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Popular for breakfast, lunch and
   dinner and can be found
         Sandwich elements
•   Bread
•   Spread
•   Filling
•   Garnish

Sandwiches can be a nutritious meal or a
 high-calorie indulgence.
• Should be fresh and tasty or your sandwich is
• The type of bread you choose should hold the
  filling without falling apart.
• Types of bread include:
  – Loaf breads of many varieties
  – Pullman loaf - baked in a rectangular pan with a
    lid, easy to remove crust & cut in shapes
  – Kaiser roll - large, round, crusty roll also called
    hard roll or vienna roll
• Focaccia - large, flat Italian bread flavored with
  olive oil and herbs
• Pita Bread - flat round or oval Middle Eastern
  bread also called pocket bread
• Tortilla - unleavened Mexican bread made of
  corn or flour that is folded or wrapped around a
• Bagels - popular for breakfast sandwiches,
  round with hole in middle
• Croissants - flakey, buttery, crescent shape, with
  rich taste
• Hot Dog & Hamburger Buns
•   Add flavor
•   Act as a moisture barrier for the bread
•   Help keep a sandwich together
•   Include
    – Butter - most common
    – Mayo
    – Vegetable-based purees made from avocados,
      olives, roasted peppers or eggplant
• Can be hot or cold, meal-sized or bite-
• The filling will help determine the type of
  spread and the type of bread
• Includes:
  – Meat, poultry, seafood, fish, vegetables,
    cheese, eggs that are in many forms and
    cooked in many ways
• Decorative, edible accompaniments on
  a plate with a sandwich
• Often incorporated into the sandwich by
  the eater
• Larger garnishes are usually eaten
• Types of garnish: lettuce, sprouts, fruit,
  pickles, relish, tomato, onion, olives
Mise en Place for Sandwiches
• Gather tools - cutting board, tongs, spatulas,
  sharp knives, serving spoon or scoop, palette
  or butter knife for spreading, toaster
• Select and Prepare Ingredients - slice bread to
  order, have spreads ready, prepare fillings in
  advance, wash & dry green, prepare garnishes
  in advance
• Organize Job and Work Space - break
  sandwich down into steps, have everything
  you need, move in 1 direction, prepare
  multiple sandwiches at once if possible
          Cold Sandwiches
• Filled with sliced meats, cheese, mayo-based
  salad spreads, & vegetables
• Closed Sandwich - 2 pieces of bread with
  filling between them
• Open-faced sandwich - 1 slice of bread
  topped with ingredients
• Finger sandwich or tea sandwich - small
  sized sandwich made from dense bread that
  can be cut into shapes and is closed or open
• Hero sandwich - large closed sandwich
  using a long thin loaf of bread
  – Types: subs, grinders, po’boys, hoagies
• Club Sandwich - double decker closed
  sandwich made with 3 slices of bread and
  cut into 4 triangles that are held together
  with sandwich picks
• Wraps & Pita pockets - sandwich is rolled
  up or otherwise enclosed in an edible
  wrapper that can hold many ingredients
  and are open at the top
            Hot Sandwiches
• Sandwich with hot filling - closed, hero, & club
  sandwiches and wraps can all be served with
  a hot filling
   – Includes hamburgers and hotdogs
   – Croque Madame – French sandwich of ham,
     cheese, and a fried egg
• Grilled Sandwiches - assemble the sandwich,
  spread the outside with butter and grill
   – Includes grilled cheese, Reuben, grilled peanut
• Pressed Sandwiches - make with a
  sandwich press where the sandwich is
  toasted on a heavy, two-sided cooking
  press that compresses and grills them
  until they are hot and heated through
  – Includes panini (Italian) and cubano (Cuban)
• Hot Open-faced Sandwich - served on
  toasted bread and topped with gravy or
  sauce. Sometimes mashed potatoes are
  – Includes hot beef, Eggs Benedict

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