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					                                                                 The College of Social & Behavioral Sciences
University Goals    Initiatives/Highlights                          Outcomes                                        College Goals                       FY99-FY00    Issues
Quality of the    Recruit and retain strongest faculty              Appointed 12 new faculty; four are full         Within the NRC rankings, move                    Academic Enrichment Priority 2-
Academic Programs                                                   professors (including the new Director of the   Political Science and                            Research Initiative in Human
                                                                    School of Journalism and Communication), two    Psychology into the top 10,                      Capital: Proposal from
                                                                    are associates and six are assistants           Sociology into the top 15, and to                Sociology, Economics, CHRR.
                                                                                                                    move Geography to 1st                            Add 2 senior scholars
                    Develop strongest possible Academic             New hires for Speech and Hearing                Expand resources available                       Academic Enrichment Priority 3-
                    Enrichment and Selective Investment             Science/Linguistics; implementation of          through Academic Enrichment                      Economic & Political
                    proposals                                       improvements to Undergrad International         and Selective Investment                         Consequences of Recent Global
                                                                    Studies Program; training of 12 GRAs from                                                        Change: Proposal from
                                                                    seven SBS units by Center for Survey                                                             Economics, Political Science,
                                                                    Research; support for postdoc, GRAs and                                                          Mershon Ctr. Add senior
                                                                    technician for music cog                                                                         scholars
                    Heavy involvement and exploration of                                                                                                             Academic Enrichment Priority 4-
                    additional opportunities interdisciplinary                                                                                                       Program in Media and Cognition:
                    opportunities                                                                                                                                    Proposal from the School of
                                                                                                                                                                     Journalism and Communication.
                                                                                                                                                                     Creates innovative program for
                                                                                                                                                                     interdisciplinary research
                    Major internationalization in teaching and      Mershon Center emerging as a leader in
                    scholarship                                     international research; Undergraduate
                                                                    International Studies Program very strong
                                                                    interdisciplinary major w/about 250 majors
                    Units and college engaged in planning
                    process for five years beginning July 99
                    Developed long-range plan for space needs                                                       Additional support from
                                                                                                                    Academic Affairs, Finance,
                                                                                                                    Research & President to
                                                                                                                    implement plan
                   Aggressive pursuit of new external funding       External research funding of $12.7 million in
                   through research grants, development, and        1998, a 45% increase over 1997
                   earnings units
Quality of the     Better advising of majors, better
Student Experience communication among advisors, and greater
                   access for students to advisors
                   Provision of state-of-the-art technical                                                          Seek additional resources to
                   facilities for both research and teaching at                                                     meet demand and keep pace
                   the graduate and undergrad levels.                                                               with technological change
                   Participation in the university's student        Graduate student and alumni surveys, new
                   assessment initiative                            courses within majors, improved advisor
                                                                    tracking of students who experience academic
                    Taking the lead in investigating the creation
                    of an undergraduate interdisciplinary public
                    policy major
                                                            The College of Social & Behavioral Sciences
University Goals   Initiatives/Highlights                           Outcomes                                       College Goals                        FY99-FY00    Issues
                   Collaboration with the Registrar and OAA in
                   evolving strategies and practices involving
                   student recruitment and retention
                   Continued expansion of honors programs in Enrollments in SBS honors courses expanded                                                              Top ranking Academic
                   SBS                                         by 88% in past 6 years; grads with honors                                                             Enrichment proposal is aimed at
                                                               increased by 69% and grads with distinction                                                           further expansion of the honors
                                                               increased by 50% in past 5 years                                                                      program in Economics, Poli Sci,
                                                                                                                                                                     and Sociology
                   Continued efforts to meet excess student                                                                                                          Pool of qualified temporary
                   demand and avoid closeouts                                                                                                                        instructors exhausted; request
                                                                                                                                                                     additional annual rate from the
                                                                                                                                                                     OAA closed course fund
Diversity          Initiatives and programs involving faculty       32% of faculty are women; 13% are minorities
                   recruiting, retention, and development;
                   worked with SRI consultants on general
                   issues of recruitment and retention of
                   women and minorities
                   Pool development in all disciplines              42% of new faculty (5 of 12) for 98-99 are
                   Specification of the role of academic
                   leadership to attain results
Outreach &         Undertaking a leadership role as the
Engagement         University defines its role in public policy:
                   chair of the Policy Initiative Oversight
                   Committee; chair of the Oversight
                   Committee for the emerging John Glenn
                   Institute for Public Service and Public Policy

