ROAD TO REVOLUTION PBL Handout by xiagong0815


									           ROAD TO REVOLUTION
  What really caused the American Revolution?
The United States of America was not created in just one day.
It took many years, trials, pains and bloodshed to create the
United Stated that you live in today. Men and women died, people
lost their fortunes, and communities were changed forever during
these very trying times prior to and during the American

Scenario: You are an aid in the White House. Your boss is a
powerful advisor to the president of the United States. The
president has been warned that U.S. allied activities in Iraq and
Afghanistan could lead to revolution in those countries. Because
President Obama is a well-educated man, he knows that he can
learn from past revolutions to create policies in today’s world.
Your strong educational background in US History and your
proven advanced research skills make you the perfect person to
perform a very important task. You are to gather information
about the events that led colonials to declare independence from
England and war against the most powerful military in the world
at that time.

Task(s): Research events in colonial America from 1754
through 1776 that led colonials to declare their independence
from England. Previous research you have done has given you a
strong background in the life of colonial America prior to 1754.
Remember to use this background to understand how the colonials
felt relating to these events and to understand why they reacted
the way they did.
1: Create an illustrated “Road to Revolution” timeline of these
events. You will need to get a 22 x 28 poster. See Rubric for
details on how it will be graded.
2: Choose and be prepared to defend an event in your timeline
that you feel is the most significant event, the key event, the
event that caused the colonials to declare independence and
thrust them into a long and bloody war.


          Step   Decide – are you going to do this with a partner or alone.
1 Class

                 Once you choose there will NOT be any turning back.

          Step   KWL – Complete a KWL chart listing what you know about
                 the Road to Revolution and what you want (need) to know
          2      to complete this project.

          Step   Start research using Chapter 6, lecture notes and video
2 class


          Step   Computer research.
2 class


          Step   Go over timeline rubric in class
1 class


          Step   Develop rough draft of poster on 8x10 blank paper


          Step   Develop summaries for use on poster. (see timeline rubric)
1 class


          Step   Develop 3-5 reasons to support viewpoint of which event
1 class

                 was most significant using provided graphic organizer.

          Step   Assemble poster
1 class

Call to Freedom.
Class lecture: Road to Revolutions
Movies: The War That Made America
Mr. Rodgers, Mr. Livingston and Mrs. Thompson’s wiki spaces all
have online links.

I think you will have more than enough info. to do a great project.
Remember, you must read the information. YOU have to dig,
search for answers, knowledge, and evidence to support your
view. People in the White house are counting on you! Do not… I
repeat, DO NOT simply think that the answers will magically
appear for you. Think about what you need, and go find it… it IS

Assessment: 17 event timeline with rubric and a final report to
be given after the timeline has been accepted.

Good luck! 

Extra Credit:
If you turn in your Timeline and are prepared for the final assessment
(your main reason for the revolution), you can do the poem blow. It
should be neat, and well written to receive any credit at all.

               Line 1: First name only
   Line 2: Four traits that describe the person
     Line 3: Sibling of… Son of…. Friend of…..
             Line 4: Lover of….(3 ideas)
            Line 5: Who felt….(3 items)
          Line 6: Who needed…..(3 items)
            Line 7: Who gave…. (3 items)
           Line 8: Who feared…(3 items)
       Line 9: Who wanted to see…(3 items)
                Line 10: Resident of…
                 Line: Last name only


            Educated, forceful, caring
        Friend to all who stand the watch
      Lover of freedom, equality, education
         Who felt inspired, alone, lucky
 Who needed a strong hand, a bright star, a reason
         Who gave always, love, strength
      Who feared emptiness, no man, failure
Who wanted to see peace, change, kids grown strong
                Resident of Earth

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