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Wednesday March 11. 2009


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Support Bulletin #3
ExpressCard Support

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We've had a number of recent inquiries regarding support for 3G modems in the ExpressCard form factor. ExpressCards are the smaller (34 mm) version of the more traditional PC-Card/ PCMCIA (54 mm) modems used in many laptops. The LAN-Cell 2 curently supports 2 ExpressCard modems - the Verizon Wireless V740 and the Sprint EX720, with additional ExpressCard support coming in future free LAN-Cell 2 firmware upgrades.




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To use an ExpressCard modem in the LAN-Cell 2, you need a PC-Card to ExpressCard adapter. They can usually be obtained from your cellular carrier; Proxicast also has them available via our Online Ordering System. See the Duel Systems DuelAdapter Cradle (part #: PCC-DS-CRADLE) target=products&product_id=29840 (1 of 3) [3/11/2009 1:07:55 AM]

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If you can't find the answer in our documentation or knowledgebase, contact us via

Proxicast - Support E-Mail Bulletin Archive #3

E-Mail or telephone with your question. 1-877-777-7694 1-412-213-2477

DuelAdaper Cradle

Both of the currently supported ExpressCards use an MS151 external antenna adapter. The correct Card-Guard pigtail part number is ANT-100-MS151: index.php?target=products&product_id=29833 There is also a complete LAN-Cell 2 kit with the ExpressCard cradle, pigtail and external antenna: php?target=products&product_id=29834#12

3G Modem Pigtail Reference
We've also created an easy to use visual cross-reference guide between the various 3G modems supported by the LAN-Cell 2 and the corresponding Card-Guard pigtail required to connect an external antenna. This table will be updated as new modem support is added. See:

New TechNote: Routing All Traffic Through a VPN Tunnel
Last month, we released our latest TechNote: Routing All Traffic Through A VPN Tunnel. This TechNote describes how to configure the LAN-Cell to have all Internet-bound traffic from devices behind a remote LAN-Cell routed to a central office location before being sent to its final Internet destination. For example, some organizations already have centralized and standardized access control lists, content filtering, intrusion detection and prevention, firewalls and other Internet access controls in place. They want to prevent users in remote offices from having "direct" access to the Internet and need to force all Internet traffic through a central point. Download the TechNote from our Support Web Site: LCTN0009%20All%20Traffic%20Through%20VPN.pdf

Recent Additions to the LAN-Cell Knowledgebase::

Unable to access web sites when failed over from WAN to Cellular connection (2 of 3) [3/11/2009 1:07:55 AM]

Proxicast - Support E-Mail Bulletin Archive #3
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What TCP/UDP ports does the LAN-Cell use by default? Can I use VoIP / SIP devices with the LAN-Cell 2?

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