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					                       Pleasant Grove United Methodist Church
                           Administrative Council Minutes
                                  February 10, 2010

Ron Bell                      Brian Lewis                    Joyce Phipps
Brad Buchanan                 Janet Robinson                 Darlene Farrington
Tracy Foster                  JoAnn Winkleman                Stephen Farrington
Christy Lewis                 Brad Winkleman
Rachel Robinson               Tammy Gilbert

The meeting was called to order at 7:07pm by Brian Lewis, with opening prayer by
Brian Lewis.

The minutes of the January 6th meeting were read and approved with one spelling


Brian Lewis discussed the progress on our goals set for this year. Tracy Foster and
JoAnn Winkleman will compile a list of our recent graduates and college students. This
list will be used to keep these members informed of church activities and to encourage
those still in the area to participate in church functions.

MISSION’S REPORT: One family was helped with food. We are donating the use of
the Ark to Heritage Baptist Church for a benefit for Chelly Lack on February 20, 2010.

PASTOR’S REPORT: Five people attended the Shepherd School training. Duane
Graddy is working on our Safe Sanctuary policy. Our joint service with Burning Bush
will be on February 14th at 11:30am. Sunday school at Pleasant Grove will be an option
for those not attending the Burning Bush service. The Pastor is preparing the year end

TREASURERS REPORT: January budget report is attached. The Treasurer asked
that all packing slips be turned in so that they can be matched to invoices received. This
is needed to confirm that items were received.

PPRC REPORT: The committee met and recommended that Pastor Trussell stay here
for another year. The committee will meet again to set specific goals for the Pastor. The
committee will solicit input from the congregation prior to its next meeting.

TRUSTEE’S REPORT: A meeting is scheduled for February 11th.

PLANNING & WORSHIP REPORT: The committee met in January and finalized the
calendar for 2010. Wednesday Night Live time schedules have been adjusted to allow
time for clean up.
UMM: The January breakfast was cancelled due to bad weather.

UMW: Rachael Trussell was elected President. JoAnn Winkleman is Vice President
and Amanda Elliott is Secretary/Treasurer.

YOUTH: The Youth attended Warmth in Winter, but could not go until Saturday due
to bad weather. We delivered food to our shut-ins. We had a Super Bowl party at the
Parsonage with the Pastor.

1. The church web site has been redesigned.

2. The recent Evangelism meeting was well attended. Another meeting will be held in

3. A proof copy of the new church directory should be available by the end of

1. Brian noted that vacant positions on committees and other ministries need to be filled
as soon as possible.

2. There was much discussion on how we communicate news to the congregation. Brad
Winkleman will reactivate the phone prayer chain system and update some of its
functions. Brian Lewis will meet with the Pastor to reorganize our tribe notification

There being no other business, Tracy Foster motioned for adjournment and Tammy
Gilbert seconded. The meeting was closed at 8:32pm with closing prayer by Brad

Respectfully Submitted,

Ronald L. Bell, Secretary

   Attendance Sheet
   January Budget Report

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