Other              In development, attained initial campaign        Set new goal of $13 million                    SBS is interested in                              Federal legislation requires that
                   goal of $10.5 million                                                                           participating as a "test site" for                WOSU-TV be able to convert to
                   Center for Survey Research conducted 80          Revenues nearly $800,000                       budget restructuring. The                         digital television. Capital cost of
                   funded projects                                                                                 College believes that budget                      the conversion is estimated to be
                   Service by Dean on ARMS Steering                                                                restructuring can have a                          $15 million, with $10 million
                   Committee                                                                                       positive impact for SBS, based                    covered by the federal and state
                                                                    Received pledge of $1.5 million for endowed    on its experience with the                        governments. Conversion must
                                                                    chair in Political Science                     Summer Incentive Enrollment                       be completed by 2003.
                                                                       The College of Social & Behavioral Sciences
University     2000 College Goals            Strategic Indicators           Outcomes                             Related 1999 College Goals 2000 Initiatives/Highlights/Issues
Quality of the Make observable and           Time series combination 2 units among top 10          NRC: Move Poli Sci and Psych                          Internal reinvestment in Econ, Poli Sci, Psych, and Soc
Academic       constant progress twd         of NRC/US News          publics, 7 in top 15          into the top 10, Soc into the top
Programs       nat'ly and int'ly             reputational rkgs of                                  15, and move Geography to 1st
               recognized acad               faculty quality
               excellence                    Publications per fac     Refereed journal pubs: .62                                                         Admin appts: Parcel, Chr Soc; Lebow, Dir Mershon; Weisenberger &
                                             member                                    Books: .06                                                        O'Kelly, Assc Deans; Litchfield, Dir Univ Press
                                                                              Book Chapters: .43
                                             Rsch Expend's per fac                 FY95: $49,906                                                         $14.1 million in ext rsch grants in calendar 99, an 11% incr over 98
                                                                                   FY99: $66,161                                                         (SBS previous best year)
                                             Developmt Fds per fac                    FY95: $3,363                                                       Interdisc wk through Ctrs: Cog Sci, Mapping, Mershon, Urban & Reg
                                                                                      FY98: 4,085                                                        Analysis Initiative, Survey Rsch, Area Stds, Crim Justice Rsch,
                                                                                                                                                         Environ Policy Initiative, HOPES, Byrd Polar, Neurosci
                                             SSCI/SCI Citations
                                             Editorships or editorial                            2.66 Additional support from                            Awds: Univ Dist Prof, 2 Dist Scholars; Dist Tchg Awd; Dist Univ Svc
                                             bd memberships held                                      Academic Affairs, Finance,                         Awd; new awd for scholarship given by SBS to 6 fac
                                             per fac                                                  Research & President to
                                                                                                      implement plan
                                             Faculty salaries by rk: Geog Full Profs only group at                                                       Hired 17 new fac in 99-00: 3 full, 14 asst; expect 7 new colleagues in
                                             OSU SBS units           top of rkg; assc's in all units                                                     00-01
                                             compared to CIC units   except Geog in bottom half
                                                                     of rkg
                                             Grd Schl fellowshp awds             FY99 total:     138 Expand resources through                            Select Inv: Poli Sci rec'd SP00, Econ a finalist in current competition.
                                                                       Share of Univ Total: 22.8% Academic Enrichment and                                Previous Acad Enr: Joint Spch/Hrg and Ling effort in lang processing -
                                                                                                      Selective Investment                               new hires to start AU00; UG Int'l Stds Prog - completed initiatives
                                                                                                                                                         from its proposal, requests conversion o
                                             Mean GRE scores                SBS mean scores higher                                                       Acad Enr proposals: Sr Scholar in Race/ Ethnicity; Population
                                                                            than nat'l avg; scores in all                                                Research Initiative; UG Honors Prog in Experimental & Mathematical
                                                                            units except Psych have                                                      Models & Adv Stats; Interdisc prog on Media, Social Cognition, and
                                                                            climbed since 95; Psych was                                                  Behavior
                                                                            already high and fluctuates
                                                                            w/in small margin
Quality of the Increase the quality of       Number of publications
Student        exp for SBS stdts             by grad stdts while
Experience                                   attending OSU
                                             % of SBS UG enrollment                            FY95: 1.91%                                               SBS advisors in ASC created intro course for direct enrollees;
                                             in honors courses                                 FY99: 3.04%                                               establishing living/learning dorm for AU00; wkg to propose new
                                                                                                                                                         interdis UG major and/or minor in public policy; significant
                                                                                                                                                         improvements in advising in Int'l Stds, Soc, Psych, Geog; enrollment
                                             UG stdts engaged in                Honors theses FY 95: 31                                                  Will use additional resources from rebasing to address closed
                                             rsch                                              FY 99: 27                                                 courses
                                                                                 H783 cr hrs FY 95: 277
                                                                                              FY 99: 350
                                                                              593/693 cr hrs FY 95: 2526
                                                                                             FY99: 1659

