran          Jim and Lynn Reina
Elliott and Debby Landsman         Catherine Schneider               Ralph and Jessica Rosati
COLLIER, DORIS                     Mark and Cathy Schneider          Wegmans Pharmacy Office
Jacqueline Decann                  Mike and Genevieve Solazzo        SENNA, WALTER FORREST
Robert Anderson & Marylyn Ianiri   MCQUILKIN, SHIRLEY                MEDEIROS
DAW, DOROTHY                       Gordon and Judy Takacs            Bradford Teachers Association
Sunshine Fund SS Office Elmira     MEAD, CAROLINE                    SHROYER, BETTE
DEMALLIE, HOWARD                   Richard and Janet Ahola           Marjorie Clark
Ralph and Jessica Rosati           Bruce and Ann Beardsley           SNELL, JEAN
DEWEY, ROBERT                      Barbara Bodane                    Monroe County Water Authority
John and Vivian Congdon            Janice Brew                       Carl and Evelyn Nelson
David and Rebecca Evers            Ken and Linda Capwell             John Torrens
Rosemary Hogan                     Kenneth Depew                     Tucker Family & Rick Snell
Thomas and Mary Zielinski          Alan and Ann Dunmore              Judy VanEps
DUERR, ROBERT                      Charles and Rosemarie Franzese    UGOREK, MARY
John and Margaret Dever            Italo and Vera Garlasco           Advanced Business Machines
EBDON, JOHN SR.                    Hugh and Sandy Hunt
William and Saundra Schirmer       JoAnn Jezorski
FISHER, GARY                       David and Carol Kunzmann

Jeff and Denise Ronco
Paul and Cynthia Goldstein
Joel and Marilyn Greenberg

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