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Wednesday March 11. 2009


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Support Bulletin #4
New TechNote: LAN-Cell VPN Planner

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The LAN-Cell VPN Planner TechNote is designed to help you gather the information necessary to configure a site-to-site virtual private network between your LAN-Cell and your existing VPN equipment. Included are complete VPN example configurations, LAN-Cell VPN default values, along with blank worksheets for you to record your specific settings. Use the worksheets in this document to plan your VPN deployment before beginning to make changes to either VPN device.

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Proxicast - Support E-Mail Bulletin Archive #4

Download the TechNote from our Support Web Site: LCTN0002%20LAN-Cell%20VPN%20Planner.pdf

question. 1-877-777-7694 1-412-213-2477

New TechNote: Using Remote Desktop Software with the LAN-Cell
One common use for the LAN-Cell 2 3G Cellular Router is to provide access to a PC at a remote site. Our new TechNote Using Remote Desktop Software with the LAN-Cell provides detailed examples of how to configure the LAN-Cell to enable access to remote PC's using several different desktop control programs including Microsoft Windows Remote Desktop, VNC and pcAnywhere. Download the TechNote from our Support Web Site: LCTN0010%20Remote%20Desktop%20Example.pdf

Changes to Alltel's Data Service Firewall
Recently Alltel relaxed its policies on inbound initiated connections from the Internet to devices on its cellular data network. In the past, Alltel restricted most access to devices and required users to request access to specific TCP or UDP ports from specific Internet IP addresses on a case-by-case basis. Alltel customers can now request that their accounts be "opened" so that any Internet address can access any TCP or UDP port on the LAN-Cell. Customers should contact their Alltel Data Solutions Field Engineer to request an updated "site survey". If you do not know your Alltel Data Solutions Field Engineer, contact Alltel Data Support at 866-574-2376 to determine the engineer assigned to your account.

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Proxicast - Support E-Mail Bulletin Archive #4

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