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Phase #1 of training

In the first phase of your SEO training you will learn about basics of
Internet and SEO. You will also get to know about Keywords and On Page
Optimization in detail.

Introduction to Internet, SEO, SEM, SMM, SMO
Introduction to MSN & Alta Vista, Google, Yahoo & Bing
Introduction to Keywords
Keyword Research & Analysis
On page optimization
Meta Tags Optimization
Robots & Sitemap
Keyword Density
W3C Validation
Robots & Sitemap and alot more...

Phase #2 of training

In this phase you will learn about Off Page Optimization, Content
Writing, SEO Tools, Softwares and Custom Reports

Link Building
Classic & Advance Link Building Techniques
Content Writing
Famous SEO Online Tools & SEO Softwares
Create Custom Reports
RSS Feeds
Video Creation & Submission
Advance SEO
Paul & Angela Links and alot more...

Phase #3 of training

In the third phase you will learn about SEM, SMM & SMO in detail along
with SEO troubleshooting, tips & tricks

PPC, Google Adwords and SEM
Social Media Marketing (SMM) & Social Media Optimization (SMO)
Google Webmasters & Google Analytics
SEO Troubleshooting
Report Templates
Web Designing

    Web Masters Tools
    Practical on Live Project
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