         Blue indicates connectedness in a row or rows across columns; Red highlights tuition increase requests, budget restructuring issues, Academic Enrichment proposals
                                                                          The College of Social & Behavioral Sciences
University        2000 College Goals            Strategic Indicators           Outcomes                             Related 1999 College Goals 2000 Initiatives/Highlights/Issues
                  Make observable and                                                                               Seek additional resources to            Web based or assisted instruction spreading throughout college
                  constant progress twd                                                                             meet demand and keep pace
                  nat'ly and int'ly                                                                                 with technological change
                  recognized acad                                                                                                                           SBS does not propose a tuition increase above the University average,
                  excellence                                                                                                                                but emphasizes need for tech fee
Diversity         Pursue diversity of           % of female faculty/grd                           FY95:    26.5%                                            9 of 17 fac hires in past year were women; 1 Hisp fac member comes
                  faculty, staff, stdts in      stdts                                             FY99:    25.4%                                            in 00
                  SBS                           % minority faculty/grd                            FY95:    15.7%                                            Acad Enr prop for professorship focusing on race/ethnicity; wkg
                                                stdts                                             FY99:    12.1%                                            w/HUM & LAW on proposal for inst on race/ethnicity; SBS fac
                                                                                                                                                            continue to wk w/HUM on progs in ethnic stds
Outreach & Undertake appropriate                CHRR: Data orders                                          1,392                                            Plans to work w/Ctr for Survey Rsch, CHRR, and the Population
Engagement outrch & engagemt                    CHRR: Citations to data                                    3,400                                            Initiative to encourage their use of rsch as a vehicle for outreach to
           efforts based on acad                Clinic patients: Spch/Hrg                                  1,680                                            Ohio
                                                Clinic patients: Psych                                       791
                                                OSU Press: New bks                                            30
                                                OSU Press: Journ subs                                      8,760

                                                WOSU: TV viewers                                      1,196,000
                                                WOSU: radio listeners                                   155,500
                                                CSR Projects                                                 56
                                                CSR Interviews                                           24,300
                                                Geog Alliance members                                     4,000
                                                Lantern circulation                                      30,000
Other             Increase revenues and                                                                             SBS is interested in                    Earlier increased campaign goal from $10.5 million to $13 million,
                  available space for SBS                                                                           participating as a "test site" for      increased by another $2.3 million
                                                                                                                    budget restructuring. The               Moving fwd w/new bldg for Psych, planning $ expected SU00;
                                                                                                                    College believes that budget            planning renovation of Page for PPM & Glenn Inst; SBS Facilities
                                                                                                                    restructuring can have a                Plan completed Jan 99
                                                                                                                    positive impact for SBS, based          Wkg to expand major gift prospect list to 200
                                                                                                                    on its experience with the              SBS will seek new resources from budg restr incentives
                                                                                                                    Summer Incentive Enrollment
                                                                                      Budget Restructuring Issues
SBS has planned for an addition of $2.5 million through rebasing. Funds would be used to address faculty growth, meeting enrollment dmd, cluster hiring in race/ethnicity, UG recruiting/advising/rsch,
operating support for rsch/tchg, support for rsch ctrs

            Blue indicates connectedness in a row or rows across columns; Red highlights tuition increase requests, budget restructuring issues, Academic Enrichment proposals
                                                                                   SOCIAL BEHAVIORAL SCIENCES
                                                                                 SUMMARY OF 2001 ANNUAL REPORT
University Goals          2000 College Goals                          Goals Met & How                                 2001 College Goals                       Critical Issues/Strategies/Comments
                          Make observable and constant                                                                                                         Psych proposal for Em Scholar chosen for site review;
Build a World Class       progress toward nat'ly and int'ly           Yes; high quality appointment at sr & jr        Hire and retain the strongest possible   three successful proposals in the "hiring stars"
Faculty                   recognized academic excellence              levels for 00/01 and 01/02                      faculty at all ranks                     competition
                                                                                                                                                               Multiple major, national awards

                                                                                                                                                               Focus on multidisciplinary research initiatives, including
                          Make observable and constant                                                                Develop academic programs that           five SBS multidisciplinary centers and collaboration in
Develop High-Quality      progress toward nat'ly and int'ly                                                           define OSU as nation's leading public    centers & programs reporting elsewhere; 8 proposals to
Academic Programs         recognized academic excellence                                                              land-grant university                    Office of Rsch Multidisciplinary Proposal Competition
                                                                                                                      High levels of sponsored research        Appropriate space needed

Enhance the Quality of Improve the quality of experience for                                                                                                   Tuition cap relief $ would help; concern about protecting
Teaching & Learning    SBS students                                                                                   Address closed courses                   honors courses under Budget Restructuring
                                                                                                                                                               Wkg w/CED to offer evening stdts majors in Econ, Poli
                                                                                                                      Expand programming                       Sci, Sociology
                                                                                                                                                               Expanding programs in Strategic Communication and in
                                                                                                                                                               American Sign Language
                                                                                                                      Support excellent teaching               Preparing plan to enhance tech support
Enhance & Better Serve Improve the quality of experience for                                                                                                   Additional advisors needed; propose using tuition cap
the Students           SBS students                                   Doubled direct enrollment to 350 freshmen       Further expand direct enrollment         relief $ to hire advisors in critical areas
                                                                      New SBS Living Learning dorm
                                                                      Added professional advisors in 3 depts
Create a Diverse
University Community      Pursue diversity of faculty, staff, stdts   Hired 2 minority faculty                        Aggressive faculty hiring                Creating sr professorship in race & ethnicity
                                                                      1 of 3 sponsors of Institute for the Study of
                                                                      Race & Ethnicity in the Americas                Full participation in creating Institute Contributing names of candidates for Director
                                                                      Submitted Diversity Action Plan; initiated      Monitor Diversity Action Plan; continue
                                                                      own FHAP; multiple add'l diversity progs        ongoing diversity progs
                          Undertake appropriate outreach &                                                                                                     CHRR data archives; CSR Buckeye State Poll; Initiative
Help Build Ohio's         engagement efforts based on                 Multidisciplinary ctrs all have ties to applied                                          in Population Rsch; Criminal Justice Rsch Ctr; Ctr for
Future                    academic excellence                         issues of importance to Ohio                                                             Urban & Reg'l Analysis; clinics
College Strategic                                                                                                     Unique Indicator Documentation
Indicators                Unique Indicators Added                     Unique Indicator Data Provided                  Provided                                 Clear Connection between Goals and Unique Indicators
                          Yes                                         Yes                                             No                                       No
Plan for Pushing Base-                                    Budget Restructuring: Base-Budget Plans for Academic Units Within the College
Budget Decisions
Down to the Academic Additional resources from re-basing ($1.1 million over 5 years) will be used for: 1) faculty growth in Economics, Poli Sci, and Sociology and the "Hiring Stars" initiative and Eminent
Units                  Scholars; 2) Expanded offerings of high demand courses; 3) minority hir

    f:\Strategic Analysis\Annual Reports\annual reports 01\fe1319d3-2e5f-49a4-a546-532e4dcc92a0.xls                                                                                                       2/17/2012
                                                  COLLEGE OF SOCIAL BEHAVIORIAL SCIENCES
                                                       2002 ANNUAL REPORT SUMMARY

University Goals              2001 College Goals           How Goals Met                     2002 College Goals                Critical Issues/Strategies

                            Hire and retain the            22 new faculty hires among
                            strongest possible faculty     the 9 units; 7 women, 2           7 new faculty including
Build a World Class Faculty at all ranks                   Asians, 1 African-American        diverse populations
                                                                                             Developed mentoring
                                                                                             programs for faculty,
                                                                                             professional leaves, travel for
                                                                                             Many faculty won honors

                              Develop academic
                              programs that define OSU     Maintained high national
Develop High-Quality          as nation's leading public   ranking of Dept & Schools in
Academic Programs             land-grant university        SBS
                              High levels of sponsored     Involved in cutting edge multi-
                              research                     disciplinary
                                                           Clinics in SBS continue to
                                                           serve part of Ohio State's
                                                           land grant mission
                                                           $15.0 million in external
                                                           research grants & contracts

                                                           Attracting the best graduates 120 fellowship awards for
                                                           students                      2003 (22% for the entire univ)

                                                                                                                           Lack of funds reduce instructional
Enhance the Quality of                                                                                                     capacity; must implement tuition
Teaching & Learning           Address closed courses                                         Challenges in course access surcharge
                                                                                                                           Improvements hampered by lack
                                                                                                                           of instructional technology fee in
                              Expand programming           Use of WEbCT expanded                                           SBS
                                                           Courses expanded for              Development of Strategic
                                                           evening students                  Communications
                                                                                             Addition of GEC approved
                                                                                             American Sign Language
                                                                                             curriculum; proposed minor in
                                                                                             Sexuality Studies

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                                                   COLLEGE OF SOCIAL BEHAVIORIAL SCIENCES
                                                        2002 ANNUAL REPORT SUMMARY

University Goals              2001 College Goals            How Goals Met                   2002 College Goals                 Critical Issues/Strategies

                                                                                                                               UISP faces a critical budgetary
                                                                                                                               shortfall because enrollments are
                                                         Proposed new undergrad             Undergraduate International        in UISP's baseline credit hour
                              Support excellent teaching major in Public Policy             Studies Program                    requirement

                                                            Expanded the size of the                                           Change to direct enrollments
Enhance & Better Serve the    Further expand direct         Direct Enrollment program for                                      represents an unfunded central
Students                      enrollment                    freshmen                                                           mandate

                                                                                             Continued aggressive use of
                                                                                             SBS Faculty Hiring
                                                             6 of 7 hires to date who are    Assistance Program;
                                                             not white males; aggressive continued aggressive
Create a Diverse University                                  recruiting of minority graduate recruiting of minority graduate
Community                     Aggressive faculty hiring      students                        students
                                                                                             Participation in Institute for
                              Full participation in creating                                 Study of Race & Ethnicity in
                              Institute                                                      Americas
                                                             Continuation of women
                              Monitor Diversity Action       faculty group meeting with the
                              Plan; continue ongoing         dean to discuss special
                              diversity progs                concerns
                                                             Graduates make significant
                                                             contributions to communities
Help Build Ohio's Future                                     in Ohio
                                                             5 Centers in SBS

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                                                     COLLEGE OF SOCIAL BEHAVIORIAL SCIENCES
                                                          2002 ANNUAL REPORT SUMMARY

Budget Restructuring
                     Best Practices                             Help Needed           Issues/Concerns

Funds generated by college “taxes” should fund college
excellence salary pool; support modest intra-college
rebasing of units, promote new initiatives, ensure progress                      Funds are not available now
toward the college mission for the attainment of high quality                    to enable balanced expansion
or be returned to the gen                                                        of instructional programs.

                                                                                 Possible elimination of funds
                                                                                 to Undergraduate
Establish insurance program to protect against risk of short-                    International Studies Program
term downturn in unit’s teaching revenues                                        (UISP)

                                                                                 Suggest redirection of some
                                                                                 of the “above-the-cap” dollars
                                                                                 toward departmental advising
                                                                                 help to units with majors
                                                                                 totaling 500 or more

fe1319d3-2e5f-49a4-a546-532e4dcc92a0.xls                               8                                          2/17/2012